The Best Sex Tech Companies to Watch in 2022

Fancy something exciting to look forward to this year?

Whilst 2021 may go down in history for all the wrong reasons (less said), it has also been a productive one for many industries including Sex Tech.

Perhaps all this extra time on our hands and homeworking has been useful for those creative geniuses but whatever the reasons, 2022 looks to be a bumper year for new adult products coming to market.

From smart sex toys and next-gen AI love dolls to sexual wellness products and adult apps the future suddenly starts to look a little brighter whatever this new year brings.

In this feature we take a little tour of the companies and individuals who are moving and shaking the adult industry as we bring you the best sex tech companies to watch in 2022.

What is Sex Tech?

The definition of sex tech is pretty broad and covers a huge range of products and applications. As long as the point of any device or software improves and enhances your sexual experience then it can be called sex tech.

In recent years, this definition covers such diverse products, services and tools such as:

  • Smart Toys
  • Sex Dolls (and more recently… AI powered sex robots)
  • VR/AR Software, Apps and Media
  • 5D Adult Cinemas
  • VR Porn Theme Parks & Love Hotels
  • Sexual Health Apps
  • Fetish Toys
  • Adult Games

The Sex Tech Industry: Booming in Lockdown

The sex tech industry is estimated to be reaching a turnover of around $30 billion worldwide with plenty of potential for growth. Including sexual wellness products, this market is anticipated to reach $123 billion within five years!

2020 was already looking to be a bumper year but with so many of us staying at home, the market for adult products, apps and services has reached a boiling point!

With social distancing and self isolation being a challenge to hooking up, lockdown has been the ideal setting for an increase in fap time and plenty of popular adult sites and services have seen surges in customer numbers.

In March 2020, Pornhub saw traffic surge by almost 15% whilst one of the sextech startsups we promoted last year, Emjoy enjoyed a 45% spike in downloads for their erotic audio guides. Another company we spotted for growth in 2020, Ferly, saw a similar increase in customer usage with few businesses in this sector seeing anything but growth.

Online adult sex store Love Honey has also been reporting an increase in interest for their products revealing that 54% of their customers have become more adventurous in the bedroom during this past year.

From online retailers delivering the latest innovations to apps to flirt with strangers, the sex tech industry has been booming.

And with 2022 already shaping up to bring us more of the same, this year looks set to deliver plenty more new and exciting sex tech products and tools.

Best Sex Tech Companies In 2022

So, what new products can we expect to hit the market this year and which companies are worth keeping an eye on?


“It seems to be the most comprehensive and versatile digital partner conceived to date.”

Forbes Magazine
Best Sex Tech Companies 2021 Hybri

We recently featured Hybri in our Make Your Own Virtual Girlfriend review and this AR/VR app for your smartphone remains an exciting prospect for 2022.

The software will allow users to create their own digital partner using a mixture of augmented and virtual reality. Combined with AI, the result is an impressive and pretty realistic experience.

Potential uses for the app include bringing a loved one back from the dead, creating a friend or companion for the lonely as well as using it to enjoy some more XXX fun. Hyrbi already has 52 erotic animations programmed in and there is plenty of mileage to see how this kind of tech can be used to enhance your home-fapping.

The technology used for such a development isn’t new and the power of augmented and virtual reality is already available to us in our hands with smartphones. What is new is how the development team at Hybri is harnessing this power.

Judging from the marketing already being circulated, Hybri is going to prove very popular indeed and the projected price tag of just $49 should mean we all get a chance to try our hand at creating our own digital humans to interact with.

Though the app is already well developed, the team are hoping to complete the funding for their project and achieve a full launch in 2022.

Definitely one to look forward this year.

Raspberry Dream Labs

Best Sex Tech Start Ups 2021 raspberry dream land

Due to launch in 2022, the Raspberry Dream Land platform promises to be an exciting XR (Extended Reality) alternative adult metaverse.

The team was responsible for the sex-positive camp at the 2020 virtual Burning Man festival and this latest innovation promises to offer more of the same.

The ‘social event platform’ will host sexually suggestive arts and entertainment and allow attendees the chance to explore a multi-sensory online world.

An uncensored playground for radical self-expressionists, you can sign up online for more details as the project takes off.


Best Sex Tech Start Ups 2021 sexualisique
Image via website.

Launching a gender-free collection of sex toys, this London (UK) based designed has created a range of innovative playmates.

The USP?

Instead of being based around the phallus, these toys are colorful and bold with plenty of texture which make them look far more alien-like than anything remotely like a human. In short, these are a collection of gender-neutral toys for men, women or non-binary people.

Products look set to be available in Spring 2022 with Sexualisique already offering a decent selection including:

  • The Tentacle – Organically curved with a flared base, the inspiration for this highly textured dildo is pretty obvious.
  • How Deep Is Your Love – A long flowing 50cm silicone dragon’s tail offers plenty of creative uses.
  • Mate Like a Tree – Featuring soft silicone ‘thorns’ this kinky plug won’t appeal to many but should certainly be ‘stimulating’.
  • Dragon Ball Deep – A curvy and textured ‘wand’ to tickle you in all the right places, this is another fantasy themed dong which should please kinksters.
  • Red Light District – With a strong suction base and plenty of texture, this should give solo riders a lot to stop and think about.
  • Mother Fucker – A 27.5cm dong, there are few people who could complain about this monster.
  • All Arms In – A hefty silicone ‘arm’ for fisting fans there is plenty of girth here to fulfil only the bravest riders.

Just like the San Francisco based company we featured here in 2019 (Cute Little Fuckers), this weird and wonderful collection is being made possible with crowdfunding (Kickstarter). We’ll be watching this little startup with interest.


Best Sex Tech Start Ups 2021 eddie by giddy
Image via website.

A product for sexual health and wellness, the Eddie ring by Giddy has been designed to help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction to be able to enjoy a more active sex life.

Unlike traditional cock rings, the unique, patented design constricts only those areas needed to maintain an erection which makes it far more satisfying and comfortable to use. Not only that but the device is more anatomically accurate; most rings manufactured to go over your dick are circular but (as we all know) cocks are not!

It’s so simple but a few little tweaks to an already great device offers something pretty innovative to the market and we think the Eddie ring will prove pretty popular with men who have ED.


Best Sex Tech Start Ups 2021 arcwave
Image via website.

Launching the world’s first air PleasureAir male stroker, the Arcwave Ion uses pulsating airwaves to deliver stimulation. The result is (apparently) a uniquely sensitive experience which promises to give men orgasms as satisfying as a womans!

The technology focuses on a very specific area of the cock where the foreskin meets the shaft (the frenulum) which is packed full of sensitive pleasure receptors similar to those packed into the female clitoris.

It has plenty of cool features including a handsfree ON/OFF function which means the device only starts operating when in contact with skin.

The Ion also comes with its own charging stand which helps speed up the drying time after clean-up so its ready to use faster.

Though a new startup company itself, Arcwave are now part of the well established WOW Tech Group in Berlin.


Best Sex Tech Start Ups 2021 xelfex
Image via website.

Still to launch but teasing us all with plenty of build up is this interesting next-gen development in condom technology.

The Xelfex is a neat little condom which makes masturbation a clean and easy affair.

The idea is that you slip on this loose fitting latex sleeve which is textured inside and have a ‘tommy tank‘ into the condom itself. The result is a stroker which gives some great sensations but without leaving you with a mess to clean up after you’ve cum.

The unique sleeve is fitted with a ‘wipe clean napkin’ embedded in its entrance so that it wipes your dick clean when you remove it.

The manufacturers recommend its use for customers who like to jerk off whilst watching VR so you can fully enjoy the experience without having to catch your load. They might also be useful to build up a tolerance for using condoms during sex.

Such a simple idea, we’ll be watching with interest to see what price point these masturbation condoms have.

Cellmate Chastity

Best Sex Tech Start Ups 2021 cellmate chastity

Another product to we had a little look at for 2020, the Cellmate Chastity cage and app was launched in the Fall of 2020 and looks to be an interesting sex tech startup to follow into the new year.

The product itself is a waterproof digital male chastity lock which can be locked and unlocked remotely using an app over your smartphone. Chastity has not been hard to achieve over the last year nor is this a ground-breaking idea but the combination of remote, worldwide control with features like geolocation reporting should make this a popular toy with the Dom community.

Designed for comfortable long time use and available in two sizes (Regular and Long), Cellmate Chastity is another innovation which shows sex tech startups thinking outside the cage.

Aquafit Gel Stick

Another sexual wellness development but this one for the ladies, this Israeli startup has produced an intimate gel stick which can help women elimate vaginal discomfort during sex.

It is estimated that sex can be painful for 2 in 5 women and this pH balanced insertable is supposed to help restore, relax and hydrate the vagina.

iPlaySafe App

Best Sex Tech Start Ups 2021 iplaysafe
Image via website.

Casual dating and hook up apps are a great tool for modern life and allow us all to play the field but using services like Tinder, Grindr and Bumble for your no-strings attached fun does carry risks.

Which is where the iPlaySafe app comes to our rescue.

Promoting safe sex and a responsible approach to casual hookups, this simple app is designed for use with a home STI testing kit and enables users to receive and share their sexual health status.

So, if you take a home test and the app gives you the all clear then you get a Green Badge which indicates to any potential partners that you are free from disease and infection.

Another innovation which is so simple but could be a game changer, their tests are medical grade and compliant with ISO and IEC standards.


Best Sex Tech Start Ups 2021 pulse
Image via website.

If you’ve ever used lube then you’ll know instantly the unwanted shock value applying this ‘mid-flow’ can have if you don’t warm it up first.

Though you have been able to buy self-heating lubricants for a while now, Pulse thought it would be a good idea to create a handy bedside dispenser which pre-heats the lube for you.

Launched in 2020, the device is sleek and discreet, looking more like a futuristic scanner/bedside lamp/phone than a sexual wellness aid. And the best part of the product is that you don’t need to fumble around the bedside drawer to find your lube or struggle with caps or foil packets. Instead, a sensor on the device simply squirts some lotion into your hand using a sensor.

The company also supplies its own range of massage oils and personal lubricants.

Hanx Vegan Condoms

Best Sex Tech Start Ups 2021 hanx
Image via website.

We were as surprised as you to find out that condoms aren’t already all vegan but it turns out hat many manufacturers use an animal protein (casein) within the latex itself!

So, for 2022, the ethical condom startup company Hanx hopes to boost its sales among the ethical and sustainability markets.

The company sells a range of sexual wellness and intimate products including condoms, lubricants and treatments for cystitis, thrush and bacterial vaginosis.


Best Sex Tech Start Ups 2021 lori dicarlo
Image via website.

Not a new startup, LoriDiCarlo won the CES Innovation Award in 2019 for their Ose massager. Controversially the award was rescinded because it was ‘immoral, obscene and indecent’ yet was restored to them following an outrage at the suggestion sextech was any less acceptable than other health and wellness developments.

For 2021, the company has once again been at the forefront of innovations in this area and they returned to the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year to showcase their latest products.

Their new range of three anatomically contoured sex toys are distinct in design and look pretty good but it is how they feel which has shown some creative intelligence for 2021. Featuring patented WarmSense technology, these toys heat to around 40 deg C (just above body temperature).

The result, of course, is a more natural and sensual experience which feels more like the touch of a real partner than with anything you’ve felt before.

The Drift (bullet vibrator), Sway (massager) and Tilt (plug) are all available to buy from the LoriDiCarlo website from $120 to $200.


Best Sex Tech Start Ups 2021 satisfyer
Image via website.

Another company who aren’t new to the sextech world (or CES) but certainly someone who has brought innovation to the market for 2022, Satisfyer continues to delight loyal fans with its new products.

New this year is the Love Triangle clitoral stimulator, a Bluetooth enabled toy which sort of looks like a novelty hilighter pen! The accompanying app is available in 20 languages including Klingon (!) and uses the company’s patented Air-Pulse technology to provide deep vibrations.

The resulting sensations are more wave-like than those produced by a standard motor, are quieter and more intense as well as being more responsive to changes in intensity.

It’s a pretty handy little sex toy that is waterproof and comes with a magnetic USB charging cable.

So, whilst Satisfyer aint new, the Love Triangle certainly is and shows, once again, that great design doesn’t have to be revolutionary but clever.

Re-Fream Lovewear

Best Sex Tech Start Ups 2021 refream

Technology can be harnessed in many ways to assist and enhance the lives of people living with disabilities and sexual wellness and health is no different.

The team over at Re-Fream has been busy in 2020 launching a project called Lovewear, a wearable range of sexy underwear that is synced with a console pillow. Users with limited mobility can create the sensation of touch around their genitals.

It’s an ongoing collaboration to create ways for disabled people to masturbate more easily and is a welcome exploration of an area which needs more attention.

Which neatly brings us on to our final sex tech startup to watch in 2022…


Best Sex Tech Start Ups 2021 handi
Image via website.

Not to be confused with the handjob simulation toy Handy, this sextech innovation is another device designed with disabled people in mind.

Sex toys can be notoriously fiddly to handle and if you have limited mobility and dexterity then they can be next to impossible to operate.

This new company aims to change all that and is focusing on bringing out a line of toys for disabled customers.

Their first design is a joystick operated sex toy which can be manipulated by the head or mouth making it a very flexible option for anyone with limited use of their hands.

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