10 Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes

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Fancy receiving a regular delivery of a fun-filled package of naughty accessories?

Getting a parcel is always fun, but when that box is full to the brim with adventurous new bedroom toys then you have every right to get super excited. Yes, a sex toy subscription box is the gift to yourself (or a loved one) that just keeps on giving.

But, with so much choice on the market, how do you know which company to choose?

There’s no point opting for a box filled with basic vanilla items if you’re a fet-fan and your other half will only be disappointed if you receive your monthly box full of solo toys for him.

In this feature we give you our recommendations for the 10 best sex toy subscription boxes whatever your budget, kink or relationship status!

Plus, we’ve also thrown in some extra suggestions to give you plenty of alternatives.

Which Sex Toy Subscription Box is Best?

We’ve scoured around to try and bring you a collection of the best companies offering boxes of sex toys on subscription. From those that specialize in organic products to luxury retailers offering great value savings against premium RRPs you can definitely find a service to suit you from our list.

From all these specialist companies, we’ve landed on The Fantasy Box as our top pick.

Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes the fantasy box top pick
Image via the Fantasy Box.

This US-based company offers three different kinds of box priced at $39 (Essential), $59 (Classic) and $159 (Platinum).

Each monthly delivery comes packed with plenty of personal items and toys plus a playful roleplaying game.

The best part of this service is that the boxes are all curated around a distinct monthly theme so you can explore a different fantasy every 4-6 weeks.

What tipped it for us though was their Romance Concierge service which allows customers to really customize what they get. As well as adding in your sizes for any lingerie (his and hers) you get to update your anniversary and birthdays so that the boxes can be tailored for your own special events.

The Concierge service also allows you to adjust what your box contains. For instance, some of the themes at The Fantasy Box include ‘Control’ or ‘College’ and you might want to give these boxes a miss.

Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes the fantasy box romance concierge
Image via The Fantasy Box.

For our money, whether you are choosing a budget or luxury subscription, The Fantasy Box is a solid choice and with free shipping within the US, it’s a bit of no-brainer.

Our only complaint is that they cater to male/female partnerships and don’t have boxes specifically for lesbian or gay couples or for solo play.

But if you’re looking to play alone or with a same-sex partner then read on; we have something on our list for everyone.

Best BDSM & Fetish Sex Toy Subscription Boxes

First up, let’s have a look at those mystery sex toy boxes you can buy which cater for the kinky.

Kink Crate


Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes Fetish Kink Crate
Image via Kink Crate.

For BDSM and fetish products delivered monthly (and discreetly) to your door then look no further than Kink Crate.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida Kink Crate offers four different varieties of sex toy subscription boxes:

  • Single Ladies
  • Couples Option 1 (male/female)
  • Couples Option 2 (male/male)
  • Couples Option 3 (female/female)

All you need to do then is to select the payment plan you want with savings available if you pay up-front:

  • Pay Monthly – $47
  • Prepay 3 Months – $135
  • Prepay 6 Months – $258
  • Prepay 12 Months – $490

Shipping is free for continental USA addresses but is an extra $20 for international customers.

Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes Fetish Kink Crate BDSM
Image via Kink Crate.

Crates contain between 5 and 9 items based on a monthly kinky theme and include personal products, candy, stickers and, of course, a BDSM or fetish toy. You’ll also get a handbook included for some useful tips and suggestions on how to use your gifts.

If you want to find out more about what’s inside then you can hit up their website which has several Unboxing Videos to watch.

Alternative Choice: Fetish Subscription Box

Our second choice for kinky sex toys on subscription comes from L’Amour Secret.

Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes lamour fetish and fantasy
Image via L’Amour Secret.

Fetish and fantasy specialists, they offer a customized monthly package based around soft fetishes including BDSM and roleplay.

Each box contains up to five items which are personalized to you based upon the profile you provide them with. Customers also receive complimentary condoms and lube, batteries and toy cleaner (if applicable).

A full-sized sex toy is included in most boxes and is generally from a well known company like Pipedream, California Exotic Novelties or Doc Johnson.

Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes lamour secret fetish and fantasy
Image via L’Amour Secret.

Charged at $50-$55 per month depending on whether you prepay for a longer subscription, you can opt to be either Shy, Adventurous or Wild.

Boxes are only available for couples and they only offer shipping within the U.S. or Canada.

Best Value Sex Toy Subscription Box

Next, let’s take a look at the companies offering the best value for money.

Seductive Pleasure Box


Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - seductive pleasure adult gift boxes
Image via Seductive Pleasure.

This US company offers worldwide delivery of fun-filled naughty packages to suit you which can really help keep the costs down.

Priced at just $35 for solo boxes and $45 for couples, you can choose whether to subscribe for monthly, bimonthly or quarterly deliveries. The price is the same but Seductive Pleasure recognizes that whilst customers want regular treats, not everyone wants to receive them monthly.

Each box contains several personal products with the RRP of contents often being 2-3 times more than you’re paying meaning you get some great value here.

Subscriptions can be tailored to you whether you want to enjoy toys solo or with a partner but each package comes with a full-size sex toy and is tailored to suit your personal situation:

  • Boy-Girl
  • Girl-Girl
  • Boy-Boy
  • Girl solo
  • Boy solo
Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - seductive pleasure
Image via Seductive Pleasure.

Recent boxes have included items kinky dongs, shimmering vibrators, body lotions and oils as well as restraints and silicone butt plugs.

Combined with the flexibility of the delivery scheduling and the fact that you can get discounts by prepaying, Seductive Pleasure is our best pick for value.

Alternative Choice: Value Subscription Box

Also offering low prices, Mystery Pleasure Box is another affordable way to pick up a subscription for regular deliveries of fun and sexy toys.

With prices starting at just $34.99 per month with no contract, you can make some big savings against the RRP of many popular pleasure products.

Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - mystery pleasure box

The company lets you choose from a selection of couples or solo boxes:

  • Girl/Boy
  • Boy/Boy
  • Girl/Girl
  • Girl
  • Boy

The couples’ boxes contain up to $100 worth of adult products and include 2 premium toys plus lotions and bonus sex toys.

Solo boxes are valued at around $60 and include just a single premium toy as well as bedroom accessories and personal products.

Best Same-Sex Subscription Box

In a world that is all too heteronormative at times this choice of supplier has got their offerings down pat.

The Big Oh! Box


Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - the big oh box
Image via the Big Oh!

The Big Oh! company offers a great way for same-sex couples to shop and their quarterly sex toy subscription boxes are fully inclusive no matter how you identify.

Basically, you can choose the type of sex toy that they send.

Which means you don’t even have to disclose whether you are gay, trans or straight or even whether you are in a relationship. All you have to do is pick the style of the main type of pleasure product from a choice of:

  • Vibrator
  • Anal
  • G-Spot
  • Stroker
  • Dual Stimulation
  • No toy
Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - the big oh
Image via the Big Oh!

The rest is left to the team who choose the rest of your mystery items from a more universally appealing range of toys. This can include fantasy and kinkier items but you basically get between 5-9 treats to indulge in.

If you opt for no toy then your regular box will cost $89 per quarter but those which include toys range from $99-$119. Shipping is free within the U.S. with low-cost international delivery available.

Best Boutique Sex Toy Subscription Box

A lot of subscription services includes products only from well-known brands and whilst this is great, we wanted to give some kudos to those companies offering something more unique.

The Pleasure Parlor


Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - Boutique - The Pleasure Parlor
Image via The Pleasure Parlor.

Offering quarterly deliveries of their sex toy subscription boxes, The Pleasure Parlor is based in Denver, Colorado and was launched in 2017. The company started out as a home-party and travelling pop-up sex toy retailer and brings a very personal touch to their business.  They have since gone on to earn recognition in the adult industry with several XBiz award nominations.

All products included in their boxes have been tried and tested, and come highly recommended, by the owner, a sex toy industry veteran, Casey Murphy.

They offer up a selection of two different regular subscription boxes; one for solo play (male, female or genderqueer) and one for couples (male/female, male/male or female/female).

You can personalize the boxes you get a little more by indicating your experience level so you don’t get too much of a surprise! All you need to do is answer honesty whether you currently use sex toys and, if you do, whether this is “kinky ass shit” or just a few massage or vibrating items. You can also indicate whether you want to explore (as a couple):

  • Your First Sex Toy
  • Intermediate Items
  • Anal Sex (for him/her)
  • Light Bondage
  • Super Kinky Stuff
Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - Boutique - The Pleasure Parlor sex toy box
Images via The Pleasure Parlor.

The Pleasure Parlor also allows you to indicate whether you are allergic to anything like nickel, latex etc so they can ensure your box is body-safe for you.

Solo boxes are priced at $75 and include items for self-care such as bath and body lotions, stimulating creams and educational books as well as some form of sex toy (typically a vibrator).

Couples boxes are also priced at $75 and include items designed for mutual stimulation as well as sensory products like massage oils, erotic games and playful products.

The company chooses sex toys that are pretty unique and unusual and which are more ‘boutique’ than mainstream. Items are never repeated and are hand-selected based on your individual requirements.

Standard shipping is charged at around $8 within mainland U.S

You can also buy one-off gift boxes at The Pleasure Parlor with individual packages made up to suit your star sign. These Zodiac boxes are pretty popular and are priced at $60 each and are prepared with the help of a clairvoyant to ‘match your sensory journey with mind, body and spirit’!

Best Organic Sex Toy Subscription Box

Pleasure doesn’t have to feel guilty with our top choice of ethical subscription boxes where the focus is on sustainable and eco-friendly products.

Organic Loven Boxes


Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - organic - organic loven sustainable ethical sex toys
Image via Organic Loven.

For a more ecologically sounds choice of subscription you can opt for the Organic Loven range of boxes. Each delivery contains a selection of sex-positive personal items which include all-natural ingredients and are:

  • Sustainable.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Cruelty-free.
  • Body-safe.
  • Sex-positive.
  • Certified Organic.

All very ethical indeed but what kind of products do you get for your money?

There are three choices of box available:

  • Try Me Box – Packed with sample sized sachets of lubricants and oils, vegan condoms and a travel sized sex toy with instructional book, this monthly delivery is perfect for customers who want to try a few new things out. Priced at $49.50 per month (subscription only).
  • Tease Me Box – Customers get a full-sized sex toy valued at $50 plus a male sex toy and a selection of lubes, oils and condoms with a sexy book. Priced at $85.50 per quarter (subscription only).
  • Indulge Me Box – The ultimate sex organic sex toy parcel, the Indulge Me Box is a premium package with a $100 sex toy and plenty of lubes, oils, body products and condoms to keep you going plus that all important sexy book. Priced at $178.20 per quarter (subscription only).
Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - organic - organic loven
Images via Organic Loven.

Toys are typically vibrators of some shape or form with previous boxes having included a Fifty Shades of Grey bullet vibrator, the two-armed G-Vibe2 and a Slim Jim by Fun Factory.

Shipping costs are extra and vary depending on where you are in the U.S. or internationally.

Best Luxury Sex Toy Subscription Box

For those individuals and couples who are looking for the ultimate treats we bring you our choice of premium sex toy subscription boxes.

The Fantasy Box


Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - the fantasy box

Winner of our Best Sex Toy Subscription Box (Overall) this US company offers three tiers of subscription including an Essentials package (priced at $39) and a Classic package (priced at $59). However, it is their Platinum subscription box which caught our attention.

Priced at $159, each box is carefully curated to include only the best products that your money can buy with significant savings being made on RRP.

The Platinum Box includes 5-8 different products each month with a top-brand sex toy from companies like LELO, Jimmy Wayne or We-Vibe. Other items in a typical box might include lingerie, body creams, oils and lotions.

All boxes also include Signature Role Cards.

These clever little additions ascribe you and your partner with a role to play for your date night and could be anything from Maid to Sexy Teacher, Artist to Sports Fan. It’s a playful little idea which should help give you a staring point for playing with your new toys.

Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes -fantasy box luxury sex toys
Image via The Fantasy Box.

Each box has its own theme and there are more than 100 different boxes in their collection so you are guaranteed a different kind of treat each month.

Don’t forget that your subscription comes with a fully-tailored Romance Concierge service so you can choose  the boxes you want (or don’t want).You can also include birthdays and anniversaries so your boxes are co-ordinated with your own special events.

We think that the luxury option with The Fantasy Box is one of the best on the market but we also like their Essentials and Classic selections too which come with a similar service.

Best Female-Friendly Sex Toy Subscription Boxes

Our next category celebrates those boxes which are female only or that cater more towards women’s pleasure.

Heart + Honey


Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - heart and honey
Image via Heart + Honey.

Designed principally with women in mind, this company focuses on sexual wellness as well as pleasure.

So, their female customers can choose from one of two solo boxes:

  • Bumble Bee – $55.00 per month, includes one quality sex toy plus 2-4 sexual wellness items
  • Queen Bee – $69.99 per month, includes one luxury sex toy plus 3-5 lifestyle products

Or you can select a couples’ subscription box ($129.00 per month) which can be female/female or female/male. These packages include a toy which can be used for mutual benefit plus something to titivate each of your senses including smell, taste, touch and sight.

Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - heart and honey sexual wellness
Image via Heart + Honey.

Each box is put together around a monthly theme to promote passion and vitality and (with the couples’ box) to encourage intimacy.

Previous monthly themes have included:

  • Wild at Heart
  • The Geisha Box
  • Old Hollywood
  • Bohème Box
  • The Elizabethan Box

For goddesses looking to enjoy their own sexuality or share this with their partner in new and exciting ways, Heart + Honey is a great choice.

Alternative Choice: Female-Friendly Subscription Box

For a different approach to sexual self-care for women we’d recommend taking a look at the Love Drop collection.

Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - love drop

As well as offering a couples date night package with optional lingerie add-on, their solo box ships every two months at a cost of $39.99.

Each box contains a designer sex toy and up to 3 self-care products selected to help stimulate sexual awareness.

Love Drop also includes some useful literature with every box which are feature top tips and are pretty educational.

Best Couples Sex Toy Subscription Box

As the saying goes, couples who play together, stay together and these companies offer some of the best couples only subscription boxes.

Spicy Subscriptions


Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - spicy subscriptions
Image via Spicy Subscriptions.

Offering couples a way to incorporate a monthly date night into their schedules, Spicy Subscriptions sends out boxes which contain toys, massage candles, oils and romantic treats.

Also a really good value box, they currently have an introductory offer which makes your first date night box just $14.95 with subsequent deliveries being charged at $34.95 per month.

They are a popular company in the United States for couples looking to add some variety into their sex lives and they have a great reputation.

More than four in five of their satisfied customers claim that a subscription has drastically improved their sex lives and relationships. Not only that but a higher number also feel that their partners are less likely to cheat on them since they started getting their monthly boxes!

Whether you believe that a simple delivery can improve your relationship and boost your sex live is down to you. But, with each box containing 1-2 sex toys, up to 3 accessories and a couple of oils and/or lubricants, you’ll have no excuses not to try!

Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - spicy subscriptions value box
Image via Spicy Subscriptions.

Big spenders can splash the cash to upgrade their subscription to the Deluxe offering which costs $100 every quarter and contains up to $250 worth of luxury personal goods.

Alternative Choice: Couples Subscription Box

EXPLOR is a couples friendly sex toy subscription service which sends quarterly boxes at a price of $75.

Each box contains up to $150 worth of premium personal products which include 1-2 sex toys and a handful of bedroom basics and accessories.

Past themes for their boxes include:

  • Hello Hanky Panky
  • A Little Bit Kinky
  • Let’s Talk About Oral, Baby
  • So Fresh & So Clean
Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - explor
Image via EXPLOR.

More boutique and designer than mainstream equivalents EXPLOR is pretty active on social media canvassing the opinions of its followers over the content of forthcoming boxes.

Shipping is charged at $8 per box and is currently only available within continental U.S.

Best European Sex Toy Subscription Boxes

Whilst most of the companies we’ve already listed offer worldwide shipping we never want to forget our European friends….

Oh Venus


Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - Europe - Oh Venus sex toy boxes
Image via Oh Venus.

A UK-based company that ships worldwide, Oh Venus boxes are perfect for sex goddesses whether they are single or want to play with a partner.

Offering female-friendly boxes which include a sex toy and pampering goodies, there are three subscriptions to choose from, each being delivered every two months and priced as follows:

  • Starter Box, £25 (approx. $35) with 3-5 items
  • Advanced Box, £45 (approx. $62) with 6-8 items
  • Deluxe Box, £70 (approx. $96) with 8-11 items

Also available to buy as one gift boxes (slightly more expensive), each box contains a main attraction of a full-sized, exclusive and limited-edition sex toy, some mood-setting enhancers from British brands and some original artwork to help stoke your fires.

Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - Europe - Oh Venus
Image via Oh Venus.

An example of typical contents based on the current website selection may include:

  • Starter Box – Multi-functional vibe, hot chocolate, slipper socks, facemask and enamel pin
  • Advanced Box – Suction vibe, body butter, toy bag, hot chocolate, facemask and enamel pin
  • Deluxe Box – All of the above.

The nice thing about this box is that you get some unusual items from small boutiques which differs from those you can find in the mainstream stores.

Oh Venus rates very highly with Trustpilot and offers discreet worldwide shipping for all its boxes. UK Delivery is charged at around £3-5 ($4-7) with international shipping costing £15-£25 ($20-$35).

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

Alternative Choice: European Subscription Box

Another British company, Teaser Box offers some good value regular adult packages with prices starting at £25 (or $35) with FREE delivery; but, they only ship within the UK.

Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - teaser box
Image via Teaser Box.

A great choice for our British readers, these value boxes are tailored to suit your relationship status and come in one of five configurations:

  • Male Solo
  • Female Solo
  • Male/Female
  • Male/Male
  • Female/Female

One of their selling points is that the items in the box are a complete mystery but can include novelty items like penis-shaped candles, body lotions and oils as well as a budget sex toy.

Definitely another good pick if you are based in the UK and want value for money.

Best Lingerie Subscription Box

And finally, we have something a little bit different.

With all those sex toys you’ll be enjoying we thought you might like to consider a little dressing up to go with it……

Empress Mimi


Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - lingerie - empress mini london
Image via Empress Mimi.

Empress Mimi is a luxury lingerie brand based in London, UK. Headed up by an all-female design team, their products aren’t supposed  to be structurally supportive or made for daily wear. Instead, these are sexy and whimsical items of feminine lingerie.

From edible undies and novelty accessories to delicate and sexy negligees and full sets what you get here is clothing inspired for sultry seduction and playful naughtiness. And the best part? None of their products includes any metal wires!

There are two boxes currently available for subscription:

  • The Queen – Priced at $49.95 per month, customers get a matching set of luxury lingerie, a limited edition and exclusive piece of artwork, tips on how to wear it plus a ‘love letter’ to celebrate your inner goddess.
  • The Empress – Priced at $250 but currently on sale for $99.95 you get a matching set plus themed accessories like jewellery, whips, kimono or loungewear.
Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes - lingerie - empress mini
Image via Empress Mimi.

Obviously designed for women but a treat for your partner too, whether male or female, Empress Mini boxes are the ultimate in spoiling yourself.

You can choose your sizes when setting up your subscription and there are discounts available if you prepay for three months or more up front.

Empress Mini ships worldwide with free standard delivery or tracked shipping from $5.

Alternative Choice: Lingerie Subscription Box

Lilith’s Desires is a small lingerie store run through Etsy which specializes in boutique bedroom wear that is a little more edgy.

Best Sex Toy Subscription Boxes -liliths desires

From traditional (but saucy) silk chemise, baby doll and thong sets trimmed in lace to kinkier harness fashion, chokers and garters they offer regular subscription boxes for Goddesses and Lucifers as well as one-off date night parcels.

With a range of sizes from XS to XL Lilith’s Desires does cater nicely for larger ladies with monthly subscription prices starting at around $50.

Based in Florida they can ship worldwide but additional charges may apply.

Featured image via Seductive Pleasure Box.


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