The 9 Best Long Distance Sex Toys

Can’t be with your loved one but still want to satisfy each other?

Though not ideal, there is no reason why being physically apart from your partner should stop you both having an active and satisfying sex life. Sure, sexting and dirty phone calls combined with a spot of mutual masturbation can go some way to scratching that itch but what if there was another solution? Fortunately there is; long-distance sex toys are a high-tech answer to the problem of being separated from your lover.

In this feature, we take a look at those sex toys that can be operated remotely to give your love life a boost even when you can’t physically be together.

Long Distance Sex & The Coronavirus Pandemic

As we hit the press on this feature, the timing couldn’t be more apt as couples all across the world have become separated by strict lockdown measures. For many, the coronavirus pandemic has forced them apart from loved ones and has meant having to rely on some creative solutions to keep the ‘love alive’ in lockdown.

Best Long Distance Sex Toys lockdown sex
Don’t let being alone stop you from getting intimate with your partner. Image via PickPic.

This very real problem affects those people who don’t live with their partner or who are kept apart by other reasons including those who are self-isolating and/or shielding others and even affecting those key workers who cannot return to their loved ones after they finish their shifts. There are still even reports of those people who are stuck abroad and unable to arrange for flights home.

Whatever the reasons, COVID19 has forced a lot of people to consider long distance (or remote) sex as a way to maintain the ‘physical’ side of their relationships.

And, beyond the impact of the current crisis, the problem of maintaining a sex life with a long distance lover is something shared by many couples.

Fortunately, the tech world is way ahead of the pandemic and has already addressed this problem. So, there are lots of options available for couples to explore an active sex life together when they can’t be in the same room.

We’ve recently published a few features which can give you some extra ideas on ways to get hot with your partner under lockdown but here we’ll be taking a look specifically at remotely operated sex toys.

Don’t forget that you can combine this kind of ‘physical’ play with a video call to really enhance the intimacy.

App Controlled Sex Toys

Basically, remotely operated vibrators, cock rings, butt plugs, prostate massagers, love eggs and male masturbators, these sex toys all connect to an app through which you can share control with your partner.

Best Long Distance Sex Toys we vibe
Sex toy designers like We-Vibe produce toys that can be controlled using an app. Image We-Vibe.

Most are wireless (using Bluetooth) and work over WiFi enabling anyone with access the power over your orgasms.

They can be used individually whilst some can be operated in tandem to really enhance the mutual and shared pleasure of sex.

The choice of toy will be entirely down to what works best to get you ‘motivated’ and there is a lot of choice in all departments.

We’ve chosen our favorite long distance sex toys below and tried to cover a range of budget options for both men and women. Somewhere down below (!) there is the perfect solution to your isolation blues…

Couples Toys

Our first set of toys are those that can be purchased together and operated in tandem to deliver a mutually satisfying experience.

The Lovense Max and Nora Combo

Best Long Distance Sex Toys lovense max and nora combo
Images via Lovense.

Both of these toys work brilliantly as standalone sex toys but can also be operated long distance by your partner. However, the genius behind this set is that they can be synchronized over an app so they are controlled by the opposing device.

In practice, this means that whatever you are doing to your toy, your partner should be able to feel in theirs.

The Nora is a rabbit vibrator whilst the Max is an automatic air pump masturbator; together the thrust and speed of the max translates into the vibration speed and rotation of the Nora and vice versa.

Lovense is one of the best known and trusted brands for this kind of product and they have a wide range of devices which can be operated long distance. We’ve included a few of these in our selections below but this great combo for lovers in lockdown can be purchased for just $160.

One of the best reasons to choose a Lovense sex toy is the fact that you can use them on a secure video-chat platform and save the sent data to replay at another time. With such intimate playback details, many military couples prefer these features over those of Skype.

The Kiiroo Onyx 2 + Pearl 2 Combo

Best Long Distance Sex Toys kiiroo onyx 2 and pearl 2
Image via Kiiroo.

Kiiroo are another brand that pioneered the remote-controlled sex toy and they also have a great range of solo-play toys that can be doubled up to be operated by your partner. Again, these connect via Bluetooth and use an app on your smartphone to offer fully interactive long distance sex.

One of the nice things about the Kiiroo range is that they are also compatible with many VR porn sites which means if you get tired of playing with each other, you can sample some immersive adult content online.

These are known as some of the best ‘Pornhub sex toys’ for good reason!

Kiiroo has a few couples sets available which marry up their most popular toys but this combo is our pick. The Onyx (reviewed here) is a soft-touch male masturbator with a real-feel sleeve and ten contracting rings which slide up and down the shaft. When paired with the Pearl 2, this simulates the sensations of intercourse and can be further controlled using a touch sensitive trackpad to control the speed and stroke of your partner’s device.

The Pearl 2 is soft silicone G-spot vibrator with a powerful motor and a very comfortable design.

These toys can also be paired with another Pearl 2 or Onyx 2 making it one of only a few designs on the market offered for gay men and lesbians who want to indulge in some long-distance sex.

The set (Onyx and Pearl) is priced at $289 and is available direct from the manufacturer’s website.

We-Vibe WeConnect

Best Long Distance Sex Toys wevibe weconnect
Image via WeVibe.

Another sex toy manufacturer known for their interactive and remote controlled devices, We-Vibe has a great selection of cock rings, female oral sex simulators, vibrators and anal toys aimed at bringing long-distance couples together.

You can choose from a combination of the We-Vibe Sync (a clitoral/G-spot wearable vibrator), a vibrating ring (Pivot or Verge) and the Ditto, an anal plug.

With the WeConnect app you can synchronize your devices and take over control of the intensity and modes. There is also a custom video/text chat platform for more secure and intimate play.

What’s nice about this product combo is the ability to customize your settings and the ability to save these so you can play them over (and over) again.

Each of the We-Vibe products are priced individually and range from $109 to $149.


This selection of long-distance sex toys are primarily for women but some (like the bullet vibes) can be used in lots of creative ways to stimulate your partner remotely.

Lush 2 by Lovense

Best Long Distance Sex Toys lovense lush 2
Image via Lovense.

This wearable egg vibrator is an improved design from Lovense and now includes a more powerful (yet whisper quiet) motor to help your partner send you into orbit!

Able to be connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone app, there are unlimited vibration patterns to really mix things up plus the device even responds to sound for some interesting solo play!

A discreet and comfortable long distance sex toy, you could easily be wearing this without anyone knowing what (or who) is making you squirm.

The Lush 2 is USB rechargeable and delivers 2.5-3 hours of battery life and is available to buy for just $99.

OhMiBod Esca 2 App Love Egg Vibrator

Best Long Distance Sex Toys kiiroo esca 2 ohmibod
Image via Kiiroo.

A versatile wearable app-controlled sex toy, the Esca 2 by Kiiroo is a real pleasure to use!

Made from body-safe materials and with a G-spot centric design, this is next-level intensity when it comes to long-distance play with your lover.

A popular choice with cam models, it is able to interact with a lot of different Kiiroo devices. This design is also compatible with plenty of VR content online and comes with an LED for visual display of the intensity of your vibrations.

Priced at $119, you can pick one up directly from the manufacturer.

MysteryVibe Crescendo

Best Long Distance Sex Toys mysteryvibe crescendo
Image via MysteryVibe.

A unisex vibrator that is just as good at stimulating the G-spot and clitoris as it is the perineum and penis. The award-winning design is made from premium body-safe silicone, is 100% waterproof and is as flexible as fuck to really reach those erogenous zones.

Powerful too and with with six motors, this toy comes with a smart app so you can pass over total control to your partner, wherever they are in the world.

Available at a price of $149.99 each, you can currently save $50 via the retailer’s website if you buy two together. Or you can opt for a male wearable with the Tenuto (see below).

Fucking Machine

The MotorBunny is a ride-on fucking machine that delivers greater thrust and intensity than handheld devices alone. Popular with cam and porn stars, these machines are known for packing powerful thrust with stroke length and speed all being adjustable and controlled remotely.

Not cheap, you can purchase a starter kit with several attachments plus a LINK wireless internet controller for $1,199.

Male Sex Toys

And finally, whilst some of the above devices may be considered unisex and can be used for both him and her, these sex toys are exclusively for the guys.

MysteryVibe Tenuto

Best Long Distance Sex Toys mysteryvibe tenuto
Image via MysteryVibe.

The Tenuto is a male wearable sex toy that features six anatomically positioned motors to stimulate both the penis and the perineum.

Designed from flexible silicone, it adapts around the base of the shaft and sits comfortably to deliver intense orgasms and all controlled using the MysteryVibe remote app. There are some great pre-set vibrations or you can both enjoy exploring your own designs.

The device is 100% waterproof meaning you can even take it into the shower with you.

Priced at $149.99, you can pick up one of these award-winning long-distance sex toys directly from MysteryVibe.

Vector Prostate Massager

Best Long Distance Sex Toys wevibe vector
Image via We-Vibe.

This anal love toy by We-Vibe is perfectly designed for anal insertion yet with a comfortable and ergonomic base to stimulate the perineum too.

Designed with medical experts, the massager is extremely comfortable and safe to use and offers incredible vibrations. All of which are controlled by the app so you can give your partner the power to play with intensity, vibe modes and speed.

Whisper quiet with two motors and ten distinctly different modes, this delivers plenty of remote fun.

The We-Vibe Vector prostate massager is priced at $139.

Featured image via PxHere.

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