5 Best Hands-Free Male Masturbators & Automatic Strokers

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Jacking off is fun and all, but there’s something about using your hand that takes away from any sensation of real sex. Luckily, though, some bright soul took a long hard think about this problem and came up with an invention: soft, fleshy, hands-free male masturbators.

You could be forgiven for asking: is a hands-free male masturbator even a thing?!

Surely, even with a life-like pocket pussy or Fleshlight, you still have to use your hands at some point.

Or do you?

By using a hands-free male masturbator, you can enjoy the sensations and pleasures of sexual freedom without ever having to work those wrist muscles. Between budget-friendly wall-mounted Fleshlights and higher-end Kiiroo Keons, you can simply sit back and let a device take care of all your physical needs. You just have to find the right device.

If you’re new to the world of hands-free male toys, it may seem overwhelming at first. After all, there are dozens of sex toys on the market promising to deliver a mind-blowing orgasm every time. And most of them look like kettles or water bottles!

So let’s take a closer look at the top hands-free masturbating contenders. Check out these top five masturbators and unlock the pleasure of hands-free ecstasy today… 😉

What Are The Best Hands-Free Male Masturbators?

Best hands free male masturbators

Our pick of automatic strokers and hands-free masturbators come from some familiar brands, including Kiiroo, AutoBlow and Fleshlight.

We’re going to spill the beans in advance: these devices are not cheap.

If you’re looking to go hands-free on a budget, check out this ludicrous (but useful) homemade pocket pussy guide. 😉

1. Kiiroo Keon

Best For: Simulating the feeling of real sex.

Kiroo Keon handsfree male masturbator
  • Category: Automated penile stroker
  • Materials: Silicone sleeve and ABS plastic outer barrel
  • Depth and Diameter: 9 inches deep and 1.6 inches across
  • Pattern/Speed: 6 to 230 strokes per minute

As far as male masturbators go, the Kiiroo Keon is hands-down the top fapping machine on the market today! The Keon features an innovative design that not only looks good but also provides a realistic sensation that replicates actual sex.

With its dual-chamber setup, you get to decide which masturbator you want to use. Simply slide it into the Keon’s moving outer chamber, insert your dick (always our favorite part of the setup process), and let the Keon stroke you to completion. With its powerful motor, you can enjoy up to 230 strokes per minute, which is around twice the average male’s thrusting speed.

And, with its deep 9-inch barrel, all but the top 1% of dicks can fit happily within its tight grip. If you’re on the slimmer side, you can even adjust the Keon’s rear cap to create more suction on your shaft. But, what we loved most about the Kiiroo Keon is that it pairs with VR technology through a simple Bluetooth connection.

This sets the Keon way ahead of its competitors since you can essentially feel every hip thrust, vaginal squeeze, and vibration of your favorite porn star or cam girl. For this reason, the Keon is without a doubt the most realistic sexual experience you can have without actually fucking a woman.

The only downside to the Keon is that its price falls toward the higher end of most guys’ budgets. At $229, it’s already more than three times the price of a basic Fleshlight. Keep in mind, though, that you won’t find a similar experience elsewhere.


  • Replicates realistic male thrusting speeds
  • VR compatible
  • Completely automated, i.e., hands-free male masturbator
  • Large enough for almost all men (except Mr. 1%)


  • More expensive than most other options

2. Kiiroo Onyx

Best For: Hands-free male masturbator that pairs with a partner

best handsfree Kiiroo couple set
Onyx and Pearl: the dream combo for long distance couples
  • Category: Automated penile stroker
  • Materials: Silicone sleeve and ABS plastic outer barrel
  • Depth and Diameter: 6.5 inches deep and 1.5 inches across
  • Pattern/Speed: 5 to 140 strokes per minute

Who said jerking off had to be a solo adventure? With the Kiiroo Onyx, you can pair your male masturbation device with a partner’s Kiiroo Pearl2. Thanks to its Bluetooth-enabled technology, you and your lover can sync up and enjoy the same sensations in real-time, even from halfway around the world.

The Onyx looks almost identical to the Keon but is slightly smaller at 6.5 inches instead of 9. Its inner sleeve material also feels a bit softer than that of the Keon, making it more comfortable for those who prefer gentler stimulation or are closer to the average size.

Though the Onyx has fewer stroke speeds than the Keon (5 to 140 compared to 6 to 230), it still provides plenty of power for most guys. Plus, you get the advantage of being able to connect with someone else from anywhere around the world—or even just down the hall.

Similar to the Keon, the Onyx also pairs with several virtual reality porn sites so you and your partner can feel like you’re actually having sex together. The main downside is that, like the Keon, the Onyx retails for nearly $220, which might be too expensive for some couples.


  • Connects with partners Kiiroo Peal2 vibrator over Bluetooth
  • VR compatible
  • Completely automated, i.e., hands-free
  • Its smaller size better fits slimmer penises


  • Expensive compared to other options
  • May not fit larger penis sizes
  • Only holds around 4 hours of battery life

Read our full Kiiroo Onyx+ review

3. ArcWave Ion

Best For: A super-high intensity orgasm

ArcWave Ion hands free male sex toy
  • Category: Frenulum Vibrator
  • Materials: Medical-grade silicon and ABS plastic
  • Depth and Diameter: 3.4 inches deep and 1.3-1.75 inches across
  • Pattern/Speed: 8 unique intensity settings

The ArcWave Ion isn’t your run-of-the-mill masturbator. It’s a high-tech frenulum vibrator that uses an advanced compression technology to modulate air pressure around the head of your penis.

What the hell is that, you say?!

For guys who don’t know, the frenulum is that hyper-sensitive strip of skin located at the head of your shaft. It holds the foreskin in place and has nearly as many nerve endings as the clitoris. For this reason, the ArcWave Ion advertises that it can replicate an “intense full-body orgasm”, similar to what a woman might experience.

We’re not sure who’s making that comparison, but we’re listening…

Its design is compact and futuristic, with a snug sleeve and soft silicone ridges that make it comfortable to use. The Ion also has 8 unique intensity settings, starting with a gentle vibration and ending with an intense pulsation that can take your breath away. And, since it’s entirely hands-free, you don’t need to worry about finding the right grip or keeping up with any movement.

Just insert yourself into the Ion and let the vibrations do all the work. One thing to keep in mind is that the ArcWave Ion is a bit narrower than your average masturbator. This makes it perfect for guys with smaller length, but larger men may not fit as comfortably—or experience the same level of pleasure.

This hands-free male sex toy retails at around $200, which isn’t too bad considering its advanced technology and intense sensations.


  • High-tech frenulum vibration offers intense full-body orgasms
  • Compact design fits nearly any size penis, regardless of whether you’re cut or uncut
  • Completely hands-free
  • 8 unique intensity settings


  • It may take a couple of tries to find your perfect frenular g-spot
  • Not compatible with VR technology

4. AutoBlow A.I

Best For: Hands-free oral sex simulation

autoblow sex toy review
Fancy trying out a male hands-free sex toy that gives the best blowjobs around?
  • Category: Automated penile stroker
  • Materials: Silicone sleeve and ABS plastic housing
  • Depth and Diameter: 8.5 inches deep and 1.6-2.4 inches across
  • Pattern/Speed: 10 settings capable of 200 strokes per minute

If you’re looking for an oral sex replicator, the AutoBlow A.I. is about as good as it gets. Unlike other male masturbators on this list, the A.I. features a unique one-way valve that creates suction as it moves up and down your shaft. This mimics the sensation of someone going down on you, making it feel like you actually have your own personal blowjob machine.

The A.I. also has several different settings so you can decide how fast and hard you want it to go. Its inner chamber is lined with soft silicone ridges and its outer barrel is made from smooth ABS plastic, making it comfortable even during extended sessions.

Plus, since the A.I. is completely automated, you don’t need to worry about finding the right grip or keeping up with any movement. The only downside is that the A.I. isn’t compatible with VR technology, which could be disappointing for some users.

We’d expect to see that change in the not-too-distant future!


  • One-way valve creates realistic suction sensations
  • Soft silicone interior feels good against your skin
  • Completely hands-free
  • 10 to 200 stroke speeds give you plenty of options


  • Not compatible with VR technology

5. Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit with Wall Mount

Best For: A fairly budget-friendly, wall-mounted (!) male masturbator

Fleshlight Stamina Training Pack with Wall Mount
  • Category: Penile stroker
  • Materials: Medical-grade silicon and ABS plastic
  • Depth and Diameter: 8.5 inches deep and 0.6 inches across
  • Patterns/Speed: N/A

Sometimes it’s not about laying back and letting a machine do all the work for you. Some guys need the sensation of thrusting their cock into something to reach a realistic orgasm. If that sounds like you, then the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is your best bet.

Unlike other male masturbators on this list, the STU isn’t automated but still provides a realistic experience. It comes with an adjustable wall mount so you can slide it up and down to the desired height and then thrust away until you climax. And, since its interior chamber is lined with soft silicone ridges, you get to enjoy a pleasurable sensation each time you thrust into it.

Plus, the STU retails for $165, making it one of the most budget-friendly options out there. The only downside is that, because of its narrower size, larger men may not fit as comfortably within its inner sleeve.


  • Adjustable wall mount lets you control the speed and intensity
  • Soft silicone ridges provide a pleasant sensation
  • Budget-friendly compared to other options


  • May not fit larger penis sizes
  • Not automated

That wraps up our list of the best hands-free male masturbators and automatic strokers. We expect this technology to advance rapidly in the coming months and years.

We’re particularly looking forward to more hands-free sex toys that integrate with virtual reality. If you’ve ever tried virtual reality porn with a compatible sex toy, you’ll know how incredible the experience can be. And it’s only going to get better…


Let us know your favorite hands-free male sex toys below!


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