C-Date Review

Tired of adult dating sites that promise more than they deliver?

A site geared around casual encounters, flirting and hook-ups C-Date has been around for over a decade offering a streamlined and easy-to-use service for consenting and naughty adults to network.

So, if you want to connect with consensual adults in your area then this is a site to check out.

In this C-Date review we review this flirtatious little hook-up site and find out more about its features, benefits and costs.

In short, we’ll let you know if this platform is good value for money and what you can expect when using it.

What is C-Date?

NOT to be confused with the faith-based dating site, Christian Dating, C-Date is an international casual dating platform.

It offers curious adults the chance to flirt online and (if they like) hook-up, in person, for no-strings attached fun.

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The site was originally launched in 2008 and, over the last 13 years, has amassed an enormous membership base of over 36 million people.

However, the beauty of C-Date as a concept is that members only get to interact with those people who match their preferences and locality.

So, yes there are millions of people registered on this platform but you won’t be overwhelmed with browsing through them as you just get access to those which are of real interest to you.

Users can register for free and use the service anonymously with nicknames instead of profile names and you get private photo-sharing set as standard. This means you don’t have to publicly reveal your face unless you choose to.

Once registered, you basically browse through your matches before you send someone a flirt. If they like what they read then they’ll respond and the rest is up to you.

c date review

According to C-Date’s own stats, 72% of members get a response to their messages within 7 days and receive an average of 10 new ‘Flirts’ each day.

As well as being able to send ‘Flirts’ (direct messages), you can also use the platform for live chats. As long as the member you want to talk to has accepted your invite to connect then you can start instant messaging.

Whatever you do after you’ve made a connection is up to you but this is not a lonely hearts dating club and all of the members who are registered with C-Date are looking for the same thing; casual hook-ups and adult fun.

A simple, but in demand, format, C-Date is similar to sites like Adult Friend Finder, No Strings Attached and Ashley Madison, as well as apps like Tinder – but it is more selective in its delivery.

Who Uses C-Date?

Casual dating sites are often pretty testosterone heavy places with far more men than women seeking a hook-up. Yet, here on C-Date the numbers are a lot more evenly balanced.

Of the 36 million members worldwide, it’s reported that the gender ratio is actually tipped in the opposite direction with more women than men registered on the platform (48:52).

Figures quoted above were taken in April 2019 and based on worldwide membership covering a 30-day period.

Members come from all across the world and C-Date operates in over 30 countries including Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong and the United States.

Each country has its own platform (China: c-date.hk, Germany; c-date.de, Brazil: c-date.com.br etc) which means your user experience will be tailored, wherever you are located, to local opportunities and the regional language.

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Signing Up on C-Date

Getting started on C-Date is pretty straightforward and all you need to do is follow their registration wizard to answer some questions about what you are looking for, some details about yourself (including age, sex, location) and, of course, those all-important physical attributes!

You’ll then need to choose a nickname which can be 10 characters long; this is one of the features of the site which makes it pretty popular as you don’t need to use your real name so you can stay more anonymous.

You will, however, need to register an email address so that the service can send you notifications of when you get a match online or when someone responds to your flirting. Just be aware, for the sake of discretion, that this should be a private email address.

Once you’ve confirmed your details in the welcome email then you can get started browsing.

But, before you do, we would strongly recommend that you spend a bit more time on your profile if you are hoping to be popular with other members.  

In general, you’ll get more success with your flirting if you upload a profile picture but, at the very least, you should fully complete all the sections of your personal bio.

When you’re good to go you can start by checking out the ‘My Matches’ tab on your home page. Here you will find the details from members who are in your area (or near enough) that match what you are looking for and their preference based on your initial profile answers.

You can adjust these answers under the search settings criteria at any time but you should note that any changes can take up to 24 hours to be applied.

And once your interest has been piqued then you can start messaging your potential flirt partner, as long as you are a paid member (see ‘How Much Does C-Date Cost?’, below).

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Features of C-Date

So what else sets this platform apart from the competition?


You don’t use your name at any point in the profile registration process and all interactions with other members is based on your chosen nickname.

In addition, any photos you upload will be only shared by those members you choose. The exception to this is your profile photo which (of course) will be made public. This is optional but does increase your chances of finding a flirt match if you have one.

Protected Privacy

As well as keeping your profile pictures more private you are also able to Block other users at any time.

Flexible Ways to Flirt

Paid-up members can choose to send direct messages using the C-Date mailing service but if your chosen Flirt is online at the same time as you then you can also use the Live Chat feature.

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Define Your Erotic Type

A quirky and novel little feature of setting your profile up includes this picture gallery from which you can choose five thumbnails to pictorially describe your sex life.

c date review erotic type features

Some are more conventional images of roses, candles and panties whilst others are little more adventurous or wild (bondage gear, sex toys or nudism).

Once you’ve picked five of these, C-Date defines your erotic type and this information (along with the thumbnails) is displayed in your profile for other members to see and compare. It’s not a scientific algorithm but is a good visual aid to judge other users with. It can also be a pretty good conversation starter.

Flirt on the Go

C-Date is available as both an iOS and Android app which means you can stay connected on the move and respond to notifications as you receive them.

Daily Questions

Oftentimes making that first move can be a bit of a ball ache and there are only so many “Hey, how you doin’?” messages that you can stomach sending.

A nice little feature on C-Date is the daily question which means you can start a conversation by using the pre-set poll of the day.

We got plenty of these sent to us by other members and they range from questions like “Would you consider dating someone 10 years older than you?” to “Would you ever date a friend’s ex?”.

By sending (and replying) to these polls you can start a conversation by comparing your answers and discussing more. It sounds simple but is pretty effective.

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How Much Does C-Date Cost?

C-Date is a freemium model site and though you can register an account for free there isn’t much you can do on the platform until you become a paid-up member.

So, you can browse the member directory but not contact anyone or open Flirts until you start subscribing.

The cost of a premium membership with C-Date ranges from $20-$40 per month depending on how long you sign up for initially.

C-Date Review: #1 For Casual Hookups?

On the face of it, C-Date is a just another casual encounters hook-up site but we think there is a lot more to commend it than just that.

Firstly, we love the fact that you don’t get overwhelmed with thousands upon thousands of profiles to browse through.

Instead, you can jump straight in to flirting only with those people who are located close by and who match your profile and interests. It saves time in the long run plus you can always change your settings later to capture a different group of people.

Secondly, the fact that there is an app to go with the service is a huge plus point. The majority of us now use our mobiles and tablets to access the internet these days so any way this is made easier is alright by us.

We also like the fact that the exchanges online are all anonymous and this helps keep things discreet and helps people lose those inhibitions.

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As for the price, it depends how many hook ups you intend to make through the site. $20 isn’t a lot when you think about it and if you find a casual date once a week then it sounds like a bargain to us.

On the whole, there isn’t much you can complain about with C-Date and your chances of success are really down to you and whether there is coverage in your area.

It certainly pays to sign up as a free user to start off with to see just how many matches you can expect close to you. If the pickings look slim then even a premium membership won’t help.

But, if you are lucky enough to live in a city or town that is populated with other curious and open-minded C-Daters then we wish you the best of luck. Go get ‘em, Cowboy/Girl!

Sign up on C-Date to start your search.

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