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Looking for the best lesbian porn games? Want to indulge in some girl-on-girl action where you control everything?

The adult game industry has been maturing over the last decade and now features some amazing XXX titles which offer everything from impressive 4K graphics on sex simulator games, to crazy worlds that incorporate complex fantasy and adventure story lines.

Unfortunately when it comes to lesbian sex games, this genre has often been overlooked somewhat in favor of male/female games. However, the tide has been turning!

There are some excellent lesbian porn games if you know where to look. Our pick of the bunch includes Girlvania: Summer Lust – a Windows-only lesbian sex simulator with a huge following. It’s the same studio that produces Active Dolls (another popular girl on girl sex game for PC). But if you are looking for variety and choice, the best place to find lesbian sex games is undoubtedly the Nutaku Network. It has dozens of titles featuring lesbian action, including 20 (!) that we have profiled below.

In this Lesbian Games Guide, we take you on a whirlwind tour of some of the hottest lesbian porn games and all-female sex simulators. Some are download-only, others can be played directly in your browser or on a mobile phone.

Let’s take a look!

Our Pick of the Best Lesbian Porn Games

What are the best lesbian porn games

So what are the best NSFW titles for girl-on-girl lesbian action?

From lesbian sex simulators, to hentai clickers and visual adventures… you’ll find plenty of engaging titles in our list below!

For male-on-male, see our alternative guide to the best gay porn games.

Girlvania: Summer Lust


Girlvania is one of the bestselling lesbian adult games on the market and is incredibly popular. It is a 3D sex-simulation game featuring only women so no accidental cock shots here.

The game has recently been updated to provide much improved graphics and now includes ambient occlusion shadows, enhanced skin textures and light scattering.

Not only can you fully customize the style of the models themselves including outfits, hair and makeup but you can also tailor their pubic hair, breast size and skin tones. In addition to the 1000s of outfit combinations, the game also features a lot of toys to play with too.

However, it is the sex-sim element of the game where Girlvania really comes into its own and you can simulate plenty of lesbian action including pussy grinding, anal pleasure, double penetration, threesomes and clit stimulation. Rendered very realistically the girls do not simply stand still whilst they wait for you to take control but the interact with one another including kissing, slapping and stroking.

best lesbian adult games girlvania summer lust
Image via website.

Fully interactive, you can use a ‘virtual’ hand to touch these girls and insert toys…even whilst they are already having sex with another model.

With split screens and a point of view camera you wont miss any of the action from any angle and you can save your favorite shots to your gallery.

Allowing for free-roaming play or the ability to work towards goals, Girlvania is one of the best lesbian adult games around.

Lastly, if you do find yourself growing tired of what is on offer then you can also add the Legs and Feet expansion pack which should give anyone with a foot fetish something to get their rocks on with.

The game is only available to play on PC (Windows only) but does not require an internet connection once the game has been downloaded.

Girlvania may be purchased from the Girlvanic Studios store for a price of $39.99 and you can also buy the expansion pack (Legs and Feet) for an additional $14.99. You can also try before you buy with a free demo.

See our full Girlvania Summer Lust review.

Active Dolls


best lesbian adult games active dolls

From the same studio that brought you Girlvania, Active Dolls is a nice little sex simulation game. In it you get to customize your very own studio models and have them play with themselves, and each other, on demand. There is a nice selection of toys and outfits that you can use here as well as the obvious fingers, toes and tongue!

There are just six models to choose from but each girl has her own voice, attitude and measurements plus the custom wardrobe.

Basically, Active Dolls puts you in control of your own photo studio and gives you some sexy models to style and control. Use the in-game camera to snap the scenes you want to save and use the full 360 degrees and zoom to get the best angles.

The game is available for Windows only and may be played without an internet connect (once downloaded). The game is currently priced at $29.99 but you can play the free demo to get an idea of it before you buy.

Nutaku Games

The adult gaming platform, Nutaku, was created in 2015 and has gone from strength to strength with its collection of games.

Originally focusing on the genre of hentai and translating popular Japanese titles into English-language, Nutaku is owned by the porn giants, MindGeek (owners of Pornhub, RedTube, YouPorn and studios like BangBros, Digital Playground and Reality Kings).

In 2018, the site expanded its collection to include LGBTQ games and now has an extensive selection of games with primary focus for gay men, lesbians and with a transgender niche.

Games on the main site are available to play for free or with a membership, however there are no such titles for the lesbian market and you must buy each game separately.

Prices range from $1.99 to $35.00 per game (or equivalent Nutaku Gold). Most games are compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux and some can be played on mobile devices.

Atom Grrrl!


best lesbian adult games atom grrrl

A visual novel adventure game that is based around a ‘Tarantino-esque’ comedy, Atom Grrrl! features tattooed tomboys, LezDom, Mafia bosses and crime-ridden streets of the U.S.A.

You follow the character, Jessica L Hustler as she returns home from studying on the island nation of Yamato. Taking the helm of the local gang, the ‘99th Floor’, Hustler soon realises that her family have made powerful enemies with the local crime lord. Together with her friends and her close relatoves, she must take on her foes and defeat them for good.

It’s a tale of revenge, sex, drugs and all played in a tongue-in-cheek style which is highly entertaining and just a little bit addictive.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Price: $10.00 or 1000 Gold Coins

Ecchi Sketch


best lesbian adult games ecchi sketch

A lesbian hentai dating sim, Ecchi Sketch is a cute but erotic game with some nice elements of bondage and LezDom action.

The storyline follows the adventures of Yume Akiyama, a talented illustrator who currently works in a funeral parlour. Her dream job is a career as a Manga artist. Guess what? She gets an opportunity to work at a studio but she needs to be able to juggle her ambitions with her libido. The work environment has plenty of sexy and cute girls who are just begging to be seduced and Akiyama is just the girl to do it.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Price: $10.00 or 1000 Gold Coins

Galaxy Girls


best lesbian adult games galaxy girls

Another visual novel game from Nutaku, Galaxy Girls is a sci-fi adventure set in space. There are multiple endings to explore here and the game has some complex twists and turns which ensure hours of gameplay. There are also lots of added bonus content including trading cards to collect, achievements to earn and plenty of dialog to accompany the high-quality CG artwork.

You play the captain of the ship who wakes from some kind of hyper-sleep to find you are in charge of a hot crew of libidinous girls. Your job, quite simply, is to bed them all and build your own personal harem. However, this is not as easy as you might think and each girl will need some careful wooing before she lets you get your way.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS or Linux

Price: $28.00 or 2800 Gold Coins

Highway Blossoms


best lesbian adult games highway blossoms

A visual/kinetic novel that follows the story of Amber, a lone driver who picks up a hitchhiker and finds the journal of an ancient prospector. Together they must explore the deserts of New Mexico in the hunt for a hidden stash of gold. Obviously the two girls have a lot of sex along the way and there is plenty of twists and turns to follow.

Overall, there is probably enough here to give you six or seven hours of gameplay and the story is nicely put together.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Price: $12.99 or 1299 Gold Coins

Ice and Fire of Maiden


A side-scrolling, action/adventure beat-em up game, Ice and Fire of Maiden is a great 3D lesbian game featuring Viking pirates!

You can only advance in this game by completing each level and unlocking the skills you need to play the next one. It’s quite a sophisticated game that has plenty of sex scenes that you need to master as well as the main combat mode.

  • Defeat your foes and have sex with them on the battlefield.
  • Collect items during the games to help you level up and earn/create those items you need to level up.

It’s an exciting game that is multi-layered but combines sex and combat successfully to offer a ‘northern tour snowfield porn tour’.

There are two modes to play in;

  • Platform play – you must find the key to advance to the next level and take down the enemies you meet along the way.
  • Endless play – if you get stuck on a level then you can simply play at random in this mode. Enjoy as much battle and sex as you can bear!

There is hours of gameplay in this title and definitely a lesbian adult game that is well worth the price.

Compatibility: Windows Only

Price:$14.99 or 1499 Gold Coins

Kindred Spirits On The Roof


best lesbian adult games kindred spirits

Set in an all-girls school where our protagonist is a loner, there are no surprises that she finds companionship in a couple of ghosts….yes, on the roof!

The twist is that these ghosts are the spirits of two girls who fell in love but died before they could consummate their union. Forever doomed to haunt the academy until they finally experience their ‘first time’ together, our protagonist must help them recruit more lesbians and get the insight they need to find out how to have sex.

It’s a cracking little game that is nicely brought to life in some stunning anime artwork and good dialog.

Compatibility: Windows and Mac OS

Price: $35.00 or 3500 Gold Coins

Love, Guitars and The Nashville Skyline


Following a solo road-trip by disaffected ad-agency worker Amanda Etheridge, you get to help her come out of the closet in spectacular fashion as she embarks on a discovery of Nashville.

It’s a richly detailed visual novel game with some great uncensored adult scenes and even better Country music.

The release comes from the same developers as Atom Grrrl and is just as entertaining to play.

Compatibility: Windows and Linux

Price: $15.00 or 1500 Gold Coins

Love Witches


best lesbian adult games love witches

A visual novel game featuring two witches and a tentacle creature, this title is pretty basic from Nutaku and, in all honesty, will not give you more than a few hours of gameplay. That said, there are some nice uncensored sex scenes to unlock and multiple endings.

It is a fantasy game that will appeal to anyone who has a love of tentacle sex but beyond that a limited audience with lesbians in general.

Compatibility: Windows Only

Price: $5.00 or 500 Gold Coins

Mandy’s Room


A 3D animated sex-sim game which is also compatible with Oculus and Vive, Mandy’s Room is a voyeurs dream come true.

In the game, you play Mandy’s bedroom companion…a toy robot. As an asexual character you simply get to watch Mandy get up to some solo-loving. Prior warning…this girl has a libido that is unrivalled even by the standards of a porn addict so get ready for some multi-orgasmic action!

Played in a visual novel style and with high-resolution graphics, Mandy’s Room is a casual game with no way to ‘advance’ or achieve any unlocks. Definitely one you can return to again and again.

Compatibility: Windows and Mac OS

Price: $14.99 or 1499 Gold Coins

Ne No Kami 2


best lesbian adult games ne no kami 2

Part two of an urban fantasy visual novel game, Ne No Kami is a hentai romance story involving princesses, girl knights and conspiracy. It draws on popular legends and folklore from Japan and offers some great uncensored depictions of lesbian sex.

Compatibility: Windows Only

Price: $15.00 or 1500 Gold Coins



best lesbian adult games negligee

This visual novel lesbian adult game takes place in a lingerie shop where our hero, Hannah, must test out her ability to concentrate in a shop where the assistants wander around in skimpy samples.

There are multiple endings and multiple routes to get to them with some great dialog along the way. It’s quite a funny game actually and definitely one we found quite entertaining as well as very appealing/

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS or Linux

Price: $13.00 or 1300 Gold Coins

Sacrament of the Zodiac


best lesbian adult games sacrament of the Zodiac
Image via website.

Yes….another visual novel game. Yes…another hentai game set in a school. Sacrament of the Zodiac follows the story of two girls at a an all-girls academy who are being prepared for a ritual baptizing ceremony.

Graphics are HD and UI and you can change perspectives in real time as this delicate storyline unfolds. The sex scenes are censored with mosaics which is a bit disappointing and the voiceovers are dubbed from Japanese.

Compatibility: Windows Only

Price: $10.00 or 1000 Gold Coins

Sakura Series

best lesbian adult games sakura dungeon

A nice collection of visual novel games the Sakura series has several titles, each in a different genre but each offering similar gameplay, high-quality artwork and great storytelling.

All priced around $10.00 (or 1000 Gold Coins), these games are all compatible with Windows and Linux. Sakura Dungeon is actually $20.00 and is an RPG dungeon-crawler title in which monsters and humans are at war. A much more complex imagining in this series, you can expect fantasy, magic and plenty of saucy action.

Seven Days with a Ghost


There might be a theme developing here but this is another visual novel lesbian adult game which is centered around ghosts and schools… must be a Japanese thing?

Anyway, Seven Days with a Ghost follows the story of Ayako who happens to witness her two friends making love in the dormitory. As she is spying on them, a ghost pops up to do the same thing and surprises Ayako. Alarmed, she screams and reveals her presence as a peeping tom. Her two friends don’t believe the story about the ghost and Ayako must try to get the two girls to have sex again to lure the ghost back. Simple, right?

There are two potential endings that you must work towards and there are plenty of uncensored scenes along the way to reward your efforts. It’s a charming game with some beautiful artwork and a great soundtrack.

Compatibility: Windows Only

Price: $9.99 or 999 Gold Coins

Snowed In


best lesbian adult games snowed in

Snowed In is a short and simple little game that has some quite lewd content which you can access in under an hour.  It’s a sci-fi adventure in a visual novel style with multiple endings and is a game that you can return to again and again.

Featuring lesbian cyborgs in a futuristic military Snowed In also has some mini-games to keep you occupied plus there are a couple of new updates planned for extended gameplay.

Compatibility: Windows Only

Price: $1.99 or 199 Gold Coins



best lesbian adult games stargazers

Three female space pilots are the first to arrive at a new intergalactic outpost and it is there mission to explore the hell out of it. Expect plenty of star ships, giant robots and lesbian sex in this exciting and uncensored visual novel game.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Price: $16.00 or 1600 Gold Coins

Sweet Volley High


best lesbian adult games sweet volley high
Image via website.

A visual novel game from the developers NewWestGames and distributed by Nutaku, Sweet Volley High is a story about a girl in her senior year at high school. Aya Mizuki has dreams to play professional volleyball and must navigate her final school days to find success in both her sporting ambitions as well as her romantic ones.

It’s a hentai game that embraces the Japanese obsession with schoolgirls, uniform and lesbian love affairs. You get to choose which of Mizuki’s school friends you want to seduce and those that you don’t. There are five different endings to work towards which will probably give you around four or five hours of gameplay in total. Rewards come in the form of nicely animated erotic anime scenes and there are more than 25 CGs with some voice acting.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Price: $10.00 or 1000 Gold Coins

Tenta Shooter


best lesbian adult games Tenta Shooter

A simple shoot-em up game based around a fantasy story involving fairies, monster girls and tentacles, Tenta Shooter is pretty basic when it comes to the graphics.

Don’t be fooled though. This is a retro throw back to some classic games of this genre that is actually pretty addictive. There is quite a complex storyline that plays out in the background and though the pixelated characters may not be the sexiest you have ever seen there are some touches of fetish here. Bondage, watersports and tentacle porn…it’s all here and can be saved in your in-game art gallery as you advance through the game.

Compatibility: Windows Only

Price: $9.99 or 999 Gold Coins

The Tower of Five Hearts


best lesbian adult games the tower of five hearts

The Tower of Five Hearts is a fantasy lesbian harem game that centres around a contest to win the affections of the Princess.

Featuring monster-girls, cat-girls, maids and a saucy princes, this game has multiple endings and more than 15 uncensored erotic anime lesbian scenes to enjoy.

It’s a simple enough game and won’t take up too much of your time but if you like hentai and you love girl-on-girl then this should tick some boxes.

Compatibility: Windows and Mac OS

Price:  $14.95 or 1495 Gold Coins

The Wilting Amaranth


best lesbian adult games the wilting amaranth

A visual novel style hentai game in which three young women must escape their imprisonment with the Witch’s Tower. Obviously, the central characters are all lesbians and they must work together to reach one of 13 different endings.

The game is quite simple but has some nice uncensored love scenes and should give you around 3 to 5 hours of gameplay.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Price: $5.00 or 500 Gold Coins

Puppetmaster Games


Puppetmaster Games is a newcomer to the world of adult gaming and is currently using the crowdfunding platform, Patreon, to get the financial support to develop new games.

Whilst their two current games are not, strictly speaking, lesbian… they are all-girl action.

Yes, this is the home of futunari porn.

A Japanese fetish, futunari porn features chicks with dicks — not strap-ons and not really TG girls either. The niche is more like intersex girls than anything else but we know that there is a firm following in the lesbian community for this kind of female-friendly porn.

Not for everyone but here it is….

Sensual Adventures


best lesbian adult games sensual adventures

A sex-sim game where you get to control all of the action, Sensual Adventures is a mind-blowing exploration of the world of futunari porn. Developed using some pretty impressive 3D graphics, you get to direct the action between flatmates Brittany and Trinity as they ramp up the girl-on-girl action with their own cocks. If you’re not a fan of the cock then this won’t be for you but it may be worth some further investigation….

There is a quick play mode to get started instantly or you can follow a more traditional story mode to advance in the game and unlock additional features.

The game is available for instant download for a price of $20.00 but supporters on Patreon will get other bonuses too including early releases and updates, the option to contribute to the game’s development and photo/video content.

Britanny Home Alone


A similar title to Sensual Adventures, this offering from Puppetmaster Games features Brittany (see above) who is, surprise surprise, alone!

The game features the same high-res 3D graphics and plenty of control over the action but this time the focus is on self-love.

Developed first, Brittany Home Alone has plenty more updates and add-ons including a VR and DLC updates. You can purchase Brittany Home Alone for just $17.99.

Other Lesbian Porn Games

There is an abundance of basic adult flash games on the web which are free to play. Some are quite well put together whilst others are very drab indeed when it comes to both graphics and gameplay.

Most are available in curated libraries and we make no attempt to conceal the fact that some of these games are rubbish!

However, in among the poor-quality, there are actually a couple of nice titles on these sites that are quite good. AND, we’ll admit it, even some of the more basic games can be entertaining for a quick five minute play.

We’ll leave you with a quick round up of some of those sites where you can judge for yourself and picked out a couple of reasonably okay titles but maybe you can find a few more hidden gems.

3D Sex Games

There are also some quite basic 3D sex sim games out there in Flash which you can play for free. The gameplay is limited and there is not that much interactive but the graphics can be quite good on these games. Just keep your expectations low for storylines…

Other 3D Sex Games with Lesbian Content

It is worth pointing out that a lot of the main 3D adult sex sim games offer lesbian content within their gameplay. So, whilst the majority of these focus on the hard sell with male/female sex scenes, you can find ways to manipulate the female characters into lesbian sex scenes.

best lesbian adult games adult world 3d

So, if you aren’t that bothered about the odd cock and pussy scene then you could always give these titles a go.

Just bear in mind that often the lesbian sex side of the game may play second fiddle to the straight sex:


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