The Best Condoms For Lasting Longer in Bed

Looking for a quick fix to help improve your endurance in the bedroom?

There are many reasons why men cum more quickly than their partner some of which can be temporary and others might be a more permanent biological feature.

Whatever the reason, premature ejaculation is no laughing matter and can lead to damaging psychological conditions including depression, anxiety and stress.

Whilst there is no cure, effective management of PE can be achieved with plenty of techniques and aids designed to help prevent an early climax. Even if you don’t have problems with premature ejaculation, there are always big occasions when we want to ensure we stay in the zone for as long as possible.

In this guide, we take a look at the best condoms on the market that give men a little help to avoid crossing the finishing line before their partner. From condoms filled with numbing gels to extra thick sheaths, we give you the best options for lasting longer in bed.

Premature Ejaculation & Performance Enhancing Condoms

It is estimated that around 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation (PE) though, as the punchline of many jokes will tell you, it is women who perhaps feel most disappointed as a result. Premature ejaculation is defined as being a climax that occurs sooner than expected, usually happening after just 1-3 minutes of stimulation.

For some men, the symptoms are temporary and may be a result of psychological factors such as stress, anxiety or even guilt. For some it is a biological problem and may be the result of nerve damage, abnormal levels of testosterone or thyroid problems.

Untreated, premature ejaculation is no joke and can cause damaging issues in relationships and for some men it is an inciting factor in depression and stress-related disorders.

Condom manufacturers have been experimenting for a while with various designs and ingredients to help men who suffer from premature ejaculation. The current method of helping to delay climax is by including a small dose of benzocaine as a gel within the sheath of the condom. A mild analgesic, the benzocaine helps to reduce the sensitivity of the penis and improve the length of time between being stimulated and ejaculation.

Benzocaine is the same active ingredient that is used in teething gels to ease the pain when infants cut their first teeth. It is relatively mild and is not known to have many adverse interactions. However, you should always make sure you are not allergic to this ingredient prior to use.

best stamina condoms
Prevent ‘slip ups’ in the bedroom with a stamina condom. Image via Pixabay.

Pros: Using Benzocaine Condoms:

Benzocaine is quite effective even at the low doses used in most condoms to decrease sensitivity and delay ejaculation. There is also a very low risk of transference of the ingredient to your partner as the benzocaine is usually found on the inside of the sheath.

They are also a very discreet and convenient method of assisting with PE. Most of the brands we recommend below have pretty standard or innocuous names plus the individual packaging is indistinguishable from other varieties. Unlike sprays, a partner would not know that you are using any performance enhancing products.

Certainly, from a feeling perspective, most sexual partners would not notice any difference.

Cons: Using Benzocaine Condoms:

Some men do feel a tingling or itching sensation where the benzocaine comes into contact with their penis and some find this to be unpleasant.

Once you slip the condom on over your erection, you do have to massage the gel around the penis for a more even distribution and this can be awkward to do the first time you do it.

Finally, some men find it hard to maintain an erection once the benzocaine takes effect. Even those who do manage to stay hard say it can interfere with your sensation to an extent where climax becomes difficult.

If this is the case, you may wish to try a condom brand that has a lower dose of this analgesic.

Alternatives to Benzocaine Condoms

If you don’t like the idea of sedating your John Thomas then you could always try another method for desensitising your penis. Using extra thick condoms can provide an effective barrier to getting excited too quickly and help improve your staying power.

One in five men who suffer from PE use penis rings to help prevent an early exit from the bedroom and this is another area where condom manufacturers have jumped on the bandwagon. By including a ring at the base or tip of the condom, it is thought that the slight constriction can increase the length of your performance before climax.

Other methods for helping to improve the symptoms of premature ejaculation include:

  • Masturbating a few hours before intercourse.
  • Oral medications
  • Desensitizing sprays such as lidocaine
  • Counselling
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Kegel techniques
  • Using a cock ring
  • Tantric sex
  • The ‘Stop, Start, Squeeze’ method.
  • Climax training (see the MyHixel app)

Whatever you do, never double up on condoms to try and prevent premature ejaculation. Instead of doubling your protection and helping to decrease sensation, the friction between the two latex layers can cause a tear in one or both barriers.

tantrix sex for premature ejaculation sting sex
You might not appreciate his music but kudos to Sting on his tantric performances. Image via Wikipedia.

Best Condoms for Improving Stamina

We’ve picked out our favourite condoms that have an active ingredient or design feature to promote endurance in the bedroom. They are all manufactured by well-known brands whose products comply with USFDA approval (or international equivalent such as ‘CE Mark’ or ‘British Kitemark’).

Our team have tested these condoms for personal use and results may vary by individual. Some reports show that guys can last 2-3 times longer whilst others may find they last up to 10 times longer.

It is also worth experimenting with when you put the condom on as it can sometimes take more than a few minutes for the gel to start working. If you get to work too soon then you may find that the analgesic doesn’t have time to take effect before you shoot your load.

Durex Extended Pleasure

durex extended pleasure
Durex are the world’s leading condom manufacturer. Image via Durex.

The Durex Extended Pleasure condoms contain a 5% strength dose of benzocaine.

The benzocaine in these condoms is heat activated and must be rubbed in thoroughly before use. When you first slip it on, you will notice that the gel seems to be quite lumpy but this will dissipate as the heat from your body activates it.

Our tests show that the condom works well enough to provide a few extra minutes of endurance and the analgesic worked relatively quickly with very little uncomfortable tingling.

These latex condoms come in packs of 12 at a price of around $10. They are clear, teat-ended and have a nominal width of 56mm.

You can also buy a ‘Mutual Climax’ version of the Durex Extended Pleasure condoms that feature ribs and dots to help ‘speed her up’ whilst slowing you down.

Trojan Extended Pleasures

Trojan Extended Pleasures condom stamina
Trojan’s extended pleasures brand combines thicker latex with a numbing gel for ultimate endurance. Image via Trojan.

Trojan is the number one condom brand in America and supplies more than 70% of the market from across a wide range of products.

Their Extended Pleasures range has a 4% strength dose of benzocaine which is 20% less than the dose included in the Durex condom of the same name. However, the drop in dosage is countered by a thicker latex sheath.

For guys who experience severe PE, this might help and, in our testing, the combination of desensitising gel with the thicker latex certainly extended performance.

These latex condoms are available in packs of 10 at a cost of around $15. They are clear, teat-ended and have a nominal width of 52mm and a total length of 200mm.

Trustex Extra Strength

trustex stamina condoms
If you don’t like the idea of numbing the old fella, then you could just try a thicker condom. Image via Trustex.

One of the thickest condoms on the market, the latex in these Trustex products is 0.09mm thick. With ultra thin condoms sometimes being just 0.048, these offer twice the barrier in sensitivity. Though many guys report a serious lack of sensation using thick condoms, the obvious benefits are a delay in ejaculation and an overall improvement in your personal best for endurance.

These condoms come in a variety of flavours, scents and textures. They are made by Line One Labs who also produce sheaths for Impulse and Fantasy.

You can buy Trustex in boxes of 12 from as little as $12 and they have an overall length of 206mm, width of 50.8mm and are made from latex.

Pasante Infinity Delay

pasante infinity best stamina condoms
Pasante uses lidocaine instead of benzocaine. Image via Pasante.

Pasante are a UK based healthcare company owned by the Malaysian manufacturer, Karex Berhad. Their products carry the CE and Kitemark quality standard mark and meet strict international safety standards.

The Infinity Delay range are coated inside with the active ingredient, lidocaine hydrochloride (1%). Though the effects are similar to benzocaine, lidocaine is a more potent topical anesthetic. As a result, some men report a feeling of total numbness with these condoms which can cause a loss in erection and/or pleasure.

Our team found the desensitising effect to be quite subtle and found that climax was delayed.

The Pasante condoms are a standard thickness (0.07mm) and are made of latex. They come in a width of 52mm and length of 190mm.

Billy Boy Endurance

best stamina condoms billy boy ring
The specially designed placement of a restrictive ring could help delay climax. Image via Amazon.

Taking a slightly different approach, the Billy Boy Endurance has a constricting ring located at the glans to help delay ejaculation.

They are manufactured by a German company that has been making high-quality condoms since 1948 and are a well known brand in Europe.

It offers a tighter fit which might be an issue for some guys but is a relatively thin condom at just 0.06mm. Made from latex, the Billy Boy is 52mm in width and 175mm in length.

The Billy Boy Endurance condom holds a European CE mark for quality assurance.

Erotim Long Love

erotim long love endurance condoms
Featuring a high-strength topical analgesic, Erotim is potent. Image via ebay.

At 7% strength, Erotim Long Love has one of the highest does of benzocaine on the market. The paste is heat activated and becomes more malleable once the condom is in place.

They have been manufactured in Germany for the last 25 years and carry the international safety CE marks.

The strength of the paste does mean that it works quite quickly and you should feel a numbing effect within three minutes of applying it. In our tests, it had a very good result but could easily be too effective for some men causing a loss in erection.

Erotim isn’t widely stocked outside of Europe but can be found through internet sites for around $3 for a pack of 2. They appear to be a popular climax delaying brand in Jamaica.

Unidus Long Love Climax Control Condoms

unidus long love condoms last longer in bed
Boost endurance, ‘Gangnam Style’, these Korean condoms are FDA approved. Image via Amazon.

These Korean made condoms contain a climax control cream containing a 3.5% strength dose of benzocaine.

It’s a low strength dosage of this active ingredient and might be a good way to reduce the effects if you find other products a little too powerful.

The Unidus (You Need Us) Corp. are the biggest manufacturer of condoms in Korea and their products are FDA approved.

They are widely available internationally and you can pick up a packet of three from Amazon for around $7. Kmart also stocks this brand.

They are made from latex, have a width of 55mm, length of 170mm and are 0.02mm thick.

Condomi Max Love

condomi max love endurance condoms
Electronically tests and internationally quality assured, Condomi Max Love. Image via Condomi.

Made in Germany, Condomi is a popular brand of condoms in Europe. They were the world’s first vegan branded condom using a casein-free production technique which earned them a great reputation. Since a change of ownership, not all of the products are vegan or vegetarian approved but the brand still holds a good deal of sway in this community.

The Max Love brand contains a 5% strength dose of benzocaine which was ample in our tests to provide a good level of numbing without losing total sensation.

These condoms come in a width of 53mm length of 185mm and are 0.06mm thick.

You can pick up Condomi Max Love in bulk at a variety or online stores with 40 pieces costing around $30.

Featured image via Pixabay.

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