10 Best Strip Clubs In The USA: America’s Finest Adult Bars

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Strip clubs are big business in America, accounting for annual revenue in excess of $3.1 billion across an estimated 4000 clubs and 400,000 dancers.

With this many venues across fifty states, judging the best is always going to be tricky but there are some venues that stand out from the crowd, and for obvious reasons.

Settling on America’s best strip club is not an easy choice. If you’re looking for sheer scale and opulence, it’s hard to look past Sapphire’s in Las Vegas. After all, it’s the world’s largest strip club! But what about Mary’s Club in Portland? It’s the oldest strip bar in the land, steeped in history and full of beautiful dancers. Then again, maybe you’re looking for a particularly ‘liberal’ touching policy and an intimate experience – in which case, Mons Venus in Tampa is a hot contender!

Our view is that you can never have too much choice. 😉

In this guide, we’ll be looking at some of the best strip clubs in US, from the record breaking to the downright odd. Which are the most famous titty bars in America?! You’re about to find out.

Each establishment has hit the headlines on the world stage, so let’s take a closer look at some of America’s most legendary strip joints…

What Are The Best Strip Clubs in The US?

What are the best strip clubs in the US?

Let’s start with a club that makes it on the list through sheer unadulterated size.

A club that is based in the stripper metropolis known as Sin City…

Sapphire: Las Vegas, Nevada

Famous for… being the largest strip club in the world.


Covering an area of over 71,000 square feet, Sapphire Las Vegas is the world’s biggest strip club employing over 400 entertainers each and every night. Vegas strip clubs are some of the glitziest in the world – and Sapphire is no exception.

Incorporating 10 exclusive use sky boxes linked by the sky walkway (a clear plexiglass route over the club) Sapphire is frequented by the rich and the famous.

The club has four main bars serving premium beers, an extensive range of cocktails and quality liquor. A fleet of limousines offer a free pick-up service for clients and they also run a range of events during the day including pole-dancing lessons.

Situated in the heart of the city, the club runs weekly events and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Regularly featuring in the top industry awards, Sapphire Las Vegas has plenty to offer its guests including a constant stream of high-class entertainment from exceptionally talented dancers across its many stages and VIP areas.

The upper VIP area received a refurbishment in 2013 and now plays host to the Sapphire Pool and Day club; a venue to keep guests entertained during the day with its feature roof terrace sundeck and pool, seven cabanas and four purpose built bungalows.

With strong competition in Las Vegas for the premier nightspot, Sapphire’s is constantly evolving to meet the demand for something show stopping and delivers some of the best entertainment in the city.

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4Play: Los Angeles, California

Famous for… being the best club in LaLaLand.


California is responsible for a third of the nation’s revenue taken from the strip club industry, or $1 billion, and has over 80 in the Los Angeles area alone. Of these, the most extravagant and well known is 4 Play.

Situated on Cotner Avenue in the Japantown area of West Los Angeles, 4 Play has a reputation for having some of the most stunning dancers in America.

Luxury, opulence and sexy dancers at the 4Play Strip Club...
Luxury, opulence and sexy dancers at the 4Play Strip Club…

With figures straight from a New York catwalk and made up beautifully, the girls aren’t in the least bit pushy when it comes to private dances, knowing full well that they don’t need to be; you just need to join the queue.

The cover charge of $20 is reasonable for the city and private dances start at just $25 with drinks on a $7 minimum.

The club is decorated to evoke a New Orleans bordello and attracts big spenders as well as minor celebrities. Rich in atmosphere and dripping with elegance, 4 Play is open Monday to Wednesday between noon and 2am, Thursday and Friday from noon until 4am, Saturdays from 7pm to 4am and Sundays from 7pm to 2am.

Voted the number one Gentleman’s Club by Men’s Fitness magazine and one of the four top strip clubs in the world, 4 Play offers an erotic and decadent approach to nude dancing that will guarantee to leave you with a smile on your face.

Mary’s Club: Portland, Oregon

Famous for… being one of the oldest strip clubs in America.


This isn’t the only Portland strip club that makes the list as the city also boasts the greatest number of strip joints per capita.

There is one strip club per 11,286 residents making Oregon’s largest city the strip capital of America.

Mary’s Club opened in 1954 and is open 365 days a year until 2.30am every night. They have a reputation for never closing early and the club is popular with residents and tourists alike.

Employing 25 dancers, the bar is staffed exclusively by women and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. A landmark in the city, Mary’s is always a lively establishment and attracts plenty of famous faces as well as catering well for events like bachelor and bachelorette parties. The venue has an authentic Mexican restaurant on site and serves cocktails and beer.

With vintage black lights, murals and welcoming neon signs, Mary’s is a blend of the nostalgic era of a ‘proper’ strip club as well as offering modern facilities.

Interestingly the daughter of the original owner still works behind the bar and even his granddaughter spent some time on stage!

You can purchase merchandise sporting the famous logo to remember your night out at Mary’s famous strip club.

Monroe’s of Palm Beach: West Palm Beach, FL

Famous for… being the three times title holder of ‘Best Gentleman’s Club’.


Open daily from 2pm to 5am, Monroe’s of Palm Beach is the current holder of the Best Gentleman’s Club 2016, awarded by the Exotic Dancers Magazine. The venue has also won the prestigious ‘Adult Club of the Year’ award three times and is a popular strip club in Florida’s West Palm Beach.

Monroe's Gentlemen's Club on Palm Beach
Monroe’s Gentlemen’s Club on Palm Beach

Playing high energy dance and house music until dawn, Monroe’s makes a great nightclub but with the added benefit of sexy dancers getting up close and personal.

If you go before 2pm you can get a free lunch with a drink purchase and scope out the best places to hang around for the best views in the house.

Talking of food, Monroe’s serves one of the best steaks in West Palm Beach including their signature 36 oz Tomahawk Steak. The venue is incredibly popular with locals as well as tourists not least because of the quality of the entertainment but also because of how friendly the staff are.

Monroe’s has a lot of energy and offers a classy environment that delivers so much more than a strip club experience. You can most certainly spend a lot more time here than money.

Saint Venus Theatre: New York City, New York

Famous for… not actually being a strip club.

Created in 2009 as an erotic alternative to the rising trend for all nude strip clubs the Saint Venus Theatre is not strictly a strip club.

Moving location all the time, the Saint Venus Theatre is an exclusive club where the motto, when it comes to the dancers, is ‘less is more’.

You won’t experience a nude or topless show and lingerie is about as close as it gets but the environment is wholly erotic and sensuous.

Saint Venus Theater: One of the most exclusive 'strip clubs' in America.
Saint Venus Theater: One of the most exclusive ‘strip clubs’ in America.

The founder has made his distastes of classic strip club experiences famously well known and the Saint Venus is his antidote to a world in which you don’t give the milk away with the barn.

Only featuring ‘real’ women, Saint Venus has a reputation for having hot dancers who haven’t had any ‘work’ done. They are curvy, naturally beautiful and know exactly how to work what they’ve got to maximum effect…and all whilst semi-clothed.

Membership is by request and it is only by becoming a member that you can access this exclusive club. Details of the new location of the Saint Venus are only released (under password protection) to current members. Events are charged at $50 and lap dances cost $20. The cost of drinks depends on the venue that is hosting.

Dancers are laidback and not in the least bit pushy about getting their man but they can be choosy. Perhaps they are so because of the clubs attitude towards customers touching the dancers.

At the Saint Venus, unlike at other NYC venues, you can kiss, touch and fondle the women in public view; erotic to watch as well as to experience.

If there was one major complaint about most strip clubs, it’s that many of the dancers aesthetics fall more in line with tastes of yesteryear when Playboy was dictating what standard of beauty were like.

The Saint Venus Theater is looking to change that with a mission statement saying there are trying to, “create something special, something positive and progressive in a world that is dominated by female exploitation and dissatisfaction. We seek to do the opposite. We celebrate the feminine in erotic themes.”

King of Diamonds: Miami, Florida

Famous for… being one of the most extravagant strip clubs.


“Where the famous (and infamous) party hard in Miami”, the King of Diamonds has a reputation for hosting extravagant events and providing the ultimate in adult entertainment.

The place has an equal repute for being the home of excess; rapper Rick Ross reportedly spent a cool $1 million at KOD celebrating his birthday in 2011.

Covering over 50,000 square feet, King of Diamonds is Florida’s biggest strip club and has plenty crammed inside to keep folks entertained.

There is a half basketball court which often draws pro-players as well as a tattoo parlour, sex store and barbershop. The warehouse style venue is often likened more to a private party than a typical strip club, ‘only bigger and with a lot more beautiful girls’.

The entry fee is $30 but is well worth the cover. The atmosphere is pumping with the DJs having great reputations for keeping an up-tempo vibe. There are 200 dancers working for King of Diamonds and are celebrated for their diversity.

Because of its popularity, the place can get very crowded, particularly at the weekends so it is recommended to get there early.

Magic City: Atlanta, Georgia

Famous for… running the music scene.


Voted America’s most important club by GQ Magazine, Magic City in Atlanta is famous for being an influential barometer in the music industry, particularly for Hip-Hop artists.

Deigned to be the ‘proving ground’ for new and upcoming artists, the club plays host to big names, particularly on Magic City Mondays. Acts like Jeezy, Future and Chainz are all regulars to the club and acts that get their tunes on the all-important playlist are pretty much guaranteed a Golden Ticket.

The club has its own Pay to Play music station online and spends a good deal on advertising to help promote the acts they back. They self-style themselves as the ‘true underground’ of RnB and Hip-Hop by giving a voice to unsigned artists without major funding or interested record labels.

A fully nude strip club, Magic City is open from 3pm until 3am from Monday to Saturday.

The dress code is casual and sophisticated and matches the ambience created inside; Magic City has more of a feel of a nightclub than a gentleman’s club.

You wont find rows of seats surrounding a main stage but you will find a throng of people dancing and encouraging the performers on the industrial stages. The DJ keeps the beat strong and you will lose all sense of time in this Tardis where music meets money under the hypnotising motion of naked dancers.

What’s not to like?

Mons Venus: Tampa, Florida

Famous for… it’s liberal touching policy.


Open from noon every day until 6am (5am Sunday to Tuesday), the Mons Venus is famous across the states for having one of the most liberal touching policies in any strip club.

The club is small by comparison to most of the venues on this list but Mons Venus goes to some length to prove that small can be just as mighty when it comes to giving the best adult entertainment around.

A peek of the Mons Venus club, courtesy of their Facebook page galleries
A peek of the Mons Venus club, courtesy of their Facebook page galleries

The cover charge is $20 and for that you get access to some of the best looking girls in the country, naked. The club doesn’t serve alcohol but what you save in beer money you will definitely blow on dances.

Mons has long had a reputation for dancers who enjoy the ‘touchy feely’ approach which might be one of the reasons that the club is so popular.

In fact, Mons Venus was the subject of a raid several years ago which led to arrests and the six foot rule policy that is still barely enforced.

The dancers are very hot and keep up an amazing energy whilst entertaining the crowds.

The club is so popular but sadly so small that they have launched an online facility to keep the masses happy; where you can watch the action live from the main stage for free. For an extra price you can even get online access to the girls dressing rooms or even tip $1 bills.

Palomino: Las Vegas, Nevada

Famous for… a booze loophole.


Because of a curious loophole in the law, Palomino’s is only fully nude stage show in Las Vegas where you can also buy alcohol.

The same loophole also allows the venue to have college age strippers. Because of this peculiarity, the place can get really busy so it’s worth coming early to guarantee a seat.

The oldest strip club in the city, the venue has been in operation since 1969 yet offers modern facilities including the ‘ultra-lounge’. Palomino’s is also famous because of its exploits on the Playboy TV channel which followed the dancers and management in a reality TV series, King of Clubs.

The club purports to have the lowest bottle prices anywhere in Vegas and also has a strong reputation in Sin City for putting together excellent stage shows.

Locals and those taking advantage of the pick-up service can get in for free otherwise there is a cover charge. Also, unlike most Vegas strip clubs, the venue does not operate 24/7. Opening hours are 4pm to 5am (7am on Fridays and Saturdays).

The club is very popular for its niche offering and it deservedly makes it name in Las Vegas for operating a friendly and hot night out.

Casa Diablo: Portland, Oregon

Famous for… being a vegan strip club.

In all reality, there is no other contender for this particular title (in the world, so far as we know) but the Casa Diablo has many reasons for its notoriety.

Yes, it is a vegan strip club where the only food you can buy is meat and dairy free.

From initially being run as a simple vegan restaurant, the owner, Johnny Diablo, was struggling to make his business work. When the recession hit he decided to throw a few naked girls in to the mix and, what do you know, the place became an instant success… vegan or not.

However, it is not just the lack of meat on the menu that sets this club aside.

Casa Diablo is also famous for the quality of its ‘friction dances’. The girls are a diverse mix and the hiring policy does not discriminate over women with tattoos, piercings or being outside of the standard norms.

There is a strict no touching private parts policy but there are VIP areas to enjoy a private dance.

Open daily from 11am to 2.30am the Casa Diablo regularly hosts special events such as the Vagina Beauty Pageant, girl on girl sex shows (notoriously being known for live sex acts with strap on dildos) and their popular Halloween parties.

Have you been to any of these famous American strip clubs? Which is your favorite and why?

Let us know your thoughts and comments below.


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