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Adult World 3D Review

If you are looking for a sex simulation game then the chances are you’ve come across Adult World 3D.

Offering a virtual world of fully customisable porn and horny characters, Adult World 3D promises to be the most advanced sex game on the planet but can you trust the hype?

In this review, we take a look at what Adult World 3D has to offer.

What is Adult World 3D?

Adult World 3D is a sex simulation game that allows you to cast, direct and control the action, allowing you to enjoy porn the way you want it to be created. The animation is in true HD and the game is updated regularly to ensure that features are of the best quality.

shoot your own porn adult world 3d

A sex simulation game where you control all of the action, roleplay as a top porn director. Image via website.

Adult World 3D has, apparently, been voted the world’s No 1 sex game though by whom we cannot find out. We can tell you that the site receives over a million hits a month with the majority of traffic coming from the US, Germany and Brazil.

Using Adult World 3D

Put simply, the gameplay of Adult World 3D is about creating your own 3D animated porn scenes using a whole host of locations, scenarios and characters. You get to choose your cast, set your stage and choose the way the scene unfolds. You vary the excitement levels and even when and how the characters cum. Select from a variety of camera angles to save your scenes to watch later.


The game is populated with a bevvy of exciting ladies (as well as leading men),  all of whom are fully customisable. From the size of their breasts to what they are wearing, you can choose exactly how all of the characters look.

It is one of the features of the game which make it more realistic and immersive; you can tailor your leading ladies to resemble real-life characters or model them on your fantasies.

adult world sex game

You can even match the characters to the setting with costume and uniforms.

The game designers have put a lot of effort into creating naturalistic looking 3D renditions of the male and female form. Lighting and shadows offer additional realism with the sound making the action even more immersive.


This is where the game really gets going, in the selection of the kinds of pornographic scenes you want to stage. And the selection is huge.

As well as guy-girl action, you can choose girl on girl or a combo of FFM or MMF threesomes and even select a larger group for some orgy action.

Positions are equally as varied and you can randomise the acts across a large group to really mix up the scene.

Once you’ve established the scene, you can change the camera angles from a variety of different positions including POV from any character. Any screenshot can be recorded and saved to your album so you never miss those well-directed scenes.

sex simulation game adult world 3d

Multiple camera angles really bring this game to life and allow you to capture every piece of the action.

You can even turn up the excitement meter on your characters, so they enjoy the action more; the more they enjoy it, the more audible they get and the dirtier the responses.

You can finish off any scene with your choice of ejaculation using a dedicated ‘cum’ function. Choose from regular or mammoth and watch as your lucky partner receives a mother load wherever you want it; in the face, across the body or (if your character is ball-deep at the time) as a creampie.


The environment in Adult World 3D is also one of the big features which set it apart from other sex simulation games. Where some offerings have restricted worlds to explore, the locations in this game are varied and offer just the right mix of backdrops to stage your best porn scenes.

Though you can’t customise the scenery, you can choose from places like a luxury house, school principal’s office, doctors surgery or even outdoors at the beach.

There are no fantasy locations as Adult World 3D is a realistic sex game based on a modern ‘real’ world.

Additional Features

There is no bonus content offered with the Adult 3D World download but your subscription covers regular content updates.

What Does Playing Adult World 3D Cost?

Playing Adult World 3D requires a membership. You can choose from three subscription types:

  • 1 Months recurring subscription: $19.95
  • 6 Months one off subscription: $59.96
  • 12 Months one off subscription: $91.97

You can pay using credit/debit card, via Paypal or using SafetyPay/uKash/ClickandBuy.

Adult World 3D: Our Verdict

It’s obvious from the off that Adult World 3D is a game that has been designed by people who have used other sex simulation games and found their flaws… so they could improve on them.

To start with, the animation is well-rendered and features subtleties in skin tone, shadows and motion that can only be appreciated if you have ever played sub-standard sex-games in the past.

adult world 3D review

The graphics in Adult World 3D are of a high quality but its the sound and action that will keep you hooked.

And it gets better.

The audio to accompany the action is also ultra-realistic and doesn’t just provide the odd moan but you get to hear the penetration noises in time to the action; again, you can only appreciate this level of detail if you have ever experienced those games where the fapping noises are perfunctory (at best) or non-existent.

We like the variety in locations and the various ways you can customise the characters as well as control all of the action but our favourite feature is the way the action is filmed. You really do get the feeling that you are a porn director on the set of your own title as you change camera angles, zoom in on the action and even control the (very realistic) cumshots.

Overall, the price isn’t bad for this very well presented sex game and the fact that you get to keep the game up to date with regular new content and features pays for itself if you use the game a lot.

It’s a pretty addictive sex sim and you may well find yourself spending more time making porn than watching it.

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