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Looking for a new adult game?

Angry Bangers is a turn-based RPG strategy game about street gangs where you control a cast of characters in battles against rival gangs, the police and drug cartels.

Featuring hot chicks, slick guns and a garage full of fast cars, could this new game have all the makings of a Grand Theft Auto with porn?

In this review, we take a look at the latest XXX strategy game to hit the market and decide whether Angry Bangers is worth a second look.

What is Angry Bangers?

First released in 2019, Angry Bangers is a turn-based RPG adult game where you fight like your life depends on it.

The enemies include street gangs and cartels with huge arsenals.

And that’s not the only thing that’s huge. This game also offers some great CGI sex scenes featuring hot babes with huge tits and fit guys with huge dicks.

3d game angry bangers review adult sex game

Unlike a lot of XXX 3D games on the market, Angry Bangers has more to offer than simplistic sex sim gameplay. The developers have put in a lot of effort to create an engaging storyline with tons of characters, interactive battles and a whole host of cars, guns and unique player skills.

All of this is delivered with some brilliant graphics and high production values.

Since it was first launched, the game is attracting a lot of players and traffic to the site and is regularly topping 10 million visits per month. Most popular in Germany and France, Angry Bangers is also being played a lot by Koreans, Norwegians and the Swedes.

Playing Angry Bangers

When you first hit the site, you will need to hit the ‘Play Now’ button to launch the game within your browser. The load time is pretty reasonable given the volume of traffic to their servers but expect to wait a few minutes.

Whilst the game loads, you will get treated to some advance screenshots and 3D graphics of some seriously adult scenes before being asked if you want to play as a Guest or logging in with your account.

You can set one up pretty easily using your Google sign-in or by creating a free account with your email to get 200 free gold coins.

angry bangers 3d xxx game review

Once loaded, you will get a walk-through tutorial of how to play the game which is pretty basic but does set you up for future missions.

Basically, you control a team of gangsters who must fight in a street war with rival gangs. Gameplay is set out on a grid and you take turns to strategically move your characters into position before taking a shot. This can be using one of your many guns or other weapons such as grenades or even hand-to-hand with swords and claws.

Select a character, choose your grid position and then your target before attacking with the weapon of choice.

A little like Grand Theft Auto, the game is set up around a fictitious city where you get missions to complete in order to advance through the game. It does take a while to get to grips with all of the features so (although tedious) it is worth going through all of the training briefs.

This way you can learn all of the skills that are unique to the characters so you can best work out your strategy to defeat your rivals.

angry bangers game 3d xxx game review

Leave a player in the wrong position when it is your opponent’s turn and you will just have to watch them being taken down so choose your moves carefully to cause maximum damage but whilst keeping your gang members safe.

For each battle, you are rewarded with some nice 3D visuals of some XXX content but not a lot of this actually goes on in the game itself; nor is the game as richly animated as these bonus scenes.

In between missions, there’s a lot of stuff you can do to enhance your gameplay including visiting the training hall to boost your character’s skills, visit the roulette table to win game items or play against other gamers in tournaments.

If you want access to some great promotional codes for free ammunition then it is worth following the game’s developers on Facebook as they give away regular discounts and offers through their pages. They are also active on Twitter.

angry bangers game

Angry Bangers: Technical Specifications

Compatible with Windows PC and Apple Mac (unlike many rival games!) as well as Android devices, the best game experience can be had if you launch Angry Bangers in Google Chrome.

What Does Playing Angry Bangers Cost?

At the moment, Angry Bangers is entirely free to play but the game does feature a lot of in-app purchases. Though you can play the game without upgrading your weaponry or paying to unlock levels, you won’t advance as quickly.

In much the same way as most freemium games, you will get various bundle offers at different times during the course of playing the game from those that include new vehicles, weapons upgrades and in-game cash the price also varies from a few bucks to $100+.

angry bangers 3d adult game review

Angry Bangers Review: We Say…

Whilst, ostensibly, being a XXX shoot-em-up game, there are elements of Angry Bangers that make it similar to chess. It’s all about tactical placement and the strategy of which weapons to choose, the players to select and how to use your rewards to upgrade your players.

The graphics themselves in the gameplay aren’t stunning nor are they anything like those you get treated to when you see the introductory sequences.

Instead, the visuals in the games are a lot more clunky and retro and nowhere near as slick as titles like GTA which it seems like Angry Bangers is trying to emulate.

As for the XXX content, again there is a lot less than you may be led to believe from the intro and the only real porn scenes you get to see are those that are shown as an animation when you are victorious in a mission.

In fact, its only outside of the actual gameplay itself where you get treated to the good CGI animation and images but when you do, these are pretty good. From the porn scenes to the roulette tables, the graphics are high-end.

angry bangers review 3d adult sex game

All that being said, the game is pretty good and especially for one that’s free to play. Yes, you can spend a ton of money if you want but you don’t have to in order to enjoy what’s on offer here.

Overall, a decent little game which can get pretty addictive if you like controlling hot babes (sorry, killing machines) and causing animated bloodshed.

Angry Bangers? Definitely worth killing time over but not something that will get you fapping in a hurry.

All images via Angry Bangers.

Angry Bangers Review
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A turn-based RPG adult game with GTA overtones and a lot of XXX cutscenes. There isn’t as much adult gameplay as you might expect, but if you’re looking for a strategy game with an explicit narrative, Angry Bangers has a lot to offer.


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