The Best Nutaku Gay Games

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Prefer your adult games with a lot more men-on-men action?

Here we’ll take a closer look at the best Nutaku Gay Games: from Men Bang to Cockville, Gay Harem to Abducted.

With over 22 million visitors each month, the incredibly popular adult games site Nutaku has a huge collection of titles covering everything from animated sex and hentai dating sims to fantasy, resource management and strategy games.

Since 2018, the site has expanded to include a specific range of LGBTQ titles and includes some free to play and premium options.

A Guide to Gay Games on Nutaku

Nutaku is an adult gaming platform which mainly features hentai games produced by Western indie developers as well as translations of popular Asian titles.

nutaku adult gaming

The site is owned by MindGeek, (the company that powers Pornhub) and offers a huge selection of adult sex games in a range of genres including:

  • Action-Adventure
  • Turn Based Strategy
  • Visual Novels
  • Dating Sims
  • Puzzles
  • Tower Defense
  • Clicker
  • Collectible Card Games

And, as of December 2018, the site also offers a dedicated gaming section for the LGBTQ+ community. Proving instantly popular, the site launched an additional investment fund of $5 million in June 2019 to further develop new titles for this genre.

As a result, you can now find more than a dozen great gay games to play on the site in addition to many Transgender and Lesbian titles.

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nutaku adult LGBTQ gaming

How Much Do Nutaku Gay Games Cost?

Some of the games detailed below are free to play but may feature in-game purchases whilst other titles have an up-front charge before you can start playing.

Full details of the costs for each game are detailed below and are correct as of the time of our review.


Most of the games available on Nutaku can be played in-browser using the latest version of Chrome on Windows; however, most can also be played on Android and some iOS devices.

To get the best gaming experience on your desktop or mobile, you will need to download the Nutaku Gaming Client. This provides a more streamlined experience and offers faster and easier access to the games you play regularly.

Best Nutaku Gay Games

So, without any more ado, we bring you the highlights of the best gay games on the Nutaku games platform.

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Men Bang

‘Start giving guys a ride they won’t forget….then drive then home’

best gay games on nutaku men bang

A casual clicker style dating sim game, Men Bang is all about finding ways to deceive unsuspecting guys so that you can film them and build your own porn empire.

You start the game with an inherited car that you operate like an Uber cab, picking up random men and enticing them to perform for you. It’s your task to pretend to be a fake agent, director, masseur or anything else to tempt them in.

The aim is to build your adult empire as you shoot professional films with your eager wannabe male porn stars.

Each of the men who end up in the back of your cab comes complete with their own personality, set of skills and physique and each will need a different approach to get them to come on board with your plans.

You may need to fake date them, seduce them or tell them truth; the choice is up to you. The best part is that each of these characters is based on a real life gay porn star; from William Seed to Johnny Rapid and many more familiar faces.

A free game to play, you can purchase in-game diamonds and cash to advance more quickly and open up additional levels and features.

We have recently reviewed Men Bang on our site and you can find a more detailed summary of the game by visiting our full review.

Overall, this is a simple enough title to play yet one that has many complex layers which open up as you advance through the game. Very addictive, you will be rewarded the more you play.

Gay Harem

best gay games on nutaku gay harem

An oversexed world of nymphomaniac men….sounds a lot like reality but in this RPG action-adventure title, all of the guys are gay.

Gay Harem is presented in a visual novel style with a free roaming universe that you can explore as you like. The aim is pretty simple; you have to create a big harem of willing me to take your pleasures with. With over 200 bara characters to discover throughout this realm, there is no shortage of guys to recruit.

Your efforts are rewarded with uncensored yaoi illustrations and you can even take part in events to showcase the sexual prowess of your harem.

Like many titles of this genre, the game grows in complexity as you progress and you can simply complete missions to advance or develop your characters and skill base to progress in the national and international leader-boards.

The game is free to play but, again, features in-game purchases which can help you advance more rapidly and unlock more features.

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best gay games on nutaku cockville

There aren’t many people who haven’t heard of Farmville and this time management game is a parody of the popular crop-growing title….but with a gay twist.

Just like the original, Cockville has a complex production line system with over 100 elements to manage but, in addition, you can also cultivate relationships as well as fields of wheat.

Part dating sim, part strategy and part farming simulation Cockville has some pretty simple objectives to complete; keep your crops healthy and your customers coming back for more.

There are over ten different hunks to romance across the game, each with a selection of raunchy scenes to unlock as you progress through the game.

Cockville is free to play but you can also use credits to advance faster and purchase in-game features and bonuses.

Booty Calls – Men At Work

best gay games on nutaku booty calls men at work

A dating sim that combines several puzzle games with a bit of strategy needed to complete your mission, which is to work your way to the top of the entertainment industry.

In Booty Calls Men At Work, you start out as a fresh-faced personal assistant under the encouragement of Owen Thorn, a successful entrepreneur.

Thorn cuts a good-looking older figure who has his eye on his proteges as well as attracting the affections of Atlas Tucker, a smoldering screen star.

Meet up with, date and have sex with the leading guys but make sure you tailor your approach as not all men want the same style of seduction. It’s a simple enough game to play and does lack the complexity of some of the other titles on this list yet your game-playing skills and strategy will be rewarded with raunchy scenes and sexy encounters along the way.

Don’t forget to pay yourself the right attention and make sure you head to the gym to keep yourself fighting fit to stay in the game.

It’s the puzzles that will keep you addicted and if you like these kind of mini-games then they should entertain you along with the simple story-lines.

Free to play, this is one of Nutaku’s more basic gay games but nevertheless a popular one.

Blush Blush Uncut

best gay games on nutaku blush blush uncut

A free to play ‘idle’ dating game, Blush Blush Uncut is a really basic but addictive little game. In fact, the simplicity of this harem-style game is part of its appeal.

The story, such that it is, revolves around the scenario of a ‘magical accident’ that has rendered a bunch of hot steamy hunks being transformed into animals. As the whole affair is your fault, it’s up to you to track down these ‘manimals’ earn their trust and seduce them so you can lift their curse.

There’s a cast of more than ten guys to rescue and a whole set of features that can make the game more complex including outfits, pin-up scenes, phone fling chat and a time-block system so you can set tasks to run whilst you aren’t playing the game.

Free to play but with in-game purchases available to advance through the game more rapidly, Blush Blush Uncut is ‘a fun and flirty experience with cute anime boys with a heavy sprinkling of erotica and sexy nudes’.

Fap CEO Men Stream

best gay games on nutaku fap ceo men stream

A clicker dating sim game, Fap CEO Men Stream is an epic title that lets you build your own video-chat empire.

The aim of the game is simple, you need to hire as many men as possible to create your adult entertainment business. Each man has a different set of skills which all need leveling up and you need to put in the time to learn what arouses them so they can make you more money.

It’s a sophisticated and addictive little game that just gets better the more you play and, when you max out your business, you can simply sell it and start again from the ground up.

Customize your game-play by decorating your office, adding skills, earning perks and unlocking sexy pictures of your subordinates.

The game is well-liked by Nutaku users and there is a tournament in which you can compete with other players. What’s also useful is that the game is still actively being developed so new features come along all the time.

Another free to play game with in-app purchases available to enhance your experience, Fap CEO Men Stream is one of the sites more popular gay games.

Gay Guys

best gay games on nutaku gay guys

Set in Argania Kingdom, Gay Guys is a retro keyboard based game that anyone over the age of 40 may remember from their youth.

It’s pretty simple; you control the pixelated character on screen and you must avoid the enemies to erase the masked screen background and reveal a raunchy image. Complete the image without getting caught and you can advance to the next level.

Each of the four enemy characters moves in different ways so this progressively gets more tricky to do but there’s plenty here to keep you occupied, albeit in a simple way.

Scenes range from masturbation images to fantasy sex scenes featuring monsters and more. Each unlocked image gets added to your gallery and, if you complete the game, you can also unlock the ‘Cumming Gallery’.

This game is a premium title and you just need to pay $2.99 to unlock it for play without DRM.

Signed and Sealed With A Kiss

best gay games on nutaku signed and sealed with a kiss

‘You get an unexpected package delivery one day. When you open it, there’s a man inside – but luckily, he comes with instructions!’

Signed and Sealed With A Kiss is a visual novel game with plenty of choices to make to dictate how the story unfolds, the premise of the game is simple; you have to ‘raise’ your very own man-doll and mold him into your ideal boyfriend.

There are lots of personality traits you can influence and you must determine his job, his hobbies and his appearance. A perfect game for any man who likes to take control in a relationship!

From bad boy to thrill seeker, flirtatious to Prince Charming, you get to call the shots.

Featuring over 15 hours of game-play, there are several endings to this game depending on your choices as well as plenty of random events and tasks to complete. Plus, you will get rewarded along the way with some smutty scenes to enjoy.

Signed and Sealed With A Kiss is a premium game and will cost you $12.00 to purchase.

Cross Love

best gay games on nutaku cross love

A cross-dressing game, Cross Love is a charming and simple little game that doesn’t take long  to play.

Kinetic visual novel in style, the main character is drawn by an interesting but shy boy who he initially mistakes as a girl. Obviously, a romance ensues and you can unlock some raunchy animated scenes along the way.

This is Episode 1 and it is expected that additional chapters will be developed over time. As it is, this one will take you 2-4 hours to complete.

A premium title, Cross Love will cost you $4.99 to play DRM-free.

See No Evil

best gay games on nutaku see no evil

Another retro game that harks back to the Golden Age of console gaming and featuring a lot of illustrated panels, See No Evil is a visual novel style title.

Like Gay Guys (see above) navigation and interactions all use keyboard strokes rather than a mouse or touchscreen. It’s simple enough to play and features more than 150 charming illustrations with seven unique endings to target.

The plot revolves around a simple country guy, Orsino Jack, is transported to a realm with demons and castles, he must navigate his way back home.

Despite the seemingly basic graphics, See No Evil has been widely praised for its immersion and quality of writing.

The game is a premium one and you will need to pay a charge of $8.41 or 841 credits to unlock a DRM free version to play.

No Thank You

best gay games on nutaku no thank you

Another visual novel game, this title was developed by MangaGamer and is Japanese in design but has been translated into English. It’s a popular title that has a bit of a cult following due to its impressive and deep reaching plot and interactions. In all there are more than 3,000 event CGs and an immersive set of choices to navigate the game by.

The No Thank You story starts with the protagonist (Haru) waking up from a car-accident with amnesia. Injured and with no memory, he is taken in by the attractive owner of a jazz bar, Kouichi Inui.

Far from being a simple entertainment venue, the bar is actually a cover for an underground detective agency and is frequented by men of varying backgrounds all seeking help to solve cases that the police avoid.

The game develops as Haru becomes more involved with the running of this business and he becomes closely connected with staff and customers alike with plenty of opportunities along the way for romance and more.

A premium title, No Thank You costs $39.95 or 3995 credits to unlock a DRM free version.

Yuki’s Tale

best gay games on nutaku yukis tale

A classic RPG adventure game, Yuki’s Tale is a fantasy title with an immersive story-line and a unique cast of characters, side games and quests.

Story rich, the protagonist (Yuki) joins a guild to hunt down a mage who is rumored to possess a magical book. Along the way, he and his partner are captured but Yuki manages to escape. The dilemma is whether he returns to his guild to confirm the rumors or risk everything to rescue his partner.

Yuki’s Tale is a premium title which will cost you $5.99 or 599 credits to purchase.


best gay games on nutaku abducted

And finally, it won’t surprise you to learn that this game is all about an alien abduction. The main character is a barista here on earth who wakes up on board a space craft beside another human and in the company of their abductor, Grey.

It’s a visual novel genre of game and as a result it’s quite heavy on the text but there is a great story-line here that slowly unfolds as you navigate your way around this immersive plot.

With six different endings, there are lots of choices you need to make along your journey, not least of which is who to trust as well as who to fall in love with.

Ultimately, you are trying to make your way home back to earth but there are plenty of twists and turns along the way with rewarding interactions and uncensored scenes.

The games is a premium title and costs $10 or 1000 credits which unlocks a fully standalone version with no DRM.

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