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Looking for a great video-on-demand streaming service for porn films?

AEBN has been providing online streaming for premium adult content for two decades. They are a trusted international brand with over 100,000 titles to view and offer a flexible way to pay. With hardcore, softcore, amateur and top-studio movies and clips they are one of the best go-to video-on-demand sites around. But what makes AEBN stand out from the crowd of other content providers?

In this review, we take a closer look at the AEBN Pay-Per-View streaming platform and give you some details about its service including prices, available titles and formats. We’ll also let you know where we think AEBN stacks up against the competition so you can choose the best adult VOD service online.

What is AEBN?

The Adult Entertainment Broadcasting Network is an online streaming and download service for adult movies. Operating since 1999 this video-on-demand platform is ranked in the top 1,200 adult websites in the world and receives traffic in excess of 2.1 million visitors per month.

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Though popular in the United States, AEBN also streams adult movies to customers in the United Kingdom, Canada, China, Australia and to European countries like Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

They were one of the first companies to start operating a Pay-Per-View (PPV) service online when  the technology for internet streaming was very much still in its infancy.

In 2004, the service began offering movies in languages other than English and the platform began to grow its business internationally.

By 2009 AEBN had merged with one of the largest online gay pornography companies, NakedSword, and also with the popular gay production company, Raging Stallion Studios. These moves allowed AEBN to offer one of the biggest selections of both straight and gay content on-demand.

Now in its 21st year, AEBN remains a trusted global name for online adult movie streaming and has even got its own awards system (VOD) to honor performers, producers and directors in the industry.

AEBN: Overview

AEBN offers instant streaming access of over 100,000 adult videos from a huge variety of genres and formats including VR, HD, 3D/360 and UHD-4K.

Movies can be streamed online ether as a full rental or by the minute or you can purchase a title and download/stream it.

The site is well designed with all its videos well tagged by genre, categories, studio, director, series and stars. You can even choose to filter content by settings (bedroom, public, kitchen etc), sex acts (girl on girl, oral, anal etc) or via positions (kneeling, doggy, cowgirl etc). This means that finding content is easy and you can simply use the click through menus or hyperlinks to find scenes  to match your taste.

Every movie has an at-a-glance summary of the content including a breakdown of the scenes and what you can expect to find when you watch them. Each scene can be streamed or downloaded individually or you can simply watch what you want based on the number of minutes in your account.

Once you have started watching videos on AEBN, the platform ‘learns’ what you like and can start recommending content that it thinks you will enjoy. A bit like Netflix, it bases this on the keywords from content you have streamed and matches videos from the same category, style etc.


Of course, the main AEBN site is split into two distinct categories; Gay and Straight. Beyond this there are over 100 sub-categories of adult content to enjoy and all videos can be filtered so you can find your favorite genre.

From Annilingus to Wresting, Babysitters to Vampires, every (legal) taste is catered for with plenty of fetish videos along with mainstream softcore and hardcore. They even have a decent choice of retro and vintage porn movies from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

As well as feature length porn movies you can also find instructional videos, adult animation and amateur content.


AEBN has movies from over 1,500 studios including all of the big names from North America and Europe as well as Asia and South America plus amateur and small independent producers.

Featured studios include:

  • Team Skeet
  • Manipulative Media
  • Dark X
  • Reality Kings
  • Porn Pros
  • Fake Taxi

It is a direct rival to other porn streaming platforms like Adult Time, FyreTVHotMovies and Adult Empire.

Watch AEBN With Roku

A recent development with AEBN is their partnering with the online media player, Roku. These casting devices allow you to access online content and screen it on your TV just like a cable or satellite channel.

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There are two device linking codes you can choose (AEBN or AEBN 2), one of which shows a thumbnail of a more discrete kind (AEBN 2) if you share access to your TV with family or flatmates.

aebn on roku

AEBN: Costs of Membership

You can set up an account with AEBN and receive your first 15 minutes of PPV time for free; however, you will need to register a credit card to age-verify your account.

The price of movies varies depending on length, release date and format with popular VR titles, for instance, costing around $10 for lifetime streaming or download. However, some titles can be found on sale for just a few dollars.

You can watch most movies via the AEBN Pay-Per-View model by adding time to your account.

Minutes can be purchased in bundles with the current prices being applicable at the time of our review:

No of Minutes Purchase Minutes Streaming Minutes
1000 $84.95 $76.45/month (1st Month – $84.95)
500 $49.95 $44.95/month (1st Month – $49.95)
300 $29.95 $26.95/month (1st Month – $29.95)
200 $19.95 $17.95/month (1st Month – $19.95)
100 $11.95 $10.75/month (1st Month – $11.95)
60 $8.95 $8.05/month (1st Month – $8.95)
30 $5.95 $5.35/month (1st Month – $5.95)
15 $3.95 $3.50/month (1st Month – $3.95)

Downloads can be rented for a period of 7 days, 30 days or you can opt to ‘own’ the title. Prices vary but are generally between $5 and $10 per movie.

AEBN Review: We Say…

Whilst AEBN may have pioneered Pay-Per-View adult movie streaming, there are now many companies offering a similar service and competition in this market is strong. Not only that but free porn through tube sites like RedTube and Pornhub are also able to offer premium content on demand through its subscription services. In order to stay relevant, platforms like AEBN must ensure that their websites offer the best and most up-to-date studio releases and stay ahead of the game with advanced tech movies.

aebn adult vod review

So, how does AEBN compare?

Well, we think that this veteran of the VOD market holds its own pretty well. The website is well designed and offers a really comprehensive way to browse and search for content. Which it needs to be able to do. When you are offering a selection of over 100,000 movies users require advanced search and filtering functionality.

It’s a responsive website that offers fast streaming capabilities which is necessary when you are trying to watch high-definition, VR and 3D content.

As for prices, AEBN’s main selling point here is the flexibility of ways to watch and pay. The fact that you don’t have to subscribe monthly but can just pay as you go is appealing and with discounts available for buying larger bundles, you can really make some good savings.

As a company that’s been around for two decades, they have a good standing with the main studios and have a great back catalog of films plus they have access to the latest releases as well.

All in all, there’s nothing to dislike about the AEBN platform and the fact that they’ve partnered up with Roku means that you can watch your favorite adult movies on the big screen instead of being hunched over your laptop. BUT, if you want to watch porn on your tablet or mobile phone then AEBN has optimized its mobile site and you can rely on the same speed, flexibility and ease-of-access as the desktop site and Roku service.

aebn porn vod review

Finally, if you are shopping round for an adult video streaming service (like Netflix) and would rather pay a simple subscription fee (like Netflix) then AEBN can even offer that as well. Launched in 2016, their Adult Movies website even has a similar logo to the aforementioned media company.

Overall, we think that AEBN offers great value, great content and great flexibility. With a trusted pedigree its not hard to see why so many people are still choosing the original online adult content provider to stream their porn.

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