The Best Escort Review Forums: A Punter’s Guide

When it comes to escort reviews, where better to find the best information than straight from the horse’s mouth? Yes, when it comes to punters, we are a discerning bunch and we like to share when we’ve had good service.

The internet can be blamed for lots of things but nowhere does it come into its own more than when it comes to sharing customer feedback, both good and bad. Nobody likes to receive poor service and this is particularly true when you spend good money on an escort who turns out to offer a substandard service.

Likewise, if an escort is good at what she does then you can pay her no greater complement than recommending her services.

In this guide, we take a look at some of the best punter sites that review escorts so you can do your homework before you make that next booking.

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International Escort Reviews

Punter Link

Punter Link is a UK based website offering an international directory of useful information for punters. The forums are relatively current and cover both European countries including the UK, France and the Netherlands.

There are also groups for the USA, Australia and a general Worldwide forum. The site also has a specific reviews section that allows you to search by country, escort name (in case they tour or have moved location) as well as by more specific categories like age, body type and ethnicity. The reviews for some regions are quite dated but do give a good degree of history to the services provided by some escorts.

A useful site for escort services, Punter Link also features an escort directory and classifieds section. They also review brothels, massage parlours and strip clubs and provide plenty of useful information that is worth bookmarking.

The forums are all quite active and though finding recent reviews might not be as easy as through the search facility, people are sharing their experiences on the site.

Contributing to the site is easy and you can register for a free account to join in with this active punting community.

punterlink escort reviews

Punter Link is a useful international punter forum with a good mix of escort reviews. Image via website.

Captain 69

Unlike most of the punter review sites on this list, Captain 69 is a subscription service with search facilities limited unless you are content with paying. The annual cost to use this service is £105 (roughly $135) or you can pay monthly for £10.50 ($13.50) for which you can get access to the reviews of over 120,000 international escorts. There is also a classifieds directory where escorts can advertise their services as well as a community forum. Escorts are also paid members of the site which can help with quality; if they are paying for membership then they will be keen to ensure their user rating levels stay high.

The forum is a useful area for punters to openly discuss grievances and can help to give people a heads up on any escorts regularly offering poor service. Captain 69 is certainly a useful punter escort review site for frequent travelers.

USA Based Escort Reviews

USA Sex Guide

The USA Sex Guide forum is a comprehensive place for punters to share information on a wide range of subjects including special interests as well as escort reviews. One of the more popular features of the site includes a Craigslist review area.

Often a service that can be shunned because of the nature of free classifieds, this level of review offers a dedicated way to vouch for the services of an escort who uses Craigslist and can help verify, authenticate and qualify them.

You can access forums based on a specific area with most major states and cities covered. Filtering down into any given location, there are forums set up for punter comments on anything from strip clubs and escorts through to truck stops and massage parlors as well as Craigslist escorts. They have even added a specific forum page for rip offs meaning you can get an at-a-glance warning of any scams that are operating in any given location.

Registering to contribute to the site is free and allows you access to a large community of like-minded punters with some good ‘hands-on’ information to share.

usa sex guide escort reviews punter forum

Covering all major U.S. cities and states, USA Sex Guide is an active punter’s forum. Image via website.

UK Based Escort Reviews

PunterNet UK

Established in 1999, Punter Net is the oldest directory and review site of its kind in the UK. Offering a directory and review service for British escorts, Punter Net also has an active forum in which punters can share their experiences as well as publishing tour information. Free to register, punters are invited to publish ‘field reports’ on the services they receive from any female escort based in the UK and Ireland. The search facility is pretty comprehensive and allows users to find reviews based on an individual escort, location or recommendation.

Most reviews submitted contain a good story to set the scene and some can be pretty explicit about how their meeting went. You can also find out how much was paid for the service and the duration.

Service providers are assigned their own unique ID making it easy for punters to find and for the escorts to claim their reviews. This then provides information for the Punter Net directory so finding an escort links back to reviews.

The forum has over 36,000 threads with almost three quarters of a million posts and the community is active across a wide range of topics; some relevant, some not so relevant.

Most of these are split regionally so you can see at a glance, region specific information and news.

South African Based Escort Reviews

Escort South Africa

Perhaps the only forum of its kind covering the South Africa area, Escort SA has a mixture of official reviews as well as punter reviews for escorts on its forum. Covering Cape Town, Jo’burg, Durban and Pretoria there are threads relating to all the major sources of escorts, massages and clubs.

Though some of the reviews on this site are dated the community is active and there are steady updates on the best venues around. Offering more than just escort reviews, you can also access live chat with other members, general information relating to South Africa’s adult entertainment scene as well purchase adult films online.

Registration with the service is free though extras (like films) will be added to an online cart.

south africa escorts punters review

A classified and review combo, South African Escort reviews are quite comprehensive. Image via website.

Australian Based Escort Reviews

Punter Planet

Home of the escort connoisseur in Australia, Punter Planet has over 1400 threads on escorts operating in the country and covers New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, ACT and South Australia. Reviews cover both independent escorts as well as agency girls and includes contact details as well as photographs.

Reviews are comprehensive and stick to a tried and tested formula with all the essential basics with additional space for further expansion. Because escorts are registered with the service, the threads are usually commented on by the girls themselves and makes for an interesting read about how they handle feedback.

The site has plenty of additional threads in the forum that are useful for punters in general and the level of interaction on the site is high.

Accounts are free to register and enable full access to all areas of the punter community.

punter planet australia escort

Escorts are also registered to the site giving them right to reply on all feedback. Image via website.

New Zealand Based Escort Reviews

New Zealand Adult Forum

The number one, go-to forum for discussing all aspects of New Zealand’s adult services, the New Zealand Adult Forum is a comprehensive site. There are over 200,000 threads on the escort review section making it an extensive library of punter recommendations.

The site has an active member base and the latest reviews are hot off the press usually being only a few hours (or at worst, days) old.

Covering all major cities and towns on the North Island, South Island and surrounding international waters New Zealand Adult Forum reviews are easy to search using ether the basic or advanced search feature. The at-a-glance, universally recognized thumbs up/down icons also make it easier to navigate to good and bad reviews.

The site features a classified directory of escort services as well as covering other entertainment resources like strip clubs, massage parlors and more. You can also access a range of related topics such as sexual health advice, fitness and nutrition and other off-topic threads. You can also find a great section on stories where punters share experiences that may or may not have actually happened….most are very explicit and make good reading irrespective.

Free to join, the community online is a diverse bunch of punters who have plenty to share.

Japan Based Escort Reviews

Tokyo Adult Guide

Another free to join site, the Tokyo Adult Guide offers a range of information on adult services in the capital city, Tokyo. Resources range from punter reviews of escorts to pink salons, massage parlors and other adult entertainment services.

There’s no easy way to navigate and search the reviews and you’ll have to wade through plenty of threads to find something specific or use your in-browser search tool.

However, punters are generous with their information and you can get some good tips for excellent service (as well as some steers on the bad) including prices. Reviews vary from the perfunctory to the graphic and make for some interesting reading whilst you are researching.

tokyo adult guide japan escort reviews punter forum

An example review on Tokyo Adult Guide. Image via website.

The site is also a useful library of general information if you are visiting Tokyo and includes some interesting resources on dating, living in Japan as well as some good tips on places to experience the city nightlife.

So, the take away from this piece?

If you get good service, don’t forget to share the experience.

Not only are punter reviews a great way to recommend good service which benefits the escort but is also an essential way to warn other customers of a potential rip off, scam or poor service.

By sharing details of what you spent, you are also helping to keep costs fair and competitive.

Lastly, being part of a community for your area can keep you aware of any important news in your area including any health information, tours and special events.

Featured image via Punter Planet.

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