Nutaku Review

nutaku browser games booty calls

If you are a fan of adult hentai games then you may well have heard of Nutaku. The best role playing hentai sex games have traditionally been developed in Japan but there is a growing number of English-speaking gamers who want to access these titles. Nutaku was founded in 2015 to bring this dream to … Read more

Virtual Lust 3D Review

Virtual Lust 3d review

Looking for an immersive and realistic sex sim game? With Virtual Lust 3D, you can let your imagination run wild and create both your perfect model and setting to simulate some of the most realistic 3D sex around. You control the whole scene from positions and poses to camera angles and speed of the action. … Read more

Fap CEO Review

fap ceo review

Looking for an addictive adult hentai game? Fap CEO is a sex-filled tycoon game where you get to build a live cam empire filled with employees who all want to get a piece of your action. You get to hire different girls with unique personalities and learn their stories. Along the way you can unlock … Read more

Yareel Review

Yareel Review

Heard about virtual sex on Yareel and want to know if it lives up to the hype? Regularly touted as one of the best cross-platform adult sex games on the market, Yareel offers more than just virtual sex. It’s a social network too. It has been likened to a pornographic Sims. And the game allows you … Read more

Gay Harem Review

gay harem review

Fancy playing a game where all the characters are cock hungry guys looking for action? Gay Harem is a compelling little game all about collecting a harem of horny men to fight and do battle in a contest to find out who is the ultimate sexual power in the Haremverse. A little like classic Pokemon … Read more

Hentai Heroes Review

hentai heroes review

Fancy building your own harem of cock-hungry Manga girls? Hentai Heroes is a crowd-pleasing little adult game with elements of visual novel, battling and questing. In it, you get to play a super charged sex hero who builds his own harem of sex-mad anime ladies in a bid to become the strongest and most powerful … Read more

Hentai Clicker Review

Hentai Clicker Review

Looking for a casual game that rewards gameplay with quality hentai bonus content? If you love NSFW manga and anime then Hentai Clicker is an addictive little game that will be sure to tick all the right boxes. We’ll warn you, right off the bat, that this is not a challenging adult game nor will … Read more

Cloud Meadow Review

cloud meadow review

Looking for a sexy, fun adult game with a bit of a challenge? Cloud Meadow, a monster breeding RPG and farming game doesn’t sound like it could offer much adult fun but this new game is sexier than you’d think. Combining elements of a visual-novel and battle simulator, this adventure is plenty NSFW…and then some. … Read more

Milfy City Review

milfy city adult game review

Looking for an adult sex game with plenty of hot, mature women to seduce? Milfy City is a visual novel style dating sim that is being developed through Patreon and, though unfinished, is garnering a lot of interest. Focusing on the life of a university student who plans to screw his way through the city’s … Read more

The Best Multiplayer Sex Games And RPGs

best multiplayer sex games

Multiplayer sex games boast a community of players seeking escapism from real-life. Want to escape the stresses and strains of the real world and explore your fantasies online? In this feature we take a look at the best multiplayer sex games and RPGs. From 2D adventure islands, to the ultimate in 3D social networking, to … Read more

Porn Stars And Sexuality: The Economics Of Same Sex Porn

Economics of same sex porn

Ever wondered about whether those girl on girl porn stars are actually lesbians or how common being ‘gay-for-pay’ actually is? Adult movie stars get paid to have sex; we all know that but have you ever wondered whether performers earn more by starring in same sex porn? And what about homosexual adult stars who have … Read more

SugarBook Review: The Best Sugar Dating Site?

SugarBook review

Intrigued by the idea of sugar dating? Sugar relationships are a modern way of dating in which both parties agree a financial package in exchange for love and companionship. Considered by some to be a ’soft’ version of escorting, one individual (often a wealthy and older man) will provide financial support to their Sugar Baby. … Read more

The Best Gay Sugar Daddy Websites: A Complete Guide

find a gay sugar daddy

Looking for an older man to give you some ‘sugar’? Sugar dating in the gay community is no new thing and the relationship between a young man with a wealthy sponsor dates back centuries and is part and parcel of the culture. From students looking for financial support to entrepreneurs seeking mentorship, artists seeking an … Read more

How To Find A Sugar Baby

how to find a sugar baby

Looking for someone to sugar? Sugar dating has become a popular alternative to traditional relationships and is fast becoming more socially acceptable. Wealthy men and women who are prepared to compensate and support their younger partners in exchange for companionship with no strings attached are highly sought after.  And it’s not all about the money … Read more

The Best Naughty America Porn: A Complete Guide

Best Naughty America porn

Looking for the best in premium adult fantasy content? Naughty America has built its brand, not on hyper realistic gonzo hardcore but on exploring some of the most common American fantasies. From being seduced by a hot cougar or partying with coeds on spring break, this porn studio has over 10,000 scenes covering a massive … Read more

Best Escort Sites: The World’s Largest Escort Directories

Worlds largest escort directories

Looking for a call girl in your city? Hiring an escort in many countries is no less legal than hiring an accountant or lawyer with professional ‘services rendered’ being deemed principally for companionship purposes over prostitution. Sex between two consenting adults in this way is often fully legal although this can vary by country. Unlike … Read more

The Best (And Worst) Celebrity Sex Tapes

best and worst celebrity sex tapes

Want to know which are the ultimate must-see celebrity sex tapes….and those to avoid? For better or worse, popular culture is defined by our obsession with the private lives of the rich and famous. From shelves full of magazines exposing these stars in unflattering and uncompromising positions to gossip columns, tabloid scandals and undercover documentaries … Read more

Utherverse Review

utherverse review

Fancy trying the ultimate in escapism in this free adult dating/social network game? A virtual online playground, Utherverse is the digital world in which the popular adult life/sex sim game Red Light Center exists. Part game, part social network the platform allows users to live out their ultimate virtual fantasies in an expansive and complex … Read more

The Story of Playboy: An Adult Industry Giant

the playboy story

Is this the final chapter in the Playboy story? Coronavirus has changed the landscape of the modern world more rapidly and globally than any fiction writer could ever have imagined. As we’ve already reported, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the adult industry has been suffering closures of its film-production, entertainment venues and … Read more

Lust Cinema Review: Hot Titles From ErikaLust

lust cinema review

Intrigued by ‘female gaze erotica’? Lust Cinema is a premium porn site specializing in ethical, sex-positive and feminist porn. Far from being ‘just for women’, the erotic content on this site is intelligently produced and eschews those damaging stereotypes of gender and sexuality. Instead, the focus is on beautifully crafted, cinematic films with high-quality production. … Read more

Wild Life Game: The Adult RPG With 1 Huge Following

Wild life game review

Heard about the Wild Life game? This is an adult RPG with big, bad intentions. As far as NSFW games go, most of them focus far too hard on the sex aspect and ignore important factors such as playability. What users end up with is a rich and exciting visual sex simulator with instant fapability – … Read more

Abby Winters Review

Abby winters review

Looking for some “wholesome” porn? is a premium porn site that specializes in “Wholesome young amateur women alone, together, and with their boyfriends”. Formerly based in Australia but now operating out of Europe, the company has embraced the ethos of ethical and natural porn, offering up a diverse range of models across a wide … Read more

How To Find A Sugar Momma

How to find a sugar momma

Want a sexy older woman to take care of you? The prospect of dating a MILF or Cougar is high on many straight guy’s lists but what about finding one who is prepared to ‘sugar’ you along the way? Sugar dating is often viewed as being between a wealthy older man and his, younger, sugar … Read more

Rise of the Virtual Orgy: Sex Parties Head Online

Rise of virtual orgies house of scorpio

Fed up of lockdown and missing those sex parties? The coronavirus has temporarily changed our way of lives in ways as diverse as how we work and how we ‘meet’ friends and family to how we date and get intimate. We’ve recently featured ways for couples to stay ‘physical’ during under lockdown with long distance … Read more

Sildenafil vs. Tadalafil: Which Ingredient Works Best?

Sildenafil vs Tadalafil - which is best

Ever wondered which works best, Viagra or Cialis? Principally used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), sildenafil and tadalafil are the active ingredients found in Viagra and Cialis respectively. They both come from the same family of drugs and work in similar ways to improve blood flow to the penis. Both have high success rates for … Read more

The Best Sex Performance Pills in 2022

best sex performance pills 2020

Looking to boost your prowess in the bedroom with a ‘magic’ pill? When it comes to sexual performance, men are generally after an increase in one (or both) of two things: stamina and size. Whilst some performance enhancing supplements are sold to boost the duration of your erection, others are marketed at making your penis … Read more

The 9 Best Long Distance Sex Toys

Best Long Distance Sex Toys

Can’t be with your loved one but still want to satisfy each other? Though not ideal, there is no reason why being physically apart from your partner should stop you both having an active and satisfying sex life. Sure, sexting and dirty phone calls combined with a spot of mutual masturbation can go some way … Read more

The Best Sex Games on Steam: Top NSFW Picks

best nsfw games on steam

Looking for the best sex games on Steam? Steam is the number one destination for indie to AAA games of all genres. From multiplayer RPG and adventure shooter games to clicker, strategy and sims, there is something here for everyone….including those gamers who are looking for some mature content. Yes, Steam caters to the adult … Read more

Fortnite Porn: Demand Surges for NSFW Parody Content

fortnite porn

Rather be watching Fortnite porn than just playing games? Few video games have gained as much notoriety as Fortnite over the last couple of years and the title has hit the headlines for a number of reasons. From people pulling sick days to play the latest release to record-breaking numbers of concurrent players online, Fortnite … Read more

Angry Bangers Review

angry bangers review

Looking for a new adult game? Angry Bangers is a turn-based RPG strategy game about street gangs where you control a cast of characters in battles against rival gangs, the police and drug cartels. Featuring hot chicks, slick guns and a garage full of fast cars, could this new game have all the makings of … Read more

The Best Sex Game Apps for Couples to Enjoy

best sex game apps for couples

Fancy playing some new sex games with your partner….on your phone? Tech might not be the first thing you think about when you hit the bedroom but in this digital age, your mobile device can offer plenty of ways to spice up your sex life. From apps with thousands of risqué dares and new positions … Read more

Volume500 Review: Improve Quality & Quantity of Sperm

volume500 review

Disappointed with the quality and quantity of your ejaculations? Volume500 is an all-natural pill which promises to give you longer and more pleasurable orgasms, boost the power of your ejaculation and improve the quality of your sperm. A food supplement taken once daily, this product comes with a money-back guarantee with most customers reporting positive … Read more

The Best Nutaku Gay Games

best gay games on nutaku

Prefer your adult games with a lot more men-on-men action? Here we’ll take a closer look at the best Nutaku Gay Games: from Men Bang to Cockville, Gay Harem to Abducted. With over 22 million visitors each month, the incredibly popular adult games site Nutaku has a huge collection of titles covering everything from animated … Read more

Men Bang Review

nutaku Men bang gay game review

Fancy directing your own gay porn movies in Men Bang? Nutaku’s LGBTQ+ gaming platform has a range of gay games on offer including Men Bang which features animated characters based on real life porn stars. And all of these guys are willing to be talked into performing for you…if you know how to give them … Read more

3DGSpot Review

3dg spot adult games review

Looking for a new source of 3D adult games? It seems that 3DG Spot has been knocking around under the radar for a few years. This site has a decent collection of anime porn and some adult hentai games. In this review, we take a closer look at the 3DG Spot site including what content … Read more

Skibbel Review

skibbel review sexting app

Enjoy sexting but want a new way to connect with people? Since the birth of the internet and even with simple text messaging services, cybersex has become a very popular way of getting your rocks off in this digital age. And, there’s never been so many ways to do it. From live cam sites to … Read more

Seeking Arrangement Review

sugar daddy dating seeking arrangement review - Copy

Want to become someone’s sugar baby or looking to be a sugar daddy? Offering wealthy men and women the opportunity to find a sugar baby to enter an ‘Relationship Agreement’ with, Seeking Arrangement is a niche dating platform that has been operating for 14 years. The service is being used by more than 10 million … Read more

No Strings Attached Review

no strings attached dating review

Are you married or ‘attached’ and looking for a bit of fun on the side? If you are in a relationship, whether you are married, engaged or just with a long-term partner, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to continue playing the field. No Strings Attached is a niche online matching service … Read more

Ashley Madison Review

ashely madison review

Looking for the best hook-up platform for a discreet affair? Established more than 18 years ago, Ashley Madison is the number one name in online dating for married men and women looking for an affair. Ranked in the top 30 sites in the world, their road to success hasn’t been a smooth one and the … Read more

The Best Porn Forums: A Complete Guide

Best porn forums

Looking for an alternative to sharing and searching for adult content via social media? Maybe porn forums are the way to go? Considered old school by some people, porn forums actually offer a few advantages over sites like Tumblr, Reddit, Twitter and other social media platforms when it comes to sharing content. They also provide … Read more

Imgur Bans NSFW: A Look at the Alternatives

imgur bans nsfw content reddit

Heard the news that Imgur has jumped on the band wagon and decided to ban porn too> As of 14th October 2019, the popular image-sharing service Imgur will no longer display NSFW subreddits on its platform. The decision has been taken by the company in a bid to prevent this kind of adult material from … Read more

Virtual Mate Review

virtual mate interactive intimacy system review

Looking for your next adventure in virtual reality adult gaming? After two years in development, and just 48 hours into launch, Virtual Mate broke all records on the IndieGoGo crowdfunding platform for an adult tech company. Achieving 75% of its funding within the first two days, this VR sex toy and adult gaming device has … Read more

Otogi Frontier Review

otogi frontier nutaku review

Itching for a new sexy hentai game to play? Enter Otogi Frontier! The latest free-to-play game from Nutaku sees a whole new side of some classic fairy tales. In their latest chibi-style, adventure-based sex game, you get to find out what happens to characters like Snow White and Cinderella after the kid’s version of the … Read more

Autoblow Review: The Blowjob Sex Toy

autoblow sex toy review

Looking for the ultimate sex toy that gives you the perfect blowjob? Then maybe the Autoblow is for you. A male masturbator that features a revolutionary design that gives you a realistic experience of oral sex, the Autoblow has been available since 2014. However, its creators have gone one step beyond their initial innovations and … Read more

CasualX: The CraigsList Alternative for Casual Sex

CasualX sex app review

Looking for an alternative to Craigslist for finding casual sex hook-ups? Mooted as the safe and trusted alternative to Craigslist for seeking casual encounters, CasualX is an app available for Android devices that promises to be like Tinder Minus the Marriage-Minded Daters. Offering a similar interface to that of Tinder and delivering up to 1,000 … Read more

A Guide to Dick Enhancement: Pills, Pumps and Myths

A Guide to Dick Enhancement

Want some sure-fire ways to increase the size, length and girth of your dick? Whilst women are prone to obsess over their weight, men are equally as self-absorbed by the size of their cocks. It’s not a new thing and men, throughout time and across the world, have long been known to compare their locker … Read more

The OhMiBod Love Egg Vibrators: How They Compare

compare ohmibod love egg vibrators

Shopping for your next vibrator and considering a high-tech alternative? The luxury adult toy manufacturer OhMiBod are well known for their vibrating, wearable sex devices. From love eggs and panties to butt plugs and butterflies, the company has been at the forefront of remote-controlled pleasure since they first launched in 2006. Though originally developed as … Read more

Hydromax Penis Pumps: How Do They Compare?

hydromax penis pumps comparison guide

Looking for the best penis pump and considering a Hydromax? With over a million happy customers worldwide, Bathmate has an excellent reputation for producing one of the best ‘wet-system’ penis pumps on the market but which of their products should you choose to  get the best results for you? Offering three different series of their … Read more

Sex Emulator Review

adult games sex emulator review

Looking for a new adult sex game collection? Sex Emulator is a new 3D sex sim game where you can customize your own avatar to create the fuck buddy of your dreams. The idea is simple: Build Your Dream Girl, Then Fuck Her. Once you have designed what she looks like you can then train … Read more

Affect3D Review

affect3d review

Looking for some new 3D adult game titles? You may just have come to the right place. Affect3D is an online store offering its own titles as well as promoting content produced by other developers. From short and feature length animations to PC, Mac and Android games plus CG, comics and pin-ups, Affect3D offers a … Read more

Tumblr After Porn: Will the Social Network Survive?

tumblr porn ban will the site survive

How is Tumblr coping since its decision to ban porn in December 2018? With a drop in viewing figures of around 30%, the decision by the social media platform and microblogging site, Tumblr, to ban ‘adult content’ has been seen by many as a huge failure. Though the intentions of the company were honorable (the … Read more

Pheromone Sprays: Do They Really Work?

do pheromone sprays work

Want to attract women by the power of smell alone? Packed with ‘natural human pheromones’ and ‘guaranteed’ to ‘drive women crazy’, there is no end of products available online purporting to harness the power of chemical attraction. The science of pheromone sprays is a controversial and largely speculative one with very few studies providing sufficient … Read more

The 21 Best Porn Star Autobiographies and Memoirs

Best porn star autobiographies and memoirs

Looking for some erotic, but enlightening, bedtime reading material? Not known for their writing skills, the memoirs of most pornography stars have been written with the help of a ghost writer who help to set down in words exactly what it’s like to lead the life of an adult movie star. As well as being … Read more

The Velvet Express Review

lovechess salvage artmunk games

Looking for a new 3D adult PC game? Set in the glorious period of the 1830s when men were men and women just bent over (?!), The Velvet Express is a 3D sex-sim game that celebrates the golden age of travel. Step aboard this steam train of saucy harlots and enjoy exploring the carriages to … Read more

Bonecraft Review

bonecraft review sex game - Copy

Want to try a new adult fantasy game with plenty of sex? Then you might want to try Bonecraft. A unique sci-fi meets fantasy adult video game, Bonecraft combines sex and combat in an epic but comic adventure. A single-player, third-person perspective shoot-em up set in space, the game was originally released in 2011 but … Read more

The Best Sites Like Literotica for Adult Fantasy and Fiction

Best sites like literotica

Looking for free adult fantasy and fiction online? If you are, then you’ve probably heard of Literotica. A user-submitted erotic fiction site with over 420,000 stories, essays, poems and audio titles….all available to enjoy for free.; it’s like having an adults only library card. The site has been running for over twenty years and has … Read more

20 of the Most Famous Erotic Novels

21 of the most famous erotic novels

Want to know which of the many erotic novels published over the last few centuries are the most famous? From obscene tales of debauchery and provocative memoirs to racy ‘bodice rippers’ and saucy pulp fiction, erotic novels have been a part of the mainstream English literature scene for almost 300 years. With notorious titles like … Read more

Lesson of Passion Review

lesson of passion review

Looking for some new adult games to play? Lesson of Passion might be just the thing you need to spice up your game play. Boasting a strong collection of free flash games and premium 3D adult titles, this adult gaming site is growing in popularity. Titles include visual novels, RPG and dating sims based around … Read more

Literotica Review: Still #1 for Erotic Stories?

literotica review

If you are looking for erotic stories on the web then it won’t be long before you stumble on Literotica. This free to use adult fiction site celebrates its 21st anniversary in 2019 and retains its popularity as one of the most visited and ‘stickiest’ adult websites in the world. With more than 53 million … Read more

Last Longer in Bed: The Best Tips, Aids and Tricks

last longer in bed tips aids and tricks

Looking for some helpful advice about lasting longer in bed? When it comes to sex, some men finish the job a lot quicker than they (and their partner!) would like. There are lots of reasons for this ranging from physical issues such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE) to psychological problems like performance … Read more

Furry Beach Club Review

Furry Beach Club Review

Looking for an adult game featuring furries, scalies or fluffies? The Furry Beach Club might be just what you are looking for. It’s a simple, free to play game featuring a free roaming environment. This is an animated dating sim game with a cast made up entirely of cute but sexy animals. The game is … Read more

Hentai Diaries Review

hentai diaries game review

If you like adult hentai games then you might just enjoy Hentai Diaries. This new game – available to play for free online – combines a simple free-roaming school-based environment with an adult dating sim. It is fully interactive and with some great XXX scenes to unlock on your travels. You play the part of … Read more

21+ Best VR Sex Games and Experiences

hottest adult vr games 2019

Looking for the best VR sex games? It’s been another great year for adult VR game development with updates to popular titles such as 3DX Chat and Chathouse 3D plus the launch of some exciting new games. In this review, we bring you the best VR sex games and virtual reality experiences on the market … Read more

MNF Club Review

adult sex game mnf club

Looking for an interactive multiplayer sex game and heard about the MNF Club? The MNF Club is a free MMO sex game with over a million players. This web-based Flash game makes it possible to connect with other horny adults, build an online profile and enjoy taking control when it comes to sex. The game … Read more

Sex Robots For Women: Will They Catch On?

sex dolls for women gabriel sinthetics

For the last century, sex dolls have almost exclusively been enjoyed by men….until now. There is no area (nor should there be) where gender equality (or, at least, the battle for it ) cannot be seen these days and the sex toy industry is certainly one such market where women can access as wide a … Read more

Sin VR Review


Looking for the best VR sex games with plenty of sin? Then enter the forbidden world of SinVR – a sex simulator with impressive VR support and a growing following. SinVR is an 3D immersive roleplay game with plenty of scenes, girls and sexual positions to explore and enjoy. The world is a richly imagined … Read more

How to Design Your Own Condom

How to Design Your Own Condom

Ever fancied designing your own condom? Look no further as Say It With A Condom brings its custom design service to the general public. From individual foil wrapped condoms to wallets, canisters, trifolds and matchbooks to lube and female condoms, you can choose the colors, the slogan and even include a logo. In this feature, … Read more

Are You Looking for a Virtual Girlfriend?

looking for a virtual girlfriend

When Spike Jonez released  the movie Her in 2013 he could little have imagined the chord it struck with many men who envied the character played by Joaquin Phoenix. The film explored the relationship between a lonely writer as he goes through a difficult divorce only to find solace in the unlikeliest of places, the voice … Read more

Amateur Community Review

amateur community review

Looking for a live amateur sex cam site? Amateur Community is a European site that was launched in the USA in September 2013. It attracts a lot of German models and, as well as live sex shows, also offers users the chance to buy photo sets and personal videos from their favourite models. In some … Read more

The Best Condoms For Lasting Longer in Bed

best condoms for lasting longer in bed

Looking for a quick fix to help improve your endurance in the bedroom? There are many reasons why men cum more quickly than their partner some of which can be temporary and others might be a more permanent biological feature. Whatever the reason, premature ejaculation is no laughing matter and can lead to damaging psychological … Read more

Kamihime Project R Review

kamihime project review

Anyone looking for an adult based role-playing anime game can’t fail to have come across the Kamihime Project R. In this review, we take a look at just why the Kamihime Project has become such a successful adult game and what all the fuss is about. What is Kamihime Project R? Released in 2017 by … Read more

Pussy Saga Review

pussy saga review

Looking for an addictive hentai sex game? Pussy Saga might just be the game you are looking for. A cross between a dating game and a puzzle strategy game, this is one of the most popular games on the Nutaku platform. Pussy Saga includes some playful but nasty dialogue as well as sexy and saucy … Read more

Hydromax Pump Review

Hydromax Pump Review

Looking for a penis pump and want to know more about the Hydromax? A revolution in penile enhancement technology, the Hydromax was created over a decade ago and uses water instead of air to create the suction needed to increase blood flow to the penis. The design has won several awards and has sparked a … Read more

Penomet Penis Pump Review

Penomet Penis Pump Review

Looking for a penis pump with variable power and performance? Penomet claims that men will see results in just 15-minutes a day and offer a revolutionary product that features interchangeable gaiters to offer scalable gains. In this review, we take a look at the latest male enhancement products offered by Penomet, what makes them unique … Read more

MyDirtyHobby Review

adult social network my dirty hobby

Have you heard of MyDirtyHobby? No, we’re not asking you to witness our own side line of entertainment. My Dirty Hobby is one of Europe’s largest amateur porn sites and has grown considerably over the last decade. Based in Germany and offering a range of services, My Dirty Hobby celebrates home-made adult content. In this … Read more

The Best Sex Dolls: A Buyer’s Guide

real doll sex dolls

If you are thinking of buying a sex doll then don’t hit the checkout until you’ve read this guide. When most people think of a sex doll, they think of a cheap inflatable toy with a comically wide open mouth and bright pink skin. The sex doll has been a staple of adult toy stores … Read more

3DX Chat Review

3dx chat sex game review

3DX Chat is a popular adult game with a large following. Winner of the most innovative sex game of the year, 3DX Chat is a virtual animated world in which you can interact with other users to have virtual sex. It’s a game which is compatible with virtual reality headsets as well as sex toys. … Read more

Digamour Review


Interested in the 3D sex game, Digamour? If you are looking for an adult role-playing game which offers you the chance to have sex in multiple positions then Digamour may just be the game you are looking for. Find out what the game entails, how much it is to play and more in our review … Read more

The Best Penis Pumps: And Do They Really Work?

penis pump buying guide

Want to know more about penis pumps and whether they really work? The penis pump (or dick pump) is a staple product in any sex toy store but not many men have used them; some believe them to only be suitable for men with erectile dysfunction whilst others are wary of their claim to increase … Read more

Girlvania Summer Lust Review

customise girlvania adult sex game

If you are looking for a standalone adult game, to indulge in some fantasy 3D sex on your PC, then Girlvania ‘Summer Lust’ might just be the solution for you. This 3D game offers plenty of action with a whole cast of stunning girls. Each is ready to take your direction as they cavort in … Read more

OVDoll Review: The Online Doll Shop

custom love dolls ov

Buying a sex doll has been made much easier with the advent of online shopping and you can now choose from a range of well-made sex dolls delivered direct to your door. OV Doll offers a range of hundreds of silicone and TPE dolls, each with a variety of ways to be fully customised to … Read more

Chathouse 3D Review

chathouse 3d online porn game

If you are a fan of 3D adult games then you may already be familiar with Chathouse 3D. A virtual 3D world and sex sim game in which you can interact with other adults, Chathouse 3D has won awards for its content including the Venus Award 2013 for Best Innovation. In this Chathouse 3D Review, we … Read more

We-Vibes Review: Which Toy Should I Buy?

wevibe products comparison review

When the first We-Vibes came to market in 2008, they rapidly became the world’s fastest selling sex toy. Initial success was followed by a range of exciting and innovative bedroom aids. The company has built its reputation for ergonomically designed, sleek and stylish products, most of which are compatible with the high-tech functionality offered by … Read more