12 Best Cross Dresser Dating Sites in 2023

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Looking for TV/CD dating sites?

Cross dressing might be considered a kink or a fetish by some but that doesn’t mean to say that transvestites and those who love them need to resort to seedy sites for a hookup.

In the 21st century, the majority of adults use online dating sites – but what about if you’re looking for profiles that are a little different?

In this guide, we take a closer look at some of the best cross dresser dating sites around. We’ll include some big mainstream brands that have TV/CD sections – ideal for finding a hookup – as well as dedicated crossdressing dating portals.

Let’s get started!

A Guide to Cross Dresser Dating

Cross dressing (or transvestism) is often lumped in with LGBTQ+ labels including transgender and transexual.

Of course, there can be a crossover when identifying as one or more of these.

However, it’s worth pointing out that although most of the dating sites we’ve chosen here are specific to cross dressing, there are some profiles which may include acronyms that could confuse.

For clarity, most users of these sites use the following nomenclature to denote their identity:

  • TV = Transvestite
  • CD = Cross dresser
  • TS = Transexual
  • TG = Transgender
  • PRE = Pre-Op

Best Cross Dresser Dating Sites

Our first selection of dating sites includes those platforms which are specifically designed for CD/TV profiles and those that love them.

CD Meet


Best Cross Dresser Dating Sites - CD Meet

If you’re looking for a date with a man who likes to dress up as a woman then CD meet is one of the first niche dating sites to check out.

A crossdressing dating club operated by the Dating Network, this is just one of a dozen or more specialist sites with a huge pool of profiles.

It’s quite common for dating platforms to share the profiles of its members (just check out those terms and conditions) so you may well find a lot of duplication across many of the sites on our list.

CD Meet mainly covers North America and Europe along with Australia, New Zealand and some Asian countries. There are a handful of other locations in South and Central America but, by and large, not much outside of this.

Signing up as a crossdresser or admirer is pretty easy (and free) and you should be able to get started in less than five minutes.

We will warn you upfront that there are some fake and out of date profiles on here along with the usual timewasters so your success rate might be pretty low to begin with. However, there are plenty of genuine profiles on CDMeet.com as long as you’re prepared to be patient.

Other members usually start out sending some flirty messages and exchanging pics and vids before arranging a meet but this will cost you….

Yes, this is a freemium model site so whilst you can browse profiles without parting with a dime, if you want to start connecting with other users then you’ll need to upgrade.

Prices for a VIP membership start at around $30 per month but you can reduce this cost if you sign up for longer.

Other sites in this network using the same pool of profiles include:

All worth checking out, we’d recommend signing up for a free profile or trial to begin with in order to assess whether there is good coverage in your area.

Date A Crossdresser


Best Cross Dresser Dating Sites - dateacrossdresser

Self-promoting as the #1 crossdresser dating community on the net, this platform is popular in Canada as well as the United States, Brazil and in some parts of Europe.

A part of the Rapid Match Network, the profiles on this site are shared across several other services including Crossdressing.

Both sites offer a friendly environment for CDs to share their profiles and look for matches with admirers and others interested in dressing up.

From CDs looking for love to singletons seeking a casual fling there’s a wide selection of profiles here to browse through.

What’s great about this site is that there’s a decent range of ages, backgrounds and locations so there’s a good chance you can find a suitable match.

It’s also a site with a good deal of traffic for a niche platform and anywhere between 50,000 and 100,000 people are using Date A Crossdresser each month.

And if you sign up for a profile on this website then bear in mind that this is shared with other Rapid Match platforms including a free membership to CrossDressingSexPartner.com

You’ll find a lot of curious types on here including those who are just looking for friendship or a likeminded bunch of people to help them on their journey. But among these profiles are a lot of genuine CD folk who want to connect.

Free to join, you will need to upgrade your membership if you want to get the best out of the site and get access to unlimited messaging.

Monthly subscription costs start at $29.95 but you can sign up for three months at a price of $39.95. Membership will automatically be renewed until cancelled.

Senior Crossdress


Best Cross Dresser Dating Sites - senior crossdress

Proving age is just a number, this niche dating site for cross dressers caters for more mature CDs.

Whether you’re looking for friendship or a fling, casual sex or something more meaningful, the site caters for a mix of younger and older members.

And it’s not just a quick match, flirt and hookup site.

Senior Crossdress also offers its members a way to swap personal videos and photos, a forum for social networking as well as one-to-one messaging.

It’s a safe, secure and confidential service that is Online Dating Guardian protected.

You can register for a free profile but unless you pay for a premium subscription you are limited in what you can do.

Monthly membership costs start at $35.96 but go as low as $17.24 per month if you pay upfront for a whole year.

Once you are a fully paid-up member your VIP benefits mean you can open all media files, chat privately with other members plus your profile will appear first in all search results.

Crossdresser Group


Best Cross Dresser Dating Sites - crossdresser group

Part of the same network as Senior Crossdress, the Crossdresser Group is a discrete dating club for CD/TV men and their admirers.

It’s an open-minded and safe community where members feel free to flaunt themselves with pride. As a result, profiles can be extravagant and messages can get intimate and NSFW.

But this isn’t just a place to hookup and plenty of members are looking for friendship and longer-term relationships. If, however, you want a casual fling with a crossdresser then this is also on the menu.

Admirers range from married couples, single men and women (gay, lesbian and straight) who are looking for beautiful crossdressers.

And they’ll definitely find some here.

The group is stuffed with all kinds of CDs. There are petite men who pass easily as women with flawless skin, tight booties and amazing prosthetics. But then there are tall and broad guys who confidently strut their stuff in extra large women’s clothing who want to be treated like princesses.

Mainly covering North America and parts of Western Europe, this is a real treasure trove of CDs to meet, flirt and hook up with.

Just like Senior Crossdress, you can use the site with a free membership but in order to access all the site’s features you’ll need to upgrade to a VIP account.

This costs $35.95 if you pay monthly but there are discounts if you sign up for longer.

Crossdresser Adverts


Best Cross Dresser Dating Sites - crossdresser adverts

What looks to be another standard CD dating site is in fact a lot more circumspect with all of the profiles on Crossdresser Adverts being moderated and checked by a member of staff. This should mean that more of the profiles on this site are genuine. However, there are no guarantees in the online dating game so definitely play it safe.

Crossdresser Adverts offers much  the same as almost all of the other platforms on our list with private messaging, chat rooms and video calls all supported on the site between paying members.

But what we really like about this site is that they give you extra.

Yes, here you can find details of clubs and events that are CD/TV friendly along with some great information including CD dogging locations PLUS members’ own blogs.

It’s a community driven site with plenty of social networking opportunities and whilst you can meet, flirt and hook up with CDs and admirers, it does seem to be more of an information hub. Sharing photos, videos and stories is a must before you build up connections.

Like many sites, there’s better coverage in the cities than in rural spots and North America, the UK and Australia seem to be the predominant countries covered here.

To get access to all the media on site plus unlimited messaging, priority listing and more then you’ll need to be a fully paid up member.

Subscription costs start from around $35 per month but if you pay for a full year in advance then this goes down to just $18 per month.

It’s a trusted site and the network operates a ton of other dating platforms plus they’ve won plenty of acclaim for innovation including the iDate Award for Best Dating Software.

Operated by Nearby Connections dating network, Crossdressing Singles is a sophisticated and easy to use dating site for CD/TVs and admirers.

It’s a quick site to sign up with and you can use email, Facebook or your Apple ID to get started.

Once your have your profile ready then you can start making instant matches.

And what we liked about this little site is how intuitive it is to use.

Just like with apps such as Tinder, you can make quick judgement calls on profiles by saying Yes or No and if two profiles get a Yes then you get a match.

And the best part is that you can use this service as an app on your iOS or Android device.

Of course, you have to pay to see who has liked your profile and to start chatting but it’s best to register a free account first. This way you can see just how much coverage there is in your area before you commit to a subscription.

Prices start from $6.99 per week, $29.99 for a month or $39.99 for 90 days.

We do know that the app has had some bugs when it was first launched but these do seem to have been resolved.

UK Crossdressers


Best Cross Dresser Dating Sites - uk crossdressers

Next up we have a great site for any British CD/TV singletons and admirers.

UK Crossdressers is an online dating club for anyone looking for their next sexy adventure.

Covering the length and breadth of the United Kingdom you can meet cross dressers from London to Manchester, Edinburgh to Bristol. The coverage here is so good that you can even find profiles from more rural towns and villages too.

It’s a pretty simple little service and there aren’t that many features but this does make it quick and easy to use.

Just set up a free profile and start browsing other members. If you want to start chatting via instant messenger or online then you’ll have to pay.

Prices start at around $30 per month.

Other UK Crossdressing dating sites which offer a similar service include UK Cross Dressers and UK Crossdressing Contacts.

Other Crossdressing Dating Sites

Offering a similar service to some of those listed above, we’ve also seen some pretty good reviews for the success rate on these cross dresser dating platforms:

Best Cross Dresser Dating Sites - Crossdresser hookup

As with all online dating, your mileage may vary and the coverage in certain regions, cities and areas does differ.

We’d always recommend setting up a free profile first and taking advantage of any free trials before committing to a monthly subscription.

This gives you a chance to test out a service first before committing to any regular expense.

Once you have the measure of a site and whether there is good coverage in your local area it does pay to look at longer term memberships. A six, or twelve, month subscription can often save you tons of money even over a short period.

Best Mainstream Dating Sites for Cross Dressers

But, of course, it isn’t just specialist dating sites where you can find cross dressers. In fact, quite a few of the larger mainstream adult dating sites also cover this niche area for hookups, sexting, casual encounters and even romance.

Adult Friend Finder


Best Cross Dresser Dating Sites - adult friend finder

Adult Friend Finder (AFF) is the world’s largest online community of adults looking for sex.

It’s gained a bit of a reputation for being a swinger’s and hookup platform but this is far more than just a casual dating site.

With more than 109 million members worldwide, AFF caters to a huge range of types and this includes cross dressers, transvestites and more.

What we love about AFF is the fact that there is a real social aspect to the platform. Members are not only able to connect, flirt and meet up with other users. They can also join groups, chat online and network with other people who share their interests.

It is, of course, worth remembering that even though the profiles available on AFF are wide ranging, the main purpose of this service is still hookups.

And if you want to find your next quick fling, threesome, swing or just a casual encounter then there are few sites which can offer you so much choice.

Adult Friend Finder is also available as an app which means you can hookup more easily on the go.

Free to register, the best experience of using AFF is through a subscription without which you are pretty limited when it comes to messaging other members.

Monthly costs start from $24.95 or if you upfront for a full year at a price of $180 this reduces the monthly costs to just $14.95.

It’s an international site which means you can also hookup if you are out of the country but it does have the widest usage in North America and Western Europe plus some parts of Asia.

Overall, the community on AFF is pretty open-minded and there are plenty of TV/CD groups you can join to help get you started. Well worth bookmarking in our opinion.



Best Cross Dresser Dating Sites - alt

Known principally for being a kink and BDSM dating site, Alt.com is all about embracing alternative lifestyles and individuality.

For this reason, they are one of the most open-minded places to list a personals ad and there are thousands of crossdressers and their admirers who use the site.

What’s great about Alt.com is that it’s an international platform with a great reputation, attracting more than 1.5 million people each month.

Around half of these are located in the United States, a quarter in the United Kingdom and then the rest are mainly from Australia, Canada and Western Europe.

And members are an active bunch with an estimated 80,000 US users hitting the site on a weekly basis.

Alt.com isn’t just a dating platform and has fast become one of the main ways for alternative communities to network with each other.

And there’s a lot of ways to do this; Alt.com supports ICQ, AIM and MSN plus there are groups you can join.

The site also has some great magazine features and member blogs all of which contain some great information. Plus, you can access Pay-Per-View adult movies or just share NSFW content with other members.

Yes, Alt.com will always be more of a spiritual home for the kinkier singles and if you are into BDSM then this will be a perfect fit but crossdressers should also feel very welcome on the platform.

Membership fees are pretty competitive and start at just $29.95 per month for full access but can be as low as $8.33.



Best Cross Dresser Dating Sites - fetlife

Just like Alt.com, Fetlife is infamous as the home for kink-lovers but this is not just any old fetish dating platform. Instead, Fetlife is an alternative social networking service for adults who love fantasy.

Yes, there are plenty of BDSM fetishists on the site but there are equally as many TS/TV/CD, LGBTQ+ and all kinds of kinksters. From shoes to cigarettes, balloons to scat play, there is no judgement on this site and it makes it one of the best places online to meet new people.

Without fear of judgement you’ll find Fetlife an ideal place to be yourself and to meet the CDs/admirers of your fantasies.

And, as one of the top 25 most popular adult sites in the world, you’ll have access to a massive audience.

The site has more than 10 million members worldwide and together they have started more than 148,000 groups, set-up almost a million events and shared over 58 million videos and photos!!

As long as you approach this Facebook for fetish-fans as a way to network rather than as a simple hook-up site then you’ll definitely enjoy your time here.

But beware, hitting on members is frowned upon. By all means, make friends and form relationships but remember that this is not a place to arrange your next casual encounter with the first people you meet.

There are plenty of ways for members ways to connect and network using groups, walls and messaging. Just start searching for crossdressing as your chosen kink and see where it takes you…

You can get a lot out of Fetlife for free but the best experience comes with a premium membership and at just $5 per month it’s the best value you can find anywhere.



And then of course we have gool ‘old Reddit.

There’s a subreddit for pretty much anything you care to dream up and it’s no surprise to learn that there is a pretty big group for crossdress dating.

With more than 2000 members it hasn’t been very active since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic but is well worth joining in case it starts up again.

Reddit also has plenty of more general crossdressing groups you can join where you can enquire about more niche dating subreddits:

TS Dates


Best Cross Dresser Dating Sites - tsdates

With over a million monthly hits to their site, TS Dates is a popular platform and sees a lot of traffic from both the USA, Canada and Western Europe (in particular Germany, Switzerland and France).

Whilst the majority of individuals on the site identify as transexual (either pre-op or post) there are some who are more comfortable describing themselves as cross dressers. 

Whichever way you look at it, there are plenty of admirers who hit this site looking for men who dress as women.

Another site which gives you extra, TS Dates lets members chat directly and share adult content but there are also blogs, live chat and dating forums to enjoy. The latter includes plenty of erotic stories plus a magazine.

TS Dates isn’t for everyone and there are some CDs who would prefer to avoid any confusion with TS but for those who are open to a community of admirers who aren’t judgemental then definitely check it out.

Premium membership is the only way to enjoy this site and although you can access some content for free you won’t be able to get connected without a subscription.

Charges are currently $39.95 per month for the full gold subscription.

TS Meet


Best Cross Dresser Dating Sites - tsmeet

Just like TS Dates, TS Meet is another dating site which aims to connect TG and Trans women with admirers so it really depends on how you identify as to whether this will be a useful platform.

Similarly to TS Meet, users here are pretty non-judgemental so you can find plenty of cross dressers online as well as pre/post op transgender women.

It’s another large site with a big international database so there are plenty of opportunities here for meeting hookups, starting a romance or just making new friends.

And just like all of the other sites we’ve already mentioned, TS Meet is a great place to flirt and share online adult content.

What we liked about TS Meet is that who you choose to share your images and videos with is up to you as all of your content stays private until you decide to grant access.

Overall, it’s a pretty user friendly little site and has some decent features including chat rooms, groups, instant messenger and blogs. Plus, there’s a great online TS Meet Magazine which shares some really interesting news, information and articles.

There are two levels of membership available starting at $29.99 per month. However, an annual upgrade will reduce this to around $9 per month.

Best Cross Dresser Dating Apps

Although quite a few of the above sites are mobile ready and some have their own apps, we’ve included a couple of other options you can try on the move that have CD/TV profiles.

First up we have the alternative Tinder, Translr.

Best Cross Dresser Dating Sites - transdr

Originally launched as Transdr, this dating app was designed exclusively for the TS/TV/TG community and is all inclusive when it comes to crossdressers.

No matter how you identify, whether a sissy boy, MTF or FTM transexual, panty boy, tranny or shemale, there is no judgement on this app.

And it attracts a decent amount of traffic both within this community but from admirers and those who are curious to find out more about the scene.

From romantic relationships to casual hookups and friendship, Translr is THE go-to app for CD dating.

You can download the app for free on iOS or Android devices and this will let you access some of the features.

But if you want to contact others and be matched  then you will need to pay.

Current subscription costs are:

  • One month with auto renewal: $14.99
  • Three months with auto renewal: $29.99
  • Six-month subscription: $49.99
Best Cross Dresser Dating Sites - grindr

Our final two choices of apps to help you with cross dresser dating are those two stalwarts of the gay dating scenes, Scruff and Grindr.

Both popular with mainstream gay dating, there are lots of opportunities for kinks here as well. Experience shows that there can be some judgemental types in the gay community when it comes to CD members but both apps can provide some decent connections.


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