18 Best Lesbian Porn Games in 2023: Adult Yuri Games, Popular Sites, WLW Genres

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Looking for the hottest lesbian porn games? Want to indulge in some 3D sapphic thrills with beautiful girls, full nudity and uncensored sex scenes?

2023 has been a banner year for diversity and inclusivity in the adult gaming space. We’ve seen a surge in erotic LGBTQ+ games that not only offer explicit content but also tell engaging, emotive stories that keep us playing for longer. And not just for the sex!

Whether you are looking for a NSFW game that showcases explicit girl-on-girl action, or a deeply immersive tale with some added erotic spice, there are lesbian-themed games for just about every taste… and every level of horniness.

In our guide below, we review 18 of the best lesbian porn games for 2023, bringing you the top picks in the world of adult Yuri games — from girl-on-girl sex simulators and lesbian dating sims, to erotic visual novels and lewd RPGs.

We will take a look at the best lesbian hentai games, as well as non-hentai options, plus some titles that can be explored in virtual reality, as well as on PC, Mac or your mobile device.

Bring on the girls… 😉

What Are The Best Lesbian Porn Games?

The 18 best lesbian porn games in 2023 are listed below:

  1. Girlvania Summer Lust
  2. The Lesbian Porn Game
  3. Active Dolls
  4. Beauty and the Thug
  5. Good Girl Gone Bad
  6. Yuri University
  7. Repurpose
  8. The Sakura Series
  9. Mandy’s Room
  10. Atom Grrrl!
  11. Ecchi Sketch
  12. Galaxy Girls
  13. Highway Blossoms
  14. Ice and Fire of Maiden
  15. Kindred Spirits on the Roof
  16. Seven Days With A Ghost
  17. Sensual Adventures
  18. Brittany Home Alone

We’ve chosen these XXX girl-on-girl titles based on various factors, such as number of active playerscombined user ratingsoriginality, and overall gameplay enjoyment.

Every game on our list includes mature content, but the explicitness of the sexual content varies from title to title. Let’s take a closer look at each of these lesbian porn games:

1. Girlvania Summer Lust


best lesbian adult games girlvania summer lust

Girlvania Summer Lust is one of the bestselling lesbian adult games on the market. It is a 3D sex-simulation game featuring only women, so you don’t need to worry about any accidental cock-shots here!

Revamped with the latest graphics updates, Girlvania now boasts ambient occlusion shadows, enhanced skin textures, and stunning light scattering that bring a touch of realism to your girl-on-girl gaming adventures. It’s not just about the visual appeal, though.

Girlvania Summer Lust is all about simulating sex (or masturbation) with a variety of beach babes.

Not only can you fully customize the style of the models, including outfits, hair and makeup but you can also tailor their pubic hair, breast size and skin tones. In addition to the 1000s of outfit combinations, the game also features a bulging toolkit of toys to play with, too.

Of course, it’s the sex-sim element of the game where Girlvania really comes into its own.

You can simulate plenty of lesbian action, including: pussy grinding, anal pleasure, double penetration, threesomes and clit stimulation. Rendered realistically, the girls do not simply stand still whilst they wait for you to take control. They interact with one another in a game world that feels alive. Kissing, slapping and stroking… this is one beach party we’d pay good money to attend.

Fully interactive, you can use a ‘virtual’ hand to touch these girls and insert toys, even whilst they are already having sex with another model. With split screens and a point of view camera, you wont miss any of the action (from any angle) and you can save your favorite shots to a digital gallery.

Girlvania Summer Lust allows for free-roaming play, but you also have the ability to work towards goals and objectives. There’s a popular Legs & Feet expansion pack, too.

Girlvania is available on Windows-only. It can be purchased from the Girlvanic Studios store for $39.99. The expansion pack (Legs and Feet) is an additional $14.99. Clearly, it’s not cheap, but there’s a reason why this is one of the world’s most popular lesbian sex simulators. It’s back-archingly hot. 😉

2. The Lesbian Porn Game


Lesbian porn game

Lesbian Porn Game is another girl-on-girl themed sex simulator, but unlike Girlvania Summer Lust, it is compatible with PC, Mac and mobile devices. In fact, it can be played directly in your browser using Safari or Chrome.

The Lesbian Porn Game is part of a wider network of niche adult gaming titles that can be accessed through a single site. This particular simulator lets you choose from a selection of beauties, opt for toys (or no toys), and then have virtual sex in tantalising 3D.

The graphics are impressive throughout, bringing each of these curvy models to life — from luscious beach babe Sophie, to perky dark-haired Riley. One of the things you’re going to notice is that the breasts in this game look almost universally plastic. We’re not sure if that was the intended artwork direction, but it certainly gives Lesbian Porn Game a distinct style, albeit one that is lacking the variety of Girlvania Summer Lust.

There’s a decent selection of scenarios and positions to explore, although the real benefit of this game is the all-in-one pass to the entire network of adult mini-games, which unlocks plenty more dirty set-pieces beyond just lesbian content

Lesbian Porn Game is a simplistic simulator that won’t challenge you with plot development (there’s barely a story) or thoughtful narrative, but it does provide a nice 3D sandbox to play with some lesbian chicks. You can play it through your browser on any device.

3. Active Dolls


best lesbian adult games active dolls

Active Dolls is a lesbian sex simulation game from Girlvanic, the same studio that brought you Girlvania Summer Lust. If you’ve played Summer Lust, you’ll be familiar with the controls and 3D graphics in this spin-off title.

In Active Dolls, you get to customize your very own studio models and have them play with themselves, and each other, on demand. There is a nice selection of toys and outfits that you can use here, as well as the obvious fingers, toes and tongue. There are just six models to choose from but each girl has her own voice, attitude and measurements plus a custom wardrobe.

Active Dolls puts you in control of your own photo studio and gives you some sexy models to style and control. Use the in-game camera to snap the scenes you want to save and use the full 360 degrees and zoom to get the best angles.

Active Dolls costs $29.99 but you can play a free demo to get a taste for the action. The game is available for Windows only.

4. Beauty and the Thug


Beauty and the Thug

Beauty and the Thug is a female-protagonist visual novel which fuses romance, self-discovery, and sexual exploration in to one very erotic adventure.

You follow the life of Lisa, a 19-year-old who had once dreamed of becoming a doctor. She’s got some decisions to make, and we’re not talking about her career. In this game you experience the thrill of choosing between a man Lisa shares a love-hate relationship with, or reconnecting with her best female friend – a bond that might just be more than platonic…

Lisa has got a past, but she’s also got a future filled with unexplored kinks and fetishes. The game offers a unique corruption system and 18 different fetishes for Lisa to delve into. Watch as Lisa boldly steps out of her comfort zone to discover and embrace her sexuality in a way that’s empowering and pretty damn hot.

Beauty and the Thug has over 18,000 images and 1,200 animations. The choices you make affect Lisa’s future romance, which dictates whether you’ll be watching sex scenes with men or women. It’s a game you’ll want to play through multiple times to explore all of the available kinks…

Beauty and the Thug costs $12.95 via Itch, and is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android.

5. Good Girl Gone Bad


Good Girl Gone Bad

Good Girl Gone Bad is an erotic visual novel by indie-developer Eva Kiss. The game has a big following, thanks to a diverse and interesting cast, a smorgasbord of kinks and fetishes, and a storyline that can branch in whichever direction you choose.

You play as Ashley and every choice you make will earn you good girl points or bad girl points. As you progress through the story, you’ll accrue money and fame, but it’s the decisions you make that will direct the nature of the sexual content. And if it’s sex you’re looking for, Good Girl Gone Bad delivers in spades.

We should point out: this is not specifically a lesbian visual novel. There’s straight sex available, too. But you can choose to pursue women as your main love interest — if that’s the way you want to play it. The sexual content includes oral, vaginal sex, anal sex, masturbation, tit jobs, shemales, exhibitionism, body modification (avoidable), and mild BDSM.

What we love about Good Girl Gone Bad is how the accumulation of good girl (or bad girl) points directly affects the relationships you build, the dialog choices, and your freedom within the game world. The artwork is super stylish, too.

Good Girl Gone Bad is available to download for $10 via Itch. It is compatible with both Windows or Mac.

6. Yuri University


Yuri University lesbian sexgame

Yuri University is a popular sandbox visual novel by Chekkin Games. It’s all about the journey of discovering your sexuality.

The story puts you in the shoes of a young woman (you choose her name) coming to university with her best friend. You’ve never had a relationship before, and you’re not really interested in boys. So when you move in to a new dormitory with a bunch of open-minded and sexually-liberal college girls, it doesn’t take long to discover that your attractions lay elsewhere.

There are 5 girls to get to know, from Ezri the exhibitionist, to Hannah the excitable blonde bisexual. The more time you spend with these characters, the more you’ll increase their affection — eventually unlocking some beautifully animated sex scenes. Unlike many visual novels, Yuri University has stat management mechanics, which will force you to take part in different activities to increase your stats and level up progress.

You have 100 days to mix and mingle with the girls of Yuri University, but don’t forget, you have to pass your finals at the end of that period!

This is one of our favorite lewd visual novels from the lesbian genre. The characters are well fleshed out, the choices you take feel meaningful, and the immersion is pretty deep for a Yuri harem game.

Yuri University is available to play on a ‘name your own price’ basis. It’s available for Windows, Mac or Android devices.

7. Repurpose


Repurpose LGBT queer dating sim

Repurpose is a LGBT+ positive dating sim with a cast of characters that are all in some way queer from their sexuality, and sometimes gender, too.

It’s a dating simulation game that revolves around themes of death, love, and finding your purpose in the afterlife. Instead of being sent to Heaven or Hell, the powers that be are unable to decide where you should go, so you wake up in the Garden of Eden, which has been relocated to Limbo. From here, you have three options: undertake trials to earn a place in Heaven, live it up in Hell, or stay lost in Limbo for eternity. Throughout this journey, you can find peace and build relationships with new friends in the afterlife.

You can play through the story as cis, trans, or whatever suits you best. As with most dating sims, the focus is less on action or skill-based gameplay and more on story progression and decision-making. Repurpose is not as sexually explicit as the other games on our list, but it does touch on many mature themes with some provocative narrative and artwork.

Repurpose is available to buy through Itch.io for $5.03. It’s also available as part of the Queer Games Bundle 2023, which lets you access 467 queer games from various indie developers for just $60. An amazing steal. The game can be played on Windows, Mac or Linux.

8. The Sakura Series


Sakura Dungeon lesbian sex game

The Sakura Series is a sexy collection of hentai-style visual novel games that are known for their girl-on-girl scenes and sapphic encounters. Each of these Winged Cloud titles covers a different genre with similar gameplay, high-quality artwork and great storytelling.

Some of the most popular Sakura games include:

  • Sakura Cupid
  • Sakura Dungeon (our pick of the bunch)
  • Sakura Fantasy
  • Sakura Gamer
  • Sakura MMO
  • Sakura Sadist
  • Sakura Space

All priced around $10.00 (or 1000 Gold Coins on Nutaku), these games are compatible with Windows and Linux. Sakura Dungeon is actually $20.00 and is an RPG dungeon-crawler title, in which monster girls and humans are at war. A much more complex entry in this series, you can expect fantasy, magic and plenty of queer action.

9. Mandy’s Room


Mandy's Room VR porn

Mandy’s Room is a 3D animated lesbian sex-sim, compatible with VR headsets (including Oculus and Vive). It’s a pervy voyeur’s dream come true, transporting you in to teen Mandy’s bedroom under the guise of Mr. Jenkins, a tiny robot belonging who gets to see what goes on behind closed doors…

As an asexual character, your primary mission is to shut up and watch Mandy masturbate in a series of red-hot solo scenes. We’ll warn you now: this girl has a libido that is unrivalled, even by the standards of a porn addict. Get ready for some multi-orgasmic action, and strap on a VR headset for the optimal viewing experience.

Mandy’s Room is a casual game played in a visual novel style and with high-resolution graphics. There is no way to ‘advance’ or progress through levels. The gameplay is basically a series of fly-on-the-wall masturbation sessions. Simple but sexy.

Mandy’s Room can be played on Windows or Mac. The game costs $12.99 through Nutaku.

10. Atom Grrrl!


best lesbian adult games atom grrrl

Atom Grrrl! is a lesbian-themed visual novel in the style of a ‘Tarantino-esque’ comedy. It’s a wild and sprawling ride, featuring tattooed tomboys, LezDom, Mafia bosses and the crime-ridden streets of the USA.

You follow the character, Jessica L Hustler as she returns home from studying on the island nation of Yamato. Taking the helm of local gang, the ‘99th Floor’, Hustler soon realises that her family has made powerful enemies with the local crime lord. Together with her friends and her close relatives, she must take on her foes and defeat them for good.

It’s a tale full of hot hentai lesbian chicks, with themes of revenge, sex, and drugs in a tongue-in-cheek style. Highly entertaining and highly addictive.

Atom Grrrl! is available for $10 and can be downloaded on Windows, Linux or Mac computers.

11. Ecchi Sketch


best lesbian adult games ecchi sketch

Ecchi Sketch is a lesbian hentai dating sim. This cute but erotic game has some nice elements of bondage and LezDom action.

The storyline follows the adventures of Yume Akiyama, a talented illustrator who currently works in a funeral parlour. Her dream job is a career as a Manga artist. Guess what? She gets an opportunity to work at a studio but she needs to be able to juggle her ambitions with her libido. The work environment has plenty of sexy and cute girls who are just begging to be seduced and Akiyama is just the girl to do it.

Ecchi Sketch costs $10 on Nutaku and is available to download for Windows, Mac or Linux.

12. Galaxy Girls


Galaxy Girls female porn game

Galaxy Girls is another visual novel game developed by Dharker Studio for the Nutaku platform; a lesbian-themed sci-fi adventure set in space.

There are multiple endings to explore here and the game has some complex twists and turns which ensure hours of gameplay. There are also lots of added bonus content including trading cards to collect, achievements to earn and plenty of dialog to accompany the high-quality CG artwork.

You play the captain of the ship, who wakes from a hyper-sleep to find that he is in charge of a hot crew of libidinous girls. Result! Your job, quite simply, is to bed them all and build your own personal harem. However, this is not as easy as you might think and each girl will need some careful wooing before she lets you get your way. There’s plenty of uncensored eroge content as the reward for your efforts…

Galaxy Girls costs $29.99 on Nutaku and is available on Windows, Mac or Linux.

13. Highway Blossoms


best lesbian adult games highway blossoms

Highway Blossoms is a lesbian kinetic novel that follows the story of Amber, a lone driver who picks up a hitchhiker and finds the journal of an ancient prospector.

Together they must explore the deserts of New Mexico in the hunt for a hidden stash of gold. Obviously the two girls have a lot of sex along the way, and there are plenty of twists and turns to follow. If you’re not familiar with kinetic novels, they work much the same as an ordinary adult visual novel, except the stories are linear and you can’t alter the trajectory of the story.

Highway Blossoms has received a full HD remaster with some English voice acting to help improve the immersion. There’s also translations available for Russian or Chinese. Proof that the demand for lesbian adult games does indeed spread far and wide…

Overall, there is enough content here to give you six or seven hours of gameplay.

Highway Blossoms costs $12.99 via Nutaku and is available on Windows, Mac OS or Linux.

14. Ice and Fire of Maiden


Ice and Fire lesbian sexgame

Ice and Fire of Maiden is a 3D lesbian game featuring Viking pirates! It comes in the form of a side-scrolling, action/adventure beat-em up.

You can only advance in this game by completing each level and unlocking the skills you need to play the next one. It’s quite a sophisticated game that has plenty of sapphic sex scenes that you need to master as well as the main combat mode.

  • Defeat your foes and have sex with them on the battlefield.
  • Collect items during the games to help you level up and earn/create those items you need to level up.

Ice and Fire of Maiden is multi-layered in a way that many lesbian games wouldn’t even attempt to master. There are two modes to play in;

  • Platform play – you must find the key to advance to the next level and take down the enemies you meet along the way.
  • Endless play – if you get stuck on a level then you can simply play at random in this mode. Enjoy as much battle and sex as you can handle!

Ice and Fire of Maiden costs $9.99 and is available to play on PC only.

15. Kindred Spirits on the Roof


best lesbian adult games kindred spirits

Kindred Spirits on the Roof is a females-only visual novel, developed by Liar-soft and well-received in the Yuri gaming community.

The game is set at an all-girls school where our female protagonist Toomi Yuna, a beautiful loner, finds companionship in a couple of ghosts… yes, on the roof!

The twist is that these ghosts are the spirits of two girls who fell in love but died before they could consummate their union. Forever doomed to haunt the academy until they finally experience their ‘first time’ together, our protagonist must help them recruit more lesbians and get the insight they need to find out how to have sex.

This is a tale about forbidden love, brought to life by some beautiful lesbian hentai artwork and some impressive CGs. The game is available on both PC or Mac via Nutaku, but it’s expensively priced at $35.00.

16. Seven Days With A Ghost


Seven Days With A Ghost

Seven Days With A Ghost is a Yuri visual novel with full Japanese voice acting and some dramatic uncensored H scenes.

There might be a theme developing here, as this is another visual novel lesbian adult game based around ghosts and schools… must be a Japanese thing?

The action is hot, so we’re not complaining.

Seven Days with a Ghost follows the story of Ayako who witnesses her two friends making love in the dormitory. As she is spying on them, a ghost pops up to do the same thing and surprises Ayako. Alarmed, she screams and reveals her presence as a peeping tom. Her two friends don’t believe the story about the ghost and Ayako must try to get the two girls to have sex again to lure the ghost back. Simple, right?

There are two potential endings that you can work towards, and there are plenty of uncensored scenes along the way to reward your efforts. It’s a charming game with some beautiful artwork and a great soundtrack.

Seven Days With A Ghost is a PC-exclusive title. It’s available to download for $9.99 via Nutaku.

17. Sensual Adventures


best lesbian adult games sensual adventures

Sensual Adventures is a mind-blowing exploration of animated futunari porn by Puppetmaster. This sex sim has some pretty impressive 3D graphics, and you get to direct the action between flatmates Brittany and Trinity as they ramp up the girl-on-girl action… with their own cocks.

A Japanese fetish, futunari porn features chicks with dicks — not strap-ons, and not really TG girls either. The niche is more like intersex girls than anything else, but we know that there is a firm following in the lesbian community for this kind of female-friendly porn.

If you’re not a fan of the cock, then this won’t be for you! But given the cult following the game has attracted, it may be worth some further investigation….

Sensual Adventures has a quick play mode to get started instantly, or you can follow a more traditional story mode to advance in the game and unlock additional features.

This PC-exclusive game is available for $20 through the Affect3D store. You can get a bundle deal with all the content from Seasons 1 to 4 for $59. Supporters on Patreon can get additional bonuses, including early releases of new seasons.

18. Brittany Home Alone


Brittany home alone

Brittany Home Alone is another futanari sex sim adventure from Puppetmaster. It’s similar to Sensual Adventures, and even features Brittany, one of the two main characters from that previous sexcapade.

The main difference in Brittany Home Alone is… you guessed it, Brittany is home alone. There’s no girl-on-girl action here. Brittany is left with just her toys for company, and it’s up to you to put them to good use. With a ton of sexy poses, flexible cameras and some good voiceover, this is about as wild as a night in can get. You choose exactly how Brittany gets to fuck herself. And trust us: she’s pretty open to suggestions.

The game features the same high-res 3D graphics as Sensual Adventures, and plenty of control over the action. You even get to choose whether Brittany has balls or not!

Brittany Home Alone has received several popular upgrades over the years, including a VR update. It works on Android devices, as well as PC, Mac and Linux. You can purchase the game for $17.99 via Affect3D.

What Platforms and Sites Are Popular For Lesbian Porn Games?

Looking for the best sites to play lesbian games online?

While our list contains some of the most popular adult lesbian games, it is by no means a definitive selection.

The following sites are packed full of even more hot sapphic titles. From lesbian sex simulators and dating sims, to RPGs, visual novels and 3DX games. Let’s take a look at your best options:



Lesbian games on Nutaku

Adult gaming giant Nutaku is home to 9 of the top-rated WLW games on our list, and those are just the titles we included for 2023!

In total, Nutaku has 57 lesbian-themed games, with a focus on hentai-themed visual novels and casual sex clickers. Some additional titles that you should check out include: House Guest, King of Volleyball, Full Body Workout and Lewd Idol Project.

Nutaku games are known for being super accessible and easy-to-play. The stories in these games are not typically as rich or as advanced as you’ll find on platforms like Steam or Itch, but for erotic lesbian action… there’s a whole lot to love.

Quick tip: to easily browse all of the lesbian games on Nutaku, be sure to update your Sexual Preference settings in the top navigation bar:

LGBT games Nutaku selector



Itch.io is our number one source for indie-developed games, which makes it a great place to find authentic lesbian dating sims and visual novels that have been crafted with TLC.

While sites like Nutaku focus on games that are well-placed to do well commercially, Itch.io puts the focus on showcasing games that will delight fandoms. If you have a specific kink or fetish, Itch.io is the place to hunt down the titles that are catered to your exact taste. In many cases, you can play the games for free, or on a ‘name your own price’ basis.

A few of our top recommended WLW games are available exclusively on Itch.io, including Beauty and the Thug, Good Girl Gone Bad and Yuri University.

The Queer Games Bundle— DONE

Queer Games Bundle

Itch is also home to the annual Queer Games Bundle, which is currently running through 2023 with a selection of 467 queer titles from 297 queer artists. You can purchase all of these indie-developed games for a one-off price of just $60.

It’s an amazing deal that contains a ton of hot LGBT content, all of which you can sample at a fraction of the usual sale price.



Affect 3D store lesbian games

Affect3D is one of the best sources for indie-developed 3D sex games where the focus is on beautiful, lifelike animations. The site is famed for putting “passion before profit“, and that’s reflected by a diverse library of games that cater to alternative communities, including the LGBTQ+ gaming fandom.

The site contains 77 lesbian porn games, with the most popular titles listed below:

  • Stress Relief
  • Dorm Days
  • A Butterfly Dream
  • MadameM Jerkoff League
  • Sugar MOM & Witch

The titles on Affect3D aren’t known for advanced gameplay. They focus on high quality image sets (usually in 4K resolution) and some basic animations. Many users download these games just for the CG galleries, such is the quality of the xxx artwork.



Lesbian Voyeur SImulator on Steam

Most gamers associate Valve-owned Steam for its AAA mainstream titles, not for XXX games. And definitely not for lesbian porn games.

That said, Steam does host a number of games with diverse sexual and gender representation, including 18+ games that are lesbian-focused or include lesbian characters.

One popular example is Ladykiller in a Bind, a BDSM visual novel described as an erotic romcom about social manipulation, crossdressing, and girls tying up girls. If you’re looking for something a little more explicit, Lesbian Voyeur Simulator is about as blunt as it gets on the Steam platform.

You can check out a curated list of LGBTQ+ Inclusive Games on Steam for a huge selection of titles covering genres like adventure, simulation, visual novels, and RPGs. Note that not all of these titles feature sexual content.



Gamcore is a free adult gaming site with several sapphic gems, although the platform can be pretty hit-and-miss. This is due to the minimal vetting that goes in to the games that appear there. If you’re happy to wade through the good, the bad, and the ugly, there’s still some decent lesbian titles to be found for a ‘quick fix’.

There are currently 78 lesbian themed games on Gamcore; most of them are available to play directly in your browser thanks to Ren’py or the built-in Flash emulator.

Here are a few girl-on-girl games you might enjoy on Gamcore:

  1. Dog Days of Summer
  2. Monster Girl 1000
  3. Meet and Fuck Lesbian Ride
  4. Otherworld
  5. Kingdom of Deception

What Are The Most Common Types of Adult Lesbian Games?

There are several different types of adult lesbian games, which you might also hear referred to as WLW games (Woman Loving Woman).

Here we break down the most common genres of adult games you’ll find, and the type of lesbian content they typically provide.

Lesbian Sex Simulators

Lesbian sex simulators let you customise female characters and alter their physical appearance, clothing, and personality traits. You then get to have virtual sex with your creations, controlling everything from the camera angle, to the intensity of the pussy licking. There’s practically zero story in a sex simulator, but that doesn’t stop these games from rising to the very top of the popularity charts.

Lesbian sex simulators are much rarer than straight-targeted sex simulators. Although there are some notable exceptions, including bestselling titles like Girlvania Summer Lust.

It is worth pointing out that several of the most popular 3D sex simulators offer lesbian content within their gameplay. So, whilst the majority of the action is built around male/female sex scenes, you can find ways to manipulate the female characters into lesbian sex scenes.

Some of the best examples of sex simulators with lesbian content include:

Just keep in mind that the lesbian sex side of the game may play second fiddle to the straight sex if you go with a non-girl-targeted sim.

best lesbian adult games adult world 3d

Lesbian Dating Simulators

Lesbian dating simulators take a step back from the explicit nature of sex simulators, focusing more on emotional connections and the process of courting or dating. In these games, you don’t just jump into bed with a character; you take the time to get to know them, going on dates, learning about their personalities, and ultimately building a relationship.

Just like their sex simulator counterparts, lesbian dating simulators are a bit of a rarity. However, there’s a growing market for these games, with titles like Love is Strange and Butterfly Soup making waves in the community.

In a lesbian dating simulator, the objective is less about immediate sexual gratification and more about building a romantic storyline between two female characters. You might find yourself choosing dialogue options to impress your date, solving puzzles to win their affection, or choosing between story-branches with the objective of ‘getting the girl’.

Most lesbian dating simulators offer a more laid-back gaming experience compared to the fast and furious xxx action in sex simulators. They’re often more narrative-driven, with compelling storylines and well-developed characters.

Here are some top picks for girl x girl simulators that include lesbian content:

  • Kindred Spirits on the Roof (included in our list)
  • Ladykiller in a Bind
  • Repurpose (included in our list)
  • Starlight Vega

Lesbian Hentai Games

If you were divide all of the available lesbian sex games in to two categories — hentai and non-hentai — the hentai category would be the largest by far.

Over half of the games in our list can be considered lesbian hentai games.

If you’re not fully aware, hentai sex games, originating from Japan, are a type of adult video game that revolves around sexually explicit content in a very specific form. These titles don’t pull any punches. You can expect XXX content in the form of animated cartoon porn and bright, brash, colourful artwork.

The artwork in lesbian hentai games often adopts the style of traditional Japanese anime or manga. Your favorite female-protagonists will often have large eyes, teen-like features, massive tits and curves in all the right places (although probably not for the good of their spinal health). Basically, the girls will appear impossibly good looking and doll-like.

Without question, Nutaku is the best Western-based platform for playing lesbian hentai games

It’s the most famous adult hentai gaming platform in the world, with 57 smash hit titles in its lesbian category. There are some equally popular sites in Japan, but you will need to understand Japanese to use them.

Yuri (Woman X Woman)

Yuri games

Yuri games (woman x woman) offer a deeper take on sexuality than the more traditional lesbian hentai games. While the latter might be more focused on a factory-line of sex scenes, Yuri games offer a balance between explicit sexual content and an emotional narrative.

Yuri, often translated as “Girls’ Love,” is a genre that specifically focuses on romantic or sexual relationships between female characters.

It’s not uncommon to find Yuri games where the buildup to the sexual encounters is slow and nuanced, with the goal of offering an emotionally satisfying payoff. A much higher percentage of female gamers opt for Yuri style titles, since they are seen as more realistic and in-tune with actual lesbian desires. Whereas the overly-sexual lesbian hentai games are often played overwhelmingly by… men with a lesbian fetish!

A few notable Yuri games we’d recommend include:

  • Kindred Spirits on the Roof
  • Yuri University
  • Flowers: Le volume sur ete

Lesbian Visual Novels

Lesbian visual novels are closely related to Yuri games, and in many cases they might be used to describe the same game. Some can be smutty, but most follow the Yuri principles of emotionally-driven stories that culminate in explicit sex scenes.

The key feature of lesbian visual novels is the decision-making element. These games are like Choose Your Own Adventure novels, where the decisions you make will send the story in one of several directions. Predictably, it’s a format that works very well with dating sims, or adult Yuri games where our female protagonist has multiple love interests.

Many of the top-rated adult visual novels include story-paths that cater to LGBTQ+ audiences, but if you’re looking specifically for lesbian-themed stories, we’d recommend these games:

  • Highway Blossoms
  • A Kiss For The Petals
  • Beauty and the Thug
  • Good Girl Gone Bad

Lesbian Role-Playing Games (RPGs)

Sakura Dungeon RPG elements

Lesbian RPGs give you the chance to control and shape the story of a lesbian character, navigating them through different challenges, situations, and sexy encounters along the way.

Just like visual novels, lesbian RPGs often feature decision-making elements that can influence the narrative, character relationships, and even the gameplay. The best adult RPGs typically use skill and stat progression to unlock sex scenes or xxx interactions with the game’s central characters.

When developers implement this well, it can make for an addictive gaming experience. When they get it wrong, the game will get blasted for having ‘too much grind‘. It’s a tough balance to strike!

Lesbian RPG games, while hard to find, will incorporate traditional RPG elements such as character progression, skill trees, and sometimes combat or puzzle-solving mechanics.

Some popular adult lesbian RPGs you can try include:

  • Sakura Dungeon (pictured above)
  • Iragon 18+
  • SlaveBar
  • Missy

Are There Any Free Lesbian Sex Games?

Best lesbian porn games

Yes, there are indeed free lesbian sex games available online. But as with anything, the saying “you get what you pay for” often applies.

While there are definitely enjoyable and high-quality free games out there, they may not be as polished or extensive as their paid counterparts (especially those on platforms like Steam). Also note, “free” can mean a few different things in the world of adult gaming…

Truly Free Lesbian Games: These are games that are completely free to play, with no hidden costs or paid upgrades. These are often made by independent developers or hobbyists… sometimes from within the LGBTQ+ community, but other times by straight men with a lesbian fetish! The content of these games can range from a single set-piece sex simulator, to a vast visual novel written out of sheer passion for the genre. Just bear in mind that “free” doesn’t always mean “good.”

Itch.io is our favorite source for truly free lesbian games with 315 titles available, as of June 2023.

Freemium Lesbian Games: The freemium model is less popular in the lesbian gaming space, but it’s still out there. These games are free to start, but they often have in-game purchases or premium features. For example, you might be able to play a game for free, but to unlock additional characters, scenes, or outfits, you’ll need to pay in real-world money. Freemium games often market themselves as ‘truly free games’ and get away with by making their premium content painful to obtain by are means. You’ll hear gamers dismissing these titles as “too much grind“.

Nutaku is known for its regular use of the freemium games model.

Pay What You Want Games: Finally, some developers offer their NSFW games on a “pay what you want” basis. This means that you can download and play hot lesbian titles for free, but there’s an option to pay the developer whatever amount you think the game is worth. Our advice? Don’t be a cheap ass. Lesbian adult games are a massively under-served market, so we should be supporting the developers where we can.

Once again, Itch.io is our favorite source for “pay what you want” games, which should be no surprise given its well-earned reputation as one of the best platforms for indie developers.

Are There Any Good Lesbian Flash Games?

There are plenty of free-to-play adult flash games on the web, and the lesbian genre is no exception. There are hundreds of free lesbian sex games that are playable in your web browser.

Support for Flash was discontinued in 2021, but many of the free adult gaming sites use emulators (like Ruffle) that allow these games to run, even in modern browsers.

Having reviewed over 30 of the most famous lesbian flash games, we’ve got to tell you in advance: most of these titles are 100% trash. There’s a small handful of titles that we’d qualify as ‘annoyingly addictive’, whilst others are very drab indeed, both in terms of graphics and gameplay.

Here’s a quick round-up of some popular flash-based lesbian games that weren’t a complete waste of our time.

  • Lesbian Ride on Wet Pussy Games
  • Lesbian Party on My Sex Games
  • Dark Empress on Play Porn Games
  • Cute Lesbian Teens on My Candy Games
  • Sex Sim: The Twins on Sexy Fuck Games
Lesbian Ride on Wet Pussy Games

If you want our advice: don’t bother looking for free flash games on random sites that are covered in banners and popups.

Just use a search filter like ‘free‘ on established platforms instead. Nutaku or Itch are much better choices for free lesbian sex games, and they tend to use HTML5, which makes for a much smoother gaming experience.

The quality of games you will find on our recommended platforms (scroll up) is infinitely better.

What Are Some Good Online Lesbian Sex Games?

It depends what you mean by ‘online’.

Many of the lesbian porn games we’ve covered are playable in your web browser, meaning you don’t have to download any files. In that sense, yes, you can play the games directly ‘online’.

However, if you are looking for online titles with multiplayer functionality, your options are greatly reduced.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any notable specialist lesbian multiplayer games. However, some of the popular adult MMOs offer content that will appeal directly to a lesbian audience, including:

All of these games are played online, meaning you can design your own virtual avatar and then interact with other real-life users in a virtual 3D game world. You can enter the game as a woman and have cyber sex (or chat dirty) with other female users.

We recommend 3DX Chat as our favorite online sex game, and that includes for girl-on-girl action.

The game is packed full of FF animations and same-sex encounters with real-life players. 3DX has a welcoming community where you can easily fit in, making it a popular choice for acting out sexual fantasies in a safe space, whatever they may be.

Some examples of FF poses on 3DX Chat

What Are The Top-Rated Mobile Lesbian Sex Games?

One of the quirks of the adult lesbian gaming market is that a large number of the most popular titles are visual novels. Unfortunately, visual novels do not always translate well to mobile devices due to the smaller screen size and the large blocks of dialog. As a result, some of the top-rated lesbian games are reserved for PC users only.

Bummer. But what can you do?

Well, the good news is you can still find hundreds of mobile-compatible lesbian sex games.

Our list contains 5 entries that are compatible on Android mobile devices (The Lesbian Porn Game, Beauty and the Thug, Yuri University, Sensual Adventures, Brittany Home Alone).

All of the major platforms we’ve covered are searchable by device type. So you can filter out the games that aren’t compatible on mobile phones or tablets.

For example, to find the top-rated lesbian sex games for Android devices, you can use the filters ‘NSFW‘, ‘Lesbian‘, ‘Android

Itch Android lesbian games

This reveals 101 suitable mobile porn games, and sure enough — there is Beauty and the Thug, one of our top recommended games, right at the top of the charts (as of June 2023).

A word of warning for iOS users: you’re not going to like what you find.

NSFW lesbian games on Itch

iPhones and iPads are famously useless for playing downloadable sex games. Apple’s strict third-party content rules mean that you won’t be able to download any X-rated games to your iOS device.

Instead you will need to rely on browser-based iOS porn games. There’s a much smaller selection available, compared to what Android users can play. And the choice is even more limited if you are looking specifically for WLW games.

Are There Any VR-Compatible Lesbian Sex Games?


Mandy’s Room is an example of a lesbian themed game with virtual reality compatibility, although it only features solo masturbation scenes. Futanari-style Brittany Home Alone is another good option.

For the best quality graphics and realistic life-like animations, there’s only one game we can recommend in good spirit: Virt-A-Mate.

Virt-A-Mate is a VR sandbox sex simulator that offers breathtaking graphics, whilst giving you the freedom to create any character that your mind can imagine — male or female. Once you’re happy with your creation, you can explore her in super high-definition sex scenes, reaping the benefits of the total immersion provided by your VR headset. In short: it’s very, very hot.

Virt-A-Mate is not specifically a lesbian VR game, but it’s the current benchmark for any VR porn game in terms of realistic physics and life-like character design. You can build your dream girl form head to toe.

That wraps up our coverage of the best lesbian porn games and Yuri titles of 2023.

Are there any hot releases that we’ve missed? Let us know your favorite girl-on-girl games and we’ll consider them for inclusion next time. Thanks for reading!


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