The Best Sex Podcasts: A Complete Guide

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Want to know which podcasts to listen to if you fancy something more adult?

Podcasts have never been more popular than during 2019 and these handy downloadable audio files have enjoyed unprecedented growth as an alternative source of information and entertainment. According to the latest stats, there are more than 700,000 active podcasts offering more than 29 million episodes between them. Considering these figures were just 550,000 podcasts and 18.5 million episodes at the same time in 2018, this represents an enormous 27.3% increase! And they cover a huge range of topics from music and entertainment to celebrity tips, home styling and fashion/beauty. Of course, there is also a good selection of adults-only podcasts available too.

In this feature, we take a look at some of the best sex podcasts to listen to for 2019 covering a wide range of genres. From educative programs teaching you how to get the most pleasurable sex and podcasts discussing good sexual health to erotic fiction, real life stories from sex workers and other sexy programs, we’ve got something for everyone.

Why Listen to a Sex Podcast?

With the exception of the latest trends in ASMR and some audiobooks on fiction, the vast majority of porn is image-based; something to be watched rather than something to listen to.

However, written erotica and audio porn is becoming more and more popular as people look to discover new ways to enjoy adult content. Some of the reasons behind this may be to do with opting for ethical (or feminist) porn or could simply be a case of opening your mind to new formats. Thanks to podcasts, porn and all things sex-related can now be enjoyed on the go. In fact, this is the main selling point of why podcasts are catching on so quickly; they offer niche and bite-size audio programs designed to fit in to someone’s hectic schedule with very little effort.

Some podcasts are all about creating a sexy and steamy environment with bawdy fiction and illicit true stories. Others are more educational with the focus being on sexual health and how to achieve better sexual relationships. Yet more are simply targeting a broader audience with magazine-style shows aimed at being entertaining as well as informative.

listening to the best sex podcasts complete guide
Sex podcasts give you a bite sized dose of education and/or information. Image via Pixabay.

The beauty of the sex podcast is that unlike reading or watching a show about sex, listening to one can be done in complete privacy (as long as you have headphones).Usually around 25-30 minutes long, they are a perfect length to listen to on a commute or whilst you are waiting between appointments. Okay, so some of these (particularly those whose aim is to turn you on) might not be ideal for listening to in public, but most can be enjoyed wherever and whenever you like.

Best Sex Podcasts 2019

So, we know that podcasts are popular but which ones that feature adult content and conversations are being listened to most in 2019?

We’ve selected our favorite sex podcasts across a wide range of genres from those that are professional, informative and delivered by sex or relationship experts to those that are funny, bawdy or just plain erotic. Whatever your tastes, from BDSM and swinging to technology and travel, there’s a sex podcast here just for you.

Have we missed your sex podcast? Do you have a suggestion for our list? Why not drop us a line and let us know.

Please note that the total number of episodes per podcast listed below are correct as of September 2019.


Covering a more general look at sex sometimes in an informative and professional way but always entertaining, these podcasts all caught our attention for their great back catalog of episodes as well as their charismatic hosts and quality of information.

Sex Gets Real

best sex podcasts sex gets real
Image via Dawn Serra.
Launched in… January 2014
Hosted by… Dawn Serra, Therapeutic Sex and Relationship Coach
Tagline… ‘No fluff. No lies. Kinky, sexy, messy, fun, and 100% real’
No of Episodes… 278
Listen on… Spotify

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iHeart Radio


More Information Dawn Serra’s Website

Launched in 2014 by Dawn Serra a sex and relationship coach along with her friend Dylan Payne who were listening to a podcast whose advice both disturbed and amused them in equal measure. Deciding that they could approach the sometimes messy but always real subject of sex a lot better, the paid established Sex Gets Real.

Delivered with authenticity and a good dose of humor, the show covers a huge range of topics from cuckqueaning and crushing on a co-worker to dungeon etiquette and healing former relationship wounds.

Serra is not a licensed professional, medical or otherwise, but she does interview renowned experts from the field who help answer questions posed by the podcast’s loyal fan-base and curious newcomers.

Though Payne has now left the show for professional reasons, the podcast is still respected for helping set the records straight and dealing with sex in a positive, non-judgmental and kink-informed way.

Its an undeniably entertaining and funny show that may leave you cringing at times but always entertained and more educated for the experience.

Death, Sex and Money

best sex podcasts death sex and money
Image via WNYC Studios.
Launched in… May 2014
Hosted by… Anna Sale
Tagline… ‘Exploring the big questions and hard choices that are often left out of polite conversation.’
No of Episodes… 151
Listen on… Player FM

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More Information WNYC Studios

Multi-award winning political journalist Anna Sale has a career reputation for tackling some very tricky subjects and has made a real name for herself with this podcast. Taking on three of life’s biggest issues, Death, Sex and Money, the program isn’t exclusively focused on just sex. Instead Sale approaches a single issue per episode and often has celebrity or niche interviewees.

Past guests on the podcast have included Kevin Bacon, Alec Baldwin and Jeff Daniels as well as ordinary members of the public covering titles such as:

  • 50 Years Married to Man Named Sissy
  • Let’s Talk About Porn Again
  • How Do You Bring Up Your STI?
  • Help from an OKCupid Guru
  • Hot Dates: Open to Open Relationships

Whilst not all of the episodes will appeal to people looking for a good sex podcast, those that are in this category can be pretty eye-opening and are approached with a good deal of intelligence and insight.

The podcast won a 2018 Webby Award for the Best Interview/Talk Show as well as being nominated for Best Individual Episode and Best Series.

Sex and Other Human Activities

best sex podcasts sex and other human activities
Image via The Last Podcast Network.
Launched in… May 2015
Hosted by… Marcus Parks and Jackie Zebrowski
Tagline… ‘Exploring the worlds of screwin’ and bad brain business’
No of Episodes… 183
Listen on… Stitcher

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More Information (On Hiatus)

Though the podcast has been on a break since February 2018 with no news on a reprisal, the archives of 180+ episodes are well worth subscribing to on your favorite streaming service.

Discussing a sexual activity each week alongside something more commonplace there is a philosophical edge to this podcast which elevates it from simply being entertaining to something more cerebral….all cleverly delivered with great wit and energy by the show’s hosts, Marcus Parks and Jackie Zebrowski.

Each episode is around 30 minutes length and features guests who talk openly about their issues including a woman who is considering going into escort work, one whose fiancé has a non-existent sex drive and how to deal with a sexual experimentation that goes horribly wrong. All of this interspersed with more typical human problems like dealing a fuck-up of a brother, reconnecting with friends who have cut you off for the right reasons and how to survive a heat wave.

It’s a great show that has been off air for too long and thoroughly deserves a place on our list.

Fucks Given

best sex podcasts fucks given
Image via Instagram.
Launched in… November 2018
Hosted by… Florence Barkway and Reed Amber
Tagline… ‘Celebrating all the f**ks you gave because they’re the ones that made you who you are.’
No of Episodes… 43
Listen on… aCast


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Apple Podcasts

More Information Come Curious

Popular YouTubers Come Curious (Florence Barkway and Reed Amber) use their podcast to celebrate the gross, the gory, the fun and pleasure of sex whilst debunking those scary myths around this wholly human activity.

In a series of frank and open conversations the pair welcome a new guest each week to talk about everything from their milestone fucks (the best, the last, the first and the one they still think about the most….for whatever reason) to positions, fetishes, STIs and sexual health to the culture of sex in general.

The range of guests is pretty comprehensive and usually covers experts in the fields of sexology, dating and relationships as well as professionals like dominas and porn stars like Jasmin James.

Full of fun and delivered in a candid style with uncensored lively discussions on ‘taboo’ subjects Fucks Given is a progressive British podcast that may make you reconsider what you thought you knew about the reserved English.

Sex Talk with My Mom

best sex podcasts sex talk with my mom
Image via Sex Talk With My Mom.
Launched in… 2015
Hosted by… Cam and KarenLee Poter
Tagline… ‘Mom and Son have “the talk” every Monday and Thursday to make you laugh and open the convo around sex.’
No of Episodes… 237
Listen on… Spotify

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More Information Sex Talk With My Mom

With over a million downloads, Sex Talk With My Mom is one of the most popular sex podcasts on our list. It’s exactly what you think it is from the title; co-host Cam Poter openly discusses some of the frankest of topics with his mom, KarenLee.

Sounds cringeworthy? Well, it probably should be but stand-up comedian, Cam, and his sexually liberated Cougar mom make it pretty comfortable to listen to despite the obvious ‘taboo’ dynamics.

They have a great chemistry on the broadcasts and the tone is honest and kind but with great humor and authenticity. And that’s what makes it compulsive listening, the honesty of their discussions.

Recent episodes have included topics such as:

  • Mom Airdrops Me a Dick Pic
  • Sex With Co-Workers – Yay Or Nay?
  • Mom Cockblocks Cam In The Hot Tub
  • Yoga Boners & KarenLee’s Worst Date

Whilst Cam is relishing the drive the popularity of this podcast is giving his career (they perform live together across the US and have been interviewed for the Today Show and Tosh.O) his mom doesn’t take any of his bullshit. In fact, it’s really mom who steals the show on this podcast and builds on her own career as a successful YouTuber. Yes, prior to the launch of the podcast in 2015, KarenLee was vlogging her experiences as a mature mother going back to the world of dating after tragedy violently took the life of her husband (and Cam’s father) in 2006.

There is no question that grief and deep affection has bonded these two hosts and it is a genuinely enjoyable hour that you spend in their company, even if it is listening to them banter about X-rated topics. A clear favorite for many, we have no problems recommending this brilliant sex podcast.

Future of Sex

best sex podcasts future of sex
Image via Future of Sex.
Launched in… October 2016
Hosted by… Bryony Cole
No of Episodes… 20
Listen on… Soundcloud

Google Podcasts

More Information Official Website

With over quarter of a million downloads, this podcast uses the lens of technology to discover the latest sex trends.

Bryony Cole is an Australian sex and relationships coach with a bit of a geeky side for tech and in her podcast she interviews scientists, technologists and researchers to reveal just how our sex lives are affected by technology.

From teledildonics to sex robots, free internet porn to virtual reality adult games, Cole leaves no stone unturned and shares her visions of the future of sex.

There are only twenty episodes to catch up on and the podcast isn’t regular (they stopped publishing new content in early-2018 but have posted two new episodes in the summer of 2019 so things might be getting back on track) but it is worth listening to.

Real Life Stories

All of these podcasts are based around true stories. Sometimes hilarious, other times so cringeworthy you may well want to crawl in a hole on behalf of the person whose life is being publicly shamed, all of the accounts given on these podcasts ae authentic real life stories.

Bawdy Storytelling

best sex podcasts bawdy storytelling
Image via Twitter.
Launched in… 2013
Hosted by… Dixie De La Tour
Tagline… ‘Storytelling is about building a connection. So is sex.’
No of Episodes… 92
Listen on… Apple Podcasts

Player FM


More Information Bawdy Storytelling

Running regular live storytelling events for the past twelve years across the U.S., the self-proclaimed sexual folklorist, Dixie De La Tour, entertains her audiences with true sex stories in this delicious podcast.

Harvested from ‘regular’ people, the tales told on her podcast are at once hilarious and touching with most people being able to relate to at least one aspect of each story.

And there’s a good range of topics covered from leather fetishes and cuckolding to BDSM and erotic lactation, nothing escapes the net.

Told in a poignant way and coaxed from people hailing from all walks of life (including celebrities), these stories are liberating and transformational. You will not regret listening to a single episode of this podcast.

CockTales: Dirty Discussions

best sex podcasts cock tales dirty discussions
Image via Twitter.
Launched in… January 2016
Hosted by… Kiki Said So and Medinah Monroe
Tagline… ‘Dirty Discussions’
No of Episodes… 143
Listen on… Google Podcasts

Player FM

Apple Podcasts


More Information CockTales

The two hosts of the CockTales: Dirty Discussions podcast are at totally different stages of their lives when it comes to sexual relationships. One is in a serious and monogamous long term one and the other is single.

Together they share uncensored real life accounts of their sex lives and romantic relationships. With up to date tales of the dating scene to navigating a relationship, CockTales offers up advice along with entertaining stories and delivered in an intimate way that makes you feel like ‘one of the girls’.

Based in Atlanta, both ladies are charismatic and incredibly frank with their style making it seem as though you are right there with them as they chew the fat over a few drinks.

There are usually some guests in to join the fun and topics cover ‘real’ sex in an explicit way that should resonate with any ladies listing to their podcast. Popular with their audiences, the hosts are currently taking this podcast on a live tour of the U.S.

Guys We F****d

best sex podcasts guys we fucked
Image via Luminary Podcasts.
Launched in… March 2014
Hosted by… Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson
Tagline… ‘Paving the way towards a healthier outlook on sex,’
No of Episodes… 300
Listen on… Luminary Podcasts
More Information Sorry About Last Night Comedy

A critically acclaimed podcast in which comedians Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson interview men that they’ve had sex with or simply bounce off each other as they talk candidly about kinks, relationships and sexual health.

They are boisterous duo and the energy of this podcast is not for the faint-hearted. At times poignant but mostly just incredibly edgy and laugh-out-loud funny, it may divide some listeners; yeah, you’re either gone love or hate their style…there is no in between.

Irrespective of whether you like this pair’s approach to real life sex stories and frank sex talk, there is a lot you can learn from these podcasts.

Previous episode titles include:

  • What’s more masculine than two guys f******?
  • You got circumcised at seven?
  • The doctor prescribed jerking off?
  • You couldn’t find the right hole?
  • You took your own virginity?
  • Am I being brainwashed by porn?

Sure, they have almost entirely run out of guys who they’ve slept with who are willing to talk online about their encounters with either of these two girls but the archive is full of some astonishingly funny interviews with these brave fellas. Most recently they have been topping up their schedule with special guests and live shows.

The Manwhore Podcast

best sex podcasts the manwhore project
Image via Facebook.
Launched in… April 2014
Hosted by… Billy Procida
Tagline… ‘A sex positive quest for love.’
No of Episodes… 283
Listen on… Player FM



More Information The Manwhore Podcast Website

As an antidote to the boisterous girls on the previous sex podcast this bro-style audio project has been created by self-proclaimed slut and stand-up comedian, Billy Procida.

Talking about past hook-ups and sexual encounters as well as mixing in some special guests to talk more generally about dating, sexuality and getting jiggy, Procida has made a show out of the post-mortem that some men go through after their relationships turn to shit.

Topics are chosen well and he remains a fresh voice on the sex podcasting scene covering everything from what it like to date as a transgendered person to how to earn a living as a porn copywriter.

He has built up a solid and loyal community of fans who listen to his shows and has also got himself plenty of work touring his shows and attending events as a celebrity speaker. He’s even got pretty political with some of his podcasts and interviewed Senator Jessica Ramos over the Summer of 2019 to discuss decriminalizing sex work.

Whilst his broadcasts can be high brow and cover some salient topics, it is his real life personal experiences which endear him to his audiences the most. If you want to get a real taste of exactly who this man is then check out some of his earlier episodes.


best sex podcasts risk
Image via Risk! Facebook.
Launched in… October 2009
Hosted by… Kevin Allison
Tagline… ‘a place where people tell true stories they never thought they’d dare to share in public!’
No of Episodes… 459
Listen on… Google Podcasts


Apple Podcasts


More Information Official Risk Website

Whilst not all of the stories told on this podcast are about sex, a surprising number of them are. These genuine tales of have been carefully selected to offer up the maximum mirth and expose someone’s most vulnerable secrets….willingly.

Hilarious but with a sense of camaraderie that recognize the bravery of the people who recount these stories, Risk! is addictive listening.

And these aren’t just sex revelations ‘lite’ either; some have a much deeper psychology to them which can provoke some interesting discussions.

Previous episodes have include the story of Mollena, a black woman who admits to having a fantasy about ‘race-play’ involving BDSM centered around a racial division. Whilst other tales follow a more expected turn of events such as the night of babysitting gone wrong, stories from a woman who worked in a piercing parlor and accounts of a professional Dominatrix.

The first-person narrative is a popular format and the team broadcasts some of the episodes live as well as taking the program on tour. Which is understandable given the fan base that the show has acquired over the last ten years – winner of the ECNY Award for Best Podcast their Facebook page has over 14,000 followers and their broadcasts have been downloaded tens of millions of times. Part of this is down to the skills of the host, comedian Kevin Allison; a confident and naturally funny man who makes the listener feel as though they are a buddy and complicit in his quest to reveal these hilarious truths.

Oh, and they’ve even managed to get their stories down into a neat book which is available to buy on their website.

Always edgy (it is called Risk! after all) but endlessly entertaining, this sex podcast is explicit and energetic. Buckle up; you’re in for a treat.

Erotic Fiction

By contrast to the former genre of sex podcast, all of these episodes are based on fictional accounts of sex and have a more literary offering.

The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotic Podcast

best sex podcasts kiss me quicks erotica podcast
Image via Kiss Me Quick’s Official Website.
Launched in… 2012
Hosted by… Rosie Caraway
Tagline… ‘A hands-free listening experience….well, at least one hand’
No of Episodes… 70
Listen on… Apple Podcasts


Player FM

More Information The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica Official Website

A self-proclaimed ‘sexy librarian’, Rose Caraway reads some of the filthiest fireside tales written (mostly) by contemporary authors.

From simply saucy to bawdy and lusty, the books she reads from cover a wide range of genres including erotic horror, suspense, mystery and good old-fashioned romance. The only thing they have in common is that they sound like porn for your ears when Caraway reads them out loud.

You don’t get a whole book on these episodes but you do get some of the juiciest bits of whichever novel they are promoting at the time.

What elevates this podcast from being a simple audio book service is the intimate production quality of these episodes. Produced with her husband, Dayv Caraway (‘Big Daddy’), Rose invites you to tag along to this chummy podcast. There is no doubt that she has a great voice for the task and the results are easy to listen to.


best sex podcasts fangasm
Image via Fangasm website.
Launched in… January 2017
Hosted by… Allie LeFevere, Lyndsay Rush and Danny Chapman
Tagline… ‘An erotic fanfiction podcast’
No of Episodes… 94
Listen on… Spotify

Player FM

Apple Podcasts

Google Podcasts


More Information Fangasm Website

Originally launched to cater for the hugely popular genre of Harry Potter erotic fiction and known as the Potterotica Podcast, Fangasm instantly found its mark with a massive audience of followers.

The result is a erotic fan fiction podcast that offers some pretty explicit and amazing erotic fiction. Yes, like Kiss Me Quick’s podcasts, this is far more than an audio book service and what you get here is a lively and fun show centered around diverse fan fiction. From TV and film shows to books and cartoons, they still favor mega-merch shows like Game of Thrones and Harry Potter.

Each episode features another chapter of whatever they are currently serializing and features some discussion and commentary. In some ways, it’s almost like a study group or book club except far more entertaining and erotic.

If you’re curious about what an explicit ending might look like to your favorite show the Fangasm  should definitely be on your listen list.

Knightly Pleasures

best sex podcasts knightly pleasures
Image via The Grey Knight.
Launched in… January 2016
Hosted by… The Grey Knight
Tagline… ‘Erotica for women’
No of Episodes… 183
Listen on… Player FM

Apple Podcasts



More Information Grey Knight Erotica

As well as producing ASMR, sleep-aid and relaxation recordings, the Grey Knight produces erotica for women that includes boyfriend experience, DD/lg and BDSM.

The host writes the content for his show and has a background in producing erotic fiction intended for the ladies which extends to a massive selection of books (some audio), all available for sale via Amazon. He also comes from a radio broadcasting career which is evident when you listen to him talk. True to say that the Grey Knight has found his calling with a podcast and he has a avid fan base (mostly of, but not all, women) who have created a community around him that are incredibly loyal; almost like a harem or a family at least.

The writings here are very good and well worth an audience in their own right but it is the broadcast format of the Grey Knight which makes his podcast quite addictive. He is a sensuous speaker and offers a candid and warm honesty to his readings that reveal much about the writing process as well as his inspiration.

A word of warning…you may find yourself drawn into his host/listener web and find yourself forming a bond with this knight errant.

Why Are People Into That?!

best sex podcasts why are people into that
Image via Tina Horn (Official Website).
Launched in… February 2014
Hosted by… Tina Horn
No of Episodes… 139
Listen on… Apple Podcasts

Google Podcasts


More Information Tina Horn

A great podcast centered on kinks and fetishes which aims to demystify rather than to amuse. Hosted by the non-judgmental and ‘theatrical’ Tina Horn, a queer-punk educator and writer, the show has been named the best sex podcast by several magazines/sites including GQ, Buzzfeed and IndieWire.

Topics over the last 130+ episodes include everything from the more vanilla fetishes such as role play, exhibitionism and prostate pleasure to some of the kinkier side of sex including the occult, sploshing and gaping. She’s even covered sex work, pornography and polyamory as well as sex toys, enemas and power exchange.

Delivered in educational and intelligent way, there is plenty of psychology and science helping listeners to understand these fetishes and not to further stigmatize them. Horn weaves a clever blend of historical background, popular culture and personal stories to illuminate often very misunderstood aspects of human sex lives.

Off The Cuffs

best sex podcasts off the cuffs
Image via Off The Cuffs official website.
Launched in… April 2016
Hosted by… Dick_Wound and minimus_maximus
Tagline… ‘A Kink and BDSM Podcast’
No of Episodes… 177
Listen on… Spotify

Google Podcasts


Apple Podcasts

More Information Off the Cuffs Official Website

Not to be confused with the Off The Cuff (no ‘s’) podcasts by the City of London police or the British Fols Forever and Mr Vans entertainment, popular culture and music show, Off The Cuffs is a kink and BDSM sex podcast.

Each week, your hosts guide you through everything from the etiquette of the fetish scene to the sensual and sometimes sadistic acts that make up this varied lifestyle. Experienced kinksters, the two men create a lively podcast with plenty of special guests to keep the pace moving along briskly.

Suitable for seasoned fet-fans or simply the curious, Off The Cuffs is a top-rated BDSM broadcast and has an army of dedicated followers.

Couples, Swinging and Polyamory

Polyamory and swinging is becoming a less ‘in the closet’ kind of lifestyle and one that many couples want to know more about. These podcasts all offer a rich education in the life of a libertine.

See our dedicated guide: the best swinger podcasts

We Gotta Thing

best sex podcasts we gotta thing
Image via We Gotta Thing.
Launched in… November 2014
Hosted by… Mr. and Mrs. Jones
Tagline… ‘Swinging Adventures’
No of Episodes… 66
Listen on… Google Podcasts


Player FM


More Information Official ‘We Gotta Thing’ Website

A happily married couple for over thirty years, Mr. and Mrs. Jones started swinging six years ago and, for the last five, have been sharing their experiences via this podcast.

It’s an interesting show and the pair seem very honest about everything the discuss; from the highs and pleasures to the lows and doubts. Don’t get us wrong, this is a very positive podcast about the lifestyle but you do get the very real conversations between a couple who are navigating this world together.

By now, the episodes are less a foray into swinging and more a way for the hosts to share some of their experiences. However, the show was never meant to be a step-by-step guide just one couple who want to overshare….thank goodness.

If you are looking for more of an instructional kind of thing the, happily, the pair actually do sell lifestyle courses via their website. They aren’t professional counselors of coaches but they do talk a lot of sense and have put in some mileage to share their hints and tips.

Polyamory Weekly

best sex podcasts polyamory weekly
Image via Poly Weekly.
Launched in… 2005
Hosted by… Cunning Minx and Lusty Guy
Tagline… ‘It’s not ALL about the sex…’
No of Episodes… 578
Listen on… Google Podcasts

Player FM



More Information Poly Weekly

One of the longest running podcasts on our list and with good reason. Polyamory Weekly is a community-based broadcast that lets listeners share their experiences of this kind of lifestyle. From sexual to romantic relationships, the host navigates this alternative to monogamy…warts and all.

Originally founded as a resource for the poly community, it has a huge following of loyal fans who value the expertise of the show’s host, sex-positive educator and activist, Cunning Minx. She is a warm presenter who cares about her subject and her listeners and she gives some thoughtful and useful advice.

Each episode delves into a cornucopia of issues that can be faced by the poly-amorous lifestyle from how to live honestly, dealing with family and friends to safe sex with multiple partners. In fact, only a small percentage of what is discussed here is about sex….most of the discussions are more about living your life as someone who ‘deviates’ from the societal ‘norm’.

For people who are new to the poly journey and even for those who have been navigating  this lifestyle for some time, this podcast will offer plenty of useful information and is a fascinating insight into non-monogamy.

Turn Me On

best sex podcasts turn me on
Image via Turn Me On (official website).
Launched in… 2016
Hosted by… Jeremie and Bryde
No of Episodes… 115
Listen on… Player FM

Apple Podcasts

More Information Official Website

Married poly-couple, Jeremie and Bryde, use this podcast to share their experiences of being a less than ‘traditional’ pairing.

They are intelligent and adventurous and, above all, honest about their relationships outside of their coupling. Each episode stands alone but it is well worth starting from the beginnings with this podcast to really get a feel for what they are about.

There’s a lot of talk about threesomes and ‘other lovers’ but they also discuss everything from butt play to camming, kink dungeons to pegging. There isn’t anything (or so it would seem) that they wont talk about together. And this is really refreshing. They present the show in a fun and intimate way  that makes you feel a part of their pillow talk.


At the heart of any great podcast is a sense of humor, particularly when it comes to sex and relationships. Yes, the more professional and educational podcasts are a little more formal but when talking about something like sex, humor helps and these podcasts offer it in bucketfuls. More irreverent than some of the others on this list, the hosts of these programmes will make you see sex in a wholly different way.

Angela Yee’s Lip Service

Launched in… May 2015
Hosted by… Angela Lee
Tagline… ‘It’s hip-hop like you’ve never heard before’
No of Episodes… 211
Listen on… Apple Podcasts

Google Podcasts



More Information Angela Yee (Twitter)

Nationally syndicated U.S. radio personality, Angela Yee (The Breakfast Club) brings a whole lot of energy to this podcast and it is no surprise that these hour long shows attract such huge downloads.

The format is simple; take some of the biggest names on the current R&B/hip-hop scene and talk candidly on-air about sex and relationships.

She and guests talk about a whole range of things from bedroom secrets to tips and tricks of the stars. Yee was born to present this kind of show and she manages to coax some brilliant personal stories from the likes of John Legend, Lizzo, French Montana and Rick Ross. You may learn more than you’d like to.

My Dad Wrote a Porno

best sex podcasts my dad wrote a porno
Image via My Dad Wrote A Porno (website).
Launched in… December 2018
Hosted by… Jamie Morton
Tagline… ‘Imagine if your dad wrote a dirty book….’
No of Episodes… 118
Listen on… Spotify

Apple Podcasts

Google Podcasts


More Information Official Website

Described as a ‘cultural phenomenon’ by the UK’s The Sunday Times this podcast has reached the staggering heights of having been downloaded almost 200 million times. The premise of the show is simple, host Jamie Morton’s dad did write a porno but instead of hiding himself away in shame, Morton decided to podcast about it.

The show has plenty of A-listers who call themselves fans including Eiljah Wood, Nicholas Hoult and Michael Sheen as well as being co-hosted by BBC Radio 1 DJ, Alice Levine and  BAFTA nominated producer/writer, James Cooper.

It’s a smash hit comedy podcast where Morton delves into his dad’s steamy novel one chapter at a time. The result is cringe worthy but hilarious and has earned him a sell out world tour when he took the show on the road. Definitely one to laugh out loud to and a great example of the legendary British sense of humor.

I Burn Everything

best sex podcasts i burn everything
Image via Player FM.
Launched in… 2017
Hosted by… Stevie Nelson and Dave Horwitz
No of Episodes… 55
Listen on… Google Podcasts

Apple Podcasts

Player FM

More Information

It may seem like an unlikely pairing for a podcast but the hosts take the subjects of food and sex and pose some intimate questions to some LA comedian and actors with sometimes hilarious results.

Coming from the basis of two men who can’t cook and cant date, they figure the two matters out with the help of their guests one ruined meal and soured meal at a time…

The podcast has been ‘off-air’ for a couple of years but it has just been announced that Season Three is coming soon.

Sex Education and Sexual Health

Sex podcasts can be an exceptionally useful way of getting helpful and up to date information on important issues around sex such as sexual health, contraception, safe sex and other areas of well-being related to physical intimacy.

These podcasts all share a more professional approach to the podcast and are mainly hosted by licensed sex therapists, coaches and even medically trained personnel. Still delivered with charisma and some humor at times, they are well worth a listen to if you want to know more about sex.

Sex With Emily

best sex podcasts sex with emily
Image via Sex With Emily.
Launched in… 2005
Hosted by… Dr. Emily Morse
Tagline… ‘Saving the world, one orgasm at a time’
No of Episodes… 300+
Listen on… Stitcher

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More Information Sex With Emily

A doctor of human sexuality, host Emily Morse is a very approachable expert who picks apart submissions from her listeners covering everything from sex toys for specific kinks and fetishes, how to achieve multiple orgasms and doggy-style hacks.

Morse is also known for her television appearances on the reality show Miss Advised (Bravo).

The podcast has been running for well over a decade now and has attracted a large number of fans who tune in to listen to useful advice delivered in a non-judgmental way by someone who knows what they are talking about.

Savage Lovecast

best sex podcasts savage lovecast
Image via Savage Lovecast.
Launched in… October 2006
Hosted by… Dan Savage
Tagline… ‘Love and sex advice from America’s sweetheart’
No of Episodes… 673
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Dan Savage has been a sex advice columnist since 1991 and has a huge following of fans across the U.S. This is partly due to his trademark combination of being empathetic style as well as being (often, brutally) frank and honest. Sometimes his advice is obvious but other time he can catch you completely off guard with some wild and unusual suggestions.

There’s a comprehensive library of episodes to catch up on and it would take you a while if you went back to 2006 to do so. However, you can slip straight into the most recent episode and enjoy whatever the topic is without feeling lost.

Recent discussions include an interview with a bisexual man who shares his first attempt at being a unicorn, the perils of sexting your female friends and the best approach to asking out your co-workers.

Sex Nerd Sandra

best sex podcasts sex nerd sandra
Image via Apple Podcasts.
Launched in… 2009
Hosted by… Sandra Daugherty
No of Episodes… 200+
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More Information Sex Nerd Sandra at Patreon

With more than 15 million downloads, Sex Nerd Sandra is a big-name in the international sex podcast world.

Host, Sandra Daugherty is a licensed sex educator and has a charming style which combines her naturally bubbly and energetic personality with a professional but curious manner.

Open about her own experiences but focusing very much on the sex lives of others, including her guests, the focus is very much on the ‘nerd’ aspect of the show’s title. Yes, the geek in us all when it comes to the ins and outs of sex is very much catered for with topics ranging the full breadth of human sexuality, including recent episodes on:

  • The Hot Goss on HIV with Raul Quintero
  • Pavlovian Sex: Human Clicker Training with Miss Holly
  • Edge Play with Mollena Lee-Williams
  • Hardcore Men’s Toys with Oxballs’ Ox and Jesus
  • Sex in Comedy with Matt Braunger

Celebrity guests include Cameron Esposito, Nina Hartley, Kevin Allison.

Lighthearted but informative, Sex Nerd Sandra is an entertaining sex podcast delivered with confidence by someone who knows a thing or two about human sexuality.

Sex and Relationships

Sex and relationships go hand in hand with any kind of discussion on sexual well-being but these podcasts look more at the act of sex in long term partnerships rather than casual hook ups, tinder dates and one night stands.

Porn & Sex Workers

The beauty of a podcast is that you don’t need to be a broadcasting professional to start your own show and this lends itself well to giving voice to those people in our community who often don’t feel they are heard. These podcasts cover those shows that are hosted from people who work (or have worked) in the sex industry including porn, the commercial sex trade and BDSM Dominas.

The Pornhub Podcast with Asa Akira

best sex podcasts the pornhub podcast with asa akira
Image via Stitcher.
Launched in… January 2018
Hosted by… Asa Akira
No of Episodes… 38
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More Information

It will come as no surprise that this podcast, powered by the porn tube hosting giants Pornhub, is all about the adult industry. However, there is more to Asa Akira’s show than just XXX movies.

Joined by porno and non-porno friends and colleagues, Akira discusses sex and the adult industry as well as popular culture and other topics including romance and relationships.

It’s a great podcast to listen to if you want to stay in touch with who the new movers and shakers are in the world adult films as well as getting news on the industry in general. Akira is a competent and fascinating host who reveals some interesting and fascinating insights.

Past guests on the show have included:

  • Eva Lovia
  • Bobby Hundreds
  • Brooke Candy
  • Karla Lane
  • Lexington Steele
  • Mark Spiegler
  • Lexi Belle

Girls on Porn

best sex podcasts girls on porn
Image via Girls on Porn.
Launched in… February 2019
Hosted by… Rachel and Lauren
Tagline… ‘Committed to helping you find hot and ethical porn’
No of Episodes… 31
Listen on… Headgum

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More Information Girls on Porn

A HeadGum network production, Girls on Porn is a review podcast where the two hosts take one for the team to find the best and hottest ethical porn.

Rachel and Lauren are comedians and they approach this task with a lot of vigor and enthusiasm. Who doesn’t want to watch porn and then tell people all about why they should to?

Sex positive and waving the flag for feminist porn, the girls tackle aspects of the sex they see on screen such as female ejaculation, creampies and pussy-licking as well as interviewing porn stars and looking at the rise of amateur porn.

Girls on Porn is riotous but informative and might just become your favorite way to find out the best new adult content to watch online.

The Whorecast

best sex podcasts the whorecast
Image via Player FM.
Launched in… April 2014
Hosted by… Siouxsie Q
No of Episodes… 131
Listen on… Podtail

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More Information

Though no longer active The Whorecast was a pretty radical podcast that openly celebrated American sex workers. In fact, celebrated may not go far enough….these women were virtually revered yet normalized.

The whole show only featured guests whose work was in the sex industry so hookers, strippers, erotic masseuses and escorts. This podcast gave voice to the mostly stigmatized women of America taking listeners behind the scenes and lifting the lid on issues such as exploitation, anti-criminalization and workers rights and protections.

Mixed in with the serious issues was a more lighthearted look at some of the popular adult industry events such as The Adult Novelty Expo (attended with popular FTM porn performer, Buck Angel).

It was a provocative podcast that was made by sex workers, for sex workers but very much enjoyed by a whole host of people. It’s a shame that the podcast is now inactive but great that you can listen to the large archive of shows that is its legacy.

Dungeons & Shaggin’

best sex podcasts dungeons and shaggin
Image via Player FM.
Launched in… January 2018
Hosted by… Dirty Dominatrix, Miss Marilyn
No of Episodes… 19
Listen on… Google Podcasts

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More Information

Professional Dominatrix, Miss Marilyn hosts this irregular podcast which covers her work in the world of BDSM. She is joined by other sex workers and ‘vanilla’ friends to discuss all aspects of human sexuality. Punctuated with dry humor, real life stories and some interesting discussions on the challenges of this kind of kink, the podcast is as enlightening as it is entertaining.

Previous episodes include:

  • Is It Okay If I Spit In Your Mouth?
  • Dirty Talk 1010: The Basics
  • BDSM Blues/Aftercare Special
  • Immoral Arousal, Public Humiliation and Who Draws The Line?

Best of the Rest

It was pretty hard to narrow down our favorite sex podcasts to just this list above and we wanted to make some honorable mentions to some other great programs that are also well worth a listen to:

  • The Dildorks – ‘nerdy’, but funny, discussions on masturbation, sex and dating.
  • Inner Hoe Uprising – a podcast by four black feminists from NYC on dating, sex and love.
  • Horizontal with Lila – a podcast about intimacy that is recorded lying down.
  • Sexplanations With Dr. Doe – clinical sexologist talks with special guests about the fascinating world of sex.
  • Laid Bare – For the sex-positive and opinionated
  • The Hotbed – ‘making the world a better place, one orgasm at a time’; non-cringey sex chat with comedians and sex experts.
  • My Morning After – a four part podcast featuring women sharing their emergency contraception stories.
  • Celestial Sex – an interesting podcast about sexuality in religion hosted by Chris Duce who grew up in a confusing world of Mormon teachings on the subject.
  • Loveline with Amber Rose – exploring matters of sexual curiosity, self-empowerment and relationships with sex therapist, Doctor Chris Donaghue.
  • I Want It That Way – a breezy magazine style podcast covering topics from the sex-robot revolution and sex-toy emergencies to the state of pubes in America and sex with a disability.
  • Meg, John and Justin – experienced sex educators discuss everything from being in a relationship with a trans person to how to enjoy your sex life.
  • Swingercast – though not updated for a few years the back episodes of this swinging related podcast are well worth a listen. With real stories and a fund and intimate style it has a slightly voyeuristic vibe.
  • Unexpected Fluids – a frank and very funny sex podcast by the BBC hosted by the journalist Alix Fox and YouTuber Riyadh Khalaf
  • Sex with Strangers – weekly podcast hosted by a trio of black millennials discussing sex, dating and relationships. Comedy gold.
  • Talk About Gay Sex – weekly conversation on air about all things related to gay sex. Guests include celebrities, health professionals and sex experts.
  • Probably True – stories about queer life, gay sex and LGBTQI+ related stories.
  • Private Parts Unknown – formerly known as Reality Bytes, a comedy sex/travel podcast showcasing stories of love and sexuality from around the world.

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