Trade Nudes: 16 Best Sexting Apps for Nude Trading

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Whether you trade nudes in a relationship or with complete strangers, there is an illicit thrill of sending a nude selfie and getting XXX pics back.

With new sexting apps and platforms designed specifically for trading nudes, it’s never been easier (or safer) – as long as you’re using the right tools. The caveat is that you actually have to find somebody to trade nudes with in the first place!

Fine for those in relationships, but what about the rest of us? Well… there are apps for sexting strangers, too!

Perhaps the most notorious of the new sexting platforms is KIK – a site where you can trade nudes without ever having to reveal your identity or give away a phone number. KIK is an open buffet if you have some naked pics and want to trade them, but it’s also the Wild West. You really won’t know who is on the other end of that message.

A popular alternative is the paid-to-sext marketplace Arousr. Here you will find hundreds of models who are ready and waiting to trade nudes – with the catch being, you’ll have to pay a fee for each message.

Other premium sexting services you might want to consider include NiteFlirt, Extra Lunch Money and SextPanther. All work well for nude trading, but they cost money to use.

In this guide, we explore the best sexting apps. We look at the best sites for sending and receiving nudes. What are secure and safe ways to trade XXX pics?

Let’s take a closer look!

The Rise of Sexting: Looking to Trade Nudes?

Best sexting apps to trade nudes

According to the most recent research, as many as three in four adults admit to having sent explicit messages and images with their partners.

Typically, the way we do this is over SMS but sharing saucy content this way does come with privacy risks and a lot of limitations.

Unlike a phone sex chat line (the anonymous equivalent for the 1990s!), your interactions don’t just disappear.

Firstly, using a standard texting service often means that your pictures are stored on your phone’s camera roll – not ideal!

Secondly, sending nudes via text gives you no security or privacy and means that they can always be traced back to you.

By contrast, using apps which have either been designed for sexting or which have in-built security does offer a lot more protection.

And there are other benefits to using sexting apps including plenty of great features which mean you can edit your pics and store them securely. Some are even designed with more than just nude swaps in mind and can offer ways to hook up.

Finally, one of the great reasons for using a sexting app over SMS is that you don’t need to know who you are sexting in order to enjoy them. Yes, a lot of the apps we’ve looked at are for complete strangers to hook-up online and flirt through.

Best Sexting Apps for Trading Nudes

I think we’re all agreed that trading nudes through SMS is pretty old-school so which sexting apps are the best?

We’ve given you a full list of some of our favorite platforms to share explicit content on.


Best Sexting Apps for Trading nudes arousr

If you are having trouble finding anyone to sext with then it really doesn’t matter which service you choose. You could be on Snapchat, WhatsApp or Kik 24/7 sending out dick pics but none of this guarantees you any action in return. Far from it, doing this is more likely to get you blocked or banned!

So, why not use the services of a professional? There are plenty of women out there who make a living from selling nudes online.

Arousr is a dedicated adult sexting service and you pay premium rates for sending and receiving nudes.

It’s pretty straightforward to use, just register on the site or app and choose a host to get connected with and away you go.

What’s nice about Arousr is that the models you talk to often sell other digital content online as well. This means you get more than just a disembodied text but if you like what you see on the app then you could find more through their online shop.

A little like having your own personal cam show model in your pocket, you can also tip hosts if you appreciate their nudes.

Read our full Arousr review.


Best Sexting Apps for Trading nudes sext panther

Next we have one of the most popular dedicated sexting services, SextPanther.

It’s pretty similar to Arousr and offers a premium services for customers to find a chat host with whom they can sext.

Once you find someone you just send a message using an SMS number.

This ‘masked’ number acts as a secure link and cloaks the details of both the sender and recipient’s real telephone numbers.

All you need to do is make sure your account is topped up with cash and you basically get charged for every text or media message you send and open.

The app also lets you use audio and video chat if you want to take your communication to the next stage but, be warned, these chat hosts are professionals. This is not a hook up platform and they are only doing this to earn money.

It’s a bit like using a prostitute, an expensive way to do it but one which is guaranteed to give you satisfaction.


Best Sexting Apps for Trading nudes kik

Made popular by the Kardashians, this former Blackberry-only messaging app offers pretty anonymous sexting.

Instead of having to share your mobile number or social media profile in order to get connected, you can connect with anyone from anywhere in the world by simply using a KIK ID.

Which means you don’t have to reveal who you are.

The downside of this is that neither does the person who is sexting you. This can result in people getting into trouble when it emerges they’ve been sending a minor indecent messages so always be careful when using this app and make sure you are sexing with someone who is who they say they are.

Just like WhatsApp you can also join larger groups and share messages and images with more than just one person. KIK lets you do this with up to 50 people at a time.

During the COVID lockdown, some larger KIK groups have been like virtual orgies with multiple users contributing to a group chat making it look more like a bacchanal.

One of the best things about KIK is that it has universally become one of the go-to apps for escorts, erotic models and adult entertainers to sell their nudes. And, you can find plenty of KIK IDs where users trade exclusively in naked selfies.

Just hit up Google and type in ‘nudes KIK’ and you’ll get a ton of forums and directories where you can find user details.

The app is free and easy to use and offers a wide choice if you want to sext with strangers and has some pretty decent features to boot.

Popular Apps For Couples and Existing Contacts

WhatsApp Messenger

Best Sexting Apps for Trading Nudes whatsapp

Let’s take a look at an app that most people already have.

And the benefit of this means that the more people who have an app, the more people you can choose from to sext.

WhatsApp Messenger is similar to any SMS service and you can share text messages as well as video, photo and audio files. Plus, you can create and send your own GIFs.

Finding people is also pretty easy as the app links directly to your phonebook, using their mobile number as the start point. Of course, this does mean that you need to know someone’s details before you can sext them.

Unlike standard text services, the messages on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted which adds an extra layer of security.

Another feature which makes this a popular choice for sexting is that you can make group chats and share your naughty images with a bunch of people at once.

Quick and easy to use there aren’t many negative things to say about this app but there are a few drawbacks.

The main one is that the app is so widely used, it can be pretty easy to open the wrong chat and you could end up sending those revealing files to your mom instead of your current sexting squeeze!

For some people, its a MUST that the app they use to sext with is different to the app they use to communicate with family and friends.

Overall though, WhatsApp is free to use, is pretty universal and doesn’t use much data on your phone. It’s a great place to start but does have drawbacks particularly if you want to keep your sexting separate.


Best Sexting Apps for Trading nudes

Following swiftly on the heels of WhatsApp we have Snapchat.

This popular little messaging service remains one of the most widely used ways to communicate and is as universal as TikTok, Facebook and Twitter.

The key to Snapchat’s success was the fact that the app has always been based around privacy protection, secure messaging and ridiculously easy-to-use navigation.

The app was also one of just a few platforms which first identified that the preferred way to ‘speak’ to someone these days isn’t via text but through the use of images.

Snapchat is fully loaded with some great features including plenty of fun filters, emojis and effects plus can also be used for video and audio chat.

But, of course, the way in which Snapchat gained its popularity was the fact that the photos you share on the app are only visible for a few seconds at a time.

These days, most Snapchat users open messages with their fingers poised over the camera buttons so they can take a screenshot of their ‘snaps’. This is good news if you want to keep those nudes you receive but bad news if you don’t want your own snaps being stored.

There’s nothing you can do to prevent it from happening but the fact they disappear from the app means that there is far less chance of being traced back to you. So, as long as you don’t include your face or any identifying features then its pretty anonymous.

Oh, but you do get a notification from Snapchat if the other user does this which is helpful.

Free to use with plenty of privacy protection, there are plenty of people who already have Snapchat making this a great choice for sharing your nudes on if you want to do so with a lot of people.


Best Sexting Apps for Trading nudes viber

Viber is better known as a telecommunication app which was launched in 2010 as a direct competitor to services like Skype.

Offering VoIP, Viber was an instant smash hit with users who wanted unlimited free calls and still remains pretty popular today despite being overtaken by video chat apps like FaceTime and (more recently) Zoom.

The nice thing about Viber is that the app is available on multiple platforms and you can transfer calls between devices

It still offers a great way to send and receive messages and has a good user base so the chances are that most people you want to sext with already have the app installed.

It won’t help you find anyone to share nudes with but it is pretty secure and gives you plenty of neat little features including stickers and GIFs, group chats plus video and audio calls.

Like Snapchat you can also set timers on your messages so that they are deleted after a set time but this won’t stop them from being snapped on anyone’s phone as a screenshot.

As far as sexting goes, there’s end-to-end encryption on your messages and, unlike KIK, you can only send them to people you know. Viber verifies its users so you are less likely to be caught sending XXX content to someone who isn’t who they say they are.


Moving on to some apps which are not as widely known or well-used for sexting but whose core features offer privacy, security and (in some cases) anonymity.

Our first in this category is Confide.

A confidential messenger service which allows users to encrypt all their texts and media files, you can send self-destructing messages which are completely wiped after they time-out.

Another great feature of this service is that your messages are screenshot-proof, unlike Snapchat!

Great for keeping your nudes safe from being stored on someone’s camera roll.

Using Confide is a lot like playing at being a secret agent and as well as the self-destructing messages, your texts are also kept safe from prying eyes even when they are being read. Yeah, unlike standard text messages which are displayed all at once, your messages can only be read line by line with the rest of the screen being grayed out. Very 007!

None of your data is stored by the servers so what you send has a real ephemeral quality which makes the frisson of sexting all the more fleeting.

In all other ways, Confide is just like any other instant messaging platform and you can create groups, send unlimited attachments and hide your online status from other users (incognito mode) so you can get some peace.

You also get some decent custom features including themes and nicknames which does allow you to pimp the app a little.

We also like the fact that there is message retraction (unsend) built in.

Some of these features only come with premium membership but if data privacy is a priority for you then it is well worth upgrading.

Because not many people use it, its not a great option if you are someone who is a prolific sexter but is certainly THE only choice if you want to be 100% sure that your nudes are securely delivered…..and NOT screenshotted!


Best Sexting Apps for Trading nudes dust

If Confide has whet your appetite for data privacy and secure messaging then can we also offer up Dust for consideration.

Another ultra-secure messenger service, Dust is basically a whole suite of tools designed specifically to protect your digital communication online.

All messages you share on the service are encrypted securely and feature an automatic delete function which means that once they are gone, they are GONE.

No data is able to be stored on the recipient’s device and the company’s own servers don’t keep copies.

There is no way to stop anyone from taking a screenshot but just like with Snapchat you do get notification from the app if this happens.

Another nice function is that you can delete a message from another user’s device before they open it. Not that we’re saying you’ll regret sending those nudes but if you do, you have a way to change your mind if you get cold feet.

Along with secure messaging, Dust also offers users a secure and stealthy way to access the web on their devices. So, you don’t only get protection for your messages but also for your online browsing.

Dust is a decent little secure messaging tool but isn’t a widely downloaded one so it’s not ideal if you plan on sexting a lot of people unless you want to start earning commission for recommending new users!


Best Sexting Apps for Trading nudes signal

Signal is another instant messaging platform which has been built with security and privacy at its heart.

Designed using open-source software, peer-reviewed and featuring solid encryption tools, it is a solid option for sending secure and private messages.

Though it wont help you find people to sext with nor will it give you any fancy filters you do get all of the basics you would expect from any messaging service.

This means you can send and receive video, audio and image files as well as GIFs and emojis but you know that your message won’t be hacked or tracked.

You can even launch a group chat and share sexts with multiple people at once.

This is a good option for anyone who is sexting someone they trust but who has doubts over the security of their current messaging service.


Best Sexting Apps for Trading nudes wickr

Along the same lines as Signal comes Wickr, another solid choice for sexters who are concerned about privacy and security.

We all know full well that cyber attacks are more or less inevitable these days and our mobiles are at just as much (perhaps more) risk as our desktop computers.

So, imagine if those ‘innocent’ nudes you sent to your partner were to fall into the hands of a criminal? Extortion is just one outcome but for some people the invasion of a privacy like this could lose them a lot more than just money.

Which is why more and more people are turning to those messaging apps which offer robust security like Wickr.

One of the top dogs of the secure digital environment, every message you send on this app is encrypted with a unique key which means only YOU get to decide who opens it and, importantly, how long they can open it for.

These ‘self-destructing’ messages are an ideal way to safely send nudes.

Plus Wickr doesn’t store any personal information on its servers at all which means your not at risk of losing anything if the app itself is attacked.

A very secure and private way to share nudes, this niche little app isn’t the best choice for trading nudes with new people as it’s got such a small user base. However, if you are sharing saucy selfies with a few select people then this is definitely worth considering to protect your very private data.

Again, it won’t help you find potential sexting partners but will keep you safe when you do.

Best Dating Apps for Sexting Nudes

Of course, you can find other ways to trade nude selfies including through dating and hook-up apps. Though this means you may need to invest a little more time in building a rapport before sending dick pics the pay-off can be more rewarding in the long term. 

So, if you don’t have someone to sext with and are looking for a more regular person to flirt with or someone who might turn into a hook-up then these options offer some good mileage.

Ashley Madison

Best Sexting Apps for Trading Nudes ashley madison

One of the hottest platforms around for casual adult hook-ups, Ashley Madison is known the world over for being THE app to use if you want an extra-marital fling.

As a result, the women on this site are only really looking for some fun and won’t be crawling all over you for a relationship. In fact, there are plenty of members on this site who aren’t even interested in actually hooking up.

What most of them want is a virtual affair and this includes plenty of high-octane sexting.

You get a real mixed bag of people here on Ashley Madison and although you can find plenty of mature users there’s also good pickings for the under 30s.

Easy to use and with strong privacy/security features built in as standard, this options app is perfect for trading nudes.


Best Sexting Apps for Trading Nudes tinder

Ah, Tinder….no other app on the planet sums up adult dating in the 21st Century more than this little baby.

Though you probably can’t remember a world when Tinder didn’t exist, it was only launched in 2012 and is less than a decade old.

But this little casual hook-up app has come further than any other platform of its kind and is still the world’s most popular way to meet new people, sext and trade nudes.

Used in 190 countries by more than 50 million people, the app deals with more than 1.6 billion swipes each day!

If you don’t already use it then let’s have a very quick rundown on why it’s a great option for trading nudes and sexting:

  • You don’t have to fill out any extensive profile as the information needed is picked up from your social media account.
  • It’s quick and easy to connect with people who are nearby.
  • You get presented with image after image of potential matches; just swiping right means you like the look of them and swiping left removes them from your list of choices. If the other person also swipes right on your face then you can start chatting in private.

Typically, most users who start flirting on Tinder will be open to sexting first as a way to warm each other other. How this goes down is up to you but just be aware that not everyone wants to start a conversation by looking at your cock. Best to build up a rapport before you jump in with the big (?) guns!

The best part of Tinder is that there is the opportunity for hook-ups if you end up wanting to take your sexting to the next level.

The downside is that its not anonymous and those nude selfies can be linked back to your Facebook profile!

Adult Friend Finder

Best Sexting Apps for Trading nudes adult friend finder

Another ubiquitous platform aimed at the hook-up and casual dating market, Adult Friend Finder (AFF) is another ideal place for sexting new people, particularly if you are looking to turn this into a one night stand.

Unlike Tinder, pretty much everyone on AFF is looking for the same thing; a bit of fun and flirting and possibly something more.

This makes using the app a really effective way to spend your time but, be warned, there is still some leg work to be done.

Whereas Tinder lets you start swiping immediately, with AFF you have to set up your profile first. You can skip a lot of sections but you do get better results if you complete them as fully as possible.

As the world’s largest community of casual daters and swingers, there are millions of users on AFF (80 million, in fact) so you won’t be waiting long.

You can download the app manually so you can use this platform on the move and its free to use on a basic subscription. This doesn’t give you a lot of functionality and does limit the ways you can contact other members so we’d definitely recommend upgrading to Gold.

Prices vary depending on what promotion they are running and how long you sign up for but are generally around $25 per month.

AFF is a world-class flirting platform where sexting is at the heart of what they do. Definitely one for  the shortlist.


Best Sexting Apps for Trading nudes yumi

With more than 840,000 active users, Yumi is a rapidly growing and pretty popular casual dating and hook-up app which is sort of designed like Tinder.

Yet the idea with Yumi (pronounced “YOU-ME”) is that you register totally anonymously with no social media links or email address and you don’t need much of a profile to get started.

Using geo-location data, you can get matched with people close by for hooking up with but the app also lends itself nicely to sexting.

Yumi has a secure and encrypted private messaging service and you can easily share nudes with your new matches before meeting up or just as a way to flirt.

Its not as widely used as Tinder so, depending on where you live, your mileage may vary. That said, there is some good coverage of users in the major cities in the USA and across Europe.

Free to use but with better results from a paid membership, the people using Yumi are said to be a lot kinkier that on Tinder but we’ll leave that for you to judge!


Best Sexting Apps for Trading nudes flirt

Flirt is another popular online place for people to find their next hook-up.

Sort of like an old-school personals site, you simply set up a profile and then browse the other members to find someone who takes your fancy.

Once you’ve got a target in mind, you just send them a message and wait for a response. The rest is up to you.

The good news is that most people on the site are looking for the same thing; a bit of fliting and/or a casual encounter. That means that moving the conversation on to swapping nudes is pretty much a given… long as you play your cards right.

Unfortunately Flirt doesn’t have an app but their site is mobile responsive and you can access your messaging service through a web browser on your phone. It’s a big negative for us and although there are some great opportunities here, it’s too damned fiddly to keep up a good volley of sexts.

However, if you can meet someone online through Flirt and get their WhatsApp or KIK details then you could transfer the nude exchange to another platform. In this way, we think Flirt is a good place to find some sexting playmates but not a great choice of actually playing with them.

Plenty of Fish

Best Sexting Apps for Trading nudes plenty of fish

And finally, we have another great hook-up platform where you can find your next sexting partner.

Although Plenty of Fish (or POF) is a general dating site it does have a reputation for being used more for casual encounters than for genuine lonely hearts. That being said, you do need to appreciate that only a small minority of members here are open to sexting. It’s not a no-go area but you do need to be a bit more cautious.

The benefits though are that there are more genuine profiles here and there is more of a potential for a longer term hook-up.

A freemium site you can get a basic account without having to sign up for a subscription but if you are serious about making connections it will cost you. Prices per month range from $7.50 to $13.00 and theses fees are well worth paying if you want to find some quality sexting partners.

POF is a great choice for anyone who wants a little more to go along with those nude pictures. Just go slow and build up that rapport before you launch in with your dick pics!

Mainstream Options for Sexting Nudes

Of course, if you don’t to download a specific app then there are some more conventional ways to send and receive nudes when you are sexting.

Best Sexting Apps for Trading instagram facebook twitter
Mainstream social media can be used to sext but might not make the safest or more secure option.

Be warned though: just because you can send nude photos using this service, it doesn’t make them a great place to do so.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook Messenger
  • iMessage
  • Twitter

None of these options offers the same kind of privacy, anonymity and security that you can get from some of our other options.

Although some do incorporate encryption into their private messaging services they aren’t designed for adult use and using some of these to send NSFW content can contravene their User Terms of Agreement.

So, whilst you can send private/direct messages using these services you are running the risk of having your accounts suspended and/or leaving yourself wide open to a trail of incriminating evidence!

On the up side, all these apps and platforms are pretty universal so there is more chance that your sexting partner has them than one of the more niche apps already listed.

Just be sure that the person you are sending sexts to is of age and that they consent to you sending them nude selfies.

Professional Sexting Services

Our final option is one which most people forget about and that’s to use the services of a professional sexter.

A lot of cam and adult subscription sites now offer cam girls and XXX models the ability to sell their customers a membership to their fan clubs. Some also have sexting services built in to their platforms.

Okay, so you will be paying some money to get those nudes but you are guaranteed to be receiving something in return. Plus you get to choose the kind of hot model to follow and you are pretty much guaranteed that the pics you receive are genuine and you won’t be being catfished.

Check out sites like FanCentro, MyDirtyHobby, ManyVids and JustFor.Fans to find models who sell sexting services.

Best Sexting Apps for Trading Nudes my dirty hobby
There are tons of amateur models who will be happy to sext you….for a fee.

Sexting Apps and Sites: Ones to Avoid?

We’ve tried to give you only the best platforms for trading nudes and there are lots of sites and apps out there that purport to offer a world-class service. Whilst some of these can offer a pretty good service, there are others that just don’t measure up.

We’re not saying that they’re scams and your ‘mileage may vary’ but we didn’t think these options were worth much of your time.

  • Snapsext
  • HouseTab
  • LewdChat
  • FapChat
  • AdultChat

In some instances, it took far too long to get decent responses from these apps/sites or you had to spend a ton of money on subscriptions that didn’t give value.

Some have been reported as good ways to get sexting but in reality aren’t really designed for this purpose.

Others just seemed to have way too many fake profiles.

Whatever the reasons, just be a little cautious about these options before deciding to part with any cash.

A Guide to Safe Sexting

And finally, just a few words of wisdom about sexting safely. We don’t want to teach you how to suck eggs (there’s specialist sites for that) but follow these guidelines to make sure your experience of trading nude selfies doesn’t come back to bite you on the butt.

Sexting may well be incredibly common these days but that doesn’t make it safe.

sexting safely trading nudes
Image via Pro-Juventute (Flickr).

So, when sending photos to strangers online or via an app:

  • Never share any personal details, including your real name.
  • Never include your face.
  • Try to avoid showing any identifying features such as piercings, tattoos or birthmarks.
  • Ensure there is nothing in the background of your photos which could be used to identify you, your family or where you live/work. This could be anything like holiday snaps on the wall or a bill with your address on. Even the view from your window could be revealing.

When it comes to sending any nude photo to a stranger you just need to remember that golden rule that people online can often not be who they say they are.

Sadly, there are a lot of incidents of people using nude selfies to extort money from people in order not to share the incriminating evidence with family, friends and colleagues (known as ‘sextortion’).

Just take a beat before sending your naked photos and make sure you are happy with THAT image being out of your hands. If needs be, do some quick editing on your phone to obscure or blur out any details which could help identify you.

sexting safely

Finally, you should always make sure that the recipient of your XXX photos is a consenting one.

Whilst some of the apps we’ve detailed above are designed specifically for adult use, there are others which can be used by minors or are considered to, generally, be pretty mainstream.

Sexting without consent can be considered harassment and, depending on where you live in the world, could get you in trouble.

So, as long as you stay anonymous and ensure your have a willing partner to send them to, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start trading nudes today using one of the safe and secure options above.



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