16 Best Swinger Forums For Adventurous Couples

Best swinger forums and lifestyle communities

Looking for the best swinger forums to reach out to other likeminded adults? Swingers are a sociable bunch and networking with others is an important part of being a lifestyle member. If you’re not willing to ‘connect’ with fellow swingers, … Read more

The Best ASMR VR Porn in 2023


Want to take your whisper porn experiences to a whole new level? We all know that Virtual Reality is an immersive visual way to enjoy adult content but a new hybrid genre is revolutionizing the way that ASMR porn fans … Read more

22 Best Itch.io Adult Games in 2023

Best adult games on itch io

Looking for the best indie adult games on the market? Then look no further than itch.io; a gaming distribution platform with a huge community of developers just ‘itching’ to find a new audience!   Launched in 2013 and ranked in … Read more

How to Make Money As A Snapchat Model

Premium Snapchat - Tips for Selling Subscriptions

Want to boost your income selling subscriptions over Premium Snapchat? Snapchat is one of the largest social media apps in the world with an active daily userbase in excess of 200 million people. By offering premium access to your private … Read more

12 Best Cross Dresser Dating Sites in 2023

Best Cross Dresser Dating Sites

Looking for TV/CD dating sites? Cross dressing might be considered a kink or a fetish by some but that doesn’t mean to say that transvestites and those who love them need to resort to seedy sites for a hookup. In … Read more

How to Become a Cam Girl in 2023

How To Get Started Camming guide

Ready to make some serious money from the adult industry? Want to become a cam girl? The best cam girls earn over $1 Million per year, and many others consistently earn over $20,000 per month, making this one of the … Read more

15+ Best Cuckold Dating Sites in 2023

Best cuckold dating sites

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The Best Sex Chat Roulette Sites in 2023

est Sex Chat Roulette Sites

Looking for an alternative to live cam sites and heard about sex roulette chat? Already familiar with sites like DirtyRoulette, and looking for more? This random way to get a connection with other adults looking for dirty chat is an … Read more

What Is A Cuckquean?

What is a cuckquean?

If you’re married or in a relationship, close your eyes for a minute and imagine that your man is having wild hedonistic sex with some random woman. Maybe you’re watching from a chair while he verbally degrades you and reminds … Read more

5 Best Alien Dildos And Xenomorph Sex Toys

Best alien dildos

Dive deep enough into the world of sex toys and you’ll find a selection of massive, multi-colored, non-human dildos. Many of these dildos are designed to replicate alien or mythical beasts’ well-endowed penises, allowing the recipient to live out fantasies … Read more

7 Best Sex Robots for Men: AI Powered Sex Dolls

Best sex robots for men

As realistic as fleshlights and interactive masturbators can be, there’s always a disconnect between the sensation of pleasure and the absence of a real person. Yet, all of that could soon change as cutting-edge developers begin merging AI personalities into … Read more

Trans VR Porn: 6 Sites For VR Shemale Porn

best trans vr porn

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the world of trans VR porn? Trans porn is a niche genre and appeals to men and women, gay, bi and straight. It’s an alt-sex category which is popular with the gender curious. … Read more

18 Best Porn Games on Steam: Top NSFW Picks

What are the best porn games on Steam

Looking for the best porn games on Steam? Steam is the number one destination for indie to AAA games of all genres. From multiplayer RPG and adventure shooter games to clicker, strategy and sims… there is something here for everyone. … Read more

Trade Nudes: 16 Best Sexting Apps for Nude Trading

Best sexting apps to trade nudes

Whether you trade nudes in a relationship or with complete strangers, there is an illicit thrill of sending a nude selfie and getting XXX pics back. With new sexting apps and platforms designed specifically for trading nudes, it’s never been … Read more

Pornstar Finder: How To Find Any Porn Star!

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Seen a porn star you like – but don’t know who they are? Wondering how to find a porn star by name, face or anything else? We’ve all been there! You’re watching a clip on the tube sites and there’s … Read more

How To Sell Your Sex Tape

How to sell your sex tape online

It’s not just celebrity sex tapes that make money. Amateurs from Alabama to Wyoming and Albania to Zimbabwe are uploading their NSFW footage to sites that can earn them $$$. Of course, it’s far easier and far more profitable to … Read more

How To Sell Homemade Porn For Big Money

How to sell homemade porn

Ever wondered how to sell homemade porn? It’s no secret that the top porn stars make a lot money. But what often goes unreported is the huge amount of money earned by amateur models using social platforms to sell their … Read more

15 Best Blowjob Machines & Oral Simulators

Best Blowjob Machines and Oral Simulators

Forgotten the last time you got a good blowjob? Looking for the best blowjob machines for mind-blowing head whenever you want it?! As Barbara Bush once said, “Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, … Read more

VR Foot Fetish Review

VR foot fetish review

Love feet porn but want a site that gets you even closer to the action? VR Foot Fetish is a site that offers audiences a huge collection of 3D Ultra HD, 5K scenes focusing on everything from arches and heels … Read more

10+ Best SLR Originals Scenes and Movies

Best slr originals

Want some exclusive VR content from an award-winning studio? Sex Like Real made a name for themselves as iTunes of VR porn, curating the best content from mainstream studios all in one place. Offering fans an economic way to access … Read more

Cherry.TV Review

cherry tv review

Fancy popping your live cam cherry with a new adult cam site? Launched in July 2021 by a team of experienced live cam professionals, Cherry.TV is a shiny platform offering audiences and models a new playground. An innovative site which … Read more

7 Best Homemade Dildo Substitutes

homemade dildo ideas

Need a dildo in a hurry? Maybe you’ve broken your favorite ‘friend’ and too horny to wait for your replacement or perhaps you just need a new sensation. Whatever the reason, having a backup plan for a homemade dildo just … Read more

Adam & Eve VOD Review

adam and eve VOD review

Want to watch the latest porn on demand? Or maybe you just fancy streaming a much-loved, classic adult movie. Whatever your tastes, video-on-demand (VOD) is the preferred way to consume XXX content. Netflix (and other platforms) have changed the way … Read more

38 Biggest Porn Myths

biggest myths in porn

Think you know the fact from the fiction when it comes to porn? The adult movie industry is responsible for perpetuating a lot of fake news when it comes to sex education, body norms and relationships. And whilst some of … Read more

Super Seducer 3 Review

review super seducer 3 adult game

Want to try an adult game that can actually teach you a thing or two? Super Seducer 3 is the third instalment of an ultra-realistic dating sim game produced with Full-Motion Video (FMV). An entertaining but educational series, the game … Read more

Chaturbate Gaming: A Guide to Adult Game Streams

chaturbate gaming guide

Love live game streaming but fancy something a little more XXX to accompany? Then the recent announcement by Chaturbate that models can now live stream a selection of games on their platform will be welcome news. Yes, Chaturbate gaming has … Read more

How Are Fleshlight Girls Made?

how do they make fleshlight girls

Ever wondered how pocket pussies are molded? The ever popular and market leading brand of male masturbation sleeves, Fleshlight, creates ‘lifelike’ replicas of porn star’s pussies. Known as the Fleshlight Girls range, they offer a selection of lady parts molded … Read more

The Best Dominatrix Gear: A Complete Guide

best dominatrix gear

Being a Dominatrix can mean different things to different people and whilst a lot of women veer towards the traditional, fetishist stereotypes, there are just as many who like to be creative with their ‘look’. The key is that whatever … Read more

Where To Buy Dominatrix Outfits

Where To Buy Dominatrix Outfits

Looking to unleash your inner domina? Wondering where to buy dominatrix outfits to live out your fantasies? The saying goes that ‘the clothes maketh the man’ and we think that having the right outfit is essential for powerful women too. … Read more

Girlfriends4Ever Review

affect3d adult games futa porn games

Looking for the hottest dick-girl porn games? Affect3D are well known for creating highly realistic, ultra-immersive and incredibly addictive 3D porn games. And they’ve managed to carve a niche for themselves with futanari titles alongside fantasy and parody games. Among … Read more

The Best Virtual Strip Poker Games

best virtual strip poker games

Looking for a way to play your favorite party game online? Wherever you are in the world, poker is one of the most popular card games to play and most people do so to win money. But there are plenty … Read more

Sybian Review


Looking for the ride of your life? Once the exclusive preserve for porn stars, ride-on (or ‘saddle’) sex machines are becoming more popular as premium home sex toys. And out of all the machines you could choose, the Sybian is … Read more

Newgrounds Adult Games: Inside the 18+ Section

Newgrounds Adult Games - Inside the 18+ Section

You may have heard of the popular indie gaming hosting site, Newgrounds, but did you know it also had a hidden NSFW section? Yes, tucked away from general view you can find hundreds of X-rated games on this mainstream site. … Read more

Cam Cash Daily Review

cam cash daily site review

Are you a cam model who is tired of waiting for your money? Cam Cash Daily is an agency, or middleman, of the camming world who provide a line of credit to cam models who need their money in a … Read more

Sofia Gray Review

sofia gray review

Want to make money selling your used panties? With thousands of registered sellers, the US adult marketplace Sofia Gray specializes in selling used underwear and other personal items. From second-hand lingerie and used sex toys there is a huge fetish … Read more

45 Kinky Hotel Rooms For Sexy Getaways

kinkiest hotel rooms for sexy getaways

Bored of planning the same ole’ romantic fairy tale getaways? A kinky weekend away shouldn’t have to be the same as going on vacation with your folks or the kids. We wanted to know what kind of hotels offered an … Read more

MyHixel Review

myhixel review

Want to take control of when you ejaculate? MyHixel is a new solution for men who want to improve their climax control and results suggest that ejaculation can be controlled up to 7x longer! Using a combination of a gamified … Read more

14 Best Oral Sex Toys For Women

Best Oral Sex Toys For Women

Fancy a new way to liven up masturbation? All women enjoy masturbation and sex in a different way. Many enjoy penetration but most tend only to be able to orgasm through clitoral stimulation. And whilst standard vibrators offer an excellent … Read more

How To Find A Hotwife

how to find a hotwife

If you’ve ever shared a workspace in the office then you’ll be familiar with the term ‘hotdesking’ and hotwifing is much the same thing. But instead of swapping a desk with a colleague this practice is MUCH more fun! The … Read more

Best Kiiroo Couple Sets For Two-Way Pleasure

best Kiiroo Couple Sets

Looking for a way to keep the spark alive in a long-distance relationship? Sexual intimacy is always important but when you are physically separated from your partner it can be tough. Tough to stay faithful and tough to stay connected. … Read more

Kiiroo Titan Review

kiiroo titan review

Looking for a mammoth way to improve male masturbation? The Titans were a family of giants from Ancient Greek mythology and the word has come to be used to describe anything that is mighty in size and/or power. So, it’s … Read more

A Guide to Adult NFT Marketplaces

Guide to adult NFT marketplaces

Heard about the latest craze sweeping the world of cryptocurrencies? NFTs have really made the headlines over the last 12 months as an alternative way to buy, sell and invest in digital assets. These quirky little tokens contain unique data … Read more

GroobyVR Review

groobyvr review

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a virtual TGirl world? GroobyVR is a premium virtual reality porn site created by one of the pioneers of the adult industry for trans content. With more than 160 exclusive hardcore scenes featuring … Read more

Motorbunny Review

review motorbunny

Fancy riding a high-tech sex toy to mind-blowing orgasm? When it comes to saddle sex machines, you might already be familiar with the Sybian or The Tremor. A ride-on sex toy with a mountable dildo that delivers a hammering thrust … Read more

Baberotica VR Review

vr porn sites BaberoticaVr review

Looking for some immersive but softcore VR porn? The current trend in porn is leaning more towards hardcore sex and popular genres include rough fucking, BDSM and kink content. Yet, there’s a lot of porn fans who prefer to watch … Read more

6 Best Lesbian VR Porn Sites

best lesbian vr porn sites

Looking for some 3D sapphic action? Lesbian porn is one of the most universally popular genres of adult content in the world and both the lads and the ladies love watching girls getting busy with girls. There’s nothing hotter than … Read more

5 Best Gay VR Porn Sites

best gay vr porn sites

Want to upgrade your gay porn addiction to something out of this world? There’s only one thing better than watching adult content and that’s immersing yourself in porn with VR. Virtual reality has transformed the way that many of us … Read more

225 Best Adult NSFW Subreddits

best nsfw subreddits

Want to get the best adult content on Reddit? Reddit is one of the top ten social networking sites worldwide and caters to a huge variety of tastes. Offering users a space to connect and share content for any niche, … Read more

Zoig Review

zoig review community amateur porn

Want to be part of an amateur porn community with a difference? Part amateur porn sharing platform and part social networking service, Zoig is a high-quality XXX site where you can browse and share your adult clips and pics. With … Read more

VR Porn on Reddit: 9 Best Subreddits To Follow

VR Porn on Reddit best subreddits

Love VR porn but don’t know where to find the latest news, hot scenes and releases? Reddit is one of the best socials for discussing, sharing and finding adult content online. Period. And when it comes to VR porn we … Read more

Hitachi Magic Wand Review

Hitachi Magic Wand Review

Looking for a wand that can summon up some real magic? One of the most recognizable sex toys on the planet, the Hitachi Magic Wand is often referred to as the Cadillac (or Rolls Royce) of vibrators. Delivering powerful waves … Read more

Hustler VOD Review

hustler VOD review

Looking for a one-stop shop for all your porn viewing needs? There’s tons of free porn to watch online but if you want to watch full feature length adult movies then the best way to do so is from a … Read more

iStripper Review

iStripper Review desktop strip club

Can’t get to a strip club but still want an exclusive show? In the current climate where COVID-19 is limiting our choices to get out and enjoy ourselves, we welcome any diversion which can transport us back to a simpler … Read more

City of Sin 3D Review

city of sin 3d review

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a fully interactive adult sex sim? Imagine an adult game where you not only get to control what happens on screen with the sexiest avatars but where you can actually feel the action … Read more

XNXX Gold Review

xnxx gold review

Want to access ad-free, high quality, premium porn at a low, low price? XNXX Gold is the deluxe version of the popular tube site XNXX and offers its members a way to enjoy high-end adult content with plenty of side … Read more

MilfVR Review

milf vr review

If MILF porn is the ‘mamma’ of all XXX action, then what is MilfVR? ‘MILF’ is consistently one of the top categories of adult content on the planet. We just love to watch sexy moms, cougars and housewives getting their … Read more

8 Best Sites Like TubeGalore


Want to access MORE free porn content with just ONE click? Everyone has their favorite porn tube site and whether you prefer one of the big guns like XNXX, XHamster and Pornhub or one of the niche platforms they all … Read more

21 Best Redhead Pornstars

Best Redhead Pornstars

Got the taste for a bit of ginger spice with your porn? With their porcelain pale skin and eyes that seem to shine in the dark, redheads are a super-sexy breed of woman who just seem to exude spicy excitement. … Read more

LivePrivates Review

liveprivates review

Looking for a premium cam site with the sexiest models? Then look no further than LivePrivates. Part of one of the largest cam networks on the planet and offering private sex shows from some of the web’s finest looking models, … Read more