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Want to connect with a woman over the phone with no strings attached but plenty of dirty talk?

Arousr is one of the best sexting services on the web, and it’s growing fast.

You know that feeling you get, early on in a relationship, when your texts and phone calls are steamy and loaded with innuendo?

Sadly, these kinds of conversation can fizzle out and fade away but you can still get your instant fix of filthy phone talk with specialist adult chat services.

Arousr is a platform that specialises in sexting and live video/phone calls.

Offered over a secure service, these are intimate one-on-one conversations with sexy women ready to engage with you over any topic that’s on your mind. And we’re guessing it’s not the weather.

In this Arousr review, we take a closer look at their popular adult chat service, including the ways you can get connected, what it costs, and what you can expect.

Is Arousr Legit?

An adult sex chat service staffed by female ‘chat hosts’ who are ready to connect via text, phone and video chat, Arousr is the perfect place to get sexting and flirting.

Arousr review

Men (and it is mostly guys) use the service to chat and share pictures/videos with anonymous women in what has become a popular alternative to a live sex cam session.

Chatting in this way can often make men feel less pressured and less vulnerable. Instead the focus can be more on fetish and fantasy talk than the pure immediacy of the visuals.

Of course, you also have the option to video chat as well as sext and send dick-pics.

It’s a step up from the classic phone sex hotlines that dominated the pre-2000s.

According to the Arousr blog pages, the most popular topics discussed are:

  • Pegging
  • Jerk Off Instruction (JOI)
  • Goddess Worship
  • Small Penis Humiliation (SMH)
  • Domination/Slave Training
  • Mommy Fetish
  • Oral Fixation
  • Hypnosis
  • Fart Fetish (go figure)
  • Edging/Denial

But how you use the service is entirely up to you.

As long as you remain in the space of legal activities, most girls will entertain you and give you plenty of saucy conversation and XXX banter.

How Does Arousr Work?

Using Arousr couldn’t be any simpler and all you have to do is register an account using the phone you want to use to receive your calls. Then pick a girl, ping her a message and wait.

You do have to enter your phone number so you can verify this using a 4-digit code but the number itself is masked so you aren’t sharing this detail with anyone but a secure server.

All chat sessions start off being free so you get a chance to find out whether the selection you made can fully satisfy you before you get charged.

If a conversation is moved to a premium rate then you get notification of this before it happens so you can choose whether or not you want to be charged to go any further.

When sexting, you will get charged for every message you receive and once a conversation is finished you can simply type the word ‘Over’ to end your billed session.

The service works much the same way as rival phone sex marketplace NiteFlirt.

A profile on Arousr

Trade Pics

Photos and videos can be sent through the sexting service in the same way that you would through any other SMS or IM exchange. However, your chat host must request one from you using a link so you can’t just send dick pics willy-nilly.

Dirty Phone Calls

Phone calls are initiated by hitting the ‘Call Me’ button on any of the chat host’s profiles and then entering your phone number. The system will notify your selected host and she can call you straight back using a secure central server. This means that your phone details are masked and the Arousr system simply connects you both. Phone calls are billed by the minute and billing ends when you hang up.

You can also use the Arousr system to send tips to any of the chat hosts you like the look of and want to show some appreciation for.

Video calls can only be made using your desktop computer using Google Chrome.

Privacy and Security

All interactions with your chat host are made through Arousr’s secure platform which means you don’t have to share your phone number or other personal details with anyone.

All payments to Arousr for credits are made using discreet billing and your statement will only show transactions to TELEPASS.CC.

Adult Content Sales

Not only can you use Arousr for sexting and dirty chats but if you find a chat host you particularly like you can also purchase and download adult content they have created.

Usually photos and videos, the price of these varies by individual but you can buy a littler souvenir of your chat and pick up a photo or video from around 50 credits each.

Arousr App

Android users can download Arousr as an app to make interactions more simple and secure than using SMS. Unfortunately, there is no such app for iPhone users.

The arousr app

Chat Hosts

All of the chat hosts on Arousr are independents and are not employed by the company. Instead, these can be students, housewives or professionals looking for extra part-time income and can be aged 18-40+.

Hosts are ID-checked, verified and trained by Arousr so you won’t end up speaking to anyone underage or who isn’t who they say they are.

Each of the chat hosts has their own profile page which gives you further information about what they like and the kind of chat they offer. Here you can also find any photos and videos that they have for sale plus you can send them tips if you want to get their attention.

Some photos and videos are available to view to free and these you can comment on or add to your own favorites section.

Customer Reviews

All customers can leave a review and rating of their interactions with a chat host which generates an overall star rating (out of 5) and this can help new users get some idea about the quality of adult chat they can expect from individual hosts.

All recent reviews are visible on a host’s profile page and these are attributed by username to protect member’s identities.

A typical profile on arousr

What Does Arousr Cost?

Unlike a few chat services we could mention, Arousr only charges you for the credits you use so there are no recurring subscription charges plus you get 100 free credits when you initially sign up.

Payment for credits can be made online using your credit card or you can have your mobile phone bill charged directly.

Credits come in bundles with discounts available the more you buy:

  • 300 credits for $16.95
  • 600 credits for $34.95
  • 1,000 credits for $54.95
  • 2,000 credits for $100.00

This makes one credit roughly equivalent to $0.05.


Once you are in Premium mode with a chat host you will get charged 10 credits for every message that they send to you. The system has a failsafe which means there is a limit of three messages that can be sent to you with no response so the girls cannot ‘drain’ your balance.

Phone Calls

These are charged by the minute at a rate of 28 credits/min.

Video Calls

These are also charged by the minute but are priced at individual rates set by the chat hosts and range from 90-100 credits per minute.


Simply send a text message to your host with the #tip amount and this will be deducted from your balance (eg: to send 100 credits send #tip100 to the host’s phone number).

Arousr Review: An Easy Way To Sext

Arousr certainly has a great stable of chat hosts to choose from.

All well-versed in erotic chat, role play and fetish talk, these ladies know exactly how to use their words and voices to bring some solace to any guy at a loose end.

The Arousr phone sex homepage

The process couldn’t be simpler and with the rates being fixed per message/minute it’s straightforward to know exactly what you are spending – plus the charges aren’t bad. 

What we liked most about the platform is that it offers more than just anonymous contact and unlike traditional phone sex lines where you are talking to a faceless voice, here you can get to find out a lot of information about your host.

The fact that you can ‘Favourite’ them, download souvenir photos and videos and even comment on their social interactions makes Arousr more of a social network than just a standard directory of models to chat with.

Our only niggle really is the fact that there aren’t many ways to search for models. Instead you have to browse from a list rather than being able to filter by age, physical appearance etc. It would be nice to be able to narrow down a selection instead of having to tap into each profile to find out more.

That aside, there’s not much else we can find to put you off giving Arousr a try and with 100 free credits on offer to get you started, there’s no better time to do it.

Register on Arousr to claim your free credits.

All featured images in our Arousr review come via their website.


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