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Looking for some new 3D adult game titles?

You may just have come to the right place. Affect3D is an online store offering its own titles as well as promoting content produced by other developers.

From short and feature length animations to PC, Mac and Android games plus CG, comics and pin-ups, Affect3D offers a lot of high-quality 2D and 3D porn.

In this feature, we take a closer look at the 3D erotica store, Affect3D and find out who they are, what they produce and what kind of content they are promoting and selling.

Who Are Affect3D?

Affect3D is the brainchild of ‘Miro’, a developer who specializes in creating 3D adult games, specifically in the futanari , or ‘dickgirl’, genre. The venture was founded in 2010 and incorporates two main sites: is the front end of the production team behind their own releases which include the following titles:

  • Bloodlust: Cerene – Royal Descent and Bloodlust: Cerene
  • Girlfriends 4 Ever (reviewed here)
  • Tara’s First Assignment and Tara’s Second Assignment
  • Ayako: Sex Addiction and Ayako: The Blowjob

The work of Affect3D is largely funded by sales of their releases which takes place on the Affect3D Store.

However, ‘Miro’ has also recently joined up with the crowdfunding supersite, Patreon, offering his supporters exclusive discounts, early previews and bonus material.

With access to this material costing from around $2.50 per month, there are obvious benefits to supporting the team in their endeavors.

affect3d store review
The store sells its own products as well as those of other developers.

However, it is the Affect3D store that we turn our attention to in this review.

A site showcasing not only their own 3D titles but also featuring work from top international artists, Affect3D Store is a place where you can pick up animated adult games and content.

Offering ‘Porn Worth Buying’, Affect3D Store offers more than 55 games, 125 animations and 702 adult CG comics.

More than that, the site also provides serves as a great resource with its newly launched 3D Erotic Art Community site, Slushe.

Across all of their endeavors, the mission statement of Affect3D is to find and promote the highest quality and most imaginative 3D and 2D erotic content.

What Does the Affect3D Store Sell/Promote?

The store sells a lot of its own products but also promotes and sells the work of other developers including some big names like Gazukull, Puppet Master and Zuleyka. You can even find free downloads of image sets and links to 3DX games.

However, the staple of the store is adult game content with images and animations for sale plus CG/Comics.

It’s a similar offering to 3DG Spot (reviewed previously).

CG/Comics & Pin-Ups

A lot of the comics available on the Affect3D store are designed to be opened using the The Epoch Art Dynamic Comic Viewer.

This software has revolutionized the way 3D imagery is viewed and you can now experience a more interactive way to enjoy these files.

affect3d store comics
One of the bestselling comic titles on the Affect3D site, ‘Gloria: Bitch on the Beach’.

The software comes free with select comic purchase and is available for both PC and Mac.

Comics designed for this viewer feature plenty of bonus content including alternate point of views and animations, extra images, character bios and stats as well as a full comic synopsis and list of available content. Some also include sound effects and a background score and other features such as desktop wallpapers and 3D character turntables.

There are currently more than 400 comic book titles available to download and they come in a huge range of genres from comedy and parody, horror and mystery to action, fantasy and sci-fi.

Fans of this kind of adult content will recognize some of the regular 3DX contributors including Andy3DX, Insane3D, GonzoStudios, Gazukull and Sexy3DComics.

There are quite a few titles available to download for free but expect to pay around $10 for one of the premium titles or $20-$30 for a bundle.

Also available are sets of pin-up images from the popular games (see below) in high-resolution.


The site is currently promoting a total of 55 adult game titles covering all three of the major gaming platforms; namely PC, Mac and Android.

See more: Our guides to the best sex games for PC, iOS and Android.

Perhaps in keeping with the primary gender of Affect3D’s own games, there is a good mix of futanari porn titles as well as some lesbian and plenty of straight sex games.

affect3d futanari porn home alone nun ya
There’s a lot of dick girl action on the Affect 3D site including ‘Home Alone’ by Nun Ya.

The genres are also diverse and include:

  • Action: 9 titles including Affect3D’s own bestseller Bloodlust Collection 2018 and Amusteven’s The Lust Avenger.
  • Comedy: 11 titles including Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator and Date Night.
  • Fantasy: 30 titles including Affect 3D’s Dick Girl Collection 2018 and NunYa’s Home Alone.
  • Contemporary: 19 titles including Coffee Shop – Interactive Story by Forged3DX and the Puppetmaster 2018 Collection which includes the popular Brittany Home Alone series).
  • Horror: 10 titles including the Monster Love Animation Bundle and Olympus’s Angels & Demons.
  • Parody: 4 titles including Divine Avatar by Chimera46/Gazukull.
  • Romance: 9 titles including Blind Date 3D – Big Bang (LessonofPassion) and Seduce Me (No Reply Games).
  • Sci-Fi: 9 titles including NR-02 (Futaya) and Neva (Virtual Lust).
affect3d blind date 3d sex game
Some big name developers share their games on the Affect3D Store including Lesson of Passion.

Also represented in the genres are Western, Superhero, Mystery and a selection of other games that defy classification!

Prices for these games vary across the board and there is even some free content; however, you can expect to pay around $10-$20 for the best single titles and $30-$40 for a games bundle. There are a couple of collections priced at around $70 but these include multiple games.

The bestselling titles on the site include the Dead Tide series by veteran of the 3D adult games market, Gazukull and Affect 3D’s own dick girl collections. We thought it was only fair, seeing as how this is their review, that we give a spotlight moment to the most popular of these, Bloodlust: Cerene – Royal Descent.

Bloodlust: Cerene – Royal Descent

This is the next chapter in the popular Bloodlust Cerene series which is a 3DX adventure game set in a medieval fantasy world complete with vampires.

Cerene herself is a master vampire but one with more carnal interests than carnivorous. She takes on a project to pervert the heir to the throne of the kingdom, Prince Tristan, in order to secure herself as the ultimate dominatrix of the realm. The only fly in the ointment is the Prince’s betrothed, Duchess Sophia.

affect3d bloodlust cerene royal descent
Bloodlust Cerene – Plenty of vampires, sex and dicks.

The game includes about five main story scenes with lots sex scenes within the Duchess’s bedroom and the vampire lair incorporating positions such as:

  • Cow Girl
  • Standing From Behind
  • Standing Leg Up
  • Half Nelson Anal
  • Laying Anal
  • Reverse Wheelbarrow
  • Standing 69
  • Shirikoki
  • Laying From Behind

Royal Descent takes up where the original game leaves off when Prince Tristan has been dispatched leaving Cerene and Sophia without a dick to fulfill their desires.

There is only one solution to this really. Yep, Cerene magics up a huge 14.9” cock to satisfy the Duchess with. This is futanari porn gone medieval with a twist.

Here the sex scenes get a bit wilder and include slow and fast blowjob, fast blowjob, pussy-cock balance, anal and insertions plus piledriver (pussy and anal), autofellatio, deepthroat and grinding. There is also some fun stuff included which lets you see an x-ray shot of both anal and missionary positions.

Currently priced at $24.95, the title also comes with the following bonus material included:

  • 3 versions of the Main Movie including one with no music and one optimized for mobile
  • Cut Scenes
  • Subtitles
  • Trailer
  • WIP content v1
  • Fun Stuff


As well as comics and games, these developers also publish short and feature length animated movies from their titles.

One of the bestselling animations bundles on the site is the Monster Lover Animation Collection which is priced at $30.95 (download only – no hardcopy software) and includes three titles developed by Amusteven:

  • Velna 3
  • Angelita
  • The Lust Avenger
affect3d monster lover animation collection
The Monster Lover Collection is a big seller.

There is a mix of animated movies, high quality images and an interactive movie to enjoy in this collection and include some great scenes of monster sex, cosplay and huge cocks all wrapped up in action/fantasy sequences.

But if this doesn’t take your fancy then you can find a huge selection of other animated scenes. There are some free titles but most start at around $8 and range up to under $20. Bundles and collections are more expensive and can range up to $60; however, some of these also include games as well as movies and image sets.

Affect3D Store

You can purchase titles via the Affect 3D Store here or you can follow them on social media using  the links below:

Featured image via Affect3D Facebook.


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