The Best Gay Sugar Daddy Websites: A Complete Guide

Looking for an older man to give you some ‘sugar’?

Sugar dating in the gay community is no new thing and the relationship between a young man with a wealthy sponsor dates back centuries and is part and parcel of the culture. From students looking for financial support to entrepreneurs seeking mentorship, artists seeking an older and influential muse to guys looking for an upgrade to their dating experience gay sugar daddies are in high demand.

In this feature we’ll take a closer look at sugar relationships in the gay community along with advice about how and where to find yourself a sugar daddy.

The Perks of Sugar Dating and the Appeal of Gay Sugar Daddies

Made famous by mega-sites like Seeking, sugar dating has fast become a way of life over the last decade for many young people both male and female, gay and straight.

Wealthy older men and women (sugar daddies and mommas) looking for companionship with younger partners don’t want the commitment of a traditional relationship and prefer to bankroll the lifestyle of their hot, young sugar baby.

Babies are often students who are looking for someone to support them with tuition fees and rent as well as upgrading their dating experiences. However, just as many younger gay men are simply seeking the experience of being pampered by an older man with some exclusively dating this way.

A sugar daddy can be particularly appealing and they can offer more than just sex and money. Mature, experienced and often successful in their careers, sugar daddies can provide invaluable guidance and mentoring.

gay sugar daddy dating
Sugar dating in the gay community is pretty common and is appealing for many reasons. Wealthy, maturity and an upgrade in dating experiences are all cited as reasons. Image via PickPic.

Making an Arrangement

Sugaring means lots of different things to different people and an arrangement between one couple may include regular dates, a sizable allowance and sex. For others it may lean more towards mentoring or offering introductions into exclusive circles. The bottom line is that there is no ‘off-the-shelf’ agreement you can turn to which suits every sugar relationship.

Before you have even made contact with a potential sugar daddy you should ask yourself what it is that you want from this kind of relationship. Just as importantly you need to set yourself limits about what you will and wont do.

In the first instance, most sugar daddies are looking for companionship; someone to spend time with and focus their attentions on. Many are successful businessmen who do not want to commit to a relationship yet have unfulfilled needs which include emotional, physical and sexual ones.

Knowing in advance what you are prepared to do and what you are looking for can help you find the right gay sugar daddy.

Ask yourself whether you are looking for travel opportunities or expensive gifts? Do you need help with your rent or expenses? Would you be happy with an allowance in exchange for friendship…or more? If so, what kind of sum are you talking about? Is this life changing or merely a basic regular income to help with the bills?

Most of the websites we’ve listed below will allow you to stipulate the kind of agreement you are seeking which helps you find the best match.

Once you’ve established these ground rules for yourself, it is important that you refine the details of these with your potential sugar daddy from the outset.

How To Find a Gay Sugar Daddy

Finding a gay sugar daddy isn’t that hard and there are several websites which offer this kind of dating for men only. Yet, many of the mainstream sugar dating websites also cater to the LGBTQ community.

We’ve selected a handful of the best websites where you can meet your next gay sugar daddy.

Seeking Arrangement

gay sugar daddy dating seeking arrangement
Not the first choice you might think of but Seeking Arrangement has a high number of men seeking men. Image via website.

A mainstream sugar dating site, Seeking Arrangement is one of the largest international directories of sugar daddies/mommas and babies around.

According to recent reports, around 10% of the members registered on Seeking Arrangement identify as LGBTQ+. With an estimated worldwide membership of 20 million people, this means that there is a potential pool of around two million queer, trans and gay people….rich pickings, literally!

The site offers free membership to students in North America, UK and Australia as long as they sign up using their .edu email address. Otherwise, the cost of a premium membership costs around $90 per month. It is a steep price to pay but as one of the more reputable and well-known sugar dating sites the chances of finding a gay sugar daddy here are pretty good.

Founded in 2006, Seeking Arrangement is trusted by those wealthy guys looking for their next sugar baby.

Sugar Daddy For Me

best gay sugar daddy websites sugardaddy for me
Image via website.

Launched in 2005, Sugar Daddy For Me is one of the longest running and larger sugar dating sites around. It’s not specifically designed for gay men but they do have quite a good proportion of users who are daddies looking for male sugar babies.

Mainly covering the United States, their coverage is larger in the big cities including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Diego and Dallas but there is some reach into other areas.

With in excess of four million registered members, it is estimated that around 5% are gay which still offers plenty of opportunities.

You can use the site for free and sugar babies can still contact other members as long as they are paying for Gold Membership. This makes the site pretty appealing as you don’t have to financially commit in order to start getting hook-ups.

If you do want to access more premium features which includes being able to message all members then you will have to pay.

Subscription rates are split into Gold and Silver with an option to allow Total Access whereby any and all other members can contact you.

  • Gold Standard – $44.95 per month
  • Gold Total Access – $59.90 per month
  • Silver Standard – $54.90 per month
  • Silver Total Access – $39.95 per month

Gold membership gives you a competitive edge over other sugar babies and means your profile stands out and your messages are highlighted to potential sugar daddies. You also receive weekly potential matches direct to your inbox.

You can also get a free three-day trial so you can assess what the site can offer you in your area before committing.

Sugar Elite Gay

gay sugar daddy dating sugar elite gay
Image via website.

Sugar Elite is a popular mainstream sugar dating website which offers matches for sugar mommas, sugar daddies and their sugar babies across USA, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada and United Kingdom.

Predominantly catering for the heterosexual community, this gay sub-site is exclusively used by men seeking men. It’s unclear exactly how many men actually use the site and how successful they are but there are certainly hundreds of profiles available for most major cities.

The nice thing about Sugar Elite Gay is that you can opt in for a trial membership which can give you some idea of how many men are available in your area before you commit to a full subscription. However, there are no discounts for students.

You can use the site with a free membership but this doesn’t give you access to messaging functions. Subscription costs vary depending on where you are located internationally as well as what promotions are running but are approximately:

  • $ 4.50 for 5 days
  • $ 27.99 for 1 month
  • $ 39.99 for 3 months

Be aware that there are some cross-sells on sign up including a trial for a bonus site called Gay Sugar Daddy Chat.

Gay Sugar Daddy Dating

best gay sugar daddy websites gay sugar daddy dating
Image via website.

Offering completely free sign-up and a reasonable coverage in many international locations, Gay Sugar Daddy Dating isn’t a bad way to start your search for the wealthy sponsor of your dreams.

Free messaging is available to all users but additional features are unlocked for users who sign up for a subscription.

There isn’t much information available about the number of members but we were able to find a few hundred profiles listed in most major US cities.

Gay Sugar Daddys

best gay sugar daddy websites gay gay sugar daddys
Image via website.

Mainly covering North America, United Kingdom and South Africa, Gay Sugar Daddys offers similar free sign ups as Gay Sugar Daddy Dating.

Whilst you can browse profiles for free and ‘flirt;, you can’t access messages without signing up for a premium membership.

Again, there are no details about just how many current and active users there are but we were able to narrow our searches down to a few hundred profiles in the major cities.

Alternative Ways to Find a Gay Sugar Daddy

If you are struggling to find the right sugar daddy using one of these websites then you can always expand your own searches using some common tools.

Tinder (and other online dating apps) all allow you to set your minimum and maximum age limits for dating. The chances are that you will have set these preferences to align with your preferred dating age range; however, how are you going to find a sugar daddy if you limit yourself to men aged 30 and younger?

Yes, it might not be the traditional route to finding a wealthy older man to sugar you but as long as you are open from the start about what it is you are looking for, you might be surprised by the results. We can’t give you advice about how to start that conversation but as long as you don’t lead by asking for bank account details, the rest will follow.

Grindr too can be a useful tool, if you use it in the right parts of town. There’s no chance of you finding your next sugar daddy at your local dive bar but if you scrub up and hit the fancy hotel bars you just might strike lucky.

how to find a gay sugar daddy
Tired of the pick ups? Change your hunting grounds. Image via Pikist.

Sites to Avoid

Without casting any aspersions on these particular sites and how successful they may (or may not) have been in the past, the following sites are either no longer active or have been given the thumbs down by trusted sources.

Despite no longer being in current use, some are automated to accept membership fees.

  • Gay Arrangement – Launched in 2016 as an exclusive gay sugar dating site, we are unable to find any active use of the company’s social media or marketing since 2017.
  • GDaddy – Created for iOS and Android, this app was supposed to be the gay sugar dating equivalent of Tinder. Again, there has been no activity on this site since around 2018.
  • Rich Gay Sugar Daddy – Though launched in 2008 and still available to browse through, it doesn’t look as though there is much activity on this site.

On a final note, we have seen a lot of sugar babies mooting the use of Gay Millionaires Club as a potential source of finding a wealthy sugar daddy. There is nothing wrong with this site as a viable option for finding a rich gay man but there is nothing we can commend about it to sugar babies. With the entry level membership starting at $35k per annum, you’d have to be pretty wealthy yourself to even get in the front door! Best left to the millionaires we’d say.

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