The Best Adult Industry Blogs: A Complete Guide

Want to know the latest news from the adult industry?

Here at the Red Light Network, we think we do a pretty good job at covering some of the best adult industry events and news but there are plenty of other great sources for information out there. Some come directly from the horse’s mouth with big global names like AVN and XBiz having their fingers firmly on the pulse of the porn industry. Yet, there are quite a few other sites that also offer some great insights into the world of adult entertainment and sex work. Bloggers, performers, studios, networks and fans all provide some essential sites to bookmark if you want to know exactly what’s going on in the industry.

In this guide, we’ve put together the best blogs you can find online for information about all aspects of the adult industry; from the hottest gossip in mainstream porn and camming industry to niche and alternative sources of news.

Best Adult Industry Blogs

So, which blogs offer the widest selection of news and information across the adult industry?

Here, we’ve selected our choice of those sites that deliver up-to-date news and information on all current events, releases, legal updates as well as gossip from the world of porn.


best adult industry blogs avn

Image via website.

The Adult Video News was founded in 1983 as a trade publication for the porn industry of United States. The original aim was to create a magazine similar to Billboard but for the adult film world.

Since its inception, it has gone on to become something of an institution and sponsors an annual convention, the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) as well as hosting an Oscars style award’s night (the AVNs).

Though circulation figures for the physical magazine are probably not that impressive, their website achieves well over 1.26 million visitors each month.

The publication still focuses much of its attention on porn movie reviews as well as trade advertising but the blog covers everything from tech news to legal updates, entertainment gossip to the latest sex toys and trends. They usually post at least half a dozen blog articles and features every (working) day and are one of the most comprehensive adult industry blogs around.

You don’t have to be a subscriber to get access to the blogs but those that do pay for the magazine(s) can log-in to the online portal to get access to advanced features under a custom profile.

For anyone who is involved in adult entertainment, AVN should definitely be your first port of call for breaking news and important trends and information. They offer a free newsletter if you sign up online which is delivered regularly and summarizes their most popular content.


best adult industry blogs xbiz

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Launched 15 years after the AVN magazine, XBiz is another print publication aimed at offering business news and trade information for the sex industry. Since 1998, the company has produced a similar service to AVN including a digital news platform, annual awards and business-to-business support in the adult entertainment markets.

The main difference is that the AVN publication is still more focused on the Western adult film markets even though its blog covers a diverse range of topics and issues.

Just like AVN, the XBiz blog covers all aspects of global news and trends and not just for the porn movie business, including:

  • Movies & Stars
  • Web & Tech
  • Pleasure & Retail
  • Gay
  • Cams and Clips
  • Legal
  • Trans
  • Europe
  • News and Opinion

Their site reaches a monthly audience in the region of 700k visitors and is considered one of the most importance sources of industry trends.

Just like AVN, you can sign up for a newsletter direct to your inbox so you never miss out again on current affairs for the sex and adult industry.


best adult industry blogs ynot

Image via website.

Launched in 2000, YNOT offers another great source of industry information, news and editorials for the adult industry. The site has a comprehensive business directory and professional network as well as regularly updated blog featuring:

  • Adult Business News
  • Adult Novelty News
  • EU News
  • Adult Company News
  • Adult Talent News
  • Adult Retail News
  • Adult Video News

They also offer several different newsletters that you can sign up for, each one tailored to the recipients so you can easily access the information relevant to your area of interest. Choose from:

  • YNOT Event News
  • YNOT Special Offers for Fans
  • YNOT Special Offers for Businesses
  • YNOT Daily News for Fans
  • YNOT Daily News for Businesses
  • YNOT Daily News for Models

For adult businesses operating online, YNOT offers some more practical business information, particularly for cam models and site owners as well as affiliate marketers.

Another media company that hosts its own industry awards, YNOT also hosts an annual camming expo.

Hush Hush

best adult industry blogs hush hush

Image via website.

Hush Hush has a nice selection of articles and features on its blog covering a wide range of categories. Presented in a chic magazine-style format, the focus seems to be aimed at the UK markets.

Main posts are categorized in the following areas and are updated reasonably regularly:

  • Celebrity Sex News
  • Sex Articles
  • Adult Industry News
  • Adult Business News
  • Events & Awards
  • Adult Movies
  • Site Reviews

Mike South

best adult industry blogs mike south

Image via website.

Mike South was a porn actor, director and producer in the 1990s and won two AVN awards for films he worked on (Southern Belles 4 (1997) and Southern Belles 8 (1998)). He became a porn gossip columnist in 1998, blogging on his own site.

Often cited by other industry news sites and acknowledged by as ‘the gonzo king of porn gossip’, his blog is kept regularly updated with tidbits of news and information about the adult film business both in the United States and internationally.

Posts are categorized in several different niche areas, including:

  • Legal News
  • Prostitution
  • Scumbags
  • Politics
  • Adult Movies
  • Porn Stars
  • Industry
  • Social Media
  • Porn Idiocy
  • Mainstream
  • Awards
  • Gossip

Mike relies on a small network of other reporters who produce regular content for the site and this gives it a diversity that some of the smaller blogs can’t offer. There’s even a focus on Reader Mail where subscribers can ask questions by email that the team hope to answer in a feature piece.

In general, the news is a lot more ‘gossip’ based than more formal industry blogs and the news is a mix of juicy stories and rumors; however, it does give you another angle to view the business from and you can certainly find stories breaking here before anywhere else.

You can subscribe to Mike South by email and receive regular notifications of industry news directly as it is posted.

Naughty News Network

best adult industry blogs naughty news network

Image via website.

Though this site doesn’t blog with the same regularity as many others on the list, it does have some interesting features published in its archives. Yes, so they may not be on the pulse of current affairs but with titles like ‘How to Start a Phone Sex Business and Make Money’ and ‘Watching Adult Content In 2019’ they don’t need to be posting by the minute to offer value.

It’s a shame as this site used to be updated several times a week with industry news but has hit a lull over the last few months.

There’s still some good articles to read under ‘Sex Facts’, ‘Interviews’ and ‘Random Ramblings’ but little in the way of movie releases and porn news. A site worth subscribing to for the newsletter just in case they start getting active again with their posting schedule.

Adult Industry Association

best adult industry blogs adult industry association

Image via website.

The Adult Industry Association is an organisation that aims to unite professionals and businesses that work in the industry. They provide a global platform to allow their members to communicate on a range of topics and issues pertinent to this field.

Free to join, their blog isn’t as active at the moment as it once was and may be due in part to the fact that their URL has been blocked by some social media networks including Facebook and Instagram. It looks as though they are now back up and running with some more recent posts added to the feed.

They used to update the blog with articles on adult videos, business news and information as well as health, events and investment. It remains to be seen just how the website recovers over the next few months as to whether this will become a good adult industry blog. So, for the time being, we are just recommending a watching brief for this domain.

Region Specific Adult Entertainment Blogs

Despite the fact that the adult industry is a global one, much of the information being reported is still heavily focused on the United States; however, there are a couple of good sources of regional news which we’ve detailed for you.

It’s Adult

best adult industry blogs uk its adult

Image via website.

A UK based adult industry news source, It’s Adult provides information, news and events details around England, Scotland and Wales. They also provide some European and International news along with regular podcasts, porn tales and business profiles.

A magazine style blog site, features range from details on the UK Age Verification porn laws to charity cycle events like the Porn Pedallers.

They also run regular features on sexual health, web and tech news as well as providing a directory of businesses and models.

A good site to bookmark if you have an interest in the UK adult industry particularly if you are a performer (check out the Forum for job listings and offers of work).

Euro Sex Scene

best adult industry blogs euro sex scene

Image via website.

The Euro Sex Scene is a part of the Red Light Network and covers everything from individual country and city guides to news and information on the adult entertainment businesses of Europe.

Recent blog articles include features on:

  • The Largest European Porn Producers & Studios
  • FKK in German Culture: Past and Present
  • A Hedonist’s Guide to Legal Highs (and Lows) in Amsterdam
  • Is Copenhagen the Red Light Capital of Scandinavia?
  • Inside De Wallen: Amsterdam’s Famous Sex District

The site was launched in 2015 and regularly receives over 400,000 visitors each month. Certainly as a guide to the individual adult industries of each European country, there are very few competitors who provide such comprehensive details of business from strip clubs and escort agencies to brothels, massage parlours and sex cinemas.

Red Light Australia

best adult industry blogs red light australia

Image via website.

For adult industry and entertainment news from Down Under then the Red Light Network’s Australian site is a good place to head. Just like Euro Sex Scene, Red Light Australia offers specific city guides that detail all of the adult industry businesses in the major Australian (and New Zealand) locations of:

  • Adelaide
  • Auckland
  • Brisbane
  • Canberra
  • Christchurch
  • Darwin
  • Gold Coast
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Sydney
  • Wellington

As well as the cornerstone content you can also find reviews and features on adult businesses, events and sites with recent articles covering:

  • The Darwin Hookers Ball: The Wildest Party in Australia?
  • The Hottest Up and Coming Aussie Porn Stars
  • The Famous Brothels of Kalgoorlie
  • The Best Aussie Porn Studios and Local Censorship Laws
  • XAwards 2019: A Full Preview

Popular in Australia and New Zealand as well as in outlying nations like China and Singapore, Red Light Australia receives around 100,000 visitors each month.

Red Light Vegas

best adult industry blogs red light vegas

Image via website.

Whilst our flagship site offers a global view of the adult industry including many events taking place in the United States, Red Light Vegas is dedicated to the only place in the country where prostitution is legal; Nevada.

Here you can find listings and guides to the best adult entertainment venues in the state including strip clubs, brothels, swingers clubs and sex stores. There are also regular features in the blog which range from entertainment and retails news to current affairs.

Recent guides and features on the blog include:

  • The Vegas BDSM Scene: An Inside Guide
  • Atlantic City vs. Las Vegas: Which is the True Sin City?
  • The Ultimate Vegas Bachelor Party Guide
  • What Is It Like to Be Single Living in Las Vegas?

Another site that attracts over 150,000 visitors each month, Red Light Vegas is a great blog for the adult industry of Nevada.

Asia Sex Scene

best adult industry blogs asia sex scene

Image via website.

Okay, another shameless plug for one of our sister sites but another that thoroughly deserves its spot on our list.

The Asia Sex Scene receives up to 500,000 visitors each month coming from a wide range of traffic sources including those that are looking for country and city specific information of the sex industry. As well as these geographical guides that provide listings of business that offer sex services, the blog is pretty informative about prostitution laws, porn viewing trends and adult industry news.

Recent features include:

  • The Battle to Clean Up Sonagachi
  • Jeju Island: South Korea’s Island of Love
  • Japan Rolls Out ‘Sexy Bins’ to Reduce Littering
  • China’s Funeral Strippers: The Bizarre Craze that China Wants to Ban
  • Mail Order Asian Brides: A Dwindling Market?
  • China’s Porn Ban: Has It Been Successful?

Best Sex Industry Blogs

Sex work is a diverse area of the adult industry and covers everything from prostitution and escorts to pornography and stripping.

The Naked Truth

best adult industry blogs the naked truth

Image via website.

A Canadian site which aims to provide sex workers in the country to network and access resources via an online community. The site isn’t terribly well designed but their blog is pretty informative for sex workers and clients alike with some pretty interesting reads, including:

  • Prostitution bill would make it illegal to buy, sell sex in public
  • Pubic Hair Trends in Pornography and Mainstream Culture
  • Ten Reasons Sex Workers Are Great Parents
  • 15 Signs Your Neighbour is a Stripper

The Bunny Ranch

best adult industry blogs bunny ranch

Image via website.

One of Nevada’s legal brothels, The Bunny Ranch blog makes for an interesting read and covers a really wide range of topics that every punter and courtesan should check out. From practical topics like sensual domination and squirting to advice on what to talk about when you have selected a girl after the line-up.

Alice Little

best adult industry blogs alice little

Image via website.

Another Nevada based sex industry blog, Alice Little is a luxury companion providing escort services and writes an interesting blog on topics such as:

  • FAQs About Nevada Brothel Prices
  • Fun Facts About Foot Fetishes
  • Female Orgasm Guide

Sarah’s 2 Cents

best adult industry blogs sarahs 2 cents

Image via website.

Written by an Australian escort who has been working in the industry since 2000, her posts cover a nice mix of topics including:

  • Client Guides
  • Escort Advice
  • Escort Industry News

Exotic Escort’s Diary

best adult industry blogs an exotic escorts diary blog

Image via website.

An interesting blog written in the traditional style of a personal web log/diary and comes from the perspective of a high-class working escort. It’s an intelligent and thought-provoking read that covers a diverse range of topics with recent features being:

  • Plastic Surgery in the Sex Industry: An Escort’s Insight
  • Normal Men Don’t Marry Prostitutes – Who Will?
  • Why do Prostitutes often form Relationships with Drug Dealers and Gangsters?

Best Cam Industry Blogs

The live cam industry has been booming over the last few years and there is not yet an authoritative industry ‘voice’ for webmasters, cam models and audiences. However, there are several good sites (in addition to the main adult industry blogs listed above) that offer a mix of relevant news, information, advice and gossip.


best adult industry blogs cam4

Image via website.

A lot of the blogs published by big cam companies like BongaCams and Chaturbate focus only on their own models and don’t really include a lot of news or information about the industry as a whole. Cam4’s blog is slightly different. Offering new of industry events, contests and tips and hints to improve your cam show, the blog should be of interest to anyone involved in live camming.

It’s not updated as regularly as you’d hope but the archives are a mine of information and interesting interviews.

AIP Daily

best adult industry blogs aip daily

Image via website.

On the pulse of the adult industry’, AIP Daily is a blog that includes regular daily updates covering everything from interviews and site reviews to industry press releases and new product launches.

Though not nearly as comprehensive as sites like AVN and XBix, AIP Daily does seem to offer more in the way of interviews with porn stars and cam models. For this reason, it’s a good blog to follow if you are interested in getting started in the industry; there is nothing quite like getting tips from those at the top of their game to get the edge in this business.


best adult industry blogs icamz

Image via website.

The i-Camz site is an agent-funded site and the articles published on the blog here are all aimed at providing web cam models with tips and advice for success.

From increasing your earnings to niche modeling tips (BBW, couples etc), this is a useful resource for anyone in the industry.

Best Kinks, Fetishes, Lifestyle and Alternative Porn Blogs

And finally, covering some more niche aspects of the adult industry we have a selection of alternative porn, kink and fetish blogs.


best adult industry blogs swing towns

Image via website.

Swingtowns is the largest non-monogamy online community and has a huge membership of poly couples and swingers.

Their blog is a mix of lifestyle articles about dating, sex and kinks and is updated every couple of weeks.

Poly Weekly

best adult industry blogs polyamory weekly

Image via website.

Poly Weekly updates their blog each week with regular content aimed at the swinging and polyamorous community. The blog accompanies a regular sex podcast and covers issues such as:

  • Will poly help emotionally unavailable partners?
  • Is it OK to ask to meet my metamour?
  • When your partner’s jealousy precludes your polyamory

Unicorn Hunting

best adult industry blogs unicorn hunting

Image via website.

Another lifestyle blog that covers plenty of issues and topics relevant to swingers, kinksters and poly couples including:

  • The Naked Interviews: Interview with a Shibari Rope Master
  • Erotic Hypnosis and BDSM
  • Ethical Pick-Up Tips
  • Playing with Fire: The secrets that make fire-play such a hot experience


best adult industry blogs altporn4u

Image via website.

A regularly updated blog that covers the alternative adult genre including interviews with Alt-porn performers, indie porn content and genres like hentai and cosplay.

Posts are categorized into niche areas including:

  • Alternative webcammers
  • Cinema Junkies
  • Behind The Scenes
  • News
  • Photography

Fetish Engine

best adult industry blogs fetish engine

Image via website.

Where your kinky journey begins’, Fetish Engine is a one-stop shop for all kink-related.

Launched in 2017, the site offers regular fetish guides from specific niche interest like BDSM, Smoking and Balloon Fetishes to site reviews, fetish sex games and community features like:

  • The Life of a Dominatrix: When BDSM Is Your Day Job
  • America’s Most Famous BDSM Clubs
  • The 18 Best Movies About Sexual Fetishism
  • Sex in The Swinging 1960s

The site is one big blog of informative articles and information about the fetish scene which can sometimes cover current affairs and events or be more focused on one aspect of the fetish community.

With almost 100,000 visitors each month, it’s worth bookmarking as a site that offers beginner’s guides to fetishes and lifestyle information.

Collared Girls

And finally, the Collared Girls blog covers a lot of great information and news about the world of domination, BDSM and kinks.

Recent articles include such diverse issues as:

  • Our Violent Tendencies: How #BDSM Helps Us Control Our Natural Human Tendencies
  • The evolution of a Master / slave relationship
  • Getting to Know Limits: The Importance of Hard and Soft Limits in #BDSM Dynamics

Featured image via Christian Schnettelker (Flickr).

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