14 Best Oral Sex Toys For Women

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Fancy a new way to liven up masturbation?

All women enjoy masturbation and sex in a different way. Many enjoy penetration but most tend only to be able to orgasm through clitoral stimulation. And whilst standard vibrators offer an excellent service in this department, few have ever offered the same sensations as oral sex. Just like the blowjob for men, the act of someone going down on you is a heaven-sent treat that few women can resist.

But without a partner, how can women recreate the sensations of oral sex?

In this guide, we give you a run down of the best oral sex toys for women. From those that suck, lick and vibrate to some that can give you even more pleasure….

Let’s see what’s on the market!

Best Oral Sex Toys for Women

There are four main designs in sex toys for women which can simulate the sensations and or/look of oral sex:

  • Clitoral Sucking Toys – Designed to simulate the sensation of a mouth more closely, these toys often include vibration at the heart of their action. The gentle suction direct to the clit combined with waves after wave of oscillating pleasure will leave you breathless.
  • Tongue Vibrators – These oral sex toys for women deliver similar sensations to those you’d get with a bullet vibrator. These bad boys, however, are designed to look and/or feel more like a tongue.
  • Oral Simulators – A specialist kind of crossover toy which can include vibration and suction, these oral simulators can also include other kinds of action including ‘lapping’.
  • Double Fun – And finally, whilst oral sex can be the ‘be all and end all’ for some women, there are just as many ladies who want it all. This last design of toy includes penetration as well as oral stimulation.

And whilst none of these compare fully to the delicious wet sensations of someone going down on you who knows what they’re doing, they are all guaranteed to leave you feeling 100% satisfied.

All price are correct as of the time of our review (September 2021) but you should check websites for up to date details including any prevailing promotions.

Clitoral Sucking Toys

Designed to fully encompass your clit with a ‘mouth’ style aperture, these toys offer a range of stimulation methods including suction, vibration and even air-pulse technology.

Perfect to simulate the feel of a real mouth along with some tongue action, these toys are the ‘piece de resistance’ of oral simulation.

Satisfyer Breathless by Adam and Eve


Best Oral Sex Toys For Women breathless satisfer adam and eve
The Satsifyer will leave you truly breathless for the ultimate O moment.

This device combines vibration with air-pulse stimulation to more closely mimic the sensations of oral sex.

And with over 25,000 of them already sold, they’re proving to be pretty popular with the ladies.

Blowing, sucking and buzzing its way into the hearts of customers, Adam & Eve currently have this product on back order to try to keep up with demand.

It’s an innovative bit of kit and uses air pulse technology with 11 intensity levels coupled with 10 vibration modes (3 speeds and 7 patterns) .

Measuring 5.5” long by 1.75” wide, it’s not the most discreet of toys to hide away in your bedside drawer nor is the shocking pink skin easy on the eyes. But none of this matters once you’ve tried it out for the first time.

Just place the open ‘mouth’ over your clit and then select the intensity and pattern you want.

Fully waterproof and made from hypoallergenic silicone with some ABS plastic, it’s pretty comfortable to use.

And unlike a few air-pulse stimulators we’ve seen, this one is designed for an ergonomic fit so its easier to hold; particularly important when you reach the point of no return.

Available from a number of online suppliers you can purchase the Breathless Satisfyer direct from Adam & Eve at a price of $69.99.

We-Vibe Melt


Best Oral Sex Toys For Women we vive melt
This clit sucking stim will have you melting away with utter bliss.

Another air-pulse technology, this little pleasure device delivers gentle suction and pulsating waves.

All targeting the clitoris alone, the design of this petite toy is ergonomic to hold, comfortable to use and, with whisper quiet technology, discreet.

With two hours of rechargeable battery life, it’s one of the longest lasting toys on our list and comes with a two-year warranty.

What we love about the We-Vibe, and what makes it stand out from the crowd, is the inclusion of app-control.

Like other toys in the We-Vibe range, the Melt can be controlled using the We-Connect app so you can share your play with a third party – it’s ideal for long distance relationships.

Fully waterproof and made from body-safe materials, the We-Vibe is doing more than melting the hearts of its users.

Available in a choice of two colors (Midnight Blue or Pink), the We-Vibe Melt is priced at $149.

Womanizer Premium Eco


Best Oral Sex Toys For Women womanizer premium eco
Go green and have truly guilt free orgasms with this eco sex toy.

Launched in 2014 by a European designer based in Bavaria, Germany, Womanizer creates amazing sex toys for women which focus on powerful clitoral orgasms.

They created a toy using patented Pleasure AirTM Technology which stimulates the clit without direct contact. Instead, the device encircles your clit whilst pulsed air gently sucks and vibrates with explosive results!

And whilst Womanizer products all incorporate this design, we chose this latest model because not only is it good for you but it’s great for the environment too.

Made from a body-safe biolene material, this is a eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastics. In fact, everything about the Womanizer Premium Eco has been designed with sustainability in mind. From the rechargeable batteries and materials to the packaging and accessories, this toy is fully recyclable.

Plus, for every Premium Eco sold, Womanizer plants a tree!

Incorporating the innovative Smart Silence technology, the device is whisper quiet during use despite offering up to 12 different intensity levels.

The only downside to the Premium Eco is that it isn’t fully waterproof; Womanizer say its splashproof but not a toy you can take into the tub with you, sorry.

Priced at $199, the Premium Eco is only available in one color (pink) but comes with a cotton pouch, USB charging cable and two different sized stimulator head attachments.

Cuddly Bird by Biird


Best Oral Sex Toys For Women cuddly bird biird obii
It may look cute but this little birdie will have you singing a whole new tune.

This innovative little oral sex simulator won its designers a Red Dot design award in 2019 for its functionality and subtlety.

Yes, it really is a sex toy but looking at this cute little product you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for some a piece of modern art.

In fact, this super squishy and silky-smooth device is a powerful clit sucker which, combined with intense vibrations, gives you a mind-blowing bit of oral-like action.

Another product which uses pressure waves to deliver strong sensations, you can choose from up to 3 differen suction intensities or switch the Cuddly Bird to vibration mode.

And we just love the wireless base charging station which doubles up as a mood light. Just place this toy on its ‘nest’, cover with the special dome and you get an instant glow as it repowers.

Priced at $131 including sales tax you can choose from a range of three different colors direct from the manufacturer (Mint Green/Bubblegum Pink/Biird Yellow).

Oh, and just like the Womanizer Premium Eco, for every Biird purchased a tree is planted on your behalf making this an excellent eco-friendly choice.

Tongue Vibrators

Designed to replicate the look, touch or action of a tongue, these toys are, fundamentally, types of bullet vibrators.

LELO Ora 3


The Intelligent Oral Sex Simulator

Best Oral Sex Toys For Women lelo ora 3
A pocket size travel companion that will go down on you anywhere, anytime.

The Ora 3 designed by LELO is the latest evolution from the award-winning Swedish sex toy manufacturer.

Using their patented PreMotion™ Technology, the Ora 3 more effectively simulates the action of a real tongue.

Offering a mixture of circling pressure and targeted vibration, the Ora 3 is 25% faster than its predecessor and reportedly feels as close to oral sex as you can get….or better!

The ergonomic design means it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and can be used on other areas before you settle down for the main course.

And we love the look of this little device.

Futuristic and unintimidating, it wouldn’t look too out of place if it fell out of your purse at the airport.

But what we love about the Ora 3 most is the 12 pleasure settings you can choose from to satisfy your demands.

From a teasing murmur through to a throbbing pulse, they’re all whisper quiet.

Plus, this bad boy is 100% waterproof so you can even take it int the shower with you.

Available in a choice of three colors (Aqua/Deep Rose/Midnight Blue) the Ora 3 comes wth a satin storage pouch and USB charging cable. This sex toy is currently priced at $169.99 (RRP).

Power Buddies Clitoral Tongue Vibrator


Best Oral Sex Toys For Women Power Buddies Clitoral Tongue Vibrator
Don’t be scared! This monster tongue can send you to dreamland in an instant.

This slightly alien looking pocket vibrator is designed to look and feel like tongue (?).

And whilst we can’t honestly say we’d let anyone with a mouth like this anywhere near our valuables, the reviews for this product speak for themselves.

A basic bullet vibrator at its core, the funky looking silicone sleeve is soft and flexible and tapered to  add a flickering action to your playtime.

Fully waterproof for tub-time, the Power Buddies tongue vibrator sleeve can be removed and placed on other bullet vibrators.

A single speed toy, it’s an ideal entry level sex toy at a price of just $11.99.

Available to but from sex stores like Love Honey.

We-Vibe Touch


Best Oral Sex Toys For Women we-vibe touch
A classic bullet vibrator shaped and textured almost like a tongue.

One of We-Vibe’s bestselling toys for over a decade, the Touch is a classic bullet vibrator.

Ambiguously designed to look like a cross between a tongue and a finger, it might be small but it packs a lot of power.

Perfect for anyone who eschews anatomic tongues, this little toy concentrates all its action on vibration in a neat little design.

With 8 pattern modes ranging from Pulse, Tease and Wave through to Ultra and the toe-curling ‘Cha-Cha’, the Touch is waterproof and rechargeable.

What we love about the Touch is that it lets you know when its reaching low power so you aren’t left short mid-action.

Another whisper-quiet sex toy, you can pick up a We-Vibe Touch from around $80.

Snazzy Smooth Operator


Best Oral Sex Toys For Women snazzy smooth operator tickler vibes
Surrender to the snazzy clit tickler, this is truly one smooth operator.

Founded in 2009, Tickler is a sex toy designer with a contemporary edge. Their products are functional but also pretty stylish.

And we think their Smooth Operator range, launched in 2017, is a good example of intuitive design.

The Snazzy clit vibrator is yet another bullet style device but this ingenious little toy comes with a cleverly shaped head which engulfs the clit.

The soft silicone ‘lips’ give a fantastic feel and the four different patterns of powerful rumbly vibrations will definitely hit the right spot.

Fully waterproof and rechargeable, it comes with a one-year manufacturers warranty.

You can pick up a Snazzy Smooth Operator from online sex stores like Rolik for around $90 but Tickler Vibes has a full list of resellers on its website.

Oral Simulators

This next category of oral sex toys for women are designed around the ‘lapping’ action you get with tonge-on-clit fun.

Sqweel 2 Oral Sex Simulator


Best Oral Sex Toys For Women sqweel 2
For the full licking and lapping experience, the Sqweel will have you squealing.

The Sqweel is the world’s best selling oral sex toy for women and its not hard to see what its aim is from the design.

A spinning wheel with 10 mounted ‘tongues’ will deliver a lapping and flicking sensation over the tip of your clit. And the latest design is 30% more powerful and includes a reverse and flickering function for added fun.

Made from super-smooth and super-soft silicone, the tongues are firm enough to impress you with their skills but without rubbing you raw(!).

Measuring just 5 inches, the Sqweel 2 is available in black or white or you can opt for a more portable Go version of the Sqweel. It’s worth pointing out that the Sqweel 2 runs on batteries whilst the Go model is rechargeable.

Priced at around $35, they’re a pretty decent option on a budget and you’ll be surprised by how much you get for your money.

Available from LoveHoney, the Sqweel comes in a travel friendly case.

Lelo Sila


Best Oral Sex Toys For Women lelo sila
This soft mouth will engulf your clit and give you some of the best head you’ve ever had.

Winner of Luxury Brand of the Year at the XBIZ Europa Awards 2021, Lelo is a European sex toy designer we’ve covered plenty on Red Light Network.

Their products are not only innovative and sexy in design but they are top dog when it comes to functionality.

Using sonic waves, the Sila encompasses the clitoris and hood with its ‘mouth’ and delivers 8 different pleasure settings. Ranging from a teasing murmur to a powerful pulse, the whole experience is whisper quiet…..well, the toy is anyway!

Sculpted to fit your body like a glove using extra smooth silicone, the Sila is 100% waterproof making it perfect for the shower or bath.

Fully rechargeable with up to 120 minutes of playtime, the beauty of this clitoral ‘sucking’ toy is the wide area it stimulates. So not only does the tip of your clit itself get some attention but the whole hood and body does too.

The proof lies with the many thousands of satisfied customer reviews that Lelo can boast about the Sila and most women report sensual, slow building but powerful orgasms and that’s good enough for us.

The Sila is priced at $169 and comes in a choice of colors (Aqua/Lilac/Pink).

Double Fun

Our last selection of oral sex toys for women offer a combination of clitoral stimulation along with secondary pleasures including penetration, labial massage and more.

Volta by Fun Factory


Best Oral Sex Toys For Women volta fun factory
A double tipped tongue sounds like a dream come true!!!

The Volta is an instant hit with its dual tip design meaning you can stimulate both the clit as well as the surrounding area.

And the way you use this device is up to you; for some women, the dual focus could be on the clit and hood, the clit and labia or even the clit and vaginal entrance.

The head and shaft of this toy not only vibrate but the tips of the two ‘tongues’ also tap. Combined with some slippery lube, this extra sensation is remarkably like oral sex.

With 6 speeds and 6 preset patterns, the rumbly vibration and fluttering is a powerful way to build up your pleasure.

Designed with an easy to hold loop handle and fully waterproof, it’s designed to be an external vibrator but has an insertable length of 5.5”.

The only downside to this toy is that the battery life is just 40-120 minutes which means if you like your power levels on high then you’ll have to be quick!

Available in three colors (Blackberry/Petrol/Black) the Volta is available to buy direct from Fun Factory at a price of $139.99.

Womanizer Duo Stimulator


Best Oral Sex Toys For Women womanizer duo
For the woman who wants extra with her oral sex, the Duo is perfect.

As we’ve mentioned above with the Premium Eco, Womanizer is an innovative designer of contact-free clitoral stimulators which use air-pulse technology.

The result is a mind-blowing sensation for the clitoris; sort of a combination of sucking, pulsing and gentle massage.

The lack of direct pressure can stop the clit from getting desensitized too quickly during a session of solo play and the results can be extremely explosive.

And this little baby packs a similar punch to the Premium Eco but with some added benefits.

Yes, this device incorporates a sleek internal vibrator which delivers powerful and intense penetrative joy direct to your G-spot.

With 10 vibration patterns and 12 intensity levels, there are tons of ways to play. Plus, with a choice of two sizes of stimulation head, the device should fit all clit shapes.

And as with all Womanizer products, the powerful vibrations are whisper quiet thanks to the Smart Silence technology. An innovative little feature, the toy only turns on when it’s in contact with the body!

For pleasure times two, the Duo Stimulator is a gold standard in oral sex simulation.

Priced at $219 and available in a choice of four colors (Blueberry/Raspberry/Black-Gold/Bourdeaux-Gold) you can order direct from the manufacturer.

Jimmyjane Apex


Best Oral Sex Toys For Women jimmyjane apex
The ultimate pleasure toy, you can use it inside and out to give you triple the fun.

Our final selection of oral sex toy for women is the Jimmyjane Apex and, really, this toy should have its own category. Because not only is this device double the fun but triple the pleasure.

Launched in 2004, Jimmyjane has become one of the leading developers of luxury personal pleasure products in the US. From their iconic 24k gold vibrator to decadent massage candles they are innovative, bold and sassy.

And whilst all of their products have been well-received, the Apex is a bit of a game-changer.

One of their bestselling toys for a good reason, this unique design delivers suction, vibration and G-spot stimulation for the ultimate orgasm.

At the head of affairs, you have a suction cup which encloses a neat little ‘tongue’ attachment which delivers seven different patterns. All designed around the same action as oral sex, you’ll be blown away (literally) by the dual sensation of intense suction and gentle massage.

And BOTH the suction and massage can be varied to suit you.

Now add in four powerful motors with ten different patterns for some vibration and you can see why this toy has become a firm fan favorite.

And when you want some deep penetration, you can flip the toy around and the handle becomes an insertable vibrator. Anatomically designed to stimulate the G-spot, this is one exciting toy,

Fully submersible, the Apex can be enjoyed in the tub or shower and is just as good for nipple and anal play as it is for clitoral and vaginal.

What we love about the design of this toy is that it’s fast to recharge. With a magnetic USB rechargeable battery, you get up to 2 hours of playtime but it only takes 1-2 hours to fully recharge it up again.

Priced at $200, this isn’t a cheap toy but it might well be the last one you ever have to buy. Seriously, it is THAT good.

Tips for Better Oral Sex with Sex Toys

All of the above toys have been specifically designed to stimulate the clitoris and/or labia to mimic the action of oral sex.

And most of these are pretty damned good at doing it without any help. However, we’ve got a couple of great tips which could help you super-maximize your enjoyment.

Apart from the obvious, one of the main reasons why oral sex can be so enjoyable is that the action down there is all so slippery and wet.

Which is why we’d recommend the use of plenty of lube when you are using any of these toys.

tips for better oral sex women
A good amount of lube is key to getting the best experience with these toys.

Another way to enhance the sensations that are being focused on your clit is to use an orgasm balm or oil. Usually infused with natural essences like menthol and arginine, these topical potions increase the tingly sensations and heighten arousal and pleasure.

Some contain extracts which improve blood flow to the clitoris, all of which can really supercharge your orgasms.

Another way to boost your solo playtime with oral sex toys is to titivate other senses too. Many women enjoy visual stimulation as much as guys and porn for women can be really exciting….particularly VR POV content.

Filmed from the perspective of a female porn star, with the aid of a headset, users can experience the same viewpoint.

Lastly, but by no means least, a session with any of these clitoral stimulators and oral sex toys is pretty much guaranteed to give you plenty of bang for your buck so make sure you enjoy it fully.

Give yourself plenty of time to relax, lock the doors, turn off the phone but above all make sure your toys are fully charged before you start. Most of those we have detailed above will give you around an hour of play before the cop out on you.

However, some require batteries so definitely stock up before you settle down to enjoy!

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