Best Pornhub Toys: Sync Up With Interactive Content

Want to enjoy interactive porn on Pornhub?

You can take your viewing pleasure to the next level by pairing up with a Pornhub toy that has been optimised for their latest videos.

Interactive porn is an immersive way to enjoy adult videos. It allows audiences to synchronise high-tech sex toys to translate the on-screen action into mind-blowing sensations that you can experience at home.

The result is a more realistic fap session that makes you feel as though you are the star of the show. When combined with VR, it can even trick you into believing you’ve just had sex with your favorite pornstar – almost!

It’s no surprise to see a whole new category of PornHub interactive toys that are designed to work with the site.

Here’s a quick summary of the top contenders:

Best Pornhub Toys For Men:

Best Pornhub Toys For Women:

In this PornHub Toys Guide, we take a closer look at the clips and movies you can watch on Pornhub that can be synced with your sex toys, plus we find out which devices work best with this platform – and how to use them for a mind-blowing session!

Interactive Content on Pornhub

One of the world’s most popular adult websites, Pornhub has millions of XXX videos available to watch for free and this includes some custom interactive content designed for use with teledildonics.

interactive sex toys on pornhub

Mostly produced by professional studios, there’s around 400 clips to watch; most of these can be enjoyed for free whilst others are Pay-Per-View or only available for Pornhub Premium subscribers.

Popular studios producing interactive content published on Pornhub include:

Between them, these producers are churning out a mixed bag of genres but most are from the popular mainstream categories.

Often sample-length trailers, these clips will get you started on the journey to enjoying an immersive interactive experience but if you want a proper go at synchronizing a full session then you might want to check out U Feel TV.

Pornhub & U Feel TV

In partnership with Pornhub, U Feel TV offers a complete virtual sex experience which you can enjoy on a pay-as-you-go basis or by getting unlimited access with a regular membership.

Best Interactive PornHub Sex Toys and ufeeltv
Image via U Feel TV.

The U Feel TV site has individual interactive HD scenes available, most priced at $9.95 with subscription costs currently being charged as follows:

  • One month for $29.95
  • Six months for $89.95
  • One year for $129.95

U Feel TV members also get exclusive access to other bonus offers including XXX adult games and discounted subscription to additional porn content (check cross-sales for details).

How to Use Teledildonics on Pornhub

In order to experience these immersive videos on Pornhub as they were intended, you will need:

  • a compatible wireless interactive device (see below)
  • the Feel Connect app downloaded to your smartphone

Enjoying content is pretty straightforward and once you have charged your device and paired this with your phone, all you need to do is find a video/clip to watch on Pornhub.

First up you need to disable any AdBlock you might be using as you are going to need Pornhub’s pop-up function for this next step.

Once you’ve found a suitable title, hit the ‘Sync interactive toy to video’ button on the bottom left of your screen. This will launch a QR code.

how to sync toy to video pornhub

Next (on your smartphone and in the Feel Connect app), go to the “My websites” tab and select ‘Add a website’.

This will launch the QR scanner/camera on your phone which you can use to scan the QR code on the Pornhub video page.

Once the scan is complete your toy should now be connected to the content you have chosen and all you need to do is click ‘Watch in App’ and sit back to enjoy fully automated control of your toy through the video itself.

A quick word of caution; don’t accidentally close down the app while the toy is synched with the video or it will disconnect.

FeelConnect App

pornhub interactive sex toys feelconnect

The FeelConnect app is available to download from the App Store or Google Play for both iOS and Android devices.

Once installed, it’s pretty easy to set up and as long as your device is charged and switched on with Bluetooth enabled then you should be able to find your toy in order to pair it.

You’ll need to allow the app access to your camera in order to capture QR codes but that’s about as complicated as it gets! If you get any problems with pairing your device then you can find help files online but we found that switching off any other Bluetooth enabled devices and restarting the app (as well as your interactive sex toy) often solved the problem.

Best Interactive Pornhub Sex Toys

Best Pornhub sex toys

There are several brands of sex toys that are compatible with the interactive content found on Pornhub including options for both men and women.

Most of these toys can be purchased through Pornhub/U Feel TV directly using promocode ‘PORNHUB’ which gives you several bonuses including:

  • 2 Free U Feel Interactive Videos
  • 7 Day U Feel Members Access
  • Lifetime Access to Interactive Pornhub Videos

Other bonuses vary depending on what is on offer at the time but often include trial access to interactive adult games such as City of Sin 3D.

Best Pornhub Toys For Men

Let’s kick off with those devices designed for the boys.

Kiiroo Onyx / Virtual Blowbot Turbo Stroker

pornhub interactive sex toys kiiroo onyx

The Kiiroo Onyx+ (see our review) is a next generation male masturbator which contains ten contracting rings which provide automated patterns of pressure mimicking the sensations of penetration.

This stroker is capable of delivering powerful waves of up to 140 strokes per minute and all whilst your cock is safely enclosed within a velvety soft patented Fleshlight SuperSkin sleeve.

We recently gave it a serious thumbs up for comfort, pleasure and price.

If you’re wondering – what’s the difference between the Kiiroo Onyx and the Virtual Blowbot Turbo Stroker?

The answer is simple: branding.

They’re the same toy in different packaging, one sold by PornHub and one sold via Kiiroo. Both work well with interactive porn videos.

Read more: Choosing the best Fleshlight toy

Kiiroo Titan / Virtual Blowbot Stroker

pornhub interactive sex toys blowbot stroker

The Titan is another male stroker similar to the Onyx+.

However, instead of contracting rings delivering the pleasure, the Titan features 9 individual (and very powerful) vibrating bullets. The location of each of these is designed to offer targeted stimulation in a range of automated modes including Pulse, Endurance and Blow.

Again, this model is sold under the name of the Virtual Blowbot Stroker by PornHub.

See our full Kiiroo Titan review.


pornhub interactive sex toys keon

Replacing the Fleshligh Launch, the Keon is an automated mount system for the Kiiroo RealFeel stroker. So, instead of having a hand-held pocket pussy with just internal contractions or vibrations, the Keon actually moves your stroker up and down the length of your shaft for you.

Capable of 230 strokes per minute and able to be custom fit with your choice of stroker and sleeve this is probably the closest you will get to real-life sex, especially when coupled with any interactive content.

Best Pornhub Toys For Women

Okay, so what about for the ladies?

The ladies also have a choice of toys to play with whilst watching interactive content on Pornhub.

Just like the male strokers, these can also be purchased through U Feel TV with bonuses including trial membership and free videos to download.

Kiiroo Pearl

pornhub interactive sex toys kiiroo pearl

The Kiiroo Pearl is a classic design of vibrator which is sleek and ergonomically curved to stimulate the G-spot.

Fitted with a powerful motor for rumbly and intense vibrations, there are five distinct modes which are automatically synched to the on-screen content for greater immersion in the scene.

The Pearl is also completely waterproof so you can also enjoy some solo play in the shower.

Available in a choice of purple or black, this Kiiroo toy is one of their most popular with the ladies.

OhMiBod Fuse / Virtual Rabbit

pornhub interactive sex toys kiiroo ohmibod fuse

The other option you have for enjoying an immersive experience with your interactive content from Pornhub is with this dual-stim vibrating massager, the OhMiBod Fuse.

Designed around the ‘rabbit’ style, the two silky soft arms can be used simultaneously to deliver deep penetration and clitoral stimulation or just for external play.

With flexible springy action, the clitoral head adapts to the shape of your body ensuring almost optimum clitoral contact. The main arm has an insertable length of up to 5”.

Other Kinds of Interactive Entertainment

Whilst the adult content on offer at Pornhub and U Feel TV is not to be sniffed at, all of the above devices can be used for solo masturbation but can also be synced with other teledildonics.

This makes them ideal toys for couples who are in long-distance relationships with partners being able to pair their respective devices together so they can share a mutual experience of video/phone sex.

It also makes them very popular with cam girls!

It doesn’t even have to be mutual with some people preferring to simply hand over the control of their stroker/vibrator so they can wholly submit to the pleasures of being played with from a distance.

This makes it a very safe sex option in these contact-free COVID times!

The bottom line is that these interactive sex toys are capable of seriously enhancing your experience of sex play so that even when you are alone you really don’t have to be lonely.

Featured image via Pornhub.

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