Our Pick of the Best Adult Sex Games for 2023

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Enter the rapidly growing world of online sex games and 3D porn simulators!

Our Adult Sex Games portal covers the hottest new releases in the world of NSFW gaming. From kinky MMORPGs to 3D sex games; from virtual reality experiences to virtual girlfriend simulators!

Find the best adult games for PC, Mac, Android or iOS.

Play the Hottest Adult Games for 2023

3D Sex World

A fully interactive virtual 3D sex simulator. Control all the action and direct your own HD porn scenes.

For: Windows, PC

Slut Saga

Take your pick from orgies, blowjobs, gangbangs and the wildest of sluts in this crazy adult sex game.

For: Mobile or Desktop

Fuck Fantasy

Choose exactly how you want to get laid, then act out the fantasy with red-hot HD graphics depicting every last drip of cum.

For: Mobile or Desktop


Why commit to one sex game when you can join a single platform that has 1000s of XXX titles instead?

For: Mobile or Desktop

Hentai Heroes

Consistently voted the most popular hentai adult game in the world, step inside the addictive dirty universe of Hentai Heroes.

For: Mobile or Desktop

Sex Emulator

Create your perfect partner, then fuck her. Anything is possible in Sex Emulator, a world of horny sex dolls – here for your pleasure.

For: Mobile or Desktop

Android Porn Games

Play adult games on the go with your Android tablet or phone.

iOS Porn Games

Struggling to find iOS porn games? We’ve got the best of the bunch!

PC Porn Games

Play sex games on your PC with these top downloadable XXX titles.

Mac Porn Games

Our pick of the best porn games for Mac users. Don’t get left behind. ๐Ÿ˜‰

VR Porn Games

We knew it wouldn’t take long for adult games to go fully VR…

Virtual Sex Games

A *huge* list of virtual sex games and 3D sex simulators.

You Asked For Adult Game Guides… We Delivered

It’s hard work spending hundreds of hours “working” through the latest porn games armed with nothing but a notepad, a pencil and a stiff cock. But somebody has to do it. We’ve compiled the hottest sex games for just about every genre and platform you can shake your stick at. Check out our top picks below.

NSFW Games on Patreon

Patreon adult sex games

Crowd-funded Patreon porn games where developers and fans work together to create the ultimate adult gaming experiences, funded by the fans.

Multiplayer Sex Games

Multiplayer sex games

Enter the world of Adult MMORPGs. These multiplayer sex games are packed full of kinky action, cyber sex and NSFW clips.

Gay Porn Games

Gay porn games

Here we have a selection of the best all-male-action gay porn games. Over 16 RPGs and simulators and in total.

Virtual Strip Poker Games

Best strip poker games

Looking for online strip poker with some interactive stripping and a bunch of naked girls?! Check out our review of the best virtual strip poker games.

Lesbian Porn Games

Lesbian porn games

Want to play games that involve strictly girl-on-girl action? Here’s our selection of the hottest lesbian porn games.

BDSM & Bondage Games

Best BDSM sex games

For a gaming experience that goes beyond the vanilla, take a look at our list of the kinkiest BDSM sex games.

NSFW Games on Steam

Steam adult games

Steam is home to several bestselling adult games: kinky RPGs, 3D simulators & more. Check out our pick of the best NSFW games on Steam.

Adult Games on Itch.io

Itch io porn games

Fan of the Itch.io gaming platform? We’ve scoured high and low to find the best adult games on Itch.io.

Foot Fetish Games

Best foot fetish games

Looking for toe-licking, foot jobs and other foot-specific role-play? We’ve got a list of the best foot worship adult sims.

Hot New Hentai Games: Get Your Eroge Fix

We’ve reviewed over a dozen of the best hentai games, plus our favorite eroge platforms – like Nutaku, EroGames and even the NSFW section on Newgrounds. From visual novel ‘clickers’ and dating sims to RPGs and adventure strategy games, hentai games are the gift that keep on giving.

Don’t be fooled by the bright colors or sugar-high inducing animations. These games contain some of the most explicit sex of any genre in the adult gaming industry. Check out the hottest new hentai games below:

Nutaku Network

Undisputedly, the number one site in the world for hentai gamers. The Nutaku platform has hundreds of hot H games.


Another cult classic platform for eroge gaming fans. Play the hottest new hentai titles across any of your devices.


Hentai Heroes is one of the most addictive hentai titles to hit the adult gaming space. Give it a play today to see why. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Latest Adult Sex Games & Reviews

Over the years, we’ve reviewed dozens of adult sex games. As you can imagine… the results have been mixed. Some of these games are instantly forgettable, others are like dirty cult classics. You’ll never hear about them on Gamespot or IGN, but that hasn’t stopped us from having a disgustingly good look at them on your behalf. Enjoy the research!

Online Sex Games: Your Questions Answered


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