The Best Multiplayer Sex Games And RPGs

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Multiplayer sex games boast a community of players seeking escapism from real-life.

Want to get away from the stresses and strains of the real world and explore your fantasies online?

The good news is there are plenty of highly engaging online worlds where you can do just that: get your kink on in a safe space.

Our favorite MMO sex games right now are YaReel and Red Light Center. YaReel is like a dirty clone of The Sims. You create an avatar and live out your virtual life in a world with other players. Except the main activities in this world are dating and fucking. Close rival Red Light Center is another super immersive 3D world, based on the brothel-lined streets of Amsterdam. It’s highly engrossing, very funny and NSFW.

Finally, if you’re looking for a graphically stunning multiplayer sex simulator, take a look at 3DXChat. It’s visually intense – and it even syncs up to a vStroker Fleshlight! 

In our feature below, we take a comprehensive look at the best multiplayer sex games and RPGs. From 2D adventure islands, to 3D social networks, to reality gaming.

These are the worlds you’ll want to explore again, again, and again. 😉

The Best Multiplayer Sex Games and Virtual Worlds For Adults


best multiplayer sex games utherverse red light center
Utherverse: The 3D Social Center for Adults.

A part of the Red Light Center, Utherverse (pronounced OtherVerse) is a digital world populated by players looking for a truly adult gaming experience.

Part game, part social network, Utherverse is an online community consisting of around 50 million players worldwide. In it you get to choose exactly who you are, what you look like, the kind of job you have and the people you want to get intimate with.

Originally released in 2006, the game has been developed over time and now offers a pretty comprehensive virtual world modeled (originally) on the red-light districts of Amsterdam.

Nominated for various adult industry awards, the game lets you live a second life where you can host and attend parties, conferences and other events as well as connect with other players.

And it is this last element which really makes this game sing. Yes, you can play around in the virtual city and life your fantasy life, even interact with non-players and have some fun but you can also form bonds with other users, add them to your social network and hook up online.

The games does a great trade in online weddings with many couples meeting through Utherverse. Hell, you can even get a job in the game as a wedding planner to earn digital currency.

Which is another element of Utherverse which is pretty special; known as Rays, this virtual money can be earned, won or traded on a healthy online marketplace with daily exchange rates.

The game is free to play but as with most freemium models, the best experience is only available if you upgrade to a premium membership.

This costs $20 a month (or $29.99 if you want the ultra-VIP package) which allows you far more functionality and opens features like restricted regions of the game, VoIP chats and access to more nudity.

One of the best multiplayer sex games on the market today.

You can read a full review of Utherverse in our recent feature here.


best multiplayer sex games 3dx chat
3DXChat is a multiplayer online 3D sex game, community and virtual world.

Originally released in 2012, 3DX Chat is one of the top multiplayer sex games on the market. Winner of multiple awards including Most Innovative 3D Sex Game of the Year, the gameplay offers a realistic second life where you can live out your adult fantasies.

Visually, it is one of the more impressive games out there and the team have created a virtual world with ultra-realistic interactions and high-res graphics.

You basically start by creating yourself an avatar which you can customize from the hair on your head right down to the hair on your genitals. Once you’re happy with the new ‘You’, simply start exploring this world and interacting with others.

There isn’t much in the way of ‘gaming’ to be had here and the main draw for 3DX Chat users is the virtual sex you can have.

Yes, you can head to parties, stores and other player’s homes and chat with others along the way but you won’t be given quests or missions to complete as you do so.

As a roleplay game you are simply casting yourself in the role of an alternate online version of yourself and hoping to form relationships with others.

The game allows you to hook up casually or form more lasting social connections but doesn’t offer the same level of social networking as something like Utherverse.

One of the main benefits of playing 3DX Chat is the fact that the game offers an incredibly immersive experience with the addition of VR (compatible with Oculus Rift CV1). If you are lucky enough to have a vStroker Fleshlight too then you can really get the full benefit of this technically advanced sex game.

In order to play 3DX Chat you will need a subscription and there are three payment options available:

  • One Month: $19.99
  • Six Months: $59.99 (equivalent to $9.99 per month)
  • Twelve Months: $91.99 (equivalent to $7.67 per month)

You can read our full review of 3DX Chat here.

Chathouse 3D

best multiplayer sex games chathouse 3d
Experience interactive 3D Cybersex with REAL people!

Chathouse 3D is another game which has been around for a long time which means it has built up a huge following and has also ironed out most of its glitches.

A multiplayer chat and sex sim, this game has also won many awards and is regularly updated with new elements including new costumes, sexual positions, sex toys and niche kinks. The community around the game is pretty active and there is a good level of social networking that you can do through Chathouse 3D.

Offering highly detailed customization, you can set yourself up to be anyone you like. Fancy being a tattooed skater girl? A well-groomed CEO? Or, how about a FemDom? With a massive selection of clothing and facial/body features to change, this is one of the best (and most user-friendly) avatar creation games we know.

Once you’ve set yourself up, you can get started exploring this virtual world and creating an online life for yourself. Meet, date, chat and have sex with other players including some who work as escorts. These partners you will have to pay to enjoy.

One of the nice features of Chathouse 3D is that you can switch to Single mode meaning you don’t need to interact with real players if you choose not to. This can be a relief if you are not getting any luck in the dating game…ever wish there was a real life equivalent?

Just like 3DX Chat, Chathouse 3D is also designed to work with interactive sex toys like the Fleshlight vStroker and Kiiro Onyx as well as being compatible with VR headsets.

You can play the game for free with limited access but to get the best experience of Chathouse 3D including entry to the members’ forum you will need to buy a subscription. Current prices for membership is:

  • One month for $9.95
  • Three months for $24.95
  • Six months for $44.95

You can read our full review of Chathouse 3D here.


best multiplayer sex games achat
Enjoy countless sex poses, control the action, live the sex scene with AChat.

AChat has been around for over a decade and although the graphics don’t compete with the likes of 3DX Chat and Chathouse 3D, it does offer a reasonably sophisticated virtual experience. Similar to both in terms of offering dating, flirting and sex simulation, the software has been downloaded over 1.2 million times.

Its simple enough to use and there are no missions or challenges here, instead you get to free roam and explore whilst interacting with as many people as  you can. Opportunities for more intimate meetings can happen and its up to you how you proceed.

There are around 30 locations to enjoy including 5 open spaces and private meeting rooms in which you can enjoy 560 sexual positions. Each has around 20 variations to them meaning there are 11,200 ways to have sex with AChat.

Your avatar is completely customizable with more 10,000 body options and 900+ variations of clothing.

With a reasonably active members forum, there are also some good options here for networking outside of the game. Free to play but with in-app purchases for additional toys, clothes, sex poses and backgrounds you can upgrade to a monthly subscription at a cost of $9.95 per month.

Second Life

best multiplayer sex games second life
Second Life is home to plenty of adult-orientated hangouts from seedy streets to kinky bars. .

Second Life is one of the most well-known online virtual worlds and although not technically a ‘game’, it does offer a lot of similarities to RPGs or sex/dating sims.

However, it is important to note that there are no overarching goals or aims here and Second Life is a free roaming environment where each player gets to live their online lives.

Intended to be used by players who are aged 18 and over, Second Life players can interact with others in the game in the same way as you can in real life and this includes, flirting, dating and having sex as well as forming more lasting relationships.

It’s a comprehensive and complex world in which you can get a job, socialize, go on holiday and run your own home .

There are hundreds of stores, destinations and activities to get involved in with some people even running their own successful Second Life businesses. Some players even choose to go to school in the game or visit art galleries…there really is something for everyone.

Overall, the platform lends itself well to people who enjoy being part of an active and diverse online community but who are prepared to commit considerable time to building a second life.

At its peak, Second Life was pulling in regular users of around 1.1 million but now has around 800,000 registered active members. However, this is still a huge world  to explore and there is plenty on offer for those with NSFW tastes.

If you do decide to give it a try, check out clubs like Indulge & Cocky and Black Planet for a taste of the adult side of Second Life. There are also burlesque clubs, BDSM dungeons and sex workers all active on the scene PLUS specific adult role playing environments.

Free to play on a basic membership you can upgrade to a premium subscription for more features and access to restricted areas for a cost of $9.95 per month.

Read our guide to sex in Second Life.

MNF Club

best multiplayer sex games mnf club
Meet, chat and have fun with numbers of people from all around the globe.

MNF (Meet N Fuck) Club is a relatively new addition to the available collection of multiplayer sex games and is a quirky little 2D adventure game.

Set on a small island which you can fully explore, you can interact with other players using basic chat functions; either privately or in a group.

Start off by choosing your avatar and then you are deposited on the island, utterly homeless but with a grand in your pocket. The rest is now up to you…

You can earn more cash by completing mini-games which are pretty simple, very addictive and a whole lot of fun to play. Hook up with other users by inviting (or being invited by) them and head to a hotel or apartment for some adult fun. If you enjoyed their (ahem) ‘company’ then you can add them to your social network and find them again in future sessions.

There’s a pretty decent online member’s forum so you can also connect with players outside of the game environment too.

And, if you get tired of just having sex, you can concentrate on the gameplay by earning money, buying a property and generally building a life for yourself on the island.

You can play MNF Club for free but (again) if you want to get the best experience, open more features and advance more quickly then it pays to have a premium subscription:

  • 30 Days – $9.95 per month
  • 90 Days – $8.32 per month
  • 180 Days – $6.65 per month
  • 365 Days – $5.83 per month

You can find our recent review of the MNF Club here.


best multiplayer sex games sociolotron
Live out your fantasies online with Sociolotron.

As the name would suggest, this online RPG game is all about getting social as well as gaming. It’s a multiplayer sex game with a twist.

Set in some kind of dystopian future, this adult-adventure game is based around a post-apocalyptic London. Dark and with some elements of BDSM thrown in, players can interact with one another, chat or hook up as well as take part in complex tasks to advance your fantasies.

Though not as visually stunning as some of the other games on our list, Sociolotron is a sophisticated world in which you can blackmail people, kill monsters, eliminate your enemies and even build empires.

Players can run a variety of businesses or organisations from bars to government and, of course, employ other users to work for them. Just as in Utherverse, there is an economy operated in Sociolotron where you can harvest the raw materials to produce goods and then trade them.

Role playing is the key to the game here and it is up to you how you navigate the social ranking system; either fly under the radar or climb the ladder to celebrity status. Not interested in the general rules of society? Then you can join or start a cult or sect. There are pretty much no rules in the game and few limits on how you play.

Incorporating the underworld, afterlife, magic and prostitution, Sociolotron will appeal to game geeks who are happy to swap high-res graphics in exchange for in-depth gameplay.

Oh, and you need to be aware that (unlike in other RPGs) you can die in Sociolotron, be forced into prostitution, be discriminated against and even go to jail for weeks at a time. So, if you are ready to experience a world with very different social values and laws then try it out.

The cost to play the game is:

  • $4 for the first 30 days
  • $9.95 per month after that
  • After 6 month your price will be lowered to $8.95 per month
  • After 1 year your price will be lowered to $7.95 per month


best multiplayer sex games yareel
Find, flirt and be naughty with other real people with YaReel.

One of the most user-friendly multiplayer sex games, YaReel is based on the popular social game, Unity. After you set up your own avatar you can flirt, date and have sex with other players and create an alternate life for yourself.

The main purpose of the game is to date other players and you are able to browse for other users or let the game randomly select your next partner. The sex part is up to you but there are options which allow you to try a threesome or even a gangbang so you can ‘meet’ more people. Sex earns you rewards so the more you get, the more bonuses and coins you receive.

There are daily quests to complete and you can roam a little but there’s not much more to this as a ‘game’. However, as an online dating and sex sim where you can actually interact with real people, it is pretty good. What’s more you can also connect with players in real life so you do get a social networking function too.

Likened to (basic) NSFW version of The Sims, YaReel is available to play on PC as well as on Android devices. It is entirely free to play and download but there are in-game purchases.

It is worth pointing out that the developers are currently working on a new version of this game and fans of the title can help support this work through the crowdfunding/content subscription platform, Patreon. Regular Patrons will get early access to the game as well as other bonuses and incentives for donating.

Genital Jousting

best multiplayer sex games genital jousting
Don’t be a Dick…be a John! Genital Jousting is in the category of absurd multiplayer sex games.

And finally, we have a multiplayer party game in the form of this quirky little offering from Devolver Digital.

Available to play online or locally with up to 8 players simultaneously, Genital Jousting is just as absurd as it sounds. Basically, you take control of John…a detached and floppy penis complete with balls and an anus…to complete a series of challenges against friends or online opponents.

There is no social element to the game but it is a whole lot more fun than it sounds. Take part in events like the Weiner Round Up, Obstacle Intercourse and Double Delight to jostle your way to the top of the pack. Penetrate or be penetrated in a fast-fire game of silly and sexually suggestive tasks.

Free to play on Steam, we thought we’d finish on this throbbingly good game to wind down after a hard day gaming. Have fun…

What are your favorite multiplayer sex games?

Featured image via 3DX Chat.


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