What Is The Balloon Fetish? [Looners, Poppers & Inflation Fun]

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Once you pop, you just can’t stop….

Well, that’s true if you are a ‘popper’ with a balloon fetish at least.

For many people, balloons are viewed with an apathy reserved for other party accessories like streamers, paper hats and garlands; they’re just a bit of fun, right? Wrong.

For a small percentage of the fet-world, balloons are just as sexually stimulating as love beads, cock rings or body wands.

A balloon fetishist is someone who is aroused by balloons. The community identifies as ‘looners’ – meaning, somebody who is aroused by large inflatable objects (typically balloons). But there are different types of looners, too. Some are also classified as “poppers” — if they enjoy popping inflatables. Others don’t like popping and will try to actively avoid it.

Confused yet?

In this guide, we take a closer looker at the balloon fetish and where it fits on the spectrum of other paraphilias as well as just what the appeal is. For any budding looners out there, we’ve also provided a list of useful websites – from balloon fetish porn to community sites, online stores and forums.

What is a Balloon Fetish?

Balloon Fetish guide

Like many other paraphilias, a balloon fetish extends to just more than ‘liking’ balloons. It is a sexual fetish that involves, in some way, these popular inflatables.

Known as a ‘looner’, a fetishist of this kind can be attracted by various elements of the balloon, including (but not limited to):

  • Blowing up a balloon.
  • Popping a balloon.
  • Sitting, lying or having sex on a balloon.
  • Skin contact with a balloon.
  • Inserting deflated balloons inside themselves, or others.
  • Inflating balloons inside themselves, or others.

For some, it is merely their proximity to balloons which can be arousing and they can have no need, or desire, to interact with them.

So, whilst, for most of us, a balloon is simply a decorative toy that reminds us of fairgrounds or parties, for others the humble balloon is as thrilling as a dildo or bondage rope.

whats the appeal balloon fetish the popping
A balloon fetish doesn’t have to involve bursting the balloon.

What Is a Looner?

Firstly, there is no one definition of a looner that fits everyone who has this fetish but there is a lot of diversity in the community in terms of what is appealing about looning.

Balloons themselves come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and textures, all of which adds incredible variety to the kind of play you can experience. So, whilst some looners will be fascinated with the range of in textures against their skin, others will be turned on by their shapes or sizes.

The first major differentiation between looners is whether you are a ‘Popper’, a ‘Semi-Popper’ or an ‘Non-Popper’. Poppers are (as you would expect) those people who are turned on by the imminent idea and/or act of causing a balloon to go bang.

In fact, some looners can only reach sexual release when they explode a balloon. This can be preceded by a lot of ‘foreplay’ but poppers, ultimately, enjoy either the anticipation of the pop or the pop itself.

what is a looner
For some looners it is all about the blowing, for others its all about the pop.

Poppers may have very specific methods for popping a balloon which can form a part of other fetishes (see below) or simply be a preferred choice. Common methods for popping a balloon include:

  • Sitting, or standing, on the balloon.
  • Squeezing, or hugging, the balloon.
  • Riding, or bouncing, on the balloon.
  • Scratching or biting the balloon.
  • Inflating the balloon until it bursts (oral blowing or using a pump)
  • Using a common sharp implement to pop the balloon (safety pin, needle etc.)
  • Using another ‘fetish’ object to pop the balloon (lit cigarette, stiletto heel, syringe etc.)

Non-poppers define their fetish more around the sensations of the balloons themselves either as they are being inflated or once they are full of air.

This can be associated with the feel of the balloon against their skin or performing acts with the balloon including rubbing it, holding it, kissing it, laying on it or even having sex with another person on top of it.

Semi-poppers find sex appeal in both elements of a balloon fetish and may enjoy the appeal of the ‘pop’ whilst also getting pleasure from just the balloon itself.

Types of Balloon

Just as no two designs of ball gag, dildo or butt-plug are the same, so too is the importance of choice of balloons when it comes to many looners preferences.

balloon fetish balloons united
Image via Balloons United.

There are lots of elements to choose from when it comes to a balloon including:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Durability
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Bounce
  • Taste
  • Smell
  • Brand
  • Neck length

Though some looners prefer balloons shaped like figures (worms, giant dolls, ducks, skeletons) it is usually the combination of durability, size and bounce which are the most crucial elements to a looner who enjoys playing on them; durability, size and bounce.

Size and durability are obviously critical factors if you want to be supported by the balloon. Specialist products are available which go up to a giant size of 98”. At the other end of the spectrum, if you are using balloons for insertion then both size and durability (along with neck length) is a crucial part of the decision.

As for colour, red seems to be one of the most popular choices followed closely by opaque and yellow. There doesn’t seem to be any particular reason for this but some theories include a nostalgia for the traditional primary colors and clear balloons offer an added thrill of being able to see through them.

Most looners however simply opt for their favorite colors or may have no preference at all.

Though you can buy party balloons at any grocery store, dedicated looners will be using tried and tested brands for that have a high quality. The most popular choice appears to be Cattex, Rifco, Czermark & Feger, Qualatex, Belball, Tuftex and Unique.

Of course, the looner community are not always tied to latex balloons and there is a good deal of variety with other objects that can be inflated which also fall into the same category as looning. Popular items used in this way include:

  • Medical gloves (latex or nitrile) — commonly seen in the nurse fetish
  • Blow up PVC toys
  • Bin liners
  • Beach balls
  • Condoms

Balloon Fetishism: Links to Other Fetishes

Like a lot of fetishes, the origin of sexual arousal towards balloons is not a simple one to unravel and varies a lot between individuals. However, as with other paraphilias, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that sexual imprinting at an early age may be a common explanation for this unusual fetish.

Plenty of looners have shared their early memories of their experiences with balloons and there is a commonality which involves someone who they desired at the time popping a balloon.

There are also links between the balloon fetish with that of latex and PVC fetishism with this particular paraphilia being broadly defined by the experts as being on the BDSM spectrum.

This can be best illustrated with the anxiety and fear that is inherent with a ‘non-popper’ and the adrenaline that ‘poppers’ can experience with the eventual bursting of the balloon.

There are several sub-genres of this fetish, each of which attracts a different subset of fetishists and even cross over with other sexual practices. Smoking fetishes are a good example of this where a lit cigarette is the preferred method for popping.

Another example of a sub-genre of the balloon fetish is bubble-gum looning. Instead of using a latex balloon, bubble-gum is used instead to produce the bubble. As with fellow looners, the fetishist here can be the one producing the ‘balloon’ or may simply prefer to watch others doing it.

Balloon Fetish Pornography

Due to the nature of balloon fetishists enjoying either the proximity and feel of a balloon for sexual pleasure or the anticipation of the burst itself, looning doesn’t translate terribly well to traditional porn.

There is something about being ‘removed’ from the balloon itself that takes the thrill away. However, as with all fetishes and sexual preferences, balloon fetish porn can still be found online and there are many looners who enjoy watching it.

As ever, you can find plenty of clips and scenes uploaded to the popular tube sites many of which feature amateur looners who want to share their experiences with others whilst some is professionally shot content that has been created by niche studios.

There are even some dedicated looner porn sites where all of the action is centered around balloons and looning.



balloon fetish porn mellyloon
Image via website.

Mellyloon has been running for over 18 years and has never missed an update (twice weekly) making it one of the most comprehensive archives of balloon fetish porn available online.

The content here isn’t always exclusive nor is it always the best quality but it is diverse and often looks to be filmed by amateurs. From sit pop, blow pop and squeeze pop, most niche areas of this fetish are covered.

What’s nice about the site is that it is clearly run by someone who knows the difference between an airship and a longneck; a full, card-carrying looner.

Membership to the site starts at $14.95 per month with discounts for longer sign-ups.

Mellyloon also operates a Yahoo! Group with more than 3500 members which is not that active but may be a useful source of information for some.

Miss Balloon


balloon fetish porn miss balloon
Image via website.

On this niche balloon fetish website, you can find a mix of first time and seasoned amateurs as well as professional models engage in a huge variety of sexual acts involving balloons. From bouncing and squeezing to over-inflating, popping and getting downright filthy with these inflatables, the action here is all 100% exclusive.

Some of the girls are afraid of balloons which is obviously exploited on the site and these models are usually tied up with dozens of balloons or forced to pop them with their naked skin.

Originally launched in 2008, it’s not entirely clear just how regularly this site is updated but content range from a few minutes in length to over an hour.

Membership costs $19.95 for one month or you can get a discount by signing up for longer periods (a six-month subscription is just $53.95).

Other Premium Balloon Fetish Porn Sites

There are dozens of sites offering similar types of content, all locked behind the doors of a premium subscription or Pay-Per-View.

balloon fetish porn looners

Free Clips

If you don’t want to part with your hard-earned cash to watch porn clips featuring balloons then check out some of the free content on these popular tube sites:

We’ve also found some other sites that offer free clips and looning content but be aware that some of these do feature pop-ups:

Lastly, though not free, if you prefer your balloon fetish porn on DVD then check out the Balloon Fetish Video site which offers a great library of titles aimed at the looning community.

The site itself doesn’t look like it has been updated in at least ten years but this should give you a good source of titles to search for via other online fetish stores.

Looner Communities and Online Resources

We’ve put together a selection of links to community sites, forums and stores  that might be useful for anyone looking to connect with other looners or find supplies.

If you have any links you think other fet-fans should know about then drop us a line.

Looners United


Looners United is the brainchild of Maggy Berloon, the co-owner of Balloons United (see below) and brings together a great repository of information and tutorials for budding looners out there. You can register to become a part of Team Loon and take part in some of the way the site is shaped.

It’s a nice source of some basic information and has direct links to the store.

Balloons United


If you are looking to buy specialist balloons then there is no better online store than Balloons United. Based in Berlin and offering everything from regular airships to figure-shaped giant dolls they have plenty of choice when it comes to colors, sizes and even printing.

The company ships worldwide and their prices are extremely good, even better when you consider that they only use 100% natural rubber latex and recyclable packaging. As we all know, rubber (and plastic materials) are a source of a lot of pollution particularly in our oceans so opting for a sustainable supplier for your fetish can help give you double the feel-good factor.

balloon fetish suppliers balloons united

Blow to Pop


A balloon and inflatables forum with quite an active group, Blow To Pop has almost 4000 members of whom around 320 are regularly active.

Discussions include everything from general balloon fetish queries and questions to specifics for non-poppers and poppers as well as bubble-gum looners. There is also a useful ‘Trade’ and ‘Meet-Up’ section.

Among the more useful thread are those around where to buy balloons from. As any looner knows, the economics of bursting balloons that cost $5-$10 a pop (pun intended), it’s a good idea to find a great source of cheap but quality balloons.



A part of the Clips4Sale movement, Italoon is a subscription site that profits from clips uploaded by its members to other subscribers. As a result, there is plenty of amateur content available and this is added to on a regular basis.

An Italian site, he cost to join the service is billed in Euros and costs €23 for the first 30-days and €21 per month thereafter.

They also have a lot of free content available to view along with some great links for stores, NSFW sites and some of the forums on this list plus a couple of others.

Balloon Buddies


One of the largest (and oldest) balloon fetish forums, Balloon Buddies has been providing a safe space for fetishists since 1993. The site caters for both heterosexual and homosexual/bisexual communities but you must decide to which forum you want to belong when you create your free account.

The site is run through the BuddyList platform which means you will get regular digests of the forum unless you choose otherwise. However, the site does get some pretty good traction from the fet community and there can be some useful information hitting your inbox.



Not the perfect board for non-poppers as this community group is entirely focused on all things that can be burst; from inflatable toys and beach balls to balloons, gym balls and even bubble wrap.

It’s not the most stylish of designs nor is it the easiest to navigate, being a simple list of messages from other members but it is an absolute goldmine of information from places to buy your balloons (apparently Walmart in Canada has some great deals) to custom fetish photo shoots and, of course, free pics.

The site has a sister forum, the Pop-o-Rama Party which is a much slicker design but doesn’t seem to be as regularly updated. However, this site does have a great list of suppliers and retailers for balloons and inflatables.

Other Balloon Fetish Resources and Links

As well as some of the above more international groups and forums, there are some geo-specific sites on the web for balloon fetishists:

And, finally, don’t forget that websites like Fetlife and alt both have a huge reach for the fetish community so if you are looking to connect with people in your area who share your fetish then register for a free account to start searching today.


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