The Best Sex Tech Startups to Watch in 2020

Want to know which new sextech companies to look out for this year?

The last decade has seen some huge advances in sex technology from toys that bring pleasure via AI to apps that monitor our sexual health and much more in between. The adult industry has always been at the forefront of new technologies and has helped develop advances in VR, AI and wireless sex toys. 2020 will continue this trend with a whole range of new startups bringing advanced toys, apps, products and sexual health services to market.

In this feature, we take a closer look at those sex tech startups whose stars are set to align in 2020 with new products, services and websites/apps.

What is SexTech?

The term ‘sextech’ was first coined in 2010 and refers to any form of technology that is designed to improve, enhance and innovate the human sexual experience. There are many forms this can take, including:

  • Pornography
  • Sexual Health
  • New Ways to Have Sex
  • New Ways to Meet Partners

The drivers also vary and include sexual enlightenment, building stronger relationships and enhancing sexual pleasure (better sex) as well as developing female friendly forms of sex technology and combating the scourge of modern life…loneliness.

As a result, sextech can be applied to anything from an app for hook-ups to a gender-inclusive dildo, educational websites to innovative ways to watch porn.

It’s an already massive, and growing, sector that is estimated to be worth around $30 billion worldwide with some predicting this to reach $122.96 billion by 2026.

However, there is still much stigmatization with investors being wary of getting involve in sextech. This is largely due to morality clauses being embedded in the culture of large financial institutes. This kind of barrier is why the more flexible method of crowdfunding is becoming a popular alternative for startups to get their products and services off the ground.

2020 can expect to see more projects being financed in this way as well as a growth in female-focused products

Top SexTech StartUps To Watch in 2020

The adult industry has long been at the forefront of creating, developing and adopting new technologies so it’s no surprise to find that the market in 2020 has some interesting new startups all poised to launch or follow up with some great new sex products and services.

Lora DiCarlo

best sex tech startups 2020 lora dicarlo
The robotic solution to the perfect ‘blended’ orgasm. Image via website.

Creator of the Ose vibrator, Lora DiCarlo is a UK based company launched in 2017 by the CEO and founder, Lora Haddock.

It is the company behind the controversial sex toy which caused a major stir at the CES Tech Award in 2019 when the Ose was deemed too ‘immoral, obscene, indecent or profane’ by the show’s sponsors. In a bizarre turn of events, the ‘personal massager’ which had been entered into the Health & Wellness Category and was awarded an Innovation Award at the 2019 trade show had its prize revoked!

This was probably the highlight of the company’s marketing campaign to date and created a huge amount of media coverage. In turn, the Ose vibrator became one of the most eagerly anticipated sex toys of the year and orders were finally being fulfilled at the end of 2019. With such a huge success behind them the company has plans to build no their initial product and will be looking at new designs in 2020 for a follow-up.

The Ose will be difficult to beat and this elegant sex toy features some highly innovative designs for clitoral stimulation and insertion. It has a custom controlled G-spot manipulator that mimics the ‘come hither’ approach used when inserting a finger vaginally. The Ose is a fully-flexible, sleek and comfortable design that is waterproof and rechargeable.

If Lora DiCarlo can create a similar stir around any new designs and product launches then they will definitely be a company to watch closely this year.

Certainly their launch of two new products at the CES 2020 will be interesting and their designs include the Baci and the Onda. The former is designed to simulate the sensation of human lips and a tongue, similar to cunnilingus whilst the latter is a development of a dildo.

Morari Medical

best sex tech startups 2020 morari medical
Image via Morari Medical.

An early stage medical device company that is developing wearable technology to help men who suffer from premature ejaculation, Morari Medical will be showcasing its product at the CES 2020.

Their design is a transdermal (worn at the base of the penis) device which uses neuromodulation to inhibit the nerves in order to delay and extend ejaculation.

The device is far from being marketed at the moment and has only just entered the testing phase with partners Diego Sexual Medicine. However, 2020 should see some further developments for the company and we expect to see more news on a launch by the end of the year.

Come Play

best sex tech startups 2020 come play
Come Play is at the manufacturing and packaging design stage. Image via IFundWomen.

With its first product being partially financed through the crowdfunding platform iFundWomen, Come Play will be ready to launch its hands free couples vibrator, Petl, at some point in 2020.

The device is designed to plug the orgasm gap by providing the clitoris with focused vibration during intercourse. It sounds a lot like an adaptation of vibrating cock rings but Petl incorporates patented technology to clip around the pelvic bone and press into the G-spot whilst securely stimulating the clit.

The design has been two years in the making and the company has partnered with Doc Johnson to bring the product to market with an expected launch due in Spring 2020.


best sex tech startups 2020 yo sperm kit
Image via website.

Though not a new startup in 2020, YO actually launched their home sperm test kits in 2016 getting full FDA clearance. What is new is the development of a series of apps so that you can track your results on your smartphone or via your laptop. The analysis easy to understand with simple instructions and are 97% accurate.

Disturbingly, you will even be able to watch a video of your swimmers so you can see their motility for yourself. Maybe not one to get the in-laws round to watch!


best sex tech startups 2020 mysteryvibe
Image via website.

A UK based manufacturer, MysteryVibe made some serious headlines in 2018 when it launched its flagship products and beat the Apple Watch at the 2018 Design Week Awards.

The first product called Crescendo was launched as the worlds first vibrator to adapt to your body and is a flexible, soft and bendy sex toy that has now won multiple awards.

Their other award-winning sextech device is the Tenuto, a wearable vibrator for men which reportedly makes erections harder, stronger and longer by increasing bloodflow.

The two have received excellent reviews from satisfied customers most of whom report heightened pleasure as a result of using these products.

Whatsmore, both toys come with an app which can sync and control the vibration, speeds and intensity of both the Crescendo and Tenuto to suit your needs.

New products since their launch include the Poco, a bendable bullet vibrator plus a range of accessories. Expect to see some more advances in AI technology from MysteryVibe in 2020 as they seek to extend their catalog of designs.


best sex tech startups 2020 lioness
Image via website.

Another female-led company which has surged to prominence in the sextech industry over the last few years, Lioness is behind the revolutionary new technology in their rabbit-style vibrator.

It uses a combination of force sensors, gyroscopes and an accelerometer plus temperature sensors to track orgasms. The resultant data can be used to analyse your masturbation sessions and provide tips to help you achieve better sexual wellbeing.

2020 will see the next generation of Lioness launched and this new company is well worth following for new developments.


A sex education portal offering online courses to assist open-minded couples improve their sex lives, Beducated was launched in 2016 in Munich and has been honing its offerings for 2020.

The company promises to “Bring more *wow* between the sheets” and offer a selection of training courses to help deliver on this. The best-selling products at the current time are:

  • Yoni Egg
  • Female Orgasm
  • Tantric Massage
  • Lingam Massage
  • Yoni Yoga
  • Ejaculation Mastery

Prices range from around $99.

2020 should see the company further develop their online brand and it would be no surprise to see them launch some new courses.


best sex tech startups 2020 einhorn condoms
Image via website.

Launched in 2015, Einhorn is a result of designers Waldemar Zeiler and  Philip Siefer wanting to produce a ethical and sustainable condom. Yes, in 2020 this will float many boats as they can hand on heart call these prophylactics truly vegan.

Surprisingly, many condoms are manufactured using an animal protein as part of their lubricants as well as often being tested on animals.

All their packaging (not the condoms) is made from recycled materials and the rubber extraction methods used to source the raw materials is via sustainable methods. The company also donate half their profits to social projects making them, perhaps, the most ethical condom producers in the world.


best sex tech startups 2020 feeld
Image via website.

Originally founded in 2014 but not fully launched until 2017, the threesome dating app Feeld really found its feet last year after several redesigns and upgrades helped cement its position in the hook up market.

The company is based in London but is being used internationally right across Europe, North America and Asia.

The app celebrates diversity and sex-positivity by bringing the ménage à trois, kinks and polysexuality, pansexuality and less binary individuals and couples into the mainstream.

The app is targeted at people who want to explore a relationship beyond monogamy and is open to all sexual identities and genders. 2020 should see further developments for the app and the company gain some more market share of the lucrative dating and hook up app industry. Tinder may well have peaked and people are looking for suitable alternatives that more aptly suit their non-conformist needs.


best sex tech startups 2020 crave
Image via website.

Launched in 2018 with a manifesto that women deserve mind-blowing solo sex, Crave has created a unique range of discreet sex toys including one that can be word as a necklace. The elegant vesper is a sleek and tiny stainless steel bullet vibrator that is designed for powerful pleasure.

Other products include the Duet personal vibe which features an unusual pincer (bevelled edges) that provides a ‘grip’ through which to feel the powerful vibrations.

They are an exciting and vibrant company that is already proving successful and should be able to follow up in 2020 with some more innovative designs.


best sex tech startups 2020 biosure
Image via website.

Another home sexual health testing kit, the UK based startup Biosure has developed the first HIV testing kit you can do yourself. The results are ready in 15-minutes and are more than 99.7% accurate. With many people worried about the stigmatization of visiting a health care clinic for sexually transmitted diseases, this offers a convenient, discreet and simple way to test yourself. Early diagnosis with HIV is important and Biosure’s kit means no waiting, no labs and no questions asked.

Whilst the kit is not available in all countries, the company do ship internationally to those where the test is legal.


best sex tech startups 2020 emjoy
Image via website.

Founded in 2018, Emjoy is an app that helps guide users to sexual happiness. Its mainly aimed at women but can also be instructional for couples and men too.

Audio sessions are provided by professional sex therapists covering everything from mindful sex, pleasure awareness, new techniques and general advice on good sexual wellbeing.

The app has been developed over the last year from beta versions to what is now a fully realised and popular sexual health guide.


best sex tech startups 2020 ferly
Image via website.

A similar product to Emjoy, Ferly is another app that offers an audio guide to mindful sex. Launched in 2018, the guides are being enjoyed by tens of thousands of women worldwide and offer a mix of sensual stories, guided practices and personalized programmes to enhance and improve your relationship with your body and, in particular, how to pleasure it.

Teaching  the art of sexual self-care, Ferly is a simple app that will continue to develop over 2020.

Featured image via Flickr.