AVN Stars Review

Want to join one of the fastest growing adult social networks and sell/find the hottest content?

AVN Stars should be high on your hit list!

With the increase in adult industry stars being routinely shadow banned from mainstream social media sites, there has been a recent influx of websites aimed directly at performers and influencers whose work is considered XXX.

AVN Stars is one of the most recent market entrants offering porn stars and cam models a platform to connect directly with their fans.

Far from being just another social networking tool, this site also offers adult content for sale including clips, pics and fan subscriptions.

In this review, we take a closer look at exactly what AVN Stars is all about, who and what you can find on the platform plus what kinds of prices are payable both for models and fans.

What is AVN Stars?

First up, who is AVN?

AVN (Adult Video News) is an American trade magazine which covers all the latest news, information, releases and legislation which affects the adult industry both at home and internationally.

If you’re interested in making money from sex, AVN is a key resource.

It primarily focuses on the professional porn industry but also covers lots of webcam services through their Camstar magazine.

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AVN have been a major player in the adult industry since the 1980s.

Founded in 1983, AVN was originally a blue movie review magazine (much like Adam Film World (AFWG) where newly released VHS (remember them?) porno flicks would get a rating.

Aimed at porn retailers and distributors, the magazine is still in print but it is for other ventures which the company is now best known.

AVN sponsors one of the most prestigious film awards for the adult industry and these ‘Oscars of Porn’ take part at the annual AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. The 2020 awards were the company’s 37th event and included around 100 categories for nomination.

The AVN Hall of Fame is one of the highlights of the show and into which someone who has made an outstanding or significant contribution to the adult industry is inducted.

An industry leader and driver, AVN has long had fingers in the pies of most new trends and it is no surprise to see them launch their latest initiative…AVN Stars.

A sort of social media network but principally a clip and subscription sales platform, AVN Stars was launched in mid-2019 as an alternative way for adult industry stars to reach their fans.

In recent years, more and more of the mainstream models for social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr etc) have all been clamping down on the use of their services to promote adult content.

This has left many cam stars, professional and amateur porn performers and sex workers without a means to reach an audience.

AVN Stars hopes to change all that.

A site run by the industry for the industry, there is no chance of being banned or ‘de-platformed’ unless your content breaks the law. Instead, AVN Stars promotes hardcore material and encourages its users to share as many explicit videos and images as possible.

This is not an altruistic rescue though and AVN benefits from every sale and every subscription made on the site.

How Does AVN Stars Work For Models?

An alternative or additional adult social media network through which you can build an army of paying fans, why should AVN Stars be on your list of platforms to sell your content?

Who Can Register on AVN Stars?

Despite what you might think, you don’t have to be a Californian porn star to be featured on the AVN Stars platform.

The site is open to content creators from right across the industry including cam models, strippers, exotic dancers and glamor models. As long as you are over 18 and can post quality content then you are good to go wherever you are located in the world.

That includes mature MILFs, barely legal teens, gay, lesbian, female, male, trans or couples.

Why Use AVN Stars?

As a newcomer to the market, the site is not as big (yet) as most of the competition including OnlyFans, ManyVids and FanCentro.

This means that there is less traffic and fewer registered users on the site which could mean it’s harder to make money.

However, you could look at this another way and see AVN Stars as an opportunity to be one of the first on board what is set to become a huge player. The fact that there are less models registered than on other platforms means that you have a better chance of standing out.

Sign-ups on the site have been increasing steadily and you will be rubbing shoulders with some of the big names in the industry here.

Which is one of the main selling points of the site, fans will hit up AVN as a trusted portal for porn stars and, once they’ve fallen down the rabbit hole, there are opportunities for other models to pick up new fans.

The site is officially affiliated with the rest of the AVN Media Network stable which means you can also pick up votes and nominations for those illustrious AVN Awards.

Another big incentive is the high and flexible level of their payout (see below).

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However, one of the main features which sets this site aside from others is the fact that you can acquire fans for free.


Bear with us….

Yes, they may not be subscribing to your fan club or even paying for content but once someone follows you on AVN Stars then you have their attention.

Unlike other content sales sites, the set-up here allows you to post to your public feed and this shows up on the home page of anyone who follows you.

The result is a pretty captive audience who are already interested in you and who just might sign up to become a paying customer.

Compare this to some other sites where it’s an all-or nothing kind of deal you can see why it might be easier to convert visitors to fans with this method.

Using AVN Stars

Similar in layout and features to Twitter but with far more focus on the visual than just the hashtag narrative, AVN is an easy-to-use platform which has pretty intuitive controls and navigation.

Fans can find you directly through your @username but there is also a great feature called Explore which lets you browse the top content, models and posted stories meaning there is a great chance that curious visitors can find new stars to follow.

It has a fresh and vibrant feel to it which has all been designed to entice users to explore more and more of what AVN Stars has to offer. The result is that the site is pretty ‘sticky’ and the traffic that reaches it stays for much longer to browse than some of the competition.

Unfortunately, there is no App for AVN Stars (most app stores don’t allow this kind of content).

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What Can You Sell on AVN Stars?

You can post stories and status updates to keep your followers up to date and to entice them into subscribing to your premium fan club.

The main aim is to build up your base of subscribers so that you earn a regular income but you can also generate cash by selling content. This can be videos or photos and as long as you own the copyright and the activities are legal then you post pretty much whatever you like.

Many of the existing AVN models also sell custom content meaning that fans can make requests for a dedicated, special photo or video containing the thinks they want and you charge them extra.

You can also sell premium subscriptions for your other social media channels including Snapchat.

What Can You Earn With AVN Stars?

There are many ways you can make money on AVN Stars, including:

  • Selling content (clips/pics)
  • Selling fan club subscriptions
  • Getting tips from fans and other AVN Stars
  • Sending messages

Just like almost all other content sales platforms, you can set your price for your clips and pics and once you have uploaded them to your account, fans can start buying them.

The payment and delivery of the material is all managed by AVN Stars so this is a completely passive income.

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Tips can also be sent to you even when you are offline.

The only stipulation on the fees you can charge on AVN Stars is that there is a minimum price of $2 for subscriptions, tips and content (clips/pics/DMs).

AVN Stars charges a commission of 20% which means you get to keep 80% of the money you generate through the platform.

Creators can also earn money through referrals and for every model who signs up, you make 5% of their earnings.

You can also compete with other stars to win your share of cash prizes generated by the top models.

Get enough votes in and you could walk away with fan awards for weekly and monthly competitions. There are always plenty of categories including Most Stunning Smile, Most Seductive Eyes and Favorite Footwear model. The top ten in each category at the end of the voting period receive between $125 and $750.

Payment is on-demand and, as long as you have a minimum of $25 to cash-out, you can initiate an immediate transfer using Paxum or ACH/Direct Deposit.

Set up your AVN Stars profile to get started!

How Does AVN Stars Work For Fans?

If you are fan of adult content then AVN Stars is fast becoming one of the hottest social media platforms to find exclusive and hardcore photos, clips and live shows.

Affiliated to one of the largest and most trusted names in the industry, you can find and follow the profiles of porn stars, clip artists and cam models plus a whole range of other content creators and industry influencers.

As a follower, you get premium access to the posts and content of your favorite performers PLUS you can even get more intimate with them by sharing DMs.

Who Can You Follow on AVN Stars?

You can follow whoever (and however many people) you want on AVN Stars and, just like Twitter, this means you receive regular social media updates as and when they post. However, the free ‘Public’ stuff is not the best part.

Subscribing to a content creator affords you exclusive and premium access to their hottest videos.

The platform has a big range of performers you can follow including cam models, porn stars and clip artists. Most are female but there are also gay male and trans creators on AVN Stars too.

A lot of the top models are Dommes, Goddesses, Femdoms and Findoms and it certainly looks like the site has this angle covered. However, you can use the search function to throw in some keywords or just browse the site to find a model to follow.

How Much is Content on AVN Stars?

Following people on AVN Stars is free and for this you get access to limited and (mostly) censored free content.

However, for the good stuff, you will need to subscribe to a fan club which can cost under $5 a month or over $30 with the average being around $10-$15.

Once you are following a creator on AVN Stars you can send and receive direct messages and these may be free or your chosen performer may lock these so you have to pay to open them.

Of course, you don’t have to subscribe to an AVN Stars model in order to get content and if you just want to access hot clips and pics then you can browse this area of the site. Many are free and they are steamy enough to make you want more but for the really explicit stuff you need to pay.

The costs are determined by the creator themselves and can be as low as a few dollars up to $30+.

What Kind of Content Is Available on AVN Stars?

Pics, clips and live shows are the main content you can purchase and find for free on the site but some models also create custom content for their fans; prices vary by individual and can be found on their profiles.

Content is tagged in a range of categories from Anal, Amateur and Ass worship to Strap-ons, Tits and Spanking. There is a very decent selection already in some niche areas including:

  • Cuckolding
  • Face Sitting
  • ASMR
  • Cosplay
  • Sissy Training
  • BDSM

More Information on AVN Stars

You can find full details of how to sign up as a creator or fan from the AVN Stars website.

Featured images via AVN Stars.

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