BaDoink VR Review

Virtual reality porn is a growing market and is expected to become a multi-billion dollar industry over the next few years.

It’s little wonder that the adult entertainment industry is keen to push the barriers here and offer viewers as immersive an experience as possible.

BaDoink was one of the first pioneering sites to do just that.

In this guide, we review BaDoinkVR, one of the top three dedicated VR porn content providers to see just what they are getting right.

A History of BaDoink VR

BaDoink was launched in 2006 as an online porn streaming service.

The premium content that it provided users was capable of being viewed across multiple platforms and was a popular, if only moderately successful, adult site. However, in 2015 the company was one of the first to spot the rising trend in demand for virtual reality porn, launching a dedicated platform, BaDoinkVR.

A pioneer for this kind of content, BaDoink was so committed to its new venture that it handed out 10,000 free VR headsets in the 24 hours following its launch with a further 20,000 given away in just a few weeks.

Free google viewer with BaDoink VR membership

US subscribers can get a free Google Cardboard headset. Image via Flickr.

The investment was a good one for the company and, though there are now plenty of rivals for VR porn go-tos, BaDoink is consistently listed in the top three companies for this kind of service. In 2016, BaDoinkVR won Adult Site of the Year: Virtual Reality in the XBIZ Awards as well as winning the Free Speech Coalition Internet Company of the Year award.

With an eye to the future, the New York based company is currently working with Dutch teledildonics manufacturer Kiiroo to produce more interactive content. The partnership is hoped to push the boundaries of existing haptic technology and promote sex education as well as adult entertainment.

BaDoink VR: Overview

The BaDoinkVR site is technologically more advanced than many of the VR content you can pick up for free on tube sites. The videos are all exclusively filmed specifically for VR viewing and incorporate a hands-free mode that means you can use head movements to navigate the screen.

BaDoinkVR currently has a library of around 120 scenes, all filmed in full 180 (some in 360) and in 4K vision. The content is compatible with most VR headsets including Google (or other) cardboard headsets using your smartphone, Oculus, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear, Playstation VR and DayDream. The audio is binaural and offers a more immersive experience.

badoink vr porn

Fully immersive virtual reality porn on any headset. Image via website.

Members can stream or download an unlimited amount of VR porn though one day trial members are restricted in this respect.

Despite the fact that the main markets for VR porn are to be found in Asia (Thailand, Hong Kong, The Phillipines, Taiwan in the top four spots), the videos offered by BaDoinkVR are filmed using western performers and cater for a mainstream audience.

Though the videos are hardcore, the range is still limited and doesn’t cater for fetish or BDSM tastes or any other niche area of the adult entertainment market. That doesn’t detract from what is a superb variety of pornstars, scenarios and settings.

Positions are reasonably varied but again cover a usual POV selection of doggy, cowgirl and missionary. Most scenes feature good oral selections and some include titfucking which is also pretty good.

You can select videos by pornstar or using the filter to find scenes which feature tagged keywords including interracial, Latina, anal, squirting, step mom etc. All of the videos average at around 30 minutes in length with new videos being uploaded each week.

Members can rate videos which helps filter, at-a-glance, which scenes to choose from.

BaDoink VR: Costs of Membership

Membership with BaDoinkVR can be purchased on a one day free trial, monthly or annual basis.

You don’t just get access to the full library of VR content but you can also enjoy live VR cams, receive free Google Cardboard VR Goggles (U.S. only) and get access to the full selection of content available on the BaDoink VIP network site.

Costs for membership are charged as follows (prices quoted in U.S. dollars):

  • One Day Trial Membership: $1.00
  • Monthly Membership: $24.95/month
  • Annual Membership: $5.95/month
benefits of membership badoinkvr

There are plenty of side benefits to membership with BaDoinkVR. Image via website.

The Various Sites

BaDoink VIP

The original BaDoink site still operates under the banner BaDoink VIP and offers a range of content available to view on smartphone, tablet, TV and even Roku.

At the time of our review, BaDoink VIP has over 65,000 scenes available in a variety of streaming and downloadable bandwidths. The content is a mix of exclusive scenes as well as footage made by other studios. Around 10% of the content available is filmed in HD.

VR Cosplay

The only specialty cosplay VR porn site, BaDoink brings dressing up fans 32 exclusive HD videos shot in virtual reality. There are some great parody scenes here from PokeBallz (Pokemon), XXX Men (X-Men) and Fuck Bill (Kill Bill) as well as an Overwatch scene that should delight fans of this popular video game.

Though the content is duplicated from the main site, it is a nice portal to find a readily available library of costume play porn. Membership to the VR Cosplay is part of the main membership to BaDoink VR.

vr cosplay badoinkvr

For dressing up and CosPlay, the BaDoinkVR Cosplay site offers a good selection of virtual reality porn. Image via VRCosplay.


With just eleven videos available, the 18VR site is simply a front end library ready to catalogue all of the content that BaDoink hopes to add to its repertoire for barely legal, teen VR porn.

Though there isn’t much on here at present, what is available is of a superb quality and features a good range of tagged keywords.

With only 6 hours of content, you can still find lesbian, threesome, doggy, anal and blowjobs porn. There isn’t enough here, as a catch-all site, for BaDoink to convert many new customers but the site should prove popular as the content builds up.

BaDoink VR: Our Verdict

With VR porn only just blossoming in the mainstream market, BaDoinkVR is one of the big players both in terms of volume of content as well as quality.

The company is producing high-end scenarios using the best technology giving a fully immersive experience. Whilst some of the features aren’t without the odd glitch (like head tracking in theater mode sometimes locks up), the site is cutting edge and, with investments in teledildonics, looks set to have its finger on the pulse for some time.

The costs of membership are very reasonable considering you also get access to the BaDoink VIP site too and offers a constantly updated VR porn service with over 60 hours of content to get you started.

As for the content itself, the range is impressive and shows that BaDoinkVR is trying to cover as many bases as they can. For sheer variety, the site offers a lot of choice but could do more ways to help us find what we want. A search facility or category section in addition to the filter would certainly help navigation.

Overall, we think that BaDoinkVR deserves its reputation as one of the best providers of online virtual reality porn and hope to see it’s catalog growing over time.

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