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Fed up with Instagram being too SFW?

Have you tried Banned Stories instead?

Adult stars are difficult to follow on traditional social media as their ‘real-life’ stories are often far too racey for the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

In an effort to redress the balance, New York based porn production company BaDoink has launched its own image/video social networking service.

Banned Stories features content that would be prohibited on traditional channels.

In our Banned Stories review, we take a look at the latest version of their app, and how BaDoink is marketing this pseudo adult content social media platform.

What is Banned Stories?

Launched by BaDoink studios in 2019, Banned Stories is a premium porn channel designed specifically for use on smartphones.

Aiming to snub visual social media services like Instagram and Snapchat, Banned Stories features explicit and exclusive adult content.

badoink banned stories porn social media review

The idea for the service was born when popular porn stars like Morgan Rain, Gabbi Carter and Lacy Lennon fell foul of some of the more traditional social media platforms with content that was too ‘filthy’.

BaDoink, long recognised as a pioneer in the adult industry, thought it was about time that porn had its own social media service to stream up-to-the-minute ‘true’ stories. Without the risk of censorship.

Note: Other companies have tried to ‘solve’ this problem of censorship on social media, notably Switter and Sharesome.

The result is a slick ‘app’ you can open on your smartphone with functionality that will be familiar to anyone who uses Instagram.

Each video is shot vertically so mobile users get the best viewing experience.

Unlike your typical porn site, each scene plays like a Story in short edited clips just like you would find on other social networking apps.

Founded in 2006, BaDoink has a history of creating innovative services and they were one of the first porn companies to enter the VR market with their flagship BaDoinkVR site.

Back in 2016, they were also credited with introducing more consumers to VR porn when they launched a mass consumer trial of new adult content, giving away around 20,000 free VR cardboard goggles.

Winners of the AVN VR Site of the Year 2018 and FSC 2016 Adult Company of the Year awards, they hope to further expand their reach into new markets with the launch of Banned Stories.

What Kind of Content Is Posted on Banned Stories?

Okay, so Banned Stories isn’t an actual app.

Rather you access the site through a landing page which emulates the look and feel of an app like Instagram or Snapchat.

From here you can skip between scenes, download content straight to your phone or just sit back and watch the loops.

The best part, of course, is that the action comes thick and fast with very little setup; this means you can almost hands free let the stories unfold before your very eyes whilst you (ahem) take care of other business!

banned stories porn social media review

Scenes are all filmed as reality porn in style and are produced to give a candid behind-the-scenes look at the real lives of porn stars.

In fact, much of the content is filmed by the stars themselves on their own mobile phones which, again, does give the clips much more of an authentic look.

So far, Banned Stories has produced Stories featuring some pretty well-known stars including the likes of:

  • Valentina Nappi
  • Gabbie Carter
  • Alex Coal
  • Haley Reed
  • Lacy Lennon
  • Lily Adams
  • Liv Wild

Their scenes range from quick blowjobs in the back of the car to intimate moments at home, public nudity on the golf course to a XXX game of pool in a bar.

With a new scene released every week, you can follow Banned Stories on Twitter so you never miss an update.

banned stories porn

How Much Does Banned Stories Cost?

You can pick up a one-day trial to the service for a cost of just $1 or sign up for a full membership as follows:

  • $14.80 for 30-days
  • $26.65 for 90-days

You can also check out some sample stories for free by hitting the website and clicking on any of the scenes.

You will get access to some of the loops here and you can get a feel for the kind of content being produced by Banned Stories.

Banned Stories Review: Is It Any Good?

Though Banned Stories isn’t quite the platform that Instagram or Snapchat are in terms of functionality and reach, the format is pretty addictive.

These scenes may well be ‘produced’ as opposed to actual real-life but you do really get a buzz out of the intimacy created using this filming technique.

So much so that, at times, it does really feel like an actual social media feed.

Content here is just as explicit as you would expect from the premium porn company behind it and though filmed in mobile-phone format, the definition and quality isn’t compromised at all.

The thing we like the most is the fact that the Stories all have exhibitionism at their heart.

Still showcasing the fact that their content is too filthy for traditional social media, you can expect lots of taboo public nudity and some titillating real-life scenarios.

As a website viewed on a PC or laptop, the service falls down and feels pretty clunky.

Which is what you’d expect for a site that has been designed to run on a smartphone. It’s not that you can’t enjoy the scenes on your desktop but you won’t get the full experience.

As for the costs of Banned Stories, we think the price of $26.65 for three months is pretty competitive particularly when you bear in mind that this is the typical charge for a single month with many premium adult sites.

For this you get exclusive content from some of the biggest names in the industry and, of course, access to all clips on the site.

Which is perhaps where Banned Stories falls a little short; quantity.

As a newish service, they are still a long way off troubling the major players in the premium porn market and for your membership you only get access to around 30 Stories.

This will improve over time and the library will only get bigger….particularly after the impact of the pandemic eases up and allows more filming to resume.

Overall, we really love the format of Banned Stories and the content is of a really high standard.

BaDoink has done it again with a unique offering designed to re-energize adult content and give their audiences a new way to interact with their vidoes.

It’s a shame that they can’t offer a real app to release their content to but their pseudo platform ticks all our boxes.

Banned Stories…..not banned in our book.

Sign up on Banned Stories to check it out.

All featured images in our Banned Stories review via their website.


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