The Best Adult Search Engines: Our Top Picks

When it comes to searching for adult content, the big search engines don’t always come up trumps – even if you remember to turn off your Safe Search.

Google, Bing and Yahoo might be the most popular search engines in the world and a definite go to when looking for local businesses or travel reviews but their adult content search filters can prevent access to the top sex related sites.

In this guide, we bring you the best adult search engines, whether you are looking for porn, sex toys or kinky connections.

Mainstream Search Engines

Most of the big name search engines use a Safe Search filter to prevent unwanted access to adult content in a bid to protect underage users from accidentally stumbling on explicit images. Whilst this is, of course, admirable turning this filter off doesn’t always allow the best adult content to be ranked. In fact, Google has admitted that users have to be explicit in their search terms in order to find relevant adult content:

“We are not censoring any adult content, and want to show users exactly what they are looking for. But we aim not to show sexually-explicit results unless a user is specifically searching for them. We use algorithms to select the most relevant results for a given query. If you’re looking for adult content, you can find it without having to change the default setting — you just may need to be more explicit in your query if your search terms are potentially ambiguous.”

Unfortunately, Google don’t specify exactly what they mean by ‘ambiguous’ but we’ve all probably found ourselves frustrated when it comes to looking for something specific online only to be thwarted by inappropriate sites with random associations.

And, when you do find appropriate results, oftentimes the same old websites seem to always come to the fore.

So, whilst turning off the Safe Search filter can certainly help improve the results of your default search engine, you may find that you get better results with a dedicated search tool.

Best Adult Search Engines

Some of the search engines we’ve selected return good image or video results whilst others provide a better all-round service for all your adult content queries. We’ve covered the best of all the search engines to give you the widest choice.

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sex best adult search engine

The out and out most popular domain on our list is It offers a hub for searching the internet for adult content in the form of videos, images, games and stories. Definitely NSFW, categorises its content and offers a ‘Pin It’ function so you can save your favorite adult content to your own Pinboard.

However, Sex.Com isn’t the most functional of search engines on our site and the name itself is one of the reasons for its popularity. With an estimated value of $13 million, ranks in the top 500 websites in the world and receives more traffic than National Geographic and Pixabay in the USA. Popular the world over, will always rank highly simply because of its name and is the most valuable adult domain.

Porn MD

Porn MD best adult search engine

Porn MD is a search engine for images and videos from across some of the major tube hosting porn sites. Though not a comprehensive search of the internet, it’s reach across the most popular sites does give you a broader set of results when looking for porn. The major brands that are crawled include:

  • Porn Hub
  • Red Tube
  • You Porn
  • Keez Movies
  • Tube 8
  • Spank Wire
  • Extreme Tube
  • X Tube

The popularity of PornMD has been growing over the last six months and is now the 1,456th most popular website globally and is ranked in the top 1000 websites in the USA. It is also popular in Germany, Italy, Canada and the UK.

One of the reasons it is so popular is largely due to the fact that the site does not include any ads and offers a simple and clean way to search for adult content. You can also download an extension for your internet browsers toolbar.

Nude Vista

Nude Vista best adult search engine

Formerly known as the ‘Magic Teapot’, Nude Vista is an adult search engine that is still in beta testing though performs well in this mode. The site works with the major video hosting sites as well as crawling lesser known TGP and Tube sites.

Content is returned from multimedia galleries as well as other sources of adult content and you can tailor your preferences to further filter the results to exclude certain websites, keywords or even by length of clips.

Nude Vista is regularly ranked in the top 1000 websites in the world and is most popular in the US, UK, Germany, Italy and Canada.

Pron TV best adult search engine is an HD porn search engine that returns results for your adult content search query from over 815 video hosting sites. In addition to the large number of mainstream porn providers, also crawls the indexes of tube sites. This powerful engine boasts that ‘Nobody has more porn. Nobody’.

What makes different to other search engines is that it doesn’t just analyse the big-name porn hosting services but it trawls generic video hosters too. What is returned in your results is an impressive and comprehensive match for your search term.

Additional features include a complete results list by pornstar as well as information on trending searches so you can stay on the pulse of what is popular. is globally ranked as the 1,706th most popular website in the world and is in the top 500 websites used in Japan. The site is also popular in the US, the UK, Germany and India.


fuq best adult search engine searches for content across its own network (Adult Webmaster Net) which includes VR Porzo, Mature Tube, IXXX and Tube Galore. Search results are therefore not as comprehensive as some other engines on this site but the library of content available is pretty good. It might not be your number one go to but for certain search terms you may find that has some interesting results.

Ranked in the top 4000 websites in the world, has been climbing the rankings in the US, Germany, the UK and India.

Adult Webmaster Net also run some other adult search engines that provide a similar service, including Find Tubes (popular in China as well as the US and Germany) and Tube Galore (ranks well in most English speaking countries).

Porn Planner

Porn Planner best adult search engine

Porn Planner isn’t a search engine that provides results of great porn to match your search terms, it provides a top directory of porn sites and also covers adult related content, including:

  • Adult forums
  • Adult dating
  • Live cam sites
  • Adult Reddit groups
  • Porn Pins from Pinterest
  • Sex Magazines
  • Online shops

The site acts more like a curator of great content, providing free lists of adult content, all guaranteed to be Malware and Virus free links.

Porn Planner has been growing in popularity over the last 12 months and is most popular in China, India and Egypt with more users from the US and Germany adding to its traffic.

Bad JoJo

Bad JoJo best adult search engine

Another search engine which crawls the content of video hosting services/tube sites, BadJoJo indexes adult content from major brands like PornHub, Tube8 and PornRabbit as well as some lesser known sites like Fantasticc, Desihoes, SlutLoad and MovieFap.

Not only does the search results perform well against other competitors but BadJoJo also provides additional features including an adult app store.

Search via keywords, popular channels as well as porn star. You can even limit your search to return content that is filmed in VR.

BadJoJo receives most of its traffic from the USA, India and France and is popular in Germany and the UK.

My Porn Bible

my porn bible best adult search engine

My Porn Bible is an almost identical copy of Porn Planner but instead of being owned by an Italian company, this domain is registered to a company in Panama. Both operate as hubs for good porn links and you can choose between being a dedicated ‘Planner’ or an ‘Apostle’; otherwise there is not a great deal of difference.

India’s most popular adult content search engine, My Porn Bible also receives a good deal of traffic from China, France and Germany.


Boodigo best adult search engine

The unique selling point of BoodiGo is that you can search for adult content using an anonymous and secure search engine. Developed by a mix of content creators, advertisers and site operators, BoodiGo uses software to return only results that are free of intellectual property, safe from malicious content and are as safe as possible from containing illegal material.

Unlike the big name search engines (and some others on this list), BoodiGo does not maintain any databases on a user’s search history or profile ensuring your searches are private. You can even encrypt your search so that your browser history doesn’t contain any information about your search inquiry.

Results are varied but you can choose to search either the web, Tumblr or Blogspot to vary what is returned.

Popular in China, Japan and India, BoodiGo is one of Asia’s top adult search engines and is also popular in the US and Germany.


porndex best adult search engine

Curating video content only from across other video hosting services, PornDex offers a registration service so you can tailor your profile to return better search results. The directory is large and accesses the major porn channels.

PornDex is a popular adult search engine for Germans looking for porn and also ranks well in China and South Korea.


ro89 best adult search engine

RO89 doesn’t just provide access to over 15 million porn videos from across video hosting services but it also has its own content. You can access a good range of free video clips; some are streamed directly from RO89 whilst others are redirect links to other hosting sites.

RO89 is a niche adult content search engine and is popular in Russia as well as the US, Italy, France and Germany.

Better Fap

Taking a slightly new approach to finding content online, Better Fap isn’t a normal search engine but is more like a social network portal for finding new porn.

You register a profile and choose the kind of adult content you would like to see (photo, video, animated, erotica or audio) along with the sexuality (straight, bi, gay etc) and then either randomise or choose popular search results. You then rate the content you are shown and the more you use the site the better the results from your searches.

You can also search through Feeds, Cams and SubReddits.

A relative newcomer to the adult search markets, Better Fap has grown from the top 60,000 sites in 2016 to the top 15,000 in the world. Most of this traffic comes from the States but its rise in popularity can also be attributed to users in China, Canada, Germany and the UK.

Relevant XXX

releveant xxx best adult search engine

Offering a free sign up to register a search profile, Relevant XXX learns what you do and don’t like so your search results are tailored for you. Videos are curated from the major porn tube sites like Red Tube, XVideos, Spank Wire and ePorner but there are some smaller and lesser known channels included as well.

You can search for images, videos and GIFs by keyword, pornstar and by browsing the collections.

Relevant XXX may not be the most unique of adult search engines but it is free and you may find the way content is collated a little different to some other sites.

ReXXX ranks well in global traffic for adult searches with both the US and China amounting for most of the site’s visitors.

Meta Porn

meta porn best adult search engine

Meta Porn isn’t a high-ranking global search engine but it does fare well in China and India. The format is similar to others on this site and Meta Porn doesn’t reinvent the wheel here; simply curating content from other video hosting services and offering a way to search the tags across a range of sites.

They do have their own popular collections including Asian Street Meat, Family Strokes and Backroom Casting Couch; popular studios where the content is brought together under one umbrella.

Mr Stiff

mr stiff best adult search engine

An American owned site, Mr Stiff receives most of its traffic from the US but has also been growing in popularity in Japan and China.

The site has an instant appeal but is quite basic in its delivery. Indexing the free tube sites, Mr Stiff gives you a different way to search multiple video hosting services at the same time.  You can find a list of the sites it crawls to provide results at the bottom of the home page and though it isn’t as comprehensive as some search engines it does have a good range.

You can search for video clips, pictures and even porn movies as well as filter by porn star and category. is a separate service offering the ability to search multiple cam sites.

Eve Knows

eve knows best adult search engine

A new adult search engine, Eve Knows has been running since 2015 and offers a familiar portal to access porn videos, pics and clips from other hosting sites. The results provided come from big name brands and you can filter these by media, age of clip, duration and the sexual orientation of the content.

To be honest, the results aren’t as comprehensive as you would find on some other search engines but that is one of the reasons we like this site; it’s basic. Sometimes too much choice can be confusing and the limited but wide ranging results here are easier to browse through and we found we spent less time searching and more time watching.

Eve Knows is a niche adult content search engine that has a loyal following in the USA. It doesn’t rank as highly in other countries but does get some traffic from Europe.

Porn Maxim

porn maxim best adult search engine

Porn Maxim may well be one of the largest databases on the list but it isn’t the most highly ranked adult search engine. It is a diverse site that receives a good deal of traffic from places like Bangladesh, India and the Philippines.

With access to over 227 million clips, you can be guaranteed to find content to suit most keyword searches and across a wide range of video hosting sites including the big names as well as some smaller services.

Porn Maxim is a basic and functional adult search engine but it is limited to videos only.

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