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Are you a cam model who is tired of waiting for your money?

Cam Cash Daily is an agency, or middleman, of the camming world who provide a line of credit to cam models who need their money in a hurry. They operate their own white label of the popular live streaming service, Streamate but they also sign up their own models to the platform and pay them directly; not weekly but daily.

In this Cam Cash Daily review, we take a closer look at the platform and find out more about how it works, what it costs and whether they’re worth signing up with.

Who Are Cam Cash Daily?

Cam Cash Daily is an affiliate, and operator, of a white label of the popular live cam streaming site, Streamate.

Ostensibly a cam model agency, they have been in business for over five years and this European, female-owned and operated company has over 20 years’ experience in live cam broadcasting.

What this means is that they sign up performers through their site to work on the Streamate cam platform.

daily payouts cash cam

One of the top USPs for this service is that they will pay you daily.

Whereas, if you sign up direct with Streamate then you get paid weekly with some other cam platforms even paying fortnightly or monthly!

In effect, you are getting faster access to your money.

Which for some cam models is a really big deal and they stand to benefit from improved cashflow.

The question is, are you prepared to do the same?

Learn on the Job with CamCashDaily Campus

One of the main selling points of working with CamCashDaily is that they do a lot more to help their models get started and improve their broadcasting to maximize earnings.

It’s not an altruistic endeavour on their part; after all, they only earn when you do so it pays to ensure that all of their signups are working hard and smart to bring in the $$$s.

They do this via a series of instructional webinars that their registered cam models can view for free.

camcashdaily review

Scheduled twice a week, there are two different series of workshops run over Zoom.

One is aimed at beginners whilst the other is aimed at seasoned professionals.

They’re actually a really helpful resource for both newcomers to live streaming as well as old-hands.

And if you miss a live webinar they’re all saved on the CamCashDaily YouTube channel so you can catch up

Topics covered include everything from beauty tips and staging your broadcast space to how to increase your following and making the most of the Streamate platform’s extra monetization features.

From the basics of putting on a good show to how to supersize your earning potential, even if you don’t sign up with Cash Cam Daily, we can thoroughly recommend bookmarking their channel!

Why Join Cam Cash Daily?

Working with Cam Cash Daily is just like working with Streamate and models get the same level of access to a platform which offers some of the best features in the business.

  • Users on Streamate can set their own private chat rates which can be anywhere from $0.49 to $9.99/minute.
  • Models can perform for their audiences in a range of ways including Public Cam Shows, Private Chat, Exclusive Chat or via ticketed Gold Shows.
  • As well as selling access to shows, they can also earn tips from their customers.
  • Models can also sell fan club subscriptions as well as digital content including photos and videos.
  • Linked to Pornhub and Model Centro, Streamate can reach huge audiences and remains one of the most popular camming platforms around.

Signing up as a cam model on Cam Cash Daily is free and once you get your live stream channel up and running you can draw on your earnings the following business day.

Payments are processed via direct bank transfer, Monday to Friday with UK and EUR models often able to access their funds on the same day they are paid. US and CAN models typically receive their funds the following day.

why camcashdaily

Cam Cash Daily Review: Is It Legit?

There are obvious pros and cons to the service that Cam Cash Daily provides.

On the one hand, they are offering a valuable line of credit to cash strapped cam models who need fast and regular access to their earnings.

It’s a legitimate service and one that has a premium attached to it.

In effect, its kind of like a payday loan for cam models.

Which is the other side of the same coin.

Yes, you get fast access to your money but you are losing an extra 5% of your income.


So, is Cam Cash Daily worth signing up for?

Only you can be the judge of this and all cam model’s circumstances are different. It may be that you need an instant cash injection and for this reason you might decide that the service will suit you in the short term.

And this is the key.

Cam Cash Daily is definitely not a business partner that you should consider for the long term. Once you become an established broadcaster you should be able to start managing your own cashflow and it won’t matter if you are being paid daily, weekly or monthly.

If you’re working hard and consistently then your income will be regular and you can drawn down what you need without paying a middleman.

For us though, there is always a place in our bookmarks folder for resources like Cam Cash Daily Campus and you would be well advised to check out their regular video postings on YouTube. They may be charging 5% of your earnings but they do know a thing or two about the business so learn from them!

cam model training cam cash daily

Another thing worth mentioning is that if you do sign up to work alongside this agency then you can expect excellent support. They work closely with their models to help them achieve their best and they will do all they can to boost your earning potential.

This makes them an ideal partner for first time cam models who need help to learn the ropes.

You can find about more about how Cam Cash Daily operates including details of how to register with the agency via their website or through their social media channels:

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