Bellesa Films Review: Erotic Porn with No Fake Orgasms

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Looking for some authentic porn without the ‘drama’?

Bellesa Films is a new studio where the focus of their content is on producing high-quality, erotic pornography that showcases real sexual tension, chemistry and connections.

And, above anything else, no fake orgasms. The company is committed to an ideal of entertaining audiences with pure, unadulterated pleasure and the results are very pleasing indeed!

Created by a team headed entirely by women, Bellessa Films is producing high-quality ethical porn that is ticking all the right boxes.

In this review, we’ll find out more about this new studio and why their films are different as well as what makes them ‘female-friendly’.

The Porn (R)evolution: Bellesa Films

Bellesa Films is part of the Bellesa company who operate a site which showcases a range of erotic stories and adult content that is all about female pleasure.

In keeping with rival progressive platforms like Cheex, they also provide sex education and offer a range of sex toys and bedroom basics to enhance your love life through their online store, BBoutique.

bellesa female friendly porn films

The site is run by women but is not just for women and they advocate porn that depicts females as ‘subjects of pleasure not objects of conquest’. This is adult content for everyone who enjoys passionate and erotic sex rather than simply ‘run-of-the-mill’ hardcore fucking.

There are several sites promoting this type of progressive female-friendly porn, including others we’ve featured such as Bright Desire.

A community site that encourages members to embrace an ethical and sex-positive approach to porn, Bellesa started creating its own scenes back in 2019 with the launch of Bellesa Films.

The idea is a simple one; let women write and direct the kind of porn they want to watch or be a part of. This means steering away from the extremism that has become popular over the last few decades and to dial sex back to something more believable and authentic.

In short, to create adult entertainment that is both naturalistic and realistic. This doesn’t mean a ‘vanilla’ or ‘softcore’ approach, it just means that Bellesa is offering porn that is recognizable and hasn’t been contorted into a brutal parody of sex. Rough sex might turn some people on but adult content is getting so extreme in even the main studio’s output that anyone would think that BDSM is par for the course. It’s not and whilst domination and submission does feature in some of Bellesa Films’ titles, it is consensual and erotic and, essentially, part of genuine female fantasy and not dreamed up by men.

female friendly porn bellesa films

The creative lead for this project is the acclaimed director Jacky St James who takes the ideas and fantasies submitted by community members (known as fantasy fuel) and brings these to life in collaboration with her performers. The results are largely unscripted and driven by the natural connections formed on set by the lead actors in the full knowledge that if they are driving the action by their own pleasures then this will translate well to an audience. And they’re not wrong! The scenes filmed so far by Bellesa are incredibly charged and feature natural chemistry between the performers that is both powerful and electric. So much so that there is guaranteed never to be any fake orgasms on set and you can just tell by watching these scenes that the pleasure is genuine.

At the moment, there are just 44 scenes to watch, each being around 30 minutes in length and categorized in one or more of the following genres:

  • Female Orgasm
  • Blowjob
  • Cumshot
  • Pussy Licking
  • Kissing
  • Lesbian
  • Couples
  • Threesomes
  • Fingering
  • Cowgirl
  • Brunette/Blonde/Redhead/Latina
  • Athletic/Petite

bellesa films

The films are all of a very high quality and can be viewed in 4K. On the downside, videos are all streaming only which is slightly annoying for a premium site plus the photographs can only be downloaded individually and there are no .zip files available.

The stars of the scenes are all well-known performers from the porn industry and include the likes of Adria Rae, Penny Pax, Kristen Scott and Gia Paige as well as male leads such as Damon Dice and Tyler Nixon. In fact, the studio is attracting a lot of support from the top adult stars as they become recognized for their ethical approach to film making.

The studio is proud of this reputation and knows that all cast and crew feel safe and supported in their working environment and receive a fair wage for their contribution.

Each scene starts with an idea that is expanded by the team of writers at Bellesa who then work with the creative director to cast a strong female lead who can be the protagonist of this fantasy. Scripts are then tailored in collaboration with the actor in question who works to produce a rough outline of dos and donts in terms of the sex that she wants.

Once the outline has been put together, the director works with the female lead to find a male co-star with whom there is a good connection and then the filming can begin.

On set, the crew is primed to tend to all the performers’ needs but once the action begins, the cameras are there to simply capture the natural flow without stopping and starting because of tecnical issues like the mic not picking up, or a leg was in the wrong place of a shot.

In summary, this is premium, highly passionate porn made by women for a universal audience.

female friendly porn bellesa films review

How Much is Bellesa Films?

The cost of a subscription to the site is usually subject to seasonal discounts and is billed in £ Sterling at the following rates:

  • 2-Day Trial – £1.00 per day (approx. $1.30) rebills at £29.99 per month until cancelled.
  • £19.99 for one month (approx. $26) automatic rebill.
  • £39.99 for three months (approx. $52) automatic rebill.
  • £59.99 for twelve months (approx. $76) automatic rebill.

Payment for your membership via the Bellesa Films site can be made credit or debit card, PayPal, cryptocurrency or even using unwanted gift cards.

Customers will also get access to two bonus sites when they subscribe (Couples Seeking Teens and Lesbian Older Younger); together this adds another few hundred high-quality, female friendly scenes to your viewing collection.

bellesa films female friendly porn

Bellesa Films: We Say…

As a new studio, the content here at Bellesa Films is not yet extensive and only runs to around 40 films. However, the library is being added to on a regular basis with one new scene each week along with an accompanying set of photo images. Remember too, each scene is around 30-minutes long so that’s about 22 hours of high-quality adult fun. Maybe not enough to warrant a full year’s subscription but at the difference in price between one month and twelve, you might as well opt for the latter.

And, quantity isn’t everything when it comes to premium porn, the quality is important too.; which is where Bellesa Films trumps a lot of the competition.

This studio has definitely got an edge when it comes to content and instead of ‘off the shelf’ sex scenes with performers who….well, perform, you get to witness some incredibly erotic sex scenes that feel voyeuristic. It’s kind of like watching an amateur film but with all the benefits of a professional studio and sexy screen stars.

As for the stars of the films themselves, the studio has a diverse enough cast of professional porn performers including some big and hot names like Valentina Nappi, Kendra Spade, Karla Kush, Adria Rae, Lacy Lennon and Kira Noir. These are all women who are at the height of their career in the adult industry. Oh, and there’s some pretty talented fellas too including the likes of Ricky Johnson, Damon Dice, Tyler Nixon and Mike Mancini.

bellesa female friendly porn

Content is also pretty far-ranging and though the focus is undoubtedly on the female orgasm, this doesn’t narrow the appeal of the genres being shot. You can expect to find everything from threesomes and lesbian sex to blowjobs and cumshots; everyone is catered for.

The fresh appeal of the films on this site are to do with the intimate and authentic storytelling that creates a more naturalistic style of porn. This is not extreme gonzo-style adult content filmed at a frenetic pace but passionate lovemaking which you can believe in. Don’t be deceived though, this is not a softcore site but one that demonstrates that hardcore doesn’t have to be rough.

Overall, we think this studio has slipped quite nicely into a gap in the market for female-friendly adult content that appeals as much to men as it does to women. They’ve turned the accepted power dynamics of the industry and the content it traditionally produces on its head and put equal pleasure and consent at the heart of everything they do….and it’s sexier because of it.

We’re looking forward to seeing how the site develops over the next few months and how much more quality content it can produce.

Featured images via Bellesa Films.


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