Autoblow Review: The Blowjob Sex Toy

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Looking for the ultimate sex toy that gives you the perfect blowjob?

Then maybe the Autoblow is for you. A male masturbator that features a revolutionary design that gives you a realistic experience of oral sex, the Autoblow has been available since 2014. However, its creators have gone one step beyond their initial innovations and have now incorporated artificial intelligence to deliver a superior stroking mechanism. With an ‘edging’ feature and providing approximately 250 varying points of contact, the result is a ‘mechanical’ blowjob that is as close to real life as you can get. Are you ready for a life of unlimited blowjobs? It’s a no-brainer….

In this feature review we take a look at the most recent developments for this innovative blowjob sex toy including where, how and when you can get your hands (and dick) on one.

What is the Autoblow?

Created in 2014, the Autoblow is a male masturbation sex toy that offers an experience that is similar to a blowjob. The first design to come to market was the Autoblow 2 (don’t ask us what happened with previous designs, maybe there’s a bunch of crash test dummies somewhere with some missing vital components?).

autoblow 2+xt
An automatic male masturbator, the Autoblow provides an experience similar to oral sex.

Featuring revolutionary new technology for a sex toy, the first products were designed to look a little like a thermos flask with a white and blue body featuring a handy handle. The top of the ‘thermos’ had a fleshy silicone mouth and, at first glance, it kind of looked like a bog-standard sex toy. However, it was inside the toy where the good stuff really happened. Under the ‘hood’, the internal sleeve was gripped and stimulated by two rows of beads. Each line of beads oscillated and moved up and down the shaft in a simulation of both the tongue and mouth of a human performing oral sex. Later designs included three rows of beads and then five. The result? An automatic sex toy that delivers deep throat action without you having to do any of the hard work.

The original design was again updated in Summer 2018 with the launch of the Autoblow 2 XT (the current version) and featured several improvements which were derived from customer feedback. This included:

  • An industrial strength motor to deliver more power. Rated to give you 500+ hours of pleasure.
  • A spring loaded design to enhance sleeve lifespan and provide a tighter grip. The design now covers greater length in each stroke.
  • Interchangeable sleeves (mouth, anus and pussy in three sizes)

Yes, the XT stands for Extra Tight and the manufacturers report that this makes the Autoblow  XT 50% tighter during use.

The design comes in three sizes of girth (length is standard) to ensure a more comfortable fit for all guys:

  • Size A: Suitable for a girth of between 7.5 and 10 cm
  • Size B: Suitable for a girth of between 10 and 14 cm
  • Size C: Suitable for a girth of between 14 and 16 cm

Unlike most sex toys, the device is not battery powered and does require you to plug the toy in to an electrical outlet. We didn’t feel too crazy about this idea but the designers are adamant that this is safe and point out that this is one of the main reasons why it is important to ensure you only buy your Autoblow from a reputable supplier or directly from the manufacturer. Oh, and the Autoblow comes with a 9’ cable so you can get comfortable anywhere in the room without having to hunch by the wall-socket.

autoblow2 xt sleeves
With a choice of interchangeable sleeves you can get the perfect fit.

The Autoblow Story: Another Crowdfunding Success

The man behind the Autoblow is one Brian Sloan, a former law graduate turned entrepreneur who made his first million in the sex toy industry in 2009. Having relocated to China to work on his designs for an automatic male masturbator, Sloan turned to crowdfunding as a way to finance the Autoblow. It was the first time that this kind of project was available to back on a site like Indiegogo.

The project gained international media coverage, largely due to high-profile marketing campaigns like Sloan’s Vagina Beauty Pageant; a contest to find the world’s best-looking pussy around which he planned to base the sleeve of his sex toy. This was followed (obviously) by a contest to find the best-looking anus as well as the best-looking scrotum (gender equality and all that). Winners were awarded a prize of $10,000 each which is small beans compared to the publicity that Sloan managed to generate for his project.

Clever marketing is at the heart of Autoblow’s success and Sloan has created some pretty decent video campaigns to help sell his products. Here’s some of the script for the current Autoblow design:

Do you love to make your penis feel good but are overwhelmed by all the choices?

Love getting blowjobs but hate the hassle and expense of getting someone else to give them to you?

Until now, there haven’t been any good choices. Sure, there are lots of toys out there that you have to hold and move up and down your penis over and over and over again. But, finally there’s something different…and better. The Autoblow 2.

The marketing has worked well for the company and since launching the initial crowdfunding project to finance the Autoblow, Sloan has sold over 200,000 of his ingenious sex toys.

He and his inventions, including the flat vibrator with a twist (Slap Happy) have been featured in international magazines including Playboy, Maxim and Men’s Health.

The Next Generation of Blowjob: Autoblow A.I.

Following on from the success of the innovative Autoblow, Sloan has not rested on his laurels and has once again turned to the popular crowdfunding site, Indiegogo to help finance his latest product development; the Autoblow A.I.

autoblow ai

Featuring a similar design to the original sex toy, the Autoblow A.I. (unsurprisingly) uses artificial intelligence to replicate the technique used by humans to provide oral sex. This has been achieved by ‘teaching’ the technology all the skills used by porn stars to bring a guy off. Yes, the team selflessly watched 8,333 minutes worth of oral action porn at half speed and manually manipulated drawings and models to allow a computer to capture screenshots of the techniques being employed.

A microcontroller has been incorporated into the design which uses an infrared beam sensor and magnetic field sensors to stimulate the penis using approximately 250 different points of contact.

With ten speeds, the device is able to learn and adapt its techniques to deliver a custom experience for each individual user based on the way they operate the device. Put simply, the more you masturbate using this device, the better the experience gets.

autoblow ai sex toy

And, as an additional extra, there is an ‘edging’ feature. Ostensibly a pause function which is unusual for a sex toy, it means you can prolong the pleasure and help train yourself for improved stamina. There are two kinds of ‘edge’ to choose from:

  • Intense Edge – Full strokes for eight seconds and then a three second pause
  • Fast Edge – Full strokes for twenty seconds followed by a five second pause

The new design will also be available with a realistic half-face which has been designed in partnership with the Californian sex toy manufacturer Real Doll. A premium silicone sleeve, the mouth offers some extra realism to go with your blowjob.

autoblow ai real doll
The Autoblow A.I. will feature a Real Doll designed mouth sleeve.

How Much is the Autoblow?

The current design of the Autoblow, the 2+ XT is being retailed at a price of $179. However, the manufacturers are currently promoting a web-only price of $159.95.

There are also quite a few accessories that can be purchased along with your Autoblow, including:

  • Discreet storage case – RRP $34.95 or promotional price of $14.95
  • Easy-grip handle – RRP $34.95 or promotional price of $24.95
  • Fap Lube – Available in 2oz or 8oz from around $15-$20
  • New Sleeves – RRP $49.95 or promotional price of $29.95

The company has also invented a neat little device which allows you to store and use all of your sleeves in one place. Called the 3Fap, this means you can use your sleeves in one single device without having to interchange them. It’s a manual stroker rather than a version of the Autoblow but it is ingenious and yours for just $79.95.

autoblow 3fap
The 3Fap; your own handheld harem.


The Autoblow A.I. is not currently available for sale but is due to be launched in the Fall of 2019. Early backers through the Indiegogo site can get a pre-release version of the device and there are still some available to pre-order. The current price is around $180 but the RRP is still to be confirmed but is likely to be around $250

As with the Autoblow 2 XT, you can also order some accessories to go with your blowjob sex toy including:

  • Storage Case
  • Vagina Sleeve
  • Anus Sleeve

Where Can You Get an Autoblow?

You can purchase the Autoblow 2+ XT directly from the manufacturer’s website. However there are other online retailers that are selling the Autoblow including Amazon.

The Autoblow A.I. is available for pre-order via either the official kickstarter Indiegogo website.

Featured image via Official Autoblow Indiegogo website.


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