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Tired of the same old cliches in the porn you watch?

You’re not the only one. More and more adult audiences are turning to alt-sex and ethical porn producers to experience a different kind of XXX movie altogether.

The guilt-free kind.

Also referred to as ‘feminist’ porn, scenes are shot with a view to producing sensual and more realistic depictions of sex whilst not losing any of the eroticism.

These movies aren’t just softcore alternatives to porn but have developed into a much more indulgent way to enjoy adult content. Innovative, intelligent and always inclusive Bright Desire has been at the heart of this movement for the last 20 years.

In this Bright Desire review, we take a closer look at this premium porn site including what kind of content you can expect and how much you have to pay for it.

Smart Porn for Men and Women

As we already know from our feature on ‘The Rise of Feminist Porn’, the appetite for adult content that is ethical and female-friendly is a big deal in the industry.

And so it should be.

The genre champions fair pay for all performers and crew, decent working conditions and inclusivity. Above all, feminist porn takes an approach to content that should be standard in the creation of all XXX filming; consent and respect.

The results are often far more hardcore that you’ve been led to imagine. Yes, ethical porn can be sexy! Very sexy indeen.

who are bright desire

Bright Desire is an award-winning porn production studio that adheres to these principles, creating some of the most celebrated, artistic and erotic XXX content on the market.

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Award Winning Erotic Films by Bright Desire

Launched in 2012 and an Australian owned company , this premium porn site features films created by Ms Naughty (aka Louise Lush).

Lush has been working in the business since 2000 and initially set up a site called ForTheGirls in 2003 as an adult site focused solely on female audiences.

In 2008, Lush started creating her own films and won the prestigious Petra Joy Award in 2009 with her debut feature film, That’s What I Like.

She has also gone on to win other accolades including Best Cinematography at EBX Briefs (2016), Sexiest Short at the Toronto International Porn Festival (2017) and Best Advocacy Short at Cinekink (2018).

bright desire porn review

Other popular titles which have won Lush awards and are included on Bright Desire are:

  • The Thought of Her
  • Devourable
  • Fist of the Spider Woman
  • Dear Jiz

Measuring Up to Real Porn

Plenty of studio producers purport to be creating realistic porn but, as we all know, what we see on our screens can still be a long way from what we experience in our own lives!

We think that Bright Desire is one of the only studios that actually comes good on this promise.

The content here is filmed using two cameras and edited together to ensure there are no overly long and dull sequences. But what is kept in these scenes is all of the intimacy and fun which goes into real sex. The lube, the giggles, the orgasms and even the disappointing ejaculations.

It’s a relief to watch these scenes and not have to compare yourself to those ridiculous extremes of manhood or femininity that is peddled by mainstream porn producers.  

Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with porn that celebrates sizable dicks and huge tits but we all know that this isn’t real.

With Bright Desire you finally get a contrast that isn’t grainy amateur footage.

More Than Just ‘Smart, Sensual’ Porn

Bright Desire is Lush’s showcase of all her award-winning erotic films and includes both XXX feature movies, documentaries, photograph, interviews, film reviews and erotic fiction.

In all the site offers around 280+ videos plus dozens of galleries and other adult content to enjoy; this includes:

  • Award Winning Titles
  • Short Films
  • Straight Films
  • Queer Titles
  • Real Life Couples
  • Solo Male Films
  • Solo Female Films

Described as “intelligent porn” Bright Desire is credited with creating realistic and sensual depictions of sex and one thing you won’t find in their libraries is any derogative or formulaic porn.

So, no copier guys coming to fix the Xerox, American cheerleaders being seduced by the gym coach or extreme male-focused hardcore scenes.

bright desire feminist porn site

Their written content shouldn’t be ignored but can be quite heavy reading in places but adds to their standing as a creator of intelligent adult material. We don’t know about you but at least you could say that they are only subscribing to the site “for the articles”!

Content is updated a few times a month but we think there is enough here to keep audiences busy for at least a couple of months.

A Change of Scenery

One of the nice things about watching porn created by Bright Desire is the fact that the performers are all faces you are unlikely to have seen anywhere else.

Lush works with a small stable of just 37 men and women and these are not just your adult industry regulars.

Covering a diverse range of alt-sex, LGBTQ and inclusive body ‘types’ there are performers here covering pretty much every angle. Young or old, you can find everything from disabled, Asian and butch to gender-fluid, Ebony and ultra-feminine.

And there are actually a couple of bigger and more recognizable names too including Lucie Bee and Ryan James – two high-profile Aussie adult stars.

How Much is a Membership to Bright Desire?

There are two subscriptions types available to enjoy the content on offer at Bright Desire:

  • $22.95 for 30 days the rebilled at $9.95 monthly
  • $37.95 for 90 days (no recurring subscription)

Payment is processed by CCBill and you can choose to pay via credit/debit card or bank transfer.

Bright Desire Review: #1 Choice For Ethical Porn?

One of the nice things about Bright Desire is that they tend to work with real-life couples.

Choosing performers who have a natural chemistry does make a difference and once you’ve seen some of these scenes you’ll know the difference when you watch any other porn. After all, it’s this ingredient that makes us such fans of amateur porn but here the quality is professional.

review bright desire feminist porn site

We do recognize that this kind of porn isn’t everyone’s bag and for some people porn is all about a fantasy. Adult content is allowed to be a safe space where we enjoy watching impossibly beautiful women getting banged by impossibly well-hung and muscled men.

But it’s also true to say that this can get a little tedious at times which is why we celebrate the addition of this new genre of porn.

Far from being a posh version of amateur content or a version of artistic porn which just confuses and alienates audiences, Bright Desire is bang on the money. Their films are sexy and beautiful to watch and, for us, offered a far more intimate experience.

In some ways, their couples videos are far more voyeuristic than ‘Real-Life’ porn as these set-ups aren’t manufactured. Instead, audiences are willingly invited to watch real sex between real people…..warts and all. Well, perhaps not the warts part.

Overall, Bright Desire is a top quality premium porn site that celebrates the best parts of what sex is really all about and although there isn’t a huge amount of content here, it is the kind of porn that is worth watching over and over again.

So, for a break from the norm or to take a leap into the new frontiers of intelligent and ethical porn, Bright Desire is definitely one for the short list.

Sign up here to view their library.

Finally, you can enjoy some guilt-free fap time.

All featured images via Bright Desire.


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