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Virtual reality is the hottest trend in online porn. 

While VR porn sites are popping up everywhere with a brand new immersive experience, there’s another trend that we’re excited about… And that is the emergence of VR porn cams.

Yes, sites that let you watch live VR porn.

Cam sites have been popular for years, but the arrival of virtual reality technology makes it possible to bring the broadcasters straight in to your bedroom. What could be hotter than watching a live sex show with a life-size model appearing in pixel-perfect virtual reality just inches away from you?

Better yet – you can talk to her, send her messages, and submit your dirty requests!

There are two dominant players vying to be the #1 of Live VR Porn Cams. Strip Chat is a company that has invested millions in a super sleek platform. They have around 40-50 VR models live at any given time, making it the largest site for VR sex cams in the world today. The other key player is Sex Like Real. While SLR doesn’t have as many models online, it benefits from having a lot of other VR content in its library, including over 18,000 VR porn scenes.

In addition to these two VR powerhouses, there are several sites now offering sex cam shows in VR, either with a full selection of cam models or featured shows programmed at regular intervals.

Below we give you the low down on everything you need to know about the live VR porn camming scene.

The Best Live VR Porn Cam Sites

Best Live VR Porn Cams

Before we dig further in to the VR camming space, here’s a quick rundown of the best VR cam sites on the market today.

How Do VR Cams Work?

Virtual Reality porn videos have been around for over a decade now and the quality of the viewing experience keeps on getting better and better.

Professional studios invest in high-quality VR cameras and develop new filming techniques to bring the audience even closer to the action.

The equipment needed to do this at a high-resolution is still very expensive but recent advances have produced home equipment that can do a pretty good job when it comes to streaming live footage.

VR innovators, Terpon have developed a camera that can be used at home to deliver a 200 degree field of view, 3K resolution and 30fps.

The Hermes Performer Cam is hoped to revolutionize the way sex cam models broadcast their services.

terpon vr webcam cam site
The Terpon Hermes VR Webcam is USB3 Plug-and-Play compatible.

To boost both their own profile and that of VR camming, the company has given away 1000 of these devices to popular and up-and-coming cam models.

In an effort to raise the take-up of VR in the camming industry, cameras can be rented in order to keep costs low.

A higher spec camera is also available but costs a lot more to rent. This 4K studio quality device offers a rate of 60fps.

Apart from the cost of the cam rental, broadcasting in VR doesn’t cost any more than traditional cam streaming with most modern computers and laptops possessing sufficient processing speed to cope with the additional demands.

However, minimum internet connection speeds do apply but these are not dissimilar to regular 2D streaming.

Of course, broadcasting in VR is only half the story with the viewing audience required to have a compatible headset device.

Requirements for viewing devices varies by provider but most of the big-name brands (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear etc) are supported.

vr headset adult cam VR site
The price of VR technology has become more affordable making VR cam sites a viable business model.

You can buy a good headset from around $300-$400 although you can use cheaper solutions such as the Google Cardboard headset.

Though an inferior quality experience, these low-cost devices can be picked up for under $5.

Where To Find VR Porn Cams

Once you’ve got a working VR headset, it’s time to seek out the best VR sex cams.

Remember: this is a growing but limited market. Many of the largest cam sites (like Chaturbate and Cam Soda) are yet to offer VR cams.

However, there’s a handful of sites that do.

What are those sites?

Strip Chat

Strip Chat is probably the most familiar name on our list: it’s one of the fastest growing cam sites in the world and and the recipient of numerous adult industry awards for innovation.

So… it should come as no surprise that Strip Chat is one of the first major players to embrace VR sex cams.

A selection of the VR webcams on Strip Chat

Strip Chat typically has 20+ live VR webcams live at any given time, with more during the peak hours.

The quality is exceptional and the models know exactly how to make it an immersive viewing experience. There’s something about seeing the model in a life-size resolution, mere inches away from your face, responding to your very messages… getting down and dirty in real-time.

We can certainly see how this is going to catch on. 😉

If you’re looking for an immediate taste of what VR sex shows can offer, Strip Chat should be high on your list.

Supported Devices:

Windows OS Based Devices: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive
Android Based Devices: Oculus Go, Google VR DayDream, Samsung Gear VR, Cardboard VR

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Sex Like Real

Sex Like Real is often touted as the ‘Netflix of VR Porn’.

It aggregates some of the best VR porn, from the biggest studios, in to one binge-friendly portal that is easy to use and simple to navigate.

Not happy with conquering the porn market, Sex Like Real has also rolled out a dedicated VR cams portal.

Some of the available cam girls on the SexLikeReal VR Cams platform

Now you can steam up those VR goggles watching live sex shows from any one of the 100+ active cam models on the site.

You can chat for free, tip your favorites, or even head in to a private chat for a distinctly personal live sex show.

While the standard cam shows are free to watch, you will need to purchase tokens if you want to go private.

  • 100 tokens – $12
  • 200 tokens – $24
  • 500 tokens – $57.14 (5% free)
  • 1100 tokens – $125.71 (5% free)

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XHamster Live Porn Cams

VR cam girls on XHamster

XHamster has paired up with StripChat to offer a variety of live VR porn cams, and a library of previous recordings that you can enjoy for a taste of exactly what this technology promises…

There’s little difference between the virtual reality cams offered on these two sites, mainly because it’s the same service under a different brand.

One thing we like about XHamster’s offering is the ability to browse through some previous recordings. The site has a nice curated mix of pre-recorded VR porn shows that you can dip in to for some guaranteed action. It’s like watching the highlights package!

Do Any Other Sites Have VR Sex Cams?

Sadly not every site offering VR cam girls has stood the test of time.

Below are two of the sites we used to use that are no longer operating. They are down at the time of publication, but may return or relaunch in the coming months. Watch this space for updates!


XVR.Chat was a new dedicated VR cams platform with a large number of European models.

It offered an exclusive browser-to-browser technology called Dynamic View. This Pan, Tilt, Zoom functionality gives you the freedom to take in all of what the models are doing, in real-time.

The models on XVR were all professionally trained.

While some cam shows were great for their authentic ‘amateur’ feel, the VR experience really benefited from having professional models who knew how to make the tech work.

These girls knew exactly how to use the virtual reality tech to bring you the most immersive experience possible.

xvrchat vr sex shows

XVR.Chat used a token system where you could view the free shows, but you’d have to pay if you wanted to go private or tip the performers.

These cam girls had all the other bells and whistles at hand – from interactive sex toys, to the highest quality webcams.

No app required.

The shows played in your standard web or mobile browser.

At the time of writing, the service is no longer available. We’ll keep you updated if it returns.

Virtual Real Cams

The team behind the first VR porn website, Virtual Real Porn, had a channel promoting occasional broadcasts of cam girls in VR mode. It was one of the first sites to let us watch VR cam girls in real-time, but sadly it has been inactive for a while.

Much like the now defunct Peep360, you could join in a group session to watch live shows. There hasn’t been a broadcast for a while but rumors are that the site is gearing up for a big revamp so stay tuned.

virtual reality cam site
Watch this space…Virtual Reality Cams is gearing up for new content. Image via wesbite.

Prepare For More VR Cam Girls!

As you can see, it’s fairly slim pickings for sites offering live VR sex cams.

Thankfully, the big hitters — Strip Chat and Sex Like Real — are both fantastic options that have really stepped up their virtual reality game.

In the short-term, we expect to see more cam girls experimenting with VR broadcasts. As the number of users with compatible headsets continues to grow, so will the demand for live VR porn. We don’t think it will be long until other major cam platforms like Chaturbate, LiveJasmin and CamSoda unleash their own VR webcam porn, and that can only be a good thing!

Stay tuned. 😉

Have we missed any of your favorite VR cam sites?

Drop us your recommendations!


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