The Best Sex Furniture: A Guide to Kinky Adult Bedroom Design

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Looking for some sexy home décor ideas? Want to build a very kinky adult bedroom full of sex furniture?

One of the upsides of the global pandemic is the fact that most people got to spend a lot more time at home which, in turn, has led to a huge increase in makeovers and DIY projects. Whilst a lot of folk are turning their attention to new home offices, fancy kitchens and smart lounge/diners we wanted to know what kind of kit was available to really spice things up.

In this feature, we take a look at the best sex furniture on the market today.

These sex seats, wedges and pillows are perfect for enhancing your sex life. Whether it’s a home dungeon you’re after, or simply a few extra items for the bedroom, we’ve got something to get you swinging from the chandeliers.

What is Sex Furniture?

Okay, so the pedantic among you may be thinking “Why do you need to buy special furniture for sex?!? Surely you can have sex anywhere, right?

Well, yes, you can and even the most unimaginative lovers know that sex can get pretty hot over a standard table, chair or footstool.

However, furniture which has specifically been designed with sex in mind is not only more robust, comfortable and safer but it can also offer some much kinkier ways to improve your love life.

Also known as erotic furniture, you can buy everything from sex swings and queening chairs to angled pillows and wedges, spanking horses and bondage equipment.

what is sex furniture
Some sex furniture is designed for specific acts like this spanking bench. Image via Wikimedia.

Some pieces are designed to perform very specific functions whilst others are more multi-purpose and can lend themselves to plenty of positions.

But whilst most sex furniture can be pretty kinky in purpose, modern designs can make them fit right into your home décor.

And sex furniture isn’t all about fetishes and kinks but can perform more practical solutions for those of us who have mobility issues or who require some extra support and/or assistance.

Let’s face it, the simple bed is a piece of sex furniture after all!

sex furniture
The humble bed is your first piece of sex furniture. Make it count!

So, whilst some people may be looking for the latest designs in stocks and pillories for their home dungeons, those kinky looking slings and swings could actually be useful for anyone with a dodgy back or knees.

Best Sex Furniture For Your Adult Room

In our complete guide to the best sex furniture, we’ll cover all the main types of sex furniture, including ride-on saddle machines, fetish gear, chairs and accessories.

Beds, Pillows & Accessories 

We’re assuming you already have a decent bed at home to get romping on but, to spice up the action, we’ve looked at sheets, pillows and other ways to boost the simple bed to the mind-bending heights of the ultimate sex haven.

Usually shaped like triangles and made from foam, wedges are a great way to help you hold awkward positions for longer.

Great for anyone with mobility or posture issues and just perfect for those longer love sessions.

The Dame Pillo

Best Sex Furniture 2021 pillo dame
Image via Dame.

Yes, you could just use a pillow to elevate your hips during sex but anyone who’s tried this will know that the average bedroom cushion just doesn’t offer the best support. Plus, who wants to put their face on a wet patch afterwards?!

Instead, wedges offer up a firm and ergonomic support which can really help take the strain from the lumbar region.

And this Pillo by Dame is just the wedge to do it.

Made from firm foam with a soft, removable and water-resistant cotton cover, this design can really ‘elevate’ your favorite positions.

What we like about this model over some others that are cheaper is that it also features grabbable handles.

The Dame Pillo is only available in indigo and can be purchased direct from the manufacturer at a price of $95.

Shots Fist It Inflatable Play Sheet

Best Sex Furniture 2021 fist it inflatable play sheet
Image via The Stockroom.

An alternative to the bed, particularly if you are interested in messy or wet play, this inflatable body-safe PVC play sheet is perfect.

Sort of like a paddling pool for adult playtime only, the sturdy sides inflate to create a 16cm (6.3”) high surround.

The result is a 156cm x 187cm (61.4” x 73.6”) space you can get as sticky or slippery as you like in without having to worry about a mess.

The play sheet comes with its own concentrated lube which, when mixed with water, gives you 5 liters to splosh around in.

Available at direct from The Stockroom, the manufacturers recommend this accessory as an ideal space for fisting.

Dominix Inflatable Love Wedge

Best Sex Furniture 2021 dominix inflatable love wedge
Image via LoveHoney.

Once you know what a simple triangular cushion can do, it’s hard to disguise your love support as anything but a sex accessory. Plus, they’re not that portable and they aren’t easy to store, which is why we like the idea of this inflatable version.

Velvet lined with hook attachments for detachable restraints, this wedge is made from a durable material and can be fully inflated to offer up to 24 extra inches in pelvic height!

Do be aware that you’ll need a pump unless you want to start your lovemaking out of breath…

The Dominix Inflatable Wedge also comes with a handcuff and blindfold set. You can grab yourself a set at a great price on LoveHoney.

Rubber Pillowcases & Sheets

Best Sex Furniture 2021 latex bedding invicible rubber
Image via Invincible Rubber.

For true fetish fans, this latex bedding can transform your bedroom into a really kinky play den.

As well as being practical for any kind of messy play, the feel of these sheets on your skin can be a real boost to the senses.

Available in wide range of colors including Black, Red, Transparent and Metallic a set of two pillowcases and a sheet will set you back around $300 (double) and $380 (king size).

Made in the UK but shipped worldwide, you can purchase your latex bedding direct from Invincible Rubber.


The humble dining room chair will withstand quite a lot of action. However, it’s not advisable to let it handle the rough stuff unless you want to end up in a heap on the floor.

These specially designed chairs can comfortably support you during lovemaking and are solid enough to take plenty of energetic riding.

Many are designed with specific purposes in mind including queening (facesitting), bondage and roleplay.

The Liberator Esse

Best Sex Furniture 2021 liberator esse sex sofa
Image via Esse.

Since the Original Tantra Chair was launched in 2001 from Zen by Design, there have been plenty of copycats on the market.

And although the Original is definitely a high-quality option it is also pretty premium in price. So, instead of spending $1300+ we think this sex sofa by Liberator does just as good a job.

The ‘wave’ design which makes these chairs look like loungers is ideal for getting yourself into any number of positions. Solid enough to support even the most rigorous of playtimes, the construction is durable foam and should accommodate plenty of action.

What we love about this design is the fact that it includes two ‘inserts’ which can be used as additional pieces of sex furniture.

The middle ‘scoop’, for instance, is a great standalone rocker and the headrest can act as a pretty decent wedge to enhance the angle of your pelvis whilst you explore the Joy of Sex.

Priced at just $550, we like the added accessory option of a BDSM conversion kit. Though you might not be into bondage, the kit features a snugly fitting cover with restraints. This not only gives you options for domination but also helps protect and reinforce this cheeky little sex-sofa.

Available to buy direct from Liberator, their website features a great guide to some unusual positions that the Esse can help you achieve.

See more: our pick of the best tantra chairs.

DOMINIX Deluxe Sex Position Enhancer Chair

Best Sex Furniture 2021 DOMINIX Deluxe Sex Position Enhancer Chair
Image via LoveHoney.

Queening (also known as face sitting) isn’t just something for fet fans and oral sex in this position can be extremely satisfying for both the giver and receiver.

However, crouching can play havoc on the knees and it’s not always easy to support yourself when your being pleasured.

Which is exactly why a queening chair is a brilliant addition to the sex furniture family.

Designed to give easy access for oral sex, this sturdy metal framed chair has a nine-inch hole in the seat.

The giver can position themselves underneath and, with the aid of a pillow or two, can get comfy for the long haul.

On top, the ‘queen’ can settle in on the faux leather padded seat to receive as much pleasure as they think they deserve.

Definitely a great aid for anyone who has difficulty maintaining squatting or kneeling positions, inventive users can find other ways to make this chair pay its way.

You can pick up one of these deluxe queening chairs from LoveHoney.

Obeir Spanking Bench

Best Sex Furniture 2021 liberator spanking bench
Image via Liberator.

Sort of a cross between a chair and wedge, this soft high density foam bench is the perfect platform for deviant play.

Designed with fetish play in mind, the Obeir comes with built in D-ring attachment points to incorporate bondage.

Covered with a plush removable microfiber layer you can keep the bench clean even when your playtime is dirty.

Available to buy from Liberator direct, the Obeir Spanking Bench can also be sourced through online sex shops like Adam & Eve.

Sex Gliders & Rockers

Basically stools which you straddle, these seats are mounted on a gliding/rocking mechanism which powers a dildo.

The result is a manually operated fucking machine, leaving your hands free for other things!

LoveBotz Love Glider Manual Rocker Sex Machine

Best Sex Furniture 2021 lovebotz manual sex glider
Image via Uber Kinky.

Powered by your own body motion and compatible with the Vac-U-Lock range of toys, the LoveBotz Love Glider is a great addition to solo play.

This self-propelled fucking machine lets you stay in complete control of the speed and power of your thrusting PLUS you get to choose your own favorite attachments to play with.

Super silent and sturdy, you can experience the pleasure of either anal or vaginal penetration by adjusting the angle of the dildo(s).

Comes complete with two attachments to get you started, this device offers a wide range of ways to pleasure yourself at your own speed.

The LoveBotz Love Glider is sold via plenty of online sex stores including Uber Kinky. Priced at around $850, you can also purchase compatible dildos from this store.

Bangin Bench EZ-Ride Sex Stool

Best Sex Furniture 2021 bangin bench sex stool
Image via Extreme Restraints.

This manual ride-on sex stool offers some great opportunities for solo play but also doubles up as a great little support for couples play.

Made from a lightweight but durable steel frame and with cushioned handles, the rider can position their favorite dildo in the lower harness and bounce their way to orgasm.

Simply lower yourself on to the elastic seat and you stay in control of how deep you go.

What we like about this model is that the dildo shelf can be swapped out to be replaced by your partner. This certainly makes for some extremely enjoyable power play plus the Bangin Bench can also be used as a queening chair.

You can buy the Bangin Bench EX-Ride Sex Stool direct from Extreme Restraints.

Pink Diamond Double Magic Ball

Best Sex Furniture 2021 magic ball
Image via Pink Diamond.

A cheap alternative to the sex glider is the sex ball; designed just like a yoga ball but with an attached dildo, you can bounce your way to orgasm at your own speed.

They come in a variety of colors and designs with some based on the look of a retro Space Hoppa; however, we like the look of the Double Magic Ball from Pink Diamond.

Featuring two penetrating protrusions (one 3” plug for anal and one 6” dildo for vaginal stimulation) this Magic Ball offers double the fun.

Inflating to a circumference of around 73” (185cm), the hoppa can withstand weights of up to 330 lbs (150 kg) and should be more than man enough for solo play. However, double (erm) ‘occupancy’ should be avoided.

Available in a choice of colors (pink or purple), the Double Magic Ball is priced at just $39.99 and is available to buy direct from Pink Diamond.

Saddle Sex Machines

Just like the gliders and rockers, these sit-on sex machines deliver automated fun but these bad boys aren’t manually operated. With powerful vibrators and hammering thrusting action, they are a step up from rockers but we have to warn you — fucking machines don’t come cheap.

The Motorbunny Buck Thrusting Machine

Best Sex Furniture 2021 motorbunny buck thrusting machine
Image via Motorbunny.

Ride-on sex machines don’t come more powerful than this next option from Motorbunny.

Launched in 2017, their original design delivers extreme vibrations through your choice of attachments but we wanted to focus on their Buck model.

Designed to deliver hammering thrust in an up/down motion, the Buck can also be switched to G-Thrust. This setting forces the attached dildos up and forwards to deliver insanely satisfying stimulation right to the G-spot.

Capable of reaching speeds of up to 190 thrusts per minute, there are few other machines on the market that can give you such a ride of your life.

What we love about this saddle sex machines is the range of ways you can customize the set-up to give you exactly what you like. From your choice of attachments to accessories like knee pads, swings and even a wedge to convert the machine to an upright position (perfect for doggystyle), they’ve thought of everything.

And, as if all that wasn’t enough, the Motorbunny also comes complete with remote controlled technology. This makes it an ideal piece of kit for long-distance lovers or just those of us who are too lazy to use our hands. Yes, the Motorbunny LINK technology can even be used Siri to let you go completely hands-free.

The current retail price for the Motorbunny Buck Thrusting Machine is $1,549 but if you check out our recent Motorbunny review you can find a coupon code for $40 off.

The Cowgirl

Best Sex Furniture 2021 cowgirl sit on sex machine
Image via Ride The Cowgirl.

Recently reviewed by Men’s Health and rated the ‘ultimate vibrator’ for solo and couples’ play, the Cowgirl is a premium sex machine.

Designed around an actual saddle with additional vegan-leather padding, it is a luxury addition to any boudoir.

Just like the Motorbunny, you can use the ride-on for solo play, as a piece of sex furniture with a partner or even sync the device up for remote control.

What we like about this model is the sleek and modern design as well as the powerful motor which delivers 1200 RPM of powerful vibrations.

The Cowgirl comes complete with 6 preset vibrating patterns and also rotates 360 degrees. All fully adjustable with low to high speed settings, this really could be the ride of your life.

You can pick up a Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine direct from Ride The Cowgirl at the RRP of $1,295 but do check the website carefully as there are often codes for 10% off.

There’s also a good range of silicone attachments to choose from including smooth bareback, double penetration, G-Spot and P-Spot adapters plus a thick and realistic dildo.

Ride The Cowgirl also offer a more fantastical (but limited edition) version of their sex machine. Called the Unicorn, this won’t blend into the background of any boudoir but is certainly a statement piece with bright rainbow colors.

Classic Black Sybian

Best Sex Furniture 2021 sybian sex machine
Image via Sybian.

The sex machine against which all others are competing, the Sybian is the most infamous piece of ride-on sex furniture you can find.

Made popular by its mainstream adoption within the porn and camming industry, the Sybian comes in a variety of designs but we think the Classic Black is still the best-looking option.

Originally designed in the 1980s, the Sybian has been improved on many times and the current design is one of the most powerful yet.

The Classic Black model comes with a handy matching stool which can be used to vary your positions and lend additional support.

You can pick up a Sybian sex machine from most online sex outlets but if you order direct from the manufacturer then you get a comprehensive choice of accessories.

These include your choice of attachments from smooth or nubbed flat tops to small, medium, large and extra-large covers. If you really want to pimp your new ride then you can also choose from a selection of:

  • Clitoral Contact Accessories
  • Rabbit Ticklers
  • G Spot Activators
  • Double Penetration Attachments
  • Floor Mats
  • Storage Cabinets
  • Waterproof Covers

Not forgetting of course that ultimate upgrade of a lifetime warranty. The device does come with a five-year warranty as standard but for an extra $195 you can have the peace of mind that your investment is protected for life.

Priced at $1,245 with free shipping, there are plenty of testimonials available on the Sybian website to help you reach your decision.

Swings & Slings

For the ultimate in freedom of movement, sex swings and slings let you defy gravity so you can surrender yourself fully to your partner. The sensation of weightlessness whilst being fucked in mid-air is pretty addictive so be prepared. Some come on free-standing frames whilst others can be mounted in doorframes or from ceiling rafters.

Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit

Best Sex Furniture 2021 sportsheets door jam sex swing
Image via Sportsheets.

Not everyone has the space for a large A-frame sex swing or has confidence in their rafters so this option from Sportsheets is a real find.

Portable and lightweight yet sturdy enough to support up to 325 lbs (147 kg), the kit can be attached to any suitable door jam.

Easy to use and quick to set-up, we like the fact you can hide this piece of kit away and also stow it discretely in your overnight bag for playtimes away from home.

Simply secure the sling on to your door using the attached bars, close the door up and you’re away!

Though there are cheaper models on the market, we like this set because it has a padded seat to offer more support in the buttocks plus comfy hand grips and foot supports.

Fully adjustable for the perfect height of whoever is using it, the Sex Swing Door Jam Kit is machine washable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

This budget sex swing can be purchased from retailers like LoveHoney or direct from Sportsheets for around $70.

Purple Reins Sex Sling

Best Sex Furniture 2021 purple reins sling
Image via LoveHoney.

For something a little more robust then how about this industrial strength C-shape support sling.

More of a hammock style than the door jam swing, this premium addition to your sex play is generously padded and super comfy.

Capable of supporting a weight of up to 140 kg (308 lbs), the load bearing support comes from four reinforced corner straps which fit to just a single heavy duty carabiner clip. This means you only need to find one strong beam in your house to attach it to.

And unlike a lot of heavy-duty sex swings, this one is made a purple nylon fabric as opposed to kinky leather and chains.

Although the straps are fully adjustable, this sling is best suited to homes (or dungeons) with higher ceilings as well as strong rafters.

Yours for around $150 direct from LoveHoney, we think this more subtle but stylish sex swing is the perfect way to elevate your play!

Bondage Equipment

The world of BDSM can get as complicated as you like when it comes to the furniture and there is a dizzying selection of equipment with which to style your own home dungeon.

From spanking sawhorses, smotherboxes and St Andrew’s crosses to pillories, stocks and spreader bars you can find plenty to kink up your home.

The Fuck Bench

Best Sex Furniture 2021 fuck bench
Image via Extreme Restraints.

Manufactured in heavy duty steel and covered in hard-wearing, marine-grade vinyl, this solid looking piece of kit is a great addition to the home for any bondage fans.

Capable of supporting up to 400 lbs in weight, the Fuck Bench lets you strap your partner into the perfect position for stimulation and/or penetration.

Offering up easy access to all areas, the bench includes a removable head restraint, elbow and knee pads plus six straps to securely place your partner into bondage.

The Fuck Bench is available to buy from Extreme Restraints at a price of $699.

Luxury BDSM 15-Piece Sade Trunk Kit

Best Sex Furniture 2021 UPKO BDSM Sade Trunk Kit
Image via UPKO.

No BDSM play is complete without tools, accessories and toys and although this feature is about furniture we couldn’t turn a blind eye to the storage needs of bondage and fet-fans.

Made by UPKO, luxury designers of high-quality bondage gear, this exquisite trunk is constructed using artificial leather and carbon fiber.

The interior is lined with premium velvet and comes complete with a full set of toys and tools:

  • Fox fur tail small butt plug
  • Leather and chain leash
  • Leather ankle cuffs
  • Leather blindfolds
  • Leather collar
  • Leather flogger
  • Leather handcuffs
  • Leather hogties
  • Leather riding crop
  • Leather spanking paddle
  • Leather spreader bar
  • Leather thorn whip
  • Silicone breathable small ball gag
  • Spanking stick

Free-standing storage with an additional four drawers for your own equipment, this is a decadent addition to any boudoir or home dungeon. But it is one of the pricier options on our list and will set you back a cool $1,500 if you opt for the toys on top.

However, if you just want the trunk then prepare to part with $550.

Available to buy direct from the manufacturers.

Mister B Vac Rack

Best Sex Furniture 2021 mister b vac rack
Image via Mister B.

Even for the super kinky, this next piece of sex furniture isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Made from a self-assembly PVC frame upon which a latex sack is mounted, this vacuum bed comes complete with breathing tube.

A specialist bit of kit for those who like extreme bondage, breath control and sensory deprivation play, the Vac Rack simply needs a vacuum cleaner to get started.

Once the air has been sucked out, the double layered sack has a crotch hole with closing flap to allow the external partner to take full control of their sub’s pleasure.

The bed is sized at 2.1m x 1.1m (82” x 43”) and comes with breathing tube, ear plugs, latex hood and carrying case.

Priced at around $415, the Mister B Vac Rack is available direct from the manufacturer or via stores like Uber Kinky.

New St. Andrew’s Cross X

Best Sex Furniture 2021 st andrews cross
Images via The Stockroom.

No professional Dom would be without a St Andrew’s Cross in their dungeon and if you are into BDSM with a passion then why not install one at home.

With a free-standing base this stable and robust bit of kit is an exceptional piece to add to your collection.

Featuring multiple TIG-welded attachment points and toe cut-outs for extra support and balance during play this kind of premium construction doesn’t come cheap.

The whole thing is made to order using marine-grade aluminium with a two tone powder coat finish plus washable black leather vinyl.

It’s a custom bit of kit and takes 14-16 weeks to be constructed and shipped so you can expect to pay through the nose for it. In fact, this St Andrew’s Cross will set you back a cool $2,500!

Available to buy through The Stockroom, there are cheaper alternatives on the market but few which look as stunning as this piece of art.

Other Accessories

And finally, for those items of sex furniture which defy categorization we’ve included a wildcard selection of extra kinky treats for your home.

The Jimmy Jane UV Mood Light

Best Sex Furniture 2021 jimmy jane love pod uv lamp
Image via Jimmy Jane.

Whilst this guide doesn’t feature sex toys themselves, we all know that having a few items in the bedside drawers can make for some extra fun playtime, alone or with a partner.

Our next item is a must-have for any germaphobes but also makes for some modern mood lighting during sexy times.

The Jimmy Jane lamp is a discrete and modern design which can be placed on your bedside and looks pretty ordinary….until you pull out the Love Pod Tre sex toy!

When activated, the lamp itself emits a harmless purple/pink/blue UV-C light which sanitizes (and recharges) your sex toy ready for the next time you want to use it.

Available direct from Jimmy Jane and priced at $240, this luxury lamp doesn’t come cheap but is definitely as stylish as it is sanitary.

Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Suction Handle

Best Sex Furniture 2021 sex in the shower suction handle
Image via LoveHoney.

Whilst these handles would look more at home in the bathroom of an ageing relative, they are perfect for offering some extra grip and stability if you want to get dirty in a wet room.

Designed specifically for sex in the shower, the dual locking suction action means you have something to grab hold of.

Powerful enough to brace yourself on with your hands or your feet, you can pick these up from retailers like LoveHoney for around $15.

Liberator Black Label Talea Spreader Bar

Best Sex Furniture 2021 - liberator spreader bar
Image via Organic Loven.

Our final piece of sex furniture is a kind of restraint tool crossed with a sex position enhancing ‘wedge’.

Traditional spreader bars simply separate the wearers legs allowing easy access to a dominant partner but what we like about this model is the fact it also acts like a bolster cushion.

Designed by the same company behind the Esse sex sofa, the Talea Spreader Bar is made from a lightweight but supportive foam and covered with soft faux leather.

The wearer can be attached to the bar by both the ankles and/or wrists using the adjustable nylon cuffs. However, opting for all four at once can be a bit tricky unless you opt for the extender kit (sold separately).

When placed under the knees, neck or hips, the spreader bar come bolster cushion can really add some extra thrills to your power play.

You can pick up a Liberator Talea Spreader Bar from plenty of online sex stores including Organic Loven for a price of around $90.

Available in a choice of colors (black or claret), you can also opt for an additional microfiber cuff kit at an additional price of $50.


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