Fetish Engine Merges With RLN

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve completed the full merger of FetishEngine.com with our flagship Red Light Network website. All of the popular content you could previously find on Fetish Engine is now available in one place here on RLN. Fetish Engine was a curation of the world’s best alternative adult content. It placed a … Read more

The Complete Fetish Guide

Dacryphilia crying fetish

From the Ancient Greek meaning ‘brotherly love’, the word philia be is used as a suffix for many fetishes. The opposite of phobia, a philia is defined as having a fondness for something or, more usually, an ‘abnormal love’ for a specific thing. A fetish is a type of philia where the ‘abnormal love’ is … Read more

The Best 4K Porn Sites: A Guide to HD Porn

best 4k porn sites

Want to watch the highest definition porn movies? The best 4K porn sites offer an immersive experience far beyond what is possible with a traditional tube site. Boasting crystal clear footage, with every last bead of sweat visible, there is a reason why people are willing to pay for the best HD adult content: it’s … Read more

Best Interactive Porn Sites To Feel The Action

naughty america VR interactive porn sites

Are you looking for somewhere to watch interactive porn? By interactive porn, we don’t mean ‘choose your own adventure’, we mean the type of porn that works with teledildonic sex toys to synchronise the on-screen action with the sensations being delivered. The technology is actually pretty basic; simply vary the speed and/or pulse mechanism of … Read more

12 Best (And Weirdest!) Sex Museums in the World

erotic museum of barcelona sex museum

Educational, informative and eye-opening, sex museums offer the general public an opportunity to examine erotic art, sexual aids and ancient porn from some unusual times and places. Though sex museums are declining from their heyday, there are still plenty of great locations to enjoy some titivation. From Amsterdam to Japan, the USA to Barcelona, let’s … Read more

The Best Adult VOD and Porn Streaming Services

Best adult video on demand services

Looking for the best adult video on demand sites? If you really want to ‘Netflix and Chill‘, then perhaps Netflix isn’t exactly the right choice of streaming service. It certainly has a shortage of explicit content… Instead, you might want to turn to some of the best adult video on demand sites, many of which … Read more

The Best Sex Tech Companies to Watch in 2022

best sex tech startups 2020

Fancy something exciting to look forward to this year? Whilst 2021 may go down in history for all the wrong reasons (less said), it has also been a productive one for many industries including Sex Tech. Perhaps all this extra time on our hands and homeworking has been useful for those creative geniuses but whatever … Read more

The Best Free Porn Apps for Android

best android porn apps 2017

There are plenty of porn apps available for Android (APKs), but not all apps are created equal with many gaining a bad reputation. Claims of malware, annoying pop-ups and glitches makes choosing the best porn apps something of a minefield. We wanted to bring you a round-up of the best porn apps for Android that … Read more

10 Best Porn Companies in the World Today

top ten adult entertainment companies

Who are the top ten porn companies in the world today? The porn industry is one of the most lucrative markets in the world and generates almost $100 billion each year; that’s more than the GDP of Panama and Slovenia put together. The market is huge and generates more films and more profit than Hollywood. … Read more

ImLive Review

imlive homepage

ImLive is one of the world’s premier adult cam sites. It’s also one of the oldest having launched in late 2002. The site has gone from strength to strength, amassing a catalog of over 80,000 registered models and 62 million users. ImLive boasts thousands of amateur cam channels – including female, male and trans performers … Read more

MyFreeCams Review


MyFreeCams (or ‘MFC’) is an American live adult cam site that was launched in 2004 and is one of the most popular adult websites in the world. The site ranks in the top 1,000 websites worldwide and is in the top 50 NSFW platforms. With over 200,000 registered models, and 2500 channels active at any given … Read more

Chaturbate Review

Free Tokens For Cam Sites The Best Intro Deals chaturbate

Chaturbate is the world’s largest cam platform and the most recognisable brand of all the major adult cam sites. With a staggering 350,000+ registered models, and 5000+ models performing live at any given time, you won’t find better variety, or choice of channels, on any other site. The secret sauce behind Chaturbate’s industry dominance is … Read more

The Best Phone Sex Chat Lines

The Phone Sex Guide

Looking for the best phone sex chat lines? We’ve got you covered! Our phone sex line guide has over 40 active chat lines for dirty talk or late night phone sex. Please note, unless otherwise stated, these numbers are for North America only (some US only, others both US/Canada). We’ll be adding international sex chat lines soon. Our … Read more

Czech VR Review

czech vr review

In the world of porn, Czech has become a word synonymous with innovation. It represents some of the most popular adult content on the web. Czech VR is very much riding this wave as a popular addition to the growing landscape of VR porn sites. It offers a comprehensive library of fully immersive clips and … Read more

Kink VR Review

kink vr review

Looking for some BDSM thrills in virtual reality? Enter the world of Kink VR. A specialist studio offering fetish content that can be viewed using any headset, Kink VR has become one of the top rated VR porn sites in the under-served BDSM genre. In this Kink VR review, we take a look at what membership … Read more

Virtual Real Porn Review

interactive vr porn

Virtual Real Porn is one of the world’s biggest VR porn sites and offers a wide range of videos featuring top adult stars. VRP was one of the original pioneers behind virtual reality porn. While there are now plenty of competitors, it remains one of the premier VR porn sites. In this Virtual Real Porn review, … Read more

BaDoinkVR Review

badoink vr porn virtual reality review

Virtual reality porn is a growing market and is expected to become a multi-billion dollar industry over the next few years. It’s little wonder that the adult entertainment industry is keen to push the barriers here and offer viewers as immersive an experience as possible. BaDoink was one of the first pioneering sites to do … Read more

Naughty America VR Review

2 Chicks Same Time threesome naughty america VR review

Having launched its virtual reality porn site in 2015, Naughty America VR was one of the first movers in the virtual reality space. But is it still one of the best? In this Naughty America VR review, we take a look at how the site came to the market, what you get for your money, … Read more

VR Bangers Review

VR Bangers review

VR Bangers has gained a large following as one of the most famous VR porn sites. There’s no network behind VR Bangers. The primary focus here is strictly adult VR content, featuring some of the world’s top porn stars. In this VR Bangers review, we look at how the content on VR Bangers stacks up … Read more

Virtual Taboo Review

virtual taboo review

If you are new to virtual porn and looking for a library of content to test your new headset on, then Virtual Taboo provides a nice mix of alternative adult videos. Offering 100% exclusive videos that are updated on a weekly basis, Virtual Taboo creates virtual reality porn with a difference: The content is taboo. But … Read more

XVirtual Review

vr horror porn x virtual review

Looking for virtual reality porn with fetish content? A new website catering for VR users who really want to get their freak on with fetish reality porn, XVirtual has a good stock of horror and sci-fi genre porn. Some of the titles are based on parodies of popular films like The Mummy, The Exorcist and … Read more

Sex Like Real Review

sex like real vr porn review

If you are looking for the ‘Netflix of VR Porn’, then Sex Like Real has a lot going for it. A curated library of content from all the major VR porn studios, Sex Like Real offers a huge selection of scenes, all under one umbrella. You can use the site to subscribe to popular studios, or browse … Read more

WankzVR Review

wankz vr review

WankzVR is one of the bigger names in VR porn and has been producing exclusive content for almost five years. Boasting a large library of films, the site is regularly selected as a top producer for VR porn and its easy to see why: Their content is sizzling hot. In this WankzVR review, we take … Read more

Reality Lovers VR Review

Reality Lovers Review vr porn

Reality Lovers is a VR porn site by the UK based Virtual Reality Dreams. Their content has a European feel and the studio is producing some great immersive porn using cutting-edge technology. After bursting on to the scene with a Venus Award in 2016 for the ‘Most Innovative Product’, has Reality Lovers been able to … Read more

Where to Find Free VR Porn?

find free adult vr videos sex like real

Tempted to join the virtual reality porn revolution but don’t want to pay for a subscription? Wondering where to find free VR porn? There are now dozens of porn studios specialising in adult VR content, but their best content is often paywalled behind subscriptions. Makes sense, right? The best VR porn sites come with huge … Read more

Bellesa Films Review: Erotic Porn with No Fake Orgasms

bellesa female friendly porn

Looking for some authentic porn without the ‘drama’? Bellesa Films is a new studio where the focus of their content is on producing high-quality, erotic pornography that showcases real sexual tension, chemistry and connections. And, above anything else, no fake orgasms. The company is committed to an ideal of entertaining audiences with pure, unadulterated pleasure … Read more

VPNHub Review: The Best VPN For Browsing Porn?

vpnhub review

Concerned about online security and privacy when you browse for porn? If you use your home computer to browse for a lot of adult content then you may have good reason to be cautious. Cyber security experts warn that hacking is no longer a case of IF but WHEN and most of us would rather … Read more

Family Sinners Review

family sinners review porn site

Looking for some step-family porn? Family Sinners is all about sexy ‘step-family affairs’ and offers premium porn content in the taboo genre of incest porn featuring step-daughters, step-sons, step-parents and step-siblings getting too close for comfort.  Sexy and forbidden, this is sinful porn starring some of the best names in the adult industry as well … Read more

Deep Nude Apps: The Controversial ‘X-Ray Vision’ Apps

deep nude apps x ray vision

Heard about the latest deepfake technology? Known as x-ray vision apps, Deep Nude is a development of existing technology that uses advanced algorithms to turn a photograph of a clothed woman into a realistic image of that same person…..naked. Though the original app itself was withdrawn from sale after downloads of its services went viral … Read more

The Best Porn Discount Sites: Cheap Deals for Premium Porn

best porn discount sites complete guide

Looking to make some serious savings on premium porn site membership? The cost of premium porn subscriptions can vary from $15 to $50+ per month and, in an age where so much free adult content is widely available, studios and producers are struggling to keep up their membership numbers. Not only is free porn a … Read more

The Best A.I Porn Search Engines: A Complete Guide

best AI porn search engines guide

Want to know who that mystery porn star is from a single image? Artificial Intelligence is a field of advanced technology that can be found in many areas of modern life; most notably in our use of personal assistants like Siri, Alexa and Cortana. Capable of far faster and more superior search technology, machine learning … Read more

The Sex Factor: XHamster’s Reality Porn Series

The Sex factor xhamster porn reality tv series contestants ladies

Another reality show that promises to ‘change your life forever’? If only Simon Cowell knew what he was starting when he launched his incredibly successful syndicated show, The X Factor, back in 2001. Yes, this popular reality TV singing competition was parodied by the folks over at XHamster in 2016. One of the largest porn … Read more

The Best Porn GIF Sites: A Complete Guide

best porn gif sites

Looking for the best new porn GIFs? These days, the adult industry creates some high-tech content with UHD and VR porn movies so why would anyone settle for a low-res, 15 second GIF file instead? Yet, the popularity of these animated loops is undeniable. Easy to create, simple to watch and highly effective at arousing … Read more

The Best Porn Sites Accepting Crypto Payments

best porn sites accepting crypto payments

Looking for an alternative way to pay for your porn site subscription fees? Crypto payments are being mooted as the future financial system and already account for over $6 billion in daily transactions. Whilst many people are wary over this ‘digital craze’, the truth is that crypto currencies are a viable, and preferable, way for … Read more

The Best Porn Star Directories: A Complete Guide

best porn star directories

Looking for more information on your favorite adult film model? With thousands of porn stars from all around the world, the internet is awash with videos, clips and feature length movies. Some of these performers are well known whilst others are more obscure, so where do you go if you want to know more about … Read more

AEBN Review

aebn review

Looking for a great video-on-demand streaming service for porn films? AEBN has been providing online streaming for premium adult content for two decades. They are a trusted international brand with over 100,000 titles to view and offer a flexible way to pay. With hardcore, softcore, amateur and top-studio movies and clips they are one of … Read more

The VRBangers Time Capsule: Relive Your Own Sex Tape

vr bangers time capsule sex tape

Looking for a unique memento of your sex life? The sex industry has consistently been at the forefront of advances in technology; from teledildonics to sex robots and virtual reality. In fact, many industry experts believe that VR has only been able to expand the way it has due to the interest and investment of … Read more

The Best Porn Comics: A Complete Guide

best porn comics sites welcomix

Think that porn comics are just for thirty-year old virgins who live in their mom’s basement? Think again. According to Rule 34 of the Internet, if you can dream it up there is porn of it yet Rule 35 states that, if there isn’t yet then there will be. With this in mind, there should … Read more

The Best Sex Podcasts: A Complete Guide

best sex podcasts complete guide

Want to know which podcasts to listen to if you fancy something more adult? Podcasts have never been more popular than during 2019 and these handy downloadable audio files have enjoyed unprecedented growth as an alternative source of information and entertainment. According to the latest stats, there are more than 700,000 active podcasts offering more … Read more

Audio Porn: A Complete Guide to Audio Erotica

audio porn complete guide

If we feast with our eyes, how come audio porn is becoming so popular? Yes, you read right. Audio porn; a genre of adult content that is based solely on the sounds and narratives of sex rather than the visuals. It may sound pretty old-school but audio porn is growing in popularity and covers a … Read more

The Rise of Feminist Porn: 10 Sites That Are Breaking The Mold

best feminist porn sites

Think feminist porn is all about softcore girl-on-girl action? Think again. Feminism and pornography are not two words that have historically sat very comfortably together but recent developments in the adult industry have seen some changes to this ‘juxtaposition’. Feminist porn is a new genre that centers on equitable, sex-positive and ethical adult content. And, … Read more

StasyQ Review

review stasyq

Want access to some truly exclusive and stylish softcore erotic art? If you like your nude pornography to be high-class and sensual rather than extreme, explicit or hardcore then maybe StasyQ is the site for you. A new generation of premium nude porn, the site is dedicated to showcasing its models in an erotic and … Read more

How to Book a Personalized Video From a Porn Star

how to get a personalized video from porn star

Looking for that perfect gift that is wholly unique and totally exclusive? How about a personalized video message from your favorite porn star? Yes, that’s right. You can now pay for a custom celebrity clip featuring the likes of Stormy Daniels, Tanya Tate and the porn legend, Ron Jeremy. At reasonable prices, each star will … Read more

ASMR: A Guide to Whisper Porn

asmr guide to whisper porn

Heard about ‘whisper porn’ and wondered what the hell it is? Also known as ASMR, whisper porn is about provoking a ‘braingasm’; that satisfying tingling sensation you get across your scalp or at the base of your neck when someone whispers close to your ear. Though not strictly speaking ‘porn’ on its own, this search … Read more

VIP4K Review

vip4k review

Looking for exclusive, amateur European 4K porn content? The VIP4K network has six premium porn sites in its stable, each offering exclusive content in Ultra High-Definition. Featuring mainly amateur performers and filmed in Prague, the sites cover a range of niche interests including interracial, taboo step-family sex and old/young porn. A new premium 4K porn … Read more

Porn Fidelity Review

porn fidelity review

If you want to watch exclusive adult content in Ultra-High-Definition then Porn Fidelity must be on your shortlist. Owned by the internet porn entrepreneur and adult video sensation, Kelly Madison, Porn Fidelity is the flagship site of the network owned by Madison and her husband. Together they have developed a highly successful online business which … Read more

How to Find Porn on Netflix

how to find porn on netflix

Looking for something a bit raunchy to Netflix and Chill to? Wait….Netflix has porn? Well no, not exactly but Netflix does have ‘steamy’ and ‘erotic’ content. However, you won’t find these titles simply by searching for ‘Porn’ or by browsing for a category clearly marked as ‘Blue Movies’. No, instead you’ll need our inside guide … Read more

Best Porn Documentaries: 21 Films About The Porn Industry

best porn documentaries

Want to really get under the skin of the porn industry? Looking for a revealing porn documentary? The world of the adult entertainment industry has fascinated us for decades and it is through documentaries that we can get a sneak preview behind-the-scenes. From titivating accounts of some of the biggest names in blue movies and … Read more

FeelXVideos Review

review feelxvideos

Are you looking for the next level in interactive porn? With advances in technology, it no longer has to be enough to simply to watch porn online. No, with interactive sex toys, you can now enjoy immersive pornography and feel the action too. There’s a heap of sites offering teledildonic services but only one that … Read more

The Infidelity Index: Which Countries Have The Most Affairs?

Infidelity Cheating Relationship Affair Love

Looking for information on global infidelity statistics? Adultery, affairs, unfaithfulness, cheating….there are a lot of ways to describe infidelity and even more ways to go about it but not all cultures view the act in the same way. There have been many reports and research studies over the last few decades that claim to reveal … Read more

The Best POV Porn: Everything You Need to Know

pov and gonzo porn

Want to know more about POV porn? Likened to gonzo porn, true POV is exclusively filmed from the perspective of the main performer. It is an intimate and close up way to watch pornography that can be very immersive and, when combined with VR and interactive sex toys, offer the closest thing to real sex … Read more

The Best VPNs for Browsing Porn Anonymously

best vpns for browing porn anonymously

Want to browse the internet for porn anonymously? You might want to consider a VPN to do this. A third-party service that offers internet users privacy and security to access content via their own servers, worldwide VPN usage has increased 165% in the last year. 2019 looks set to see this trend continue with more … Read more

RedTube Premium Review

redtube premium review porn

Wondering about whether RedTube Premium is worth the extra cost? One of the most popular porn tube hosting sites in the world, RedTube is a regular go-to for anyone looking for free adult clips. Consistently ranked in the top ten adult websites, the site is another of the mainstream porn channels that is offering an … Read more

The Best Female Friendly Porn: A Complete Guide

best female friendly porn 2018

Intrigued by the latest trending category of female friendly porn? According to the latest statistics produced by tube giants, Pornhub, women make up more than a quarter (26%) of their 28.5 billion visits each year. The same review identifies that their revamped ‘Popular with Women’ category was the top trending search for 2019 with traffic … Read more

How Tube Sites Took Over the Porn Industry

how tube sites took over porn industry

Want to know how tube sites have affected the adult industry? The global porn industry is estimated to be worth over $97 billion per year and includes both the internet and traditional media. Since the start of the world wide web just a few decades ago, porn has become more mainstream and can now be … Read more

PornHub Premium: Is It Worth The Upgrade?

pornhub subscription

Pornhub is one of the biggest success stories for the European porn giants, Mind Geek, and is largely due to the fact that most of the content they host is available to access for free. It is model that is copied the world over including XVideos, XHamster and other MindGeek sites, RedTube, PornMD and YouPorn. … Read more

The Adult Magazines Guide: Past and Present

The Adult Magazines Guide

The world of adult magazines has changed a lot over the last hundred years. From their humble but risqué beginnings as explorations of art and naturalism to their heyday of pushing the boundaries in the 1970s and today, where top shelf porn includes some hardcore and extreme action. In this feature, we look at the … Read more

The Best Adult Search Engines: Our Top Picks

best adult search engines in 2017

When it comes to searching for adult content, the big search engines don’t always come up trumps – even if you remember to turn off your Safe Search. Google, Bing and Yahoo might be the most popular search engines in the world and a definite go to when looking for local businesses or travel reviews … Read more

10 of the Weirdest Fetishes: A Kink’s Guide

weirdest fetishes

When it comes to fetishes, we’ve probably all heard of S&M, bondage and the fascination that some people have with feet. Whether it floats your boat or not is neither here nor there, if you’ve got a particular thing that tickles your fancy then nothing else compares. So, without any judgement, we decided to unearth … Read more

The Swiss Blowjob Café: A Latte with Fellatio

get a blowjob with your coffee

You read that right, a café where you can get a blowjob with your cup of Joe. Or, to put it another way, more bang for your star-bucks. The news hit the papers some time ago when a Swiss entrepreneur announced his intention to open a blowjob bar. Though the venue is yet to open … Read more

10 of the Most Famous Red Light Districts

10 most famous red light districts

Most major cities around the world have some form of red light district whether they are publicly acknowledged and embraced or, more widely, swept under the carpet. Of course, some are more famous than others with many cities celebrating their adult industries. The biggest and most famous red light district is probably De Wallen in … Read more