28 Best Android Sex Games in 2023: Hot Mobile Porn Games, Genres & Platforms

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Looking for the the best porn games for Android? Want to explore the hottest mobile porn games in 2023?

You’re in luck! Android users have access to thousands of xxx games. While the iPhone is severely lacking for adult titles (due to Apple’s draconian content policies), there are plenty of legit NSFW sex games for Android, including sex simulators, casual clickers, mobile hentai games, and even some MMO virtual worlds.

Many of these games are 100% free to play. But which ones are actually worth your time?

Our team has spent hours sorting the smash hits from the flaccid flops. Below you will find our complete guide to the best Android porn games in 2023. We look at the types of horny games you can play, some excellent platforms for sourcing 18+ games, and some tips for downloading APKs safely.

Let’s crank up the heat!

What Are The Best Mobile Porn Games For Android?

The 28 best mobile porn games to play in 2023 are listed below.

Mobile Porn GameGenreRecommended For
1. Sex EmulatorSex simulatorCreate, customize and get down and dirty with a virtual sex doll
2. JerkDollsSex simulatorDirect your own porn scenes with fantasy fuck dolls
3. Project QTPuzzle RPGMost played game on Nutaku in 2022. Addictive JRPG sex game
4. King of KinksFantasy RPGFast paced harem building with Game of Thrones style conflict
5. Slut SagaSex simulatorRealistic sex simulator with impressive physics
6. Fuck FantasySex SimulatorLive out your fantasies in a virtual playground
7. Bondage SimulatorSex simulatorDirect your own BDSM scenes with a toolkit of bondage accessories
8. Gay HaremGay RPGA mix of gay cartoon porn and male-on-male harem building
9. Hentai HeroesHentaiOne of the world’s most popular hentai mobile porn games
10. Chick WarsHentaiTurn based strategy, explicit card battle RPG
11. Pornstar HaremCasual RPGReal-life pornstars to seduce and undress
12. Comix HaremCasual RPGLewd missions with pop culture and comic book references
13. Booty CallsDating sex simSolve puzzles to bang gorgeous girls in this ‘dating’ simulator
14. Pussy SagaAdult puzzlesLike an explicit adult version of Tetris
15. Angry BangersStrategyTurn based strategy, gang warfare and sex conquests
16. Fap TitansPorn clickerHentai / fantasy themed clicker porn game
17. Craving QuestHentaiAdult RPG full of sexy battles and explicit hentai scenes
18. Boobs In The CityTPS ShooterWater-pistol third-person shoot-em-up with a lot of boobs
19. Railway SexVisual NovelChoose your own adventure porn game, 3D visual novel
20. Horny ArcanaHentai2D hentai MMORPG with excellent graphics & animation
21. Need For SinRPGGangster-themed turn based RPG porn game
22. Brittany Home AloneFutanariControl the action – 3DX simulator for Android and WebGL
23. Sensual AdventuresFutanariEpisodic futanari 3D sex game, follow up to Brittany
24. Erected CityFutanariInteractive adult visual novel packed full of explicit action
25. Queen vs WhorelordsRPGA mini-WoW style parody with fantasy sex scenes
26. MNF ClubMMO RoleplayMeet, chat and have virtual sex with real-life players
27. Summertime SagaDating sex simMuch-acclaimed dating simulator with deep gameplay
28. Depraved AwakeningVisual NovelCrime-based visual novel with explicit adult story

In choosing these games, we’ve tried to cover a variety of the most popular game types, including sex simulators, RPGs and hentai titles. We’ve considered factors such as total active players, whether the game is free-to-play, the originality of the title, the quality of the animations/artwork, and the standard of the gameplay.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these popular Android sex games:

1. Sex Emulator


3d sex emulator review

Sex Emulator is mobile adult game offering you the chance to build your own 3D dream babe, one skill at a time. You’re you’re satisfied, you can have sex with her in a variety of realistic positions.

When you first enter Sex Emulator, the design is similar to the views you would get on a live cam account and the avatar you create responds to your controls just as a cam model might if you were tipping her. This includes audio response and some high-res graphics.

As well as designing her from the ground up, you can train your fuckfriend using a selection of skills — from BDSM and spanking, to anal sex, straight fucking and blowjobs.

If you’re looking for a dirty mobile game that gets straight to the point — no storyline or foreplay — Sex Emulator does exactly what it says on the tin.

Don’t bother if you’re looking for storyline-driven gameplay or, you know… an actual challenge. This is a simple collection of mini porn games that you can play on your Android device (or any mobile browser).

2. JerkDolls


Jerkdolls adult sex sim game review

JerkDolls has quickly become one of the most successful mobile porn games with a simple premise: build and fuck your own sex dolls, in any way you want, and in just about any setting.

This sex simulator game runs in-browser, which makes it suitable for any Android device… as long as you’ve got some privacy!

If you’re looking for Android games with nudity, it’s hard to top the beautifully rendered naked Jerk Dolls. There’s a ton of X-rated customisation, and once you’ve settled on the perfect girl, you can ‘direct’ the action in a number of settings, including:

  • Dungeon
  • Airplane
  • Forest
  • Beach
  • Swimming Pool
  • Movie Theater

The extensive modding — a major plus point of the JerkDolls community — means that you’ll never run out of fantasies to play with. From banging sci-fi ninjas, to extreme fisting fantasy elves… this is a sexy Android game where you won’t get tired of living out your kinks.

3. Project QT


project qt game

Project QT is an adult puzzle-based RPG that has earned its stripes as one of the most-played Android porn games on Nutaku.

The storyline of Project QT revolves around a black hole experiment gone wrong. The game is set in a world where a failed experiment has resulted in a rip in space-time, forming a black hole. This cosmic event brings a group of alien women from different galaxies into Earth’s vicinity. They’re a horny bunch, and your job as the Mad Lad scientist is to tame them.

Project QT bagged the coveted titles of Nutaku’s Top Mobile Game & Most Popular Mobile App in their annual 2022 awards. It’s a lewd game that hooks you in and keeps you coming back for more.

Project QT can be played for free on the Nutaku Android app. It’s also readily available in your mobile browser.

4. King of Kinks


King of Kinks

King of Kinks was the most popular browser game on Nutaku in 2022, which makes it one of the most-played NSFW titles in the entire adult gaming space.

This is a wickedly entertaining romp through a kingdom ruled by your own kinky desires. There’s more than a hint of Game Of Thrones in this title, one that expertly balances strategy, RPG elements, and a hefty dose of eroticism. Admittedly, the pacing can be a bit slow – the hot stuff doesn’t come instantly. But the artwork is beautiful enough to keep you grinding away.

King of Kinks is a classic hentai Android porn game, with a roster of beautiful anime girls (busty elves, curvy witches, and mysterious succubi) that will capture your attention, and probably your pants.

The game is free to play, but there are micro-transactions to consider. To unlock faster progression or special items, it requires real money. Otherwise, be prepared to grind.

5. Slut Saga


slut saga ios game

Slut Saga claims to be the ‘most realistic adult game’ on the Internet. Trust us, there’s nothing realistic about how quickly these ladies jump in to bed. As an horny Android adventure, we’re not complaining.

A sex simulator game that can be played in your mobile browser, the premise of Slut Saga is to choose (or design) your perfect horny plaything, then explore every last pixel of her flesh as you watch the sucking and fucking unfold.

It’s a classic sex simulator. You won’t find any deep or meaningful storyline here. You’ll do well to spot a story, period! Slut Saga is all about giving you the tools to design, seduce and fuck your own dream girls. In terms of graphics and physics, the game looks great — even on a mobile device.

6. Fuck Fantasy


Fuck Fantasy

Similar to Slut Saga, Fuck Fantasy is a sex simulator that focuses on crisp animation and immersive physics. With no download required, the game can be played in the browser of your Android phone or tablet.

Fuck Fantasy lets you build your dream partner, then get straight in her pants. Choose her hair color, skin color and weight. Customise her vital features to your heart’s content. Once you’re happy with your creation, it’s time to get down to the good stuff. Living out those fuck fantasies.

The gameplay lets you swap through a variety of positions in delicious X-rated HD. You can choose how hard or soft you want to bang, and from which camera angle you was to view the action. There’s zero learning curve here, just a load of full nudity and virtual bonking.

7. Bondage Simulator


Bondage Simulator adult game

Bondage Simulator follows the trend of ‘Design Your Own Fuck Buddy‘ adult games, but it brings a distinctly BDSM-flavored twist to the genre. This is yet another sex simulator, but targeted specifically at kinks and bondage lovers.

From spankings and lashings, to heavy restraints and masochistic play… it’s out with the missionary, and in with the physical restraints. All of the same gameplay mechanisms are in place for designing your own dream girl, except this time she’s more likely to resemble a sex slave.

The intro screen warns you that the game contains heavy violence and sexual submission. And it certainly delivers.

If you’re looking for a strictly 18+ Android game with hardcore animations and plenty of rough fucking, Bondage Simulator will get your pulse racing. It’s playable in the browser of your Android phone.

8. Gay Harem


gay harem review

Gay Harem is one of the most popular Android sex games in the hentai genre. In fact, it’s the largest and most-played harem-building title in the gay gaming community.

From our play-through, the game didn’t include a single female character. Gay Harem is a classic hentai RPG, built entirely for the sexual fantasies of male gamers looking to indulge in lewd gay scenes and Yaoi themes.

It plays like a classic visual novel with sexual plot lines, narrative objectives and a simple goal: to build the largest gay harem in the game-world. That means finding and fucking the various male characters that populate its various cities and kingdoms. 

It’s all good tongue-in-cheek fun, with the exquisite animation you’d expect from any mobile sex game by Kinkoid. If you’re keen on Yaoi and enjoy building relationships with handsome virtual men, Gay Harem will certainly keep you grinding away. Just keep in mind that micro-transactions are heavily encouraged to ‘speed up’ the action.

9. Hentai Heroes (or Harem Heroes)


hentai heroes review

Hentai Heroes, developed and published by Kinkoid, is a manga harem building game with elements of a visual novel combined with a battle RPG. It’s also known as Harem Heroes.

Whatever you call it, this is probably the most famous hentai mobile porn game in the world.

The action starts as you’ve been magically transported to a Haremverse filled with sex-starved and cock-hungry women. Within minutes of arriving you spark a turf war with the neighbor who challenges you to a sex battle between your harem and his.

To kick off this phone porn game, you need to start collecting and training women so they can battle their way to victory in a public arena.

Most of the game is played in a casual clicker style so you simply need to complete tasks, battle your opponents and develop the skills of your harem. All the while, you’ll be collecting rewards and levelling up so you can advance through the story.

Hentai Heroes is available to play for free. It’s one of many sexy Android games that can be downloaded from the Nutaku platform. In fact, it’s consistently ranked in the top five porn games on the platform.

10. Chick Wars


Chick Wars bdsm game

Also known as Cunt Wars, if you are downloading the game outside of Nutaku, this mobile porn game is a turn-based CCG (Collectible Card Game).

With over 200,000 downloads, it’s one of the more popular games in this studio’s stable and for good reason. Chick Wars features some addictive gameplay including face-to-face battles, exciting deck building and a grid-based battlefield.

Rewards come thick and fast with stunning nude hentai artwork and fully animated characters.

You play as Adam, the protagonist who must defeat an army of monsters by pitching his sexiest ladies of war into tactical battles. As you build your mighty harem/army to include voluptuous archers and cat-girl soldiers, you will collect a whole range of NSFW content to fulfil your horniest desires.

Chick Wars is well worth exploring if you’re looking for a free turn-based PVP hentai strategy game.

11. Pornstar Harem


Pornstar Harem

Pornstar Harem is a resource-management style browser game, where the “resources” are… you guessed it, a library of stunning, horny porn stars. There are some big names you’ll recognise, too, including Adriana Check, Riley Reid and Lexi Belle (see above).

Your goal is to build up a harem of slutty heroes, each with her own attributes and special abilities. You can then take on other bosses in PvP battles, with the prize of more luscious porno babes to add to your club.

It’s a simple but addictive formula, at times both sexy and hilarious. If you’re looking for an adult RPG, you’ll enjoy this sexy X-rated Android game.

12. Comix Harem

comix harem

Comix Harem is a visually impressive harem-building porn game that merges classic comic book art with a whole lot of adult action. This game is loud and proud with the mature content – it’s unapologetically explicit, so brace yourself for gigantic tits, bouncy asses and a whole lot of cum.

Comix Harem lets you take on the guise of superhero Wildman. Your mission is to travel around the city banging other female superheroes and stopping the bad guys from taking over. With every successful quest, you’ll grow your harem and unlock brand new erotic scenes to fap over.

The game has visual novel-style progression, with decisions that impact your interactions and the storyline. But it’s a classic clicker style game at heart, driven by the old-school comic graphics.

Comix Harem is free to play, however the game employs a freemium model, so be ready for some in-app purchases if you want to speed things along.

13. Booty Calls


nutaku browser games booty calls

Booty Calls is a visual novel hentai game with a large cult following, so much so that the game has been translated in to five different languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Japanese.

The premise is pretty simple: head to the Naughty Beach and help former mermaid Andriella extract a ‘special ingredient’ that she needs to retain her human form. The only way you can find the special ingredient is by seducing and fucking as many random beach girls as possible.

Chat to each beach babe, work your charm, answer her questions wisely and you’ll have her clothes off in no time. This naughty little Android porn game is a smash hit in multiple countries. It’s also one of the first titles to be included as part of Nutaku’s Cloud Streaming service, with the beta hitting the market in May 2023.

Easy to play, but highly addictive!

Gamers looking for male-on-male action can also try the spin-off gay version, Booty Calls: Men At Work.

14. Pussy Saga


pussy saga sex game hentai

Pussy Saga is often considered the Tetris of adult games. It was released way back in 2016, but remains an extremely addictive and playable little mobile porn game.

Published and developed by Hooligapps, this is a match-3 puzzle game similar to mainstream titles like Candy Crush and Bubble Witch Saga. In order to get further in the game you will need to beat each level, and they get ever more difficult as you progress. 

Though compelling to play, sliding and matching icons isn’t that sexy — so patience is the name of the game: it’s the rewards of the story that will keep you satisfied. Explicit cut scenes are your prize for each success.

The narrative of Pussy Saga is more like a dating sim. As you advance through the levels, you are approached by sexy anime women who want you to take them on a date. After five successful dates (or levels) you will be treated to some hot animated sex.

Date more girls and track your date progress on your ‘Mobile Phone’ and unlock/collect plenty of XXX images.

Pussy Saga has aged a bit over the years, but it’s still a popular choice for lewd gaming fans.

15. Angry Bangers


Angry Bangers game for Android

Angry Bangers, developed and published by Gethins Limited, is a tactical, turn-based RPG title featuring PVP play that you can access on your mobile phone.

Set in a dystopian/steampunk world, the environment you inhabit is richly detailed and includes palaces and slums, medieval style kingdoms and dark underworlds as well as the city streets controlled by warring gangs.

You control your own gang and must protect your territory from rivals as you make a bid to take control of the city. Using strategy you need to expand your mob, improve their skills and conquer new turf as you fight for influence in this action-packed drama.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an adult game without plenty of XXX scenes and there are lots of depraved female characters who want to fuck their way to the top of the pile. From gangbangs and orgies to one-on-one action, there is a whole collection of sex scenes to unlock.

With impressive 3D graphics, tons of characters, 120 guns, 75 cars and 55 unique skills, Angry Bangers is an addictive 18+ game with plenty to mature content to keep you coming back for more. It’s playable in your mobile browser, or via Nutaku’s sex game app for Android.

16. Fap Titans


best sex games for android fap titans

Fap Titans is a casual resource management and combat clicker game with plenty of lewd content. The action is set in a mythical and fantastical world inhabited by sexy anime heroines and hideous monsters.

Your job is recruit the hottest babes and ensure they become skilled enough on the battlefield to defeat your foes. These girls will fight by your side, from oozy slime monsters to evil fairies.

It’s not a complex adult game but one that can be played one-handed as you furiously click your way to victory. The faster you click, the faster you defeat them but with each new level, the opponents get tougher.

This means you have to recruit more babes using the coins you earned in a constant circle of reward-based gameplay challenges. The NSFW content comes thick and fast and lets you enjoy a bevvy of babes in all kinds of hardcore illustrated and animated action.

Fap Titans is free to play on Android phones and tablets. You can access it via your browser (Chrome or Safari), or via Nutaku’s sex game app.

17. Craving Quest


Craving Quest mobile porn game

Craving Quest is a popular lewd RPG with a raft of hentai content, including plenty of still-graphics and animated sex scenes. 

It’s available over on Erogames, which is a popular alternative to the Nutaku platform. Erogames has a nice selection of Android sex games that are playable on your mobile phone, and the good news is that most of them are free-to-play! 

If you’re looking for an erotic RPG with a familiar click and point system, Craving Quest is a solid entry to the eroge downloads market. The plot is pretty basic: three friends are in Skyland when an evil force arrives to wreak havoc. Set across 7 chapters, the story promises an adventure of ‘awakening sexual desires’ and turn based combat. 

There are some decent H-scenes and the graphics are beautifully done. It has over 100 playable characters and 43 explicit hentai scenes all-in-all.

18. Boobs In The City


third person shooter porn game

Boobs In The City is a mature gaming experience where you’re a mercenary surrounded by a team of busty, gun-wielding babes. We haven’t seen many mobile porn games like this before. A third person shooter… with water pistols… and more tits than you could shake your joystick at.

Obviously, being a porn game designed for phones, you don’t need a joystick. Just two thumbs will do. One for moving around the animated levels, and one for letting rip with your supersoaker.

After the water games are over, return back to the girls’ dormitories and — well — you can probably guess what happens next. The after-party consists of red hot hentai sex scenes, in visual novel format, with some stunning and juicy animations.

Unlike most of the Android sex games on our list, this one actually has a multiplayer function. It’s possible to play 3 vs 3 online by tapping in to the game’s active community.

19. Railway Sex


Railway Sex porn phone game

Railway Sex is an erotic visual novel, presented in vivid 3D with some gorgeous design work. It follows the pattern of a traditional choose your own adventure game, with a variety of explicit and sex-fuelled encounters… all of which take place on a train.

The intense sex scenes are what bring this mobile-friendly game to life. Railway Sex is simple to play, but the graphics and animations will have you coming back time and time again. The underlying hook is whether you can answer the question: “Why are the women on this train so fucking horny?” 

Sure beats our typical commute to work!

Each sexual encounter comes with different options to advance the story. If you like a particular scene, you can save and play it back afterwards. Or just move on down the carriage and find more busty babes to seduce – your call!

20. Horny Arcana

Horny Arcana Porn App Game

Horny Arcana is a free-to-play mobile porn game that follows the hentai formula whilst adding a compelling MMORPG appeal. The game is set in Charde Kingdom, a land that has been invaded by corrupt enemies who have brainwashed the population.

You’ve formed the Peachy Troupe with Zoe, a Goddess anointed priestess with suitably massive tits. Together you’ll aim to save the Kingdom. But to achieve that, you’ll need to recruit other characters to build up your harem.

The game follows a traditional adult RPG narrative with 2D combat battles. Battle to recruit new girls, then sit back and enjoy explicit hentai scenes as you reap the benefits of your labour.

21. Need For Sin


Need For Sin Android porn game

Need For Sin combines two ever popular staples in the gaming space – girls and gangs. Designed for both PC and mobile devices, this is a fully uncensored title with Mafia-esque vibes.

Released in 2020 and developed by GETHINS, Need For Sin is a turn-based RPG where you are tasked with capturing ‘naughty sluts’ at the end of every level. But to do so, you’ll need to keep your wits about you.

Advancing through each level requires some strategic planning, and some of the gameplay can be surprisingly rewarding. Addictive, even.

Need For Sin boasts a world full of horny gangsters, each of which has a unique skill and is part of a group (like being able to use longer strides or shoot further).

You’ll need to plan your attack to advance through each level, but you can trust that waiting for you at the end are some truly epic sex scenes when you finally ‘get the girl’.

22. Brittany Home Alone


Brittany home alone

Brittany Home Alone is a next generation 3DX game by Puppetmaste, is available to download from the Affect3D store. It features a futanari dick-girl called Brittany.

As the title would suggest, this girl is all alone at home.

So, let’s ask: if you had both a dick and a pussy… how would you keep yourself entertained? Easy answer, right? And the natural conclusion that our protagonist comes to as well. Your job is to help Brittany reach climax in whatever way you desire. 

From self-sucking poses, to plenty of toys to use for anal and pussy penetration, there are numerous ways to help this girl cum and when she does…watch out! Featuring explosive cumshots and squirting action, Brittany Home Alone will hit the sweet spot for anyone who loves to be in control.

The graphics and animation on this Android compatible porn game are superb. There’s a ton of features to make the most of every sex scene. We love the free camera adjustment to your favorite positions, customization tools for outfits, options for balls/no balls, and even sliders to adjust the veins on her dick. Pretty freaky.

This fully uncensored / uncut title is available from the Affect 3D Store for $17.99. It’s playable on Android and WebGL.

23. Sensual Adventures


best lesbian adult games sensual adventures

Sensual Adventures adds to the fun of Brittany Home Alone with a brand new scenario full of even more erotic gameplay. There are 5 new Story Mode chapters to enjoy in total.

Brittany and Trinity are stuck in an apartment waiting for their flight to Egypt. What better way to pass the time than to fuck each other’s brains out?

That’s exactly what you can expect in this deliciously designed 3DX game from Puppetmaster. Help the girls climax together, choose who goes on top, and work your way through any of 11 erotic positions.

Beautifully animated from start to finish, there’s a reason why the Puppetmaster games are something of a cult hit. The game is playable on Android or WebGL, or it can be run in the browser of your PC or Mac.

24. Erected City


Erected City

Erected City, developed by Smerinka, is a futanari title packed full of 100% uncensored sex scenes.

The main character is a private detective, Mia Kowalski, who hallucinates that she has a massive dick. Naturally, this makes her extremely horny and her imagination gets carried away with her as she fantasizes about how she uses this new appendage.

What does that mean for you? It means navigating your way through over 50 interactive sex scenes, using your finger to move the animation. There are also a similar number of looped videos to watch, three of which include full audio.

As well as futa-on-futa and futa-on-female action, there’s also some male/female oral sex, sex toys and some seriously explosive cumshots.

This is an enjoyable little mobile sex game that won’t take up too much of your brain power, but will have you working your swiping skills like crazy. Erected City is available to download on the Affect 3D Store for $14.95.

Note: To download the game on Android, you’ll need version 6+, and at least 220Mb of free space (105Mb for .apk file, 115Mb for the fully installed game).

25. The Queen vs Whorelords


Queen vs Whorelords mobile sex game

The Queen vs Whorelords is a fantasy mobile porn game that is known for its hardcore monster sex. It is the sequel to a popular series created by Zuleyka, and follows the further adventures of a horny elven queen.

Just like the original title, The Queen and Succubus there is plenty of inter-species sex action, monster cock and group sex. The second instalment is available for Android and includes 60 high-quality JPEG images and 14 high-quality pin-up files.

This is technically a mini-game featuring some of the much loved characters from the PC title Whorelords of Draenor. But it is still worth checking out, and will introduce you to the fantastical World of Porncraft which has been lovingly imagined by Zuleyka.

An innovative RPG parodying WoW, we hope that the main title is eventually released on Android too.

The Queen vs Whorelords is available to download from Affect3D for $9.95.

26. MNF Club


mnf club game review

MNF Club is an MMO sex game with over 1.3 million registered players. It is part social networking, and part porn game.

Set on a fictional island, the Meet ‘n Fuck Club (MNF) is a 2D world in which you can interact with real-life players, meet for sex and then control the action using 3D flash animations. Whilst it might not be the most immersive or realistic sex sim game around, the advantage is that you can chat with other players whilst you play.

With over a dozen different regions to explore, each with their own selection of addictive mini-games to play, the MNF Club is an enjoyable alternative world to escape into and one that can get quite rewarding once you’ve broken into some inner-circles.

You can play for free but premium members can access a better selection of sex poses and characters as well as additional customization tools.

In order to play MNF Club on an Android device you will need to install the Puffin Web Browser which enables you to launch and run Flash-based games.

27. Summertime Saga


Summertime saga phone porn game

Summertime Saga is a free dating sim, developed by DarkCookie with the help of crowdfunding raised through the Patreon platform. It originally promised to become one of the biggest NSFW games in the world, and you could argue it already has the fanbase to make that claim.

The main character, a college student, has just moved to this small suburban town following the mysterious death of his father. You have to help him explore his new home as he starts a new school and deals with the dodgy characters who are chasing his dad’s unpaid debts.

As XXX games go, the content here is off the scale. There are plenty of kinks to be enjoyed in Summertime Saga, and the action progresses fast. Taboo encounters you can enjoy include: BDSM, spanking, pubic sex and exhibitionism, plus monster girls, gloryholes and trans characters.

In addition to the sex scenes, there are 20+ mini-games to complete for additional rewards.

Still in development with new content being added all the time, you can download Summertime Saga on your Android device for free. Supporting the project will give you access to exclusive updates.

28. Depraved Awakening


Depraved Awakening

Depraved Awakenings, developed and published by PhillyGames, is a highly-acclaimed visual novel set in Free City, where you play the role of a private detective.

The game starts as one of your latest clients is found dead, but despite the police ruling it as a suicide, you decide to dig a little deeper. Obviously, there is more going on than meets the eye and pretty soon you are ensconced in a dark and dangerous underworld where you risk an imminent bullet to the head for asking too many questions.

You have a lot of control over the direction of this game and the story features plenty of choices so you can play as a good guy or a bad guy. Ultimately, every decision you make affects the end result and there are multiple endings to the game.

As you’d expect, there are lots of XXX elements to the storyline including prostitution, violence and sex. The graphics for these scenes are incredible.

Depraved Awakenings has received a Very Positive rating on Steam. With so many different endings and routes to uncover, there’s several hours of gameplay to be enjoyed. It’s not the most ‘explicit’ of Android titles on our list, but the story more than makes up for that.

Where to Find Free Sex Games For Android

We’ve covered 28 of the top-rated sex games for Android users, but the truth is there are thousands of titles to explore. So what are the best sites and platforms for playing them?

If you’re looking for the best mobile sex games for Android devices, the two platforms we recommend as “must visit” are Nutaku and Erogames.

In our opinion, Nutaku is the best platform for XXX hentai games. It’s home to some of the most popular RPGs and clickers (free and premium). EroGames is just as polished, but the library is smaller.

Below is a list of sites where you can find mobile porn games:

  • Nutaku
  • Erogames
  • Affect3D
  • Itch.io
  • Gamcore
  • AndroidMo
  • Fap Nation
  • GetJar

As we will see, some of these sites are better than others.

Let’s take a closer look at where to find Android porn games:



Nutaku is the gold standard for phone porn games.

Owned by MindGeek, you’d expect nothing less than industry domination from a platform that sits in the same stable as PornHub. Nutaku boasts a huge library of free-to-play and premium sex games, from puzzle games to visual novels and RPGs. It’s most commonly known as the home of adult hentai gaming.

Android users can access both browser and downloadable games through the site. Nutaku has a dedicated Android app, which makes it really easy to stay up-to-date with the latest releases and promos.

Many of the picks on our list (Best Android porn games in 2023) are native to Nutaku.

Some of their most popular hentai titles include:

  • Booty Calls
  • King of Kinks
  • Project QT
  • Hick Wars
  • Fap Titans

All of these games have been ported to the Nutaku sex game app for maximum convenience.



EroGames for Android gamers

Erogames is a popular platform for Android-compatible hentai games, making it another suitable choice for mobile gamers. It’s nowhere near as extensive as Nutaku, but the games are curated well and there’s an emphasis on quality lewd gaming.

Erogames is primarily known for its collection of high-quality visual novels. Some smash-hit titles that you definitely want to check out include:

  • Boobs In The City
  • Get My Nudes
  • Puzzles and Panties
  • Sex Gladiators
  • Fake Lay

It doesn’t take long to spot that Erogames is targeting the same crowd as Nutaku (they boldly proclaim to be the home of ‘porn anime, kawaii sexy waifus, huge oppaïs and pettankos’!).

The site operates in much the same way as its larger rival. Some games are free, others are ‘VIP only’ and require a premium subscription to access.

The bottom line: If you love hentai porn games, you definitely need to check out Erogames!



Affect 3D Store

Affect3D is a platform with a bit of a twist. Unlike Nutaku and Erogames, which mostly feature 2D games and animations, Affect3D specializes in high-quality 3D adult content.

This includes a range of explicit 3D animations, comics, and yes, Android porno games too. It’s a bit of a specialist crowd on Affect3D. The site is stacked with titles that have come to be considered cult classics, from indie developers like Puppetmaster.

These are not the most widely-known Android porn games, but they are some of the most loved.

A few of the Affect3D titles that made our list include:

  • Brittany Home Alone
  • Sensual Adventures
  • Erected City

Affect3D is a good option for futanari-style games — or monster / fantasy titles. Keep in mind though, you’ll need to pay for each individual game through the Affect 3D store. They aren’t free-to-play. Games on Affect3D typically cost between $5-$20.



Itch Android NSFW games

Itch.io is a haven for indie developers, which means you can hunt down unique NSFW games that you might not find on more mainstream platforms. The platform supports free and ‘pay-what-you-want’ games.

As of May 2023, Itch has 2079 adult games that are compatible with Android phones and tablets.

The most popular of those titles are listed below:

  1. Eternum — A story-focused mystery harem game.
  2. Harem Hotel — The legendary erotic visual novel.
  3. Once In A Lifetime — Another story-focused harem game.
  4. FreshWomen: Season 1 — A choice-driven adult visual novel.
  5. Psychic Connections — A furry romance visual novel.



Gamcore is one of the most-visited free adult game sites in the world. It’s packed full of titles you can play in your browser. Gamcore also has a selection of APK sex games that you can download and sideload on to your Android phone.

Their most popular APK games (by total plays) include:

  1. Treasure of Nadia (11.5 million plays)
  2. Degrees of Lewdity (6.5 million plays)
  3. Dungeon Slaves (6.4 million plays)
  4. Panthea (5.3 million plays)
  5. Manila Shaw: Blackmail’s Obsession (4.4 million plays)

While Gamcore is one of the more trusted ‘free sources’ of Android porn games, we strongly recommend you have an antivirus app installed before downloading any of these third-party APKs.



AndroidMo.me is a free dumping ground of popular Android games in APK form. You might get lucky here, but many of the games on their site are freely available from other more reputable sources (like Nutaku).

The site contains both completed games, as well as abandoned games. It also has a mash-mash of Android porn apps, mostly for sex chat style services. YMMV.

Fap Nation


Fap Nation has a monumental library of free-to-play games, with over 1600 in total — from interactive sex simulators to classic dating sims. While the site focuses on downloadable games, we found a decent number that are compatible with Android devices (APK downloads).

Some of the top-rated Android games on Fap Nation include:

  • Rogue Courier
  • Survival Guide
  • New Earth
  • Isekai Brothel
  • Grandma’s House

These games are mostly from small indie developers, so don’t expect hours of extensive gameplay! Still, you’ll find some sexy hidden gems in amongst the train wrecks.

Best Sex Game Apps For Android

If you have an Android device, you can download porn apps specifically for playing adult games. The same can’t be said for iPhone users who are banned from downloading sex games by Apple’s third-party content policies.

Why would you need an app to get your adult gaming fix?

Sure, you can play a lot of mobile sex games directly in your browser. But having a dedicated app makes it easier to stay up-to-date with the latest XXX titles from the biggest and best porn game studios. From our experience, there’s less risk of your saved game ‘progress’ getting wiped, too.

Unsurprisingly, the top-rated xxx game apps come from the networks with the largest selection of games: Nutaku and Erogames.

Nutaku Mobile App

Nutaku’s porn game app is designed specifically for Android and provides access to their entire library of adult games. Including cult hit classics: Project QT, Booty Calls, Chick Wars and more.

Nutaku mobile app for sex games

Erogames APK

The Erogame app gives you access to dozens of popular eroge titles. By downloading their APK, you’ll also review a free premium “Orgasmic Combat” game.

Erogames app

Are There Any Adult Games in the Google Play Store?

No. You won’t be able to find any Play Store porn games.

This is because Google Play Store maintains a rather stringent policy against explicit adult content, similar to Apple. You won’t be able to find games that are explicitly adult or pornographic in nature on the Google Play Store. Instead, you’ll find some games with suggestive themes or mild adult humor, but these rarely cross the line into explicit adult content.

However, don’t let this put a damper on your hunt for hot Android games.

Many high-quality adult game platforms like Nutaku, Erogames, and Affect3D offer plenty of Android-compatible games. While you won’t find these on Google Play, they can be easily downloaded directly from these platforms.

Note: You’ll need to modify your phone settings to allow downloads from third-party sources.

What Types of Adult Games Can I Play on Android?

Android mobile porn games

Historically, PC users have had the widest choice of adult games, with hundreds of popular PC porn games. But you don’t need a desktop computer to find yourself spoiled for choice. Mobile gamers still have plenty of NSFW titles to choose from.

In this section, we look at some of the most popular types of adult games you can play on your Android phone and tablet, including:

  • Sex simulators
  • Interactive hentai
  • Visual novels
  • Adult RPGs
  • Dating sims
  • Puzzles
  • Clickers
  • Adult MMOs

What Is The Best Sex Simulator For Android?

Sex simulators are some of the most realistic sex games for Android. These games tend to be short on storyline and narrative, but hyper-realistic when it comes to graphics, animations and physics.

Several popular sex simulators made our list of the top Android porn games, including:

  • Sex Emulator
  • JerkDolls
  • Bondage Simulator
  • Slut Saga
  • Fuck Fantasy

Choosing between these 3D porn games is difficult. As of May 2023, Sex Emulator and JerkDolls are probably the most popular titles of the bunch.

JerkDolls has a very active modding community, with a Discord and forum community. This helps to keep the game fresh with custom locations, and a myriad of new sexual positions. Both of which are fundamental aspects of any sex simulator.

If you are looking for a hardcore sex simulator, Bondage Simulator is the obvious choice. It has more fetish-themed accessories and settings to get your freak on in a virtual safe space.

What Are The Best Hentai Games For Android?

Thanks to mega gaming platforms like Nutaku, there’s no shortage of hentai porn games for Android! In fact, we’d go as far as to say that hentai is the most popular category of adult games across any device.

Our main list contains plenty of popular hentai games, but here are some anime porn titles that work great on Android:

  1. Project QT: Voted the top game on Nutaku. This RPG puzzle game combines lewd monster girls, epic battles, and lots of steamy scenes. Its popularity on the Android platform is no surprise, given its quality animation and addictive gameplay.
  2. Hentai Heroes (or Harem Heroes): Your task is to build the ultimate harem in this free-to-play game. Engage with over 200 unique characters in a world that mixes fantasy, humor, and plenty of erotica.
  3. Craving Quest: As an RPG, Craving Quest lets you explore a vast fantasy world filled with dangerous and lustful enemies. It’s as heavy on action as it is on adult content, with a strong focus on hentai-style artwork.
  4. Chick Wars: This strategy game involves battling enemies for control of the kingdom. The hentai-style artwork and adult scenes make it a standout in the genre.
  5. Pussy Saga: If you’re a fan of puzzle games, Pussy Saga offers Candy Crush-style gameplay coupled with explicit adult scenes. Each level you complete brings you closer to an intimate encounter with a variety of characters.

All of these games are playable for free via the Nutaku platform.

Visual Novels

Visual novels (VNs) are a combination of literature and gameplay, where you’re tasked with making choices that shape the story’s outcome. They work like ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ novels. But unlike the books of your childhood, these particular adult visual novels are packed with explicit sex scenes and filthy lewd content.

Some popular examples of visual novels for Android include:

  1. Depraved Awakening: An erotic detective story, filled with violence and sex, that offers multiple endings based on your choices.
  2. Waifu Academy: Interact with over 30 sexy characters who are ready to do anything to please you. This APK has over 53,000 downloads.
  3. Detective Masochist 2: Solve ‘The Case of the Female Pervert‘ in this smash-hit VN on Erogames.

Adult RPGs

Adult Role-Playing Games (RPGs) combine elements of traditional RPGs with mature and explicit themes. Unlike visual novels or sex simulators, there’s a focus on progression and levelling up your character.

RPGs are one of the most popular types of hentai porn games, and there’s a huge selection of titles that you can play on Android phones. Be warned though: these games are notorious for the grind. Progress can be purposefully slow to encourage you to take up micro-transactions (paying real cash) that in turn unlock faster progress and access to the best sex scenes.

Some of Nutaku’s most popular games fit the bill of adult RPG, including:

  • King of Kinks
  • Big Bang Empire
  • Project QT

Dating Sims

Sex simulators get all the attention (and the banner ads!) for their hardcore sex scenes, but some gamers prefer the thrill of the chase. If this sounds like you, there are some popular Android dating simulators that do a much better job of ratcheting up the ‘suspense’.

The goal in these games is typically to pursue romantic or sexual relationships with various characters, driven by direct character interaction. Gameplay often revolves around dialogue choices, character stats, and sometimes mini-games. The adult content is still there, but it comes from the successful ‘culmination’ of a romantic storyline. In other words… it’s a bit like trying to get laid virtually.

A classic example from our list is Booty Calls.

Some other Android-friendly dating sims include:

  • Booty Farm
  • Fap CEO
  • Cockville (a well-known gay dating sim)


Ever wondered what an adult version of Tetris would look like? Welcome to the world of adult puzzle games.

There’s a few puzzle and match-3 themed gems that you can play on Android, including:

  1. Pussy Saga: A Candy Crush-style game with an adult twist: the reward is pussy.
  2. Horny Arcana: Combines card games and puzzles with some very dirty cutscenes.
  3. Wild School: A retro fruit machine where you spin to unlock uncensored sex clips.


Casual clicker games, also known as idle games or incremental games, offer a unique gaming experience that requires minimal thinking. And in some cases: a lot of fapping.

At the heart of every clicker game is the mechanic of clicking or tapping (on mobile devices). The primary action you take as a player is to click on a specific element, which could be anything from a button to a character or an object. Just like adult RPGs, clickers are known for luring you in and making you grind hard — with micro-transactions as the incentive to level up faster.

Popular porn clicker games for Android include:

  • Chick Wars
  • Hentai Clicker
  • Fap CEO
  • Fake Lay
  • Chick Empire
  • CamGirls Inc (Android exclusive)

Adult MMOs

Unfortunately, there aren’t many MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games for Android users.

These games typically involve a large number of players interacting with one another within a virtual game world. They are full of role-playing scenarios and cyber-sex, but under the disguise of virtual avatars.

PC users have a number of great options, like Red Light Center and 3DX Chat. Even Life Selector fits the bill if you know where to look!

Here are two adult MMOs that are compatible with Android devices:

  1. MNF Club – A massively multiplayer sex game that is part-game, part social network. Here you get to interact with other players in real time, make friends, date, and seal the deal with some cyber action.
  2. Yareel – It claims to be the world’s only multiplayer 3D sex game for Android, which isn’t true. Still, you can download YaReel 3D and chat to hundreds of other real-life players.
YaReel Android MMO
YaReel MMO

Are There Any VR Sex Games For Android?

Yes, a few.

Try SexMate VR, Waifu Sex Simulator, or SinVR (limited compatibility).

Virtual Reality has been a game-changer for the adult gaming space, providing a level of immersion and interactivity that simply can’t be matched by traditional 2D games. But, for obvious reasons, an Android device is not the best way to play a VR porn game. It simply doesn’t have the specs.

The games above can be explored with an Android phone and a Cardboard headset, but for an authentic VR experience, you should opt for a PC and a powerful VR headset.

Are There Any Non-English Android Porn Games?

Yes, there are many non-English Android porn games.

Many of them come from countries like Japan and South Korea. Given that the hentai genre originated in Japan, it’s no surprise that there are thousands of hentai titles in Japanese.

Nutaku has a useful language filtering search tag that you can use to find games in the following languages: Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Portuguese and Polish.

Non-English games on Nutaku

How Do I Download Porn Games on Android?

Most mobile porn games are played in-browser, meaning no download is required. This is because Apple and Google refuse to host adult content in their App stores.

You can still download mobile porn games through a specialist app, like those offered by Nutaku and Erogames.

Note that neither of these apps are available on Google Play Store due to adult content restrictions (as of April 2023). You may need to enable the “Allow installation from unknown sources” option if downloading through their respective websites.

There are many other sites offering free porn games to download as APKs, but the lack of verifiable credentials means that it is essential you use them in tandem with an anti-virus app.

Downloadable vs Browser-Based Games

Some mobile porn games are playable as downloadable APKs, while others can be played in the browser. You might be wondering – why download a game if you can just play it in Safari or Chrome?

There are a few things to consider:

  1. Performance and Graphics: Downloadable games (APKs) often have superior graphics and smoother gameplay compared to browser-based titles. This is because they are not limited by your browser’s capabilities. The differences are much more pronounced if you are used to playing games on a high-spec PC.
  2. Play Offline: Porn games on the move! One big advantage of downloadable games is they can be played offline once installed. If the Internet cuts out mid-fap, you don’t need to worry about it. With a browser-based gamer? Internet outage = Fap over.
  3. Storage Space: Downloadable games take up storage space on your phone. Admittedly, most of the Android porn games on our list are 200-300 mb max. It still ads up if you are planning to play multiple titles in one session.
  4. Convenience: Sure, playing in your browser can be more straightforward – just click and play. But from our experience, browser-based games can be pretty spotty with your saved progress. Still, if a game updates, browser-based games will have the latest version available immediately, while APKs will require you to download an update manually.
  5. Compatibility: There’s no ambiguity here. Browser-based porn games are much more likely to be compatible with your Android device. If you are downloading an APK, you’re much more likely to run in to operating system issues, or a file that bugs out on your particular handset.

In our view: downloadable APKs are great if they come from a trusted source and are actively maintained by a reputable developer. Browser-based porn games are all about the convenience. Load up, play, fap.

If you want to keep things nice and simple, there are plenty of good mobile porn games that will run perfectly in your browser.

However, these are different types of browser-based Android porn games: those that use Flash, and those that use HTML5.

Mobile Flash Games

Flash games have been around for decades, so there’s a big selection to pick from. Sites like Gamcore and Mopoga offer plenty of Flash games, but the quality (and compatibility) varies drastically between individual Android handsets.

These days, Flash games have a reputation for being less reliable and, well, more flash-in-the-pan compared to their modern HTML5 alternatives. Remember: Adobe stopped supporting Flash in 2020, which means newer devices and browsers may not even support Flash-based games.

The sites that do still offer Flash-based games will use an emulator (like Ruffle) which can be buggy with some Android devices.

Mobile HTML5 Games

HTML5 is the new format of choice for web-based games, including the sleek browser-based titles that made it on to our Best Android Porn Games list.

There are some obvious advantages of games that use HTML5:

  • Better performance
  • Slicker graphics (more realistic animations) 😉
  • They’re designed to work well on all modern mobile devices

The giant gaming sites like Nutaku have all moved towards HTML5 as the default format for browser-based porn games. If you’re browsing one of the many free Android game sites, look out for ‘HTML’ or ‘Flash’ in the tags.

Are Porn Games Safe To Play on Android?

It depends what you mean by safe. If your partner is looking over your shoulder, or you’re packed in to a busy train on your morning commute – no, not safe!

The games featured in our list are all legit. If you are worried about safety, it’s best to stick with in-browser games where no download is required.

If you are going to download third-party APKs, always ensure that you have up-to-date antivirus protection on your device.

By contrast, the reason why adult games are so difficult to find on Apple’s iOS is because the company doesn’t want to open you up to the risk of downloading a harmful file from a malicious third-party.

Android is open, which is both a good and a bad thing.

We’re grateful for the flexibility — and for all those extra porn games on Android — but we should all take the necessary precautions to ensure we don’t wish we’d gone with the iPhone!

NSFW Android Games vs NSFW iOS Games

If you have ever tried to play mobile porn games on iOS, you will have noticed that the selection of available NSFW games is much smaller.

This is due to Apple’s third-party content restrictions. You can download sex game APKs for Android, but you can’t do the equivalent for iOS.

While there are some excellent porn games for iOS, they are all browser-based. To take Nutaku’s adult gaming platform as an example, Android users have access to 73 porn games with the dedicated Android app. iOS users are left with just 17 browser porn games.

In short: if you want to play mobile porn games, it’s much easier to do so with an Android device. Less than half of the games on our list are suitable for iPhone users.

Just something to keep in mind when the time rolls around for your next phone upgrade. 😉

Have we missed your favorite Android sex game? Let us know your favorites and any fresh recommendations. Thanks for reading – see you in 2024!


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