16 Best BDSM Games For Kinks

bdsm simulator game 1

Like playing adult games and want to know which ones offer the best BDSM game play? If you enjoy bondage, SM and kinks then what better way to explore some of the boundaries of BDSM play than via gaming. There are some niche titles out there as well as some popular games with fetish scenes, … Read more

10 Best Exhibitionist Porn Sites for Public Sex & Flashing

best exhibitionist porn sites public agent

Like to watch people having sex in public? Flashing? Getting dirty in front of strangers? Without exhibitionists, there wouldn’t be a porn industry and just as most people (to some degree) like to watch, there are others who enjoy being watched. Yet, whilst exhibitionism is evident in every kind of adult movie, the genre of … Read more

The Best Foot Fetish Games in 2022

tombraider foot fetish games

Want to know the best foot fetish games in the world today? There are a lot of 3D sex games available on the market but few that specialise in fetishes or specific niche adult interest. When it comes to podophilia (or foot fetish) games, there are several mainstream games which have some good expansion packs. … Read more

The Best 70s Porn: Movies & Adult Stars From The 1970s

2 best 70s porn star linda lovelace

Want to know how porn really got started? The popular culture scene of the seventies may be best remembered for its anarchy; in fashion, music and films the sentiments were uniform in their condemnation of conservatism. Following on from the liberation of the 1960s, the seventies saw greater and broader diversity than ever before in … Read more

The Best 80s Porn: Movies & Porn Stars From The 1980s

best 80s porn director gregroy dark

Looking for some ‘bodacious’ or ‘gnarly’ 80s porn? As well as some pretty dodgy new words, the eighties were a decade that was known for its conservatism in politics yet its extravagance in popular culture and consumerism. It was the age of big hair, big fashion and big technological advances. After the social shifts of … Read more

The Best 90s Porn: Movies & Adult Stars From The 1990s

best 90s porn films the masseuse

Want to get nostalgic on a dose of some retro nineties porn? The nineties were an age in which technology was advancing rapidly and as well as cell phones actually being mobile instead of the size of a briefcase, the internet developed rapidly to deliver a whole new world of digital possibilities. A decade that … Read more

7 Best FTM Porn Sites For Trans Dudes

Best FTM Porn

Love transgender porn and want to get a dose of trans dudes and jock pussies? FTM porn covers all adult content featuring female to male transsexuals and has been growing in popularity over the last decade. Since Buck Angel pioneered the genre in the early noughties, more and more transmen have been flocking to the … Read more

25+ Best MTF Porn Sites – #1 For Trans Porn!

Best MTF Porn Sites

Looking for the hottest T Girls, shemales and ladyboys? MTF porn is one of the more popular crossover LGBTQ adult content genres and appeals to men and women, gay and straight, young and old. It’s a category of porn that has a diverse range of sub-genres and you can just as easily find hardcore or … Read more

22 of the Best Transgender Porn Stars

2 Best Transgender Porn Stars aspen brooks

Want to know which TGirls and transmen are at the top of the trans porn world? Transgender porn is a popular and profitable genre of adult movies and one which produces a lot of stars. Also known as shemales, chicks with dicks and trannies, the trans porn industry has grown over the last few decades … Read more

10 Best BDSM Clubs in America

citadel bdsm club san francisco

America has plenty of kinksters and fetishists but where to do they go to meet other likeminded people? There are munches going on around America all aimed at enabling the BDSM community to socialise and arrange play parties and increase their memberships. From dungeons to nightclubs that run fetish nights there are plenty of places … Read more

20 Best Swinger Podcasts

best swinger and polyamory podcasts everything sexy show

Want to hear the latest news, advice and stories from the world of the polyamorous and swinging? A compelling audio format that is familiar to more than 70% of Americans, podcasting is a popular way for anyone to regularly reach a wide audience. It’s little wonder that the swinging and polyamorous communities are finding podcasting … Read more

The Nurse Fetish: A Complete Guide

nurse fetish guide

Find yourself fantasizing about naughty nurses or cruel but kinky carers? Then you may well have a nurse fetish! More common than you might think, having a thing for the caregivers of the medical world is one of those kinks that crosses over the vanilla and fetish boundaries. Whilst for some, it is simply all … Read more

Obedience App: The Habit Tracker for BDSM Couples

obedience app habit tracker bdsm app rewards and punishments

Want to monitor your sub more closely? If obedience is the act of submission then the Obedience App is the ultimate way to monitor subservience. Harnessing the power of tracker technology and using our modern life reliance on smartphones, this tool can be used by BDSM couples to establish a reward and punishment program. Simple … Read more

The Rise of On-Off Porn: And Where to Find It

best bondage porn sites

Need some help imagining women naked? On-Off porn is a specialist genre of adult photos where the subjects appear clothed alongside a shot taken moments later, unclothed. The result is sort of like having x-ray vision where, if you stare hard enough, you can strip an amateur model of what she’s wearing. This niche type … Read more

The Best Furry Porn: A Complete Guide

best furry porn game sites furry beach club

Want to know more about furry porn and where to find the best content? A commonly misunderstood fetish, furry porn is a form of zoophilia (along with other kinks) where there is a sexual fixation on non-human animals. This is not the same as bestiality which involves interspecies sexual activity. Furry fandom very much understands … Read more

The Best Giantess Porn: A Complete Guide

what is giantess porn

Looking for bigger and better fetish porn? Size-fantasy porn is a popular sub-genre of adult content and can include shrinking men and women as well as giants and giantesses. There’s something about the extreme relationship in size that makes this kind of material very powerful when it comes to themes of domination, vulnerability and control. … Read more

The Best Fetish Erotica Sites: Where to Find Kinky Stories

best fetish erotica sites lush stories

Looking for erotic tales of kinky sex, fetish fantasies and deviant confessions? There is some snobbery around when it comes to adult content, particularly when it comes to the differentiation between erotica and pornography. Without turning to the dull dictionary definition, the difference is typified by one having artistic merit over the other.  The latter … Read more

Milf.com Review: The Mother of Porn

milf dot com review

Looking for MILF porn? There’s something about mature women that gets most of us hot under the collar and MILF porn remains a popular genre of adult content. According to Pornhub’s Year in Review 2019, MILF was the 4th most searched for term across their site. With all their experience, the fantasy of seducing, or … Read more

Punish Tube Review: The Best Extreme Porn?

punish tube extreme content

Looking for no-holds barred porn? Voted the best extreme porn site 2020, Punish Tube brings together a collection of free porn from the niche hardcore genres of BDSM, abuse porn and rough sex. For fetish fans that enjoy watching brutal and punishing scenes featuring degradation, humiliation and holes being ripped up by monster dicks then … Read more

The Best Casting Porn Sites: A Complete Guide

best casting porn la novice

Looking for adult content where wannabe starlets get nailed on the casting couch? Casting porn is all about filming amateurs as they try to impress a casting director with their talents using any skills they can bring to the table. It’s a style of reality pornography which shows a scene in which a new model … Read more

KNKI Review: Free Adult and BDSM Chat

KNKI App Review

Looking for a convenient way to find your next BDSM play date? In a world where apps like Tinder have redefined how we meet partners for causal encounters or niche dating, there are now hundreds of apps available that promise to hook you up with your ideal date. KNKI is a specific platform catering exclusively … Read more

The Best Big Boobs Porn Sites: A Complete Guide

best big boob porn stars lola ferrari

If you love breasts and believe that bigger is always better then look no further. Fun bags, titties, melons, bangers, milk-monsters, tatas, bazookas, cha-chas, hooters, bongos and bouncers. Whatever name you give to them, boobs are an essential ingredient to the best porn. However, some guys (and girls) prefer their shoulder boulders on the plus … Read more

BDSM Dating and Hookup Apps: A Complete Guide

best bdsm hook up apps kinkd

Looking to meet your perfect Master or want to try a new sub for a spin? In a world where mainstream dating and casual encounters is still dominated by apps like Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel and Bumble, kinksters who are into BDSM often find themselves restricted to online dating in order to meet like minded … Read more

The Best 60s Porn: A Complete Guide

best 60s porn director michael findlay

Looking for some far-out porn from the swinging sixties? The Golden Age of Porn kicked off in 1969 and lasted until the early 1980s and defines an era in the adult movie industry that led to a rise in commercial porn. More sexually explicit than ever before but often filmed in a style that we … Read more

The Best Horror Porn Sites: A Complete Guide

Looking for some porn that gives you more thrill for your spill? Horror porn is a particular genre of adult film that embraces the traditions of a scary movie but with plenty of XXX action thrown in for good measure. From slashers and gore thrillers to supernatural and monster porn, there is something for every … Read more

The Best Yoga Instructor Porn Sites: A Complete Guide

best yoga instructor porn sites flexy teens

Wondering what yoga instructor porn actually is? If, as the ancient Sanskrit scripture asserts, yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self then there can be no surprise that yoga porn is a thing. After all, if this statement is true, then some self-love doesn’t go amiss when we watch … Read more

The 18 Best Movies About Sexual Fetishism

best movies about sexual fetishism blue velvet

Looking for a movie about sexual fetishism? The days of BDSM being a sub-culture have long gone since the mania surrounding ‘that’ book and these days you can’t swing a cat in a movie theater without seeing some kind of light bondage scene. But we wanted to know which movies accurately portray this fetish and … Read more

The Best Interracial Porn Sites: A Complete Guide

best interracial porn site black 4k

Want to know which sites offer the best interracial porn? What is about BBCs stretching out white pussies or ebony women bouncing on white cocks that gets us hot under the collar? Still taboo for some people, interracial porn offers us a chance to see two worlds collide in a frenetic and steamy way; to … Read more

Clips4Sale Review: The Best Amateur Fetish Videos?

clips4sale amateur fetish content

Looking for an alternative to the premium porn sites where fetish content isn’t just the same old, studio style? Clips4Sale is a site where independent porn producers and amateurs can upload their own content, set a price and sell videos to the general public. Sort of like a Pornhub but where you pay to see … Read more

The Best Czech Porn Websites: A Complete Guide

best czech porn websites czech streets

Want to check out some Czech porn websites? You can’t swing a cat on the internet these days without hitting some Czech porn on the popular tube hosting sites. The country is the porn capital of Europe and is home to plenty of studios and even some of the international HQ’s of companies like Pornhub … Read more

Sex in the Swinging 1960s: What Was It Really Like?

what was sex like in the 1960s

Revolted by your parent’s descriptions of the ‘swinging’ sixties but want to know more? Referred to as the ‘sexual revolution’ or the age of ‘free love’, the 1960s sparked a social and cultural shift in attitudes towards sexual relationships with a markedly more liberal view which shaped the decades that followed. But what were the … Read more

The Best Bondage Porn Stars: 21 Legends of BDSM

Most Famous BDSM Porn Stars violet monroe

Want to know which BDSM porn stars are the most famous? Bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism….once a very niche fetish for which you would have to find specialist performers and studios, BDSM is now far more mainstream than it once was. As a result, the stars of this genre of adult content now enjoy far … Read more

The Best MILF Porn Sites: A Complete Guide

what is milf porn

Looking for the best in MILF porn? There is more to the phrase, ‘Mother Knows Best’ than meets the eye when it comes to sexual fantasies and this search term is one of the most popular in the world. Whether it keys in to deep rooted desires for your own mother or harks back to … Read more

The Best Spanking Porn Sites: A Complete Guide

best spanking porn sites women spanking men

Looking for porn with a bit of spank? Whether you enjoy slapping or thrashing, caning or smacking, spanking is a very popular kind of fetish that makes its way into many mainstream porn videos. However, if you are simply looking for adult videos that focus on the art of spanking only then you will definitely … Read more

The Balloon Fetish: What Is The Appeal?

what is a looner

Once you pop, you just can’t stop…. Well, that’s true if you are a ‘popper’ with a balloon fetish at least. For many people, balloons are viewed with an apathy reserved for other party accessories like streamers, paper hats and garlands; they’re just a bit of fun, right? Wrong. For a small percentage of the … Read more

The Best Lesbian Adult Games and Sex Simulators

best lesbian adult games negligee

Looking for a game with some hot lesbian action? The adult game industry has been maturing over the last decade or so and now features some amazing titles which offer everything from impressive 4K graphics on sex simulator games to crazy worlds that incorporate complex fantasy and adventure story lines. When it comes to the … Read more

The Best Cosplay Porn Sites: A Complete Guide

best cosplay porn sites cosplay site

Want to know where to enjoy the best cosplay porn? Originating in Japan, the term cosplay porn combines classic role-playing with dressing up in the style of the latest TV, video game and movie characters. It is a specific niche of adult entertainment which celebrates the elaborate dressing up that defines a popular fetish. From … Read more

The Best Lesbian Porn Sites: Our Top Picks

best lesbian porn sites club filly

Want to get the best lesbian porn from across the web? Whether you love teen lezzers, butch bulldogs or downright dirty dykes, lesbian sex is an incredibly popular genre of porn…and not just for men either! Straight women, bi-curious and lesbians all enjoy watching females getting frisky and the tube sites are all inundated with … Read more

Dancing Bear Review

dancing bear review

Like your porn to feature CFNM? Dancing Bear is a niche website that offers feature length footage of ‘genuine’ all-girl parties which are attended by a stripper dressed like a bear. Originally made popular by the Californian porn studio, Bang Bros, the Dancing Bear is an institution in the adult industry and offers guys a … Read more

The Waifu Sex Simulator: VR Anime and Hentai Porn

waifu sex sim vr anime

Looking for a VR sex simulator that offers interactive scenes? A standalone VR sex sim game, the Waifu Sex Simulator has been created to allow users to experience intimate and interactive scenes with over 1,000 anime and hentai characters. The software has been developed to let you experiment with the popular existing software, MocuMocuDance. In … Read more

The Best CFNM Porn Sites: A Complete Guide

best CFNM porn sites reality kings

Looking for a porn site that features nothing but CFNM porn? This niche genre of porn features fully clothed women taking full advantage of naked men, sometimes humiliating them in large groups other times tormenting them with S&M techniques or simply denying them. It’s a reasonably popular fetish category which can take many forms including … Read more

The Best Ebony Porn Sites: A Complete Guide

best ebony porn sites ta ebony

Looking for the best ebony porn sites that the internet has to offer? For every woman out there who loves her cocks big and black (the legendary BBC), there are just as many men who want their women to be dark skinned and ebony. Black women have a notorious reputation in porn for being wild … Read more

How to Build a Sex Dungeon In Your Home

build your own sex dungeon

Always fancied having your own sex dungeon to play in? Hiring a BDSM studio or sex dungeon for playtimes can get pretty expensive after a while and is not always convenient unless you live in a city where there are a couple to choose from. How many times have you wished that you could just … Read more

The Best Vintage Porn Sites: A Complete Guide

antique vintage porn guide

Want to know where you can find the best vintage porn? Porn in the modern age offers an abundance of viewing pleasure with a choice of everything from softcore to hardcore, role-play and fantasy to parody porn, tentacle porn and Hentai to MILFs, cougars and teens porn ; if you can think of a theme, … Read more

National Porn Trends: Which Country Reigns The Kinkiest?

france kinky country national porn trends

Want to know which country is the kinkiest nation in the world? As we know, when it comes to kinks and fetishes, there is no one yardstick by which you can measure any fetish to decide which is the most kinky. This is made even harder if you apply different cultural influences to a particular … Read more

The Diaper Fetish: A Complete Guide

adult baby and diaper lovers tykables

Want to know more about diaper fetishes? Often misunderstood, diaper fetishism is one of those sexual paraphilias that has a poor reputation outside of the kink community. Many people associate those that wear diapers with adult baby syndrome and media representation is usually a negative one. As with many private fetishist practices, it is unclear … Read more

The Smoking Fetish: A Complete Guide

exploring smoking fetish

Want to find out more about smoking fetishes? Smoking might well be going out of fashion in favour of e-cigarettes but these vape wannabes are no match for the real deal when it comes to smoking fetishes. Fetishes, once considered to be specialist, are now more and more popular in the mainstream pornography markets. Along … Read more

What Are The Most Popular Female Fetishes?

female fetishes feet

Have you ever wondered which fetishes are more popular with women than men? Culturally, the world of pornography and commercial sex has been driven by the male sex drive and, as a result, much of this market caters for the tastes of men. However, women enjoy fetishized sex just as much as men and have … Read more

Foot Fetish Escorts: A Complete Guide

find a foot fetish escort

We know that when you’ve got a fetish it can be a difficult itch to scratch which is why many people turn to escorts. Foot fetishists are no different and requests relating to the lower extremities are very common in the ‘game’. NOTE: If the foot fetish is your thing, be sure to check out … Read more

A-Z of BDSM Terms: The Complete Guide

sexting BDSM terms A Z

Confused about BDSM terminology? Want to know what the difference between a freakout and a failsafe? Need to know the importance of aftercare or what irrumatio is? BDSM, also known as Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM), is the perfect acronym combining overlapping abbreviations of some of the world’s … Read more

The Best Forums for Bondage Enthusiasts

BDSM bondage forum

Looking for an online forum to network with other bondage enthusiasts? One of the best things about the internet is the ability to connect with other people to share information and resources as well as build networks. Whilst many of us are happy to conduct our BDSM lifestyle in small and discreet circles, the online … Read more

Fetlife Review: The Social Network for Kinks

groups fetlife

The adult social networking for kinksters, FetLife has been around for almost a decade and has attracted over five million members to its pages. Bringing a community of like minded fetishists together, the history of the site has not been without detraction but exactly what is FetLife all about and is it a safe place … Read more

The Best BDSM Porn Sites: A Complete List

best bondage porn sites

Welcome to our ultimate guide to the best bondage porn sites. Whether you are a top or bottom, sadist or masochist, light bondage fan or no-holds-barred slave-master, we’re confident you’ll find some links to exactly what you’re looking for. Before we get on to the top recommended sites, let’s run through some of the categories … Read more

Alt.com Review: The Best BDSM Dating?

best bdsm hook up apps all friend finder alt com

Interested in BDSM and looking for a date? If you have an interest in BDSM, fetish or other alternative lifestyle then dating can be tricky. Where do you meet others that share your particular kink? Fortunately there are specialist websites that can help with Alt.com being one of the most popular. Reportedly offering the best … Read more

The Best BDSM Dating and Fetish Hookup Sites

alt dot com fetish dating site

Living the BDSM lifestyle but struggling to find dates or hook-ups? The world of internet dating can seem a little too vanilla for a lot of kinksters and most mainstream hookup sites don’t seem to cater for the desires and fetishes of the BDSM community…or do they? Big name brands Adult Friend Finder and easySex … Read more