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“Too hot for the public!”

Created by the popular cam site LiveJasmin, BimBim is an adult-industry social media platform connecting fans directly with their favorite adult performers.

Designed like a cross between Instagram and OnlyFans but offering live streaming and private shows as well as content sales and fan subscriptions, BimBim is a brand new site which demands some attention.

In this BimBim review, we delve in to the latest live cam content sales and social media site. We find out exactly what you can expect from BimBim and how it works.

Discover Adult Creators on BimBim

Adult cam sites are great but audiences want more and most cam models these days also have to offer digital content and fan club subscriptions in order to stay in the game.

Launched at the back end of 2020, BimBim is the latest platform for these creators of adult content to monetize their interactions with fans and sell everything from live shows and custom content to social media stories and messenger chat.

In short, BimBim is a one-stop shop for getting a regular does of sizzling adult content which combines the best of a live cam site along with a social networking platform.

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BimBim is part of the LiveJasmin network which is operated by the AW Empire.

AW Empire is a company who is known for its aggressive marketing, high-quality design and premium models with sites like Live Sex Asian and Camera Boys joining the ranks along with LiveJasmin.

BimBim carries all of the same standards for its flagship parent site and the first thing you notice about the platform is the sleek design.

Just like LiveJasmin with its smokin’ hot red livery, the site is instantly appealing and features HD thumbnails of some super sexy women.

And just like the main cam site, these links can take you through to a live streaming show but if the model isn’t online you’ll hit their profile instead.

social media bimbim review

From here you can choose to subscribe to follow them and this will give you access to additional digital content including Social Media Stories, Videos and Photos.

In some ways, BimBim is very similar to LiveJasmin but the main difference here is that the platform has the feel of a premium social media app. It has also been streamlined for fast and easy use on mobile and tablet devices PLUS you can access additional content.

  • Watch Live Streams
  • Watch Videos
  • Browse Stories
  • Enjoy Private Shows
  • Send Surprises
  • Chat With Messenger
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Explore More XXX Content on BimBim

BimBim offers a pretty fluid way for new users to browse the site and if you are familiar with apps like TikTok and Instagram then the navigation is pretty much the same.

All of the thumbnails for models are displayed in a magazine style and you can browse for content based on popular genres and categories including:

  • Erotic
  • Amateur
  • Striptease
  • Big Tits
  • Big Ass
  • Fetish
  • Toys
  • Anal
  • Tattoos
  • Lingerie
  • Fantasy
  • Natural
review of bimbim adult social media

Once you click on a link then a video clip or live show will pop up and you can swipe through these to get to the next or click on the X to close.

If you find a performer that you like the look of then you can click through to see more of their profile and from here you can:

  • Browse Free Photos
  • Watch Free Videos
  • Check Out Free Stories
  • Send a Message
  • Send a Surprise Gift/Tip

Plus, you can ‘Like’ this performer and this will add them to your Favorites list.

Some models also offer subscriptions for fans to access premium content and if this is available then you can pay to join their fan club here.

As and when a performer comes online you can also use their profile page to launch a video chat or voice call.

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Prices on BimBim

Of course, all of this great content doesn’t come for free and if you want to start enjoying private shows, chatting on messenger and downloading the hottest digital content then you’ll need to pay for it.

You can register an account for free to start browsing but you’ll need to top up your account with coins in order to start buying content and sending tips/gifts.

Coins are sold in bundles with the following packages currently being available:

  • 1,700 for $5.99
  • 3,700 for $11.99
  • 12,700 for $35.99
  • 22,700 for $59.99
  • 47,000 for $119.99
  • 107,000 for $239.99
  • 227,000 for $479.99

So, this makes a coin equivalent to between $0.002 and $0.003 depending on how many you buy at once.

You can pay for coins using a number of methods including credit/debit card, cryptocurrencies, PayPal, Skrill and gift cards.

New users will get an instant bonus of 10,000 free coins which is about $20 IF they validate their credit card.

Note: Existing users on LiveJasmin can log in with their current username and password.

What Can You Buy on BimBim?

So, what can you buy with all these credits?

Well, messages you send to a performer on BimBim will cost you coins and this varies by performer. Typically, this will cost between 500 and 2,000 coins, so you are looking at around $1 to $4 per message.

Video and audio calls are also premium options and these will also cost you anything from 1,000 credits/min upwards.

And as for subscriptions, the girls, again, can charge what they like but you can expect to be paying monthly costs from $4.99 to get access to those exclusive videos.

review of bimbim

Aspiring Models on BimBim

If you are a cam model or adult entertainer looking for a content sales and subscription platform then BimBim is well worth considering.

Obviously, if you are already registered as a model on LiveJasmin then integrating your existing account is pretty straightforward but if you’re not then why should you consider BimBim?

Well, first up BimBim is a new platform which offers plenty of benefits on its own.

There is a novelty factor which comes with new launches like this and getting in on the action early should ensure that you get the most attention from curious visitors.

Secondly, the AW Empire is known for its forward-thinking marketing and they are quite pushy when it comes to advertising; few porn fans won’t be familiar with LiveJasmin because the company pays for pop-up advertising on all the major tube sites!

Next, as part of the LiveJasmin network you can earn up to 60% in revenue share depending on your monthly earnings which is pretty good. Compare this to sites like XCams which pays out at 45% or CamSoda which pays at between 50% and 55% and you can see that this is quite generous.

BimBim also offers a diverse range of ways to monetize your interactions so that you can earn even when you aren’t online and, even when you are, you can still pick up tips as well as charging for video and audio calls.

To find out more about how to join the LiveJasmin network and add BimBim to your account, check out the LiveJasmin Model Center.

Rewards and Competitions

On top of the benefits noted above, BimBim also runs regular competitions for its models so the more popular you become on their social network, the more money you can win.

The top creators on BimBim each week are awarded up to $2,000.

earn money on bimbim

BimBim Review: Is It Really Too Hot For The Public?

The way adult audiences want to access their content has been rapidly changing over the last few years and it is no longer enough for most people just to passively sit back and watch porn. Instead, audiences want to interact with the content and, more importantly, with its creators.

Yes, fans want to get up close and personal to the latest celebrities in the adult industry and, as a result, content subscription sites and premium social media channels have become the hot new thing.

We think BimBim is the next level when it comes to connecting with your favorite live cam models and this exciting new platform combines the best of a popular and existing format with the latest trend in social media apps.

It’s like LiveJasmin and Instagram had a love-child and BimBim was the result!

What we like about this service is the slick styling which is custom-designed for people who are tech-savvy and who spend plenty of time on their phones and tablets. It’s intuitive, fast and easy to use and it looks just as good as the parent site, LiveJasmin; dare we say it, even better!

We love the fact that you can pick up live streaming along with digital content and the fact that you can create your own list of favorites means that you never miss any social media updates from those models you like best.

Of course, the main selling point is the fact that you can get more intimate with these performers and just like social media you can start sending messages and befriending these stars.

Obviously, all of this is going to cost you but the best things in life rarely come for free.

But is it worth it?

You betcha!

With models on AW Empire’s site already having the best reputation for quality, BimBim carries the flag for LiveJasmin exceptionally well and you can pretty much guarantee that all of the ladies on this platform are five-star sex bombs.

cam stars on bimbim

All ready and eager to share their stories and give you a live show whenever you are ready to hit subscribe, this site is well worth checking out.

Sign up on BimBim to give it a peek.

All featured images via BimBim.


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