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Want to try a new adult fantasy game with plenty of sex?

Then you might want to try Bonecraft.

A unique sci-fi meets fantasy adult video game, Bonecraft combines sex and combat in an epic but comic adventure.

A single-player, third-person perspective shoot-em up set in space, the game was originally released in 2011 but enjoys an enduring appeal.

This is largely due to the fact that it floats so many people’s boats; sex, booze and lots of firepower.

It’s a cracking game with plenty of hours required to master the missions plus enough to entertain you in free-roaming mode.

In this review, we take a look at the D-Dub adult game, Bonecraft, and give you an overview of the gameplay, full prices and system requirements plus what you can expect from the sex.

What is Bonecraft?

BoneCraft is a free-roaming, sci-fi/fantasy adult PC game brought to you by D-Dub Software.

Set on-board the USS Longstreet, the game follows the adventures of Captain Fort Worth and his sidekick, Lubbock. Together with a crew of Space Wranglers, they must annihilate a planet of orcs, take control of the local brothel and defeat the Elf Queen.

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Playing Bonecraft

Played in a third-person perspective, the story of Bonecraft starts with the captain and his second-in-command getting drunk* (on jet fuel) and discussing the painful subject of the Elven Women.

One of Fort’s only failed campaigns, the Elf Queen is the story of the ‘one that got away’…yeah, he failed to screw Her Royal Highness.

*(By the way, the getting drunk element is a key component of the game and the crew must keep their alcohol levels topped up to power their armor!)

Raising the subject of these hardcore harlots touches a raw nerve and Fort crash lands the space ship on a nearby planet.

Once on the surface, the captain and his crew must exterminate the locals…hey, its interstellar policy! And this is where you pick up the baton.

Unleashing Armageddon on the Orc tribe that inhabits the planet, Bonecraft is (at its heart) a classic shoot-em up. However, once Fort finds out that the Orcs are home to an Elven brothel outpost run by his nemesis herself, the Elf Queen, things start to spice up a little.

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His new mission is to conquer as many of the Elven women as he can in a bid to reach the one prize he has been hankering after for many years; boning the Elf Queen.

Bonecraft can be played in either a sandbox mode where you can roam around the planet, shooting up as many Elven warriors, orcs and Dick Monsters as you like as well as pillage your way through your defeated enemies.

Or, you can play in story mode which offers you plenty of missions to complete along the way. These include ‘Secure Your Hos’, Bone and Pillage’ plus trying to get your sidekick some action.

It’s a game of sex and combat where the two are an essential part of how successful you are…plus how much fun you can have.

Sex in Bonecraft

There’s plenty of variety in the game when it comes to sex and, once defeated in battle, you can have your wicked way with the Elven warriors in plenty of different ways.

However, not all of the sex in the game is about making sure that you get laid, sometimes sharing is caring so you must complete missions that will enable other members of the crew to get their rocks off.

If you play in story mode and advance through the game then you can unlock new sex positions (and girls) to try out on your captors.

If you are having trouble leveling up, or just don’t have the time to play the full game, then you can simply visit one of the ‘Sex Stores’ in the game to get a service.

These sex stores form part of the ‘Golden Shower’ Elven brothel and each one is unique at catering to a different fetish….and there are lots to choose from including tranny and inter-species sex.

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Combat in Bonecraft

Of course, Bonecraft is far more than just a sex game and it is actually a pretty good action shoot-em up.

In fact, it’s got hand-to-hand combat as well as loads of weapons, tools and armor, such as fire grenades, saw swords, power shields, jump packs and bazooka guns. You can also pilfer the weapons from your defeated enemies as well as collect items that you find around the planet.

The environment is quite sophisticated and will take you a while to explore plus gameplay is complex.

As the captain of the crew, you will need to make it your responsibility to ensure that they all remain healthy and happy. This means occasionally working to level up a team member rather than focusing on the pleasures of the flesh in order to stay in the game.

Bonecrafter: The Mod Kit

A mod kit was released for Bonecraft in 2012 which gives those with coding prowess the opportunity to make some personalized enhancements to the game. Some of these projects have been shared online with the relevant script file codes (see ‘Community’, below).

The Bonecraft Community

There is quite a following for this adult video game and you can find a useful Bonecraft forum via the D-Dub Software website in which users share their gameplay experiences and strategies, cheat codes and screenshots.

What is pretty useful is that the game is enjoyed by a lot of modders so you can also find quite a lot of conversations going on about Bonecrafter projects as well as wish lists and suggestions for new game tools, assets and improvement.

So, even if you aren’t a ‘crafter’ yourself, you can find someone who might be prepared to make your wish come true.

Technical Specifications

Bonecraft is only available to play on Windows PC and is available as a standalone download.

Minimum system requirements are:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Intel Pentium 4 2.8 GHz or AMD Athlon 2800+
  • 128 MB of Video Memory
  • Video Card supporting Pixel Shader 2.0
  • 1 GB RAM (1.5 GB for Vista and Windows 7)
  • 3 GB hard drive space

However, for optimum performance, the recommended system requirements are the same as above but for the following:

  • 256 MB of Video Memory
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2 or above
  • 5 GB RAM (2 GB for Vista and Windows 7)

What Does Playing Bonecraft Cost?

Bonecraft is a standalone game and does not require any ongoing subscription costs in order to play.

The game may be downloaded for a one-off fee $34.99 or $39.99 (DVD). There are some special offers being promoted at the time of our review which has reduced the cost to $29.99.

Once installed, you will need to use your unique serial number, which will be provided along with your purchase receipt, to activate the software.

Alternatively, you can of upgrade to a cost of $49.99 which also includes a download of the action/adventure porno game, Bonetown.

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Bonecraft Review: Is It Any Good?

Released in 2011, the graphics in Bonecraft (as you would expect) are looking a little dated when compared to the latest developments in video and online games.

But, just because it’s not as slick, sharp or impressive as Devil May Cry 5 or Resident Evil 2, doesn’t mean to say Bonecraft isn’t highly entertaining to play.

And this is true. Bonecraft is entertaining.

There’s a lot of humor in the game as well as debauchery and violence and it is, perhaps, this element which gives it it’s enduring appeal.

Sure, you might pick this title up because there are comparably very few adult games in this genre but you will stick with it for its playability, comic content and, of course, the sex.

We really enjoyed playing Bonecraft and can see how frustratingly addictive the game can be. It’s a shame that the mod community seem to have gone quiet as it would be nice to think that there was some further development underway.

What would be even better is if D-Dub Software could release this title on some of the popular consoles. Apparently, they could do this but it is the consoles themselves that prohibit its release on mainstream media.

You wont regret paying $30 for this game as it delivers plenty of bang for its buck. The only difficult decision is whether to spend an extra $20 to get the Bonetown activation codes too…

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