5 Best Alien Dildos And Xenomorph Sex Toys

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Dive deep enough into the world of sex toys and you’ll find a selection of massive, multi-colored, non-human dildos. Many of these dildos are designed to replicate alien or mythical beasts’ well-endowed penises, allowing the recipient to live out fantasies of being abducted and probed by powerful extraterrestrial beings.

To fully immerse yourself in the sci-fi fantasy, though, you’ll have to find the right xenomorph dildo for your… err, specific requirements.

The BFG (Big Fucking Genital) combines everything you’d want from a xenomorph sex toy. It comes in four sizes (medium to XXL), pairs with a strap-on for couple’s play, and features a distinct upward curve that perfectly probes the g, p, or any other lettered spot. It comes in either a medium-firm or 75% soft texture and can even feature a Vac-U-Hole base for easy riding. For the best deals on the alien dildos below, we highly recommend you check out Hankey’s Toys.

Of course, if you’re new to the world of alien and xenomorph sex toys, why limit yourself to just one? In this guide, we’ll explain a little bit about the fetish, describe who these toys are best suited for, and then introduce five of the hottest and most twisted alien dildos on the market.

So, if you’re ready to live out your wildest fantasies, let’s get started…

Who Are Xenomorph Dildos Right For?

Best xenomorph sex toys and alien dildos

To some people, they may seem kinky or even weird but xenomorph dildos are best suited for people who:

  • Are into BDSM and power play
  • Fantasize about being abducted or probed by aliens
  • Have a wide range of dildo sizes and are looking to add another to their collection
  • Are fans of the Alien franchise or other sci-fi/fantasy movies, TV shows, or games

Keep in mind, though, that these dildos are not for the faint of heart. Just like the famous Bad Dragon Dildo collection, they’re big, they’re intense, and they’re definitely not for beginners. If you’re new to using dildos, start with something smaller and work your way up. Trust us, your body will thank you later.

Our Pick of The 5 Best Alien Dildos

Before we dive in to our comparison of the best alien dildos, here’s a snapshot of the top contenders that made our list…

Sex ToySizesColorsStrap-On?Price






Deep Brown

Natural Tan

Metallic Green

Only for the small size

$149.95 – $197.95

Prince Charming





Deep Brown

Natural Tan

Not compatible

$129.95 – $183.95

The Venomous Tongue


Small / Medium

Medium / LG



Deep Brown

Natural Tan

Metallic Green

Only for small and medium sizes

$65.95 – $170.95

The Alien Breeder






Deep Brown

Natural Tan

Only for medium and large/XL sizes

$124.95 – $214.95

The Centaur






Deep Brown

Natural Tan

Only for small and medium sizes

$124.95 – $175.95


1. The BFG

BFG Alien Dildo

The BFG isn’t named after everyone’s favorite Roald Dahl character. It stands for Big Fucking Genital because that’s exactly what it is. This monster of a dildo comes in four sizes, ranging from 11” to 14.25” in length, and features two girthy knots on both sides of the middle and again at the base.

Along the top and bottom ridges, you’ll find stacks of ribbed alien muscle designed to massage your insides before the tip of the dildo curves up and presses directly into your g-spot or prostate. This makes it ideal for both men and women seeking an intense and powerful full-body orgasm.

In its smallest size, you can attach the BFG to a 3.00” strap-on ring and use it to pound your partner. Or, if you enjoy the sensation of testicles smacking against your body, you can even add a set of Remove-O-Balls. The model comes in four colors—Black, Deep Brown, Natural Tan, and Metallic Green—and can be manufactured with a Vac-U-Hole for wall-mounting and endless riding.

For a standard medium-sized BFG, expect to pay $149.95. Larger size upgrades will cost more, though the XXL maxes out at $197.95.

2. Prince Charming

Prince Charming Dildo

Prince Charming may seem like a delicate pretty boy but this dildo proves that he’s packing a lot of hidden meat. However, before we even start to describe it, be warned that this is NOT a beginner’s dildo. It was designed to stretch your holes and leave them gaping for the next biggest thing. So, if you’re not ready to take on that much intensity, skip to the next product.

The Prince Charming isn’t the longest dildo on our list but what it lacks in length, it certainly makes up for in girth. This model comes in three sizes—medium, large/XL, and XXL—which start at a base circumference of 11″ and, at the most extreme, expand to a full 15” (if you manage to bottom out the largest size).

On the way down, you won’t have much mercy either. Prince Charming’s 8.5” head is covered in stimulating bumps that will spread you open and massage every inch of your inner cavity. We recommend taking it slowly, using as much lube as you need, and only attempting to ride it once you’re confident that your body can support that much stretching.

Due to its girthiness, the Prince Charming cannot be used with a strap-on but you can order it with an added Vac-U-Hole. We recommend purchasing this add-on since you’ll likely need some support and help to get all of the Prince Charming inside of you. Order a medium for $129.95 today or upgrade to the XXL for $183.95 and test your body’s limits.

3. Venomous Tongue

Venomous Tongue Dildo

The Venomous Tongue is perfect for anyone with fantasies of being tied down and licked by an alien’s long, slimy tongue. This dildo comes in four sizes—XS, small/medium, medium/large, and XL—each of which features a unique design with varying curves and reptilian textures. For example, the XS features a gentle flick at the tip, whereas the XL has several powerful undulations.

Overall, the dildo measures between 10.38” and 17.00” in length, with a maximum girth of 9.20”. In other words, it’s all about length and should be used it to tease and tantalize any and all of your hot spots. The Venomous Tongue is also unique in that it’s one of the few alien dildos that can actually be used with a strap-on.

This is thanks to its 2.50”/3.00” ring, which can accommodate most standard-sized strap-on harnesses. And, if you want to use the dildo without the strap-on, you can always hold it in place with your own hands or order the added Vac-U-Hole base. The company does note, though, that adding a Vac-U-Hole base to the XS may damage the dildo.

The XS starts at just $65.95 while the XL is available for $170.95. All sizes come in either Black, Metallic Green, Deep Brown, or Natural Tan and can be ordered today.

4. Alien Breeder

Alien Breeder Dildo

This list would be completely invalid if we somehow managed to forget the Alien Breeder dildo. Just like the film franchise that thrust Xenomorphs into the public eye, this dildo features an iconic cast model of the creature’s head. This makes it perfect for anyone with a serious Alien fetish or anyone who just wants to see what it feels like to get fucked by a Xenomorph.

The dildo itself comes in four sizes—small, medium, large/XL, XXXL—offering the widest range of lengths and girths of any item on our list. At its smallest, the Alien Breeder measures just 8.50” long and 6.87” around but grows to a massive 15” long and 12.50 around. This makes it perfect for all experience levels, regardless of your kink.  

In terms of texture, the Alien Breeder has a smooth top surface with a highly textured underbelly that showcases the ridges and skeletal body of a Xenomorph. These bumps are designed to stimulate your inner walls and, combined with the girth, will leave you feeling completely filled. The medium and large/XL sizes are also compatible with 2.50” and 3.00” strap-on rings, respectively.

Purchase a small Alien Breeder in Black, Deep Brown, or Natural Tan for $124.95, or upgrade to the massive XXXL size for $214.95.

5. The Centaur

Centaur dildo, a popular alien sex toy

There’s something about a half-man/half-horse that drives people wild and the Centaur dildo is the perfect way to bring that fantasy to life. This massive dildo comes in four sizes—small, medium, large, and XXL—and, at its largest, measures a whopping 15.75” in length and 12.75” in girth, making it the longest product on our list.

It also has a distinct posture that closely replicates the hang of a real horse’s cock. And, surprisingly, both the small and medium sizes are compatible with a strap-on harness using a 2.50” and 3.00” ring, respectively. Compared to similar products on the market, you really won’t find a better horse or centaur dildo and can rest assured that this will give you all the length and width you crave.

A small Centaur retails for $124.95 but you can ‘upsize’ to the seriously imposing XXL for just $175.95. Order one today and start riding the Centaur of your dreams.

A Little Background on Exophilia

To understand the culture and fetish around alien sex toys, it helps to know a thing or two about exophilia. While there’s no one definition, it generally refers to sexual attraction to people or objects that are not conventionally considered sexual. This could include inanimate objects, mythical creatures, and non-human beings from beyond our world. For some people, the attraction even includes activities like voyeurism, exhibitionism, and fetishism.

At heart, most exophiles are enraptured with the curiosity, mystery, exoticism, and possibility of new physical attributes that come with aliens and other non-human sexual partners. Aliens are often seen as powerful, alluring, and untouchable creatures. They’re the perfect embodiment of what many people find attractive in a sexual partner. There is, of course, a power dynamic to it as well.

In both tentacle porn and alien porn, the aliens or non-human creatures are usually shown overpowering human partners, using their tentacles, tails, tongues, or other probes to fulfill their insatiable desires. This can be a huge turn-on for people who enjoy submissive fantasies or who want to feel completely out of control during sex.

This might all sound a little kinky or weird, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to explore your sexuality in a safe and consensual way. And if you’re looking for a way to do that, the five alien and xenomorph sex toys we’ve featured will definitely help you get there.

What Does “Xenomorph” Mean?

Xenomorph might sound like the name of a distant alien race but it actually comes from the Greek words for “strange” and “form.” In the Alien franchise, the xenomorph is a predatory creature with a distinctive head shape, long tail, and inner mouth that bursts out of the chest of its human prey.

While the movies never explicitly state what the xenomorph is or where it comes from, there are a few fan theories out there. One suggests that the xenomorph is actually a mutated human, while another theory claims that it’s an artificial lifeform created by the Engineers—an ancient alien race.

In the world of sex toys, though, xenomorph doesn’t necessarily relate to the Alien franchise. Instead, it simply refers to a class of large dildos designed to resemble either an alien or another non-human creature’s penis. This can include:

  • Cthulhu
  • Cyclops
  • The Minotaur
  • Ogres and Orcs
  • Beowulf
  • Goliath
  • Dragons
  • And many more!

Most xenomorph dildos measure around 12” in length and can have girths of 11” or more. Keep these sizes in mind before ordering, especially if you’ve never taken a dildo or cock that big.

Choosing Your First Alien Dildo

Xenomorphs, tentacle creatures, mythical beasts, and other non-human partners can make for some of the most intense and erotic fantasies.

If you’re looking for a way to bring these fantasies to life, then a xenomorph dildo is the way to go. Just remember to start small, use plenty of lube, and take your time before working your way up to the bigger sizes.

Happy exploring!


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