16 Best iOS Porn Games: Adult Sex Games for iPhones & iPads, No Download Required

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Struggling to find good iOS porn games? Wondering why it’s so difficult to download adult games to your iPhone or iPad?

The answer is simple – Apple’s stringent content guidelines don’t allow for porn games on their platform. The company’s conservative stance on ‘explicit’ content means that you won’t be able to download NSFW games, or sex game apps.

That’s the bad news. The good news is there are still plenty of adult games you can play on iOS. It’s just that the journey to find them won’t lead you to Apple’s App Store.

The easiest way to play porn games on an iPhone/iPad is to opt for browser-based titles. This means: no download required. No messing with the App Store. You can enjoy red-hot gameplay using Safari or Chrome on your iPhone or iPad. Any progress is saved in the browser, meaning you can come back to the games later and keep on playing.

Below we have curated the ultimate list of iOS porn games to quench your burning desires. From erotic RPGs and visual novels, to good old-fashioned sex simulators. There’s plenty to keep your hands busy, and your pants twitching.

Want to see more? Let’s get to it!

What Are The Best iOS Porn Games in 2023?

The best adult games for iOS in 2023 are listed below:

  1. Project QT
  2. King of Kinks
  3. Sex Emulator
  4. Slut Saga
  5. Booty Calls
  6. Harem Heroes (or Hentai Heroes)
  7. Jerk Dolls
  8. Fuck Fantasy
  9. Get My Nudes
  10. Fake Lay
  11. Sweet State
  12. Pornstar Harem
  13. Comix Harem
  14. Gay Harem
  15. Bondage Simulator
  16. Furry Beach Club

In choosing these games, we’ve covered a variety of the most popular game types, including sex simulators, RPGs and hentai titles. We’ve considered factors such as total active players, number of positive reviews, the originality of the game, and the standard of the gameplay.

Below we take a look at each of these iOS sex games in further detail.

1. Project QT


project qt game

Project QT is a lewd puzzle-based RPG that sits at the top of our list for good reason: it’s the most-played iOS porn game on Nutaku.

The wild story starts with a black hole ripping open in the Arctic, spewing out a bunch of horny extraterrestrial babes (because, why not?). So, naturally, it’s your job to… ‘tame’ these monster girls. And by ‘tame’, we mean indulge in round after round of smutty virtual sex.

Project QT was voted Nutaku’s Top Mobile Game & Most Popular Mobile App in their annual 2022 awards. When you consider the stiff competition on the platform — from some of the world’s most popular porn games — it shows just how enduringly popular this title has become since it arrived in 2019.

Project QT is available to play for free. It’s one of three games offered on Nutaku’s brand-new Cloud Streaming beta service, designed to provide a superior playing experience for iPhone and iPad users.

2. King of Kinks


King of Kinks iOS porn game

King of Kinks is a hentai porn iOS gem that’s not for the faint of heart.

Our first impression screams: Game of Thrones(!!!). But instead of jostling for a spiky chair, you’re aiming to rule the Kingdom of Kinks – a steamy, sweaty realm full of animated sex, big tits and sumptuous artwork. This adult MMORPG doesn’t pull any punches; it’s got more leather and latex than a BDSM convention.

Developed by DPH Studio, King of Kinks has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the top of Nutaku’s adult gaming charts. A fast-paced hentai romp, KoK was the most-played browser porn game across their entire platform by the end of 2022. It was chosen by Nutaku as one of three flagship titles to spearhead their new iOS-friendly cloud streaming service (alongside Project QT and Booty Calls).

You’ve got your classic fantasy babes – busty elves, curvy witches, and mysterious succubi, all itching for your royal touch. But this isn’t just some cheap smut fest. There’s a fully-fleshed (emphasis on fleshed) world here, with intricate storylines, deep character development, and enough drama to fuel a daytime soap opera.

Kink of Kinks is a fully iOS compatible sex game, playable directly from your browser. It’s also free to play.

3. Sex Emulator


bdsm sex emulator review

Sex Emulator is a browser-based 3D sex simulator where you get to build your dream girl from scratch. And by scratch, we mean right down to the texture of her lips. You get to choose her ethnicity, hair color, breast size and skills ‘preferences’ (sucking, spanking, anal, feet).

Too horny to waste time designing your dream girl? You can always choose a premade sex doll, including famous pornstars and parody characters that have been lovingly ‘prepared’ for you in advance.

Sex Emulator is more than just a naughty dollhouse. The 3D graphics are enticingly realistic, and the animations? Let’s just say, this is one game that definitely doesn’t hold back on the X-rated content.

You can tinker with a few basic animations and sex scenes for free, but to unlock all of the characters, camera angles and interactions, you’ll need to upgrade to the full version which requires submitting your credit card details for age verification.

Sex Emulator is entirely browser-based. It’s accessible on your iPhone or iPad, with no download necessary.

4. Slut Saga


Slut Saga iOS adult sex game

Slut Saga is another sex simulator that claims to be the ‘most realistic adult game’ on the Internet. Is there any truth to that? Well, it depends how you define realistic.

It’s certainly not realistic if you’re looking for the thrill of the chase, or if you want to work hard to get laid. Slut Saga skips the dating, the flowers, the candlelit dinners, and get right down to the dirty deeds.

But if you’re looking for hot XXX graphics, the game delivers. What Slut Saga lacks completely in storyline and depth, it makes up for with a selection of mouthwatering babes that contort exquisitely to your commands. From the curve of her hips to the arch of her back, there’s plenty of simulated hardcore action to get your pulse racing.

Slut Saga takes place in your browser (on Safari or Chrome), making it fully compatible with all iOS devices.

5. Booty Calls


nutaku browser games booty calls

Booty Calls is a lewd iOS compatible porn game that mixes the addictive qualities of a dating sim with the uncensored action of a XXX game. It’s a wild and delightful hentai ride.

As a randy sailor, your job is to help mermaid princess Andriella collect all the pussy juice in town. You’ll be getting to know a small army of hot girls, dating them, and (if you solve the various puzzles) banging them too.

A smash-hit title by 3X Entertainment, Booty Calls has swept a number of awards from Nutaku (including Labor of Love, Most Arousing/Stimulating Game and Best Voice Over). It was also picked alongside Project QT and King of Kinks to front Nutaku’s beta iOS cloud streaming service, first launched in May 2023.

The game been translated in to four other languages (Japanese, German, French, Spanish), and it also boasts compatibility with the Lovense range of sex toys. A teledildonic porn game that works with your iPhone… what’s not to love?!

6. Harem Heroes (or Hentai Heroes)


hentai heroes review

Harem Heroes is one of the world’s most popular hentai games for iOS. It’s a 2D-based anime style game from Kinkoid, a classic mixture of Visual Novel and erotic RPG. You may also see the game marketed as Hentai Heroes, but beyond the titles, they are essentially the same games in different packaging.

The story is pretty formulaic: You are a nerdy looking guy with one goal — to build a harem of sexy curvalicious babes and save them from the advances of your rivals. Each completed quest not only adds to your harem but also unlocks brand new animated sex scenes for your XXX viewing pleasure.

The action comes thick and fast, and the ‘grind’ will have you glued to your iPhone screen in no time. If you’re a fan of adult RPGs, Harem Heroes is probably already on your radar. If it isn’t? It should be!

7. Jerk Dolls


Jerkdolls adult sex sim game review

JerkDolls has swept a number of awards as the best visual 3D sex simulator of the year. If you’ve ever wanted to be the director of your own personalized 3D smut-fest, JerkDolls is just the ticket. This game isn’t just about watching the action unfold – it’s about shaping it, molding it, and then diving in balls-first.

After fully designing their appearance and expressions, you get to take full control over the action and fuck as many different ‘dolls’ as you want – and how you want. There’s no content filter here.

Sure, the gameplay is lacking any kind of depth or storyline. That’s an understatement! But it’s a sex simulator, guys. You’re here for the graphics, those tantalizing 3D curves, the hardcore animated sex.

Jerk Dolls is fully compatible with iPhones and iPads. This highly addictive iOS sex simulator can be played on all of the major mobile browsers, including Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

8. Fuck Fantasy


Fuck Fantasy

Fuck Fantasy is a mobile sex simulator that lets you build your dream partner. Just like Slut Saga, you can choose her hair color, skin color and weight. Customise her vital features to your heart’s content.

Once you’re happy with your creation, it’s time to get down to the good stuff. Living out those fuck fantasies in a virtual playground.

The game lets you explore an array of positions in vivid HD, putting you in the driver’s seat of your own X-rated porn movie. Whether you like it soft and slow or fast and furious, Fuck Fantasy caters to your every whim with an array of beautifully animated sex scenes.

It’s a simple formula: Build. Bang. Repeat.

Fuck Fantasy plays in your browser. It’s fully compatible with iOS devices, as well as Android, PC and Mac computers.

9. Get My Nudes


Get My Nudes iOS porn game

Get My Nudes is a dating simulator, and one of the most meta adult titles we’ve ever come across. It’s a game that simulates erotic sex chat. Why waste your time trying to extract nudes in the real world when you can do it virtually?

Get My Nudes replicates the real-life sensation of sliding in to those DMs. It gives you the chance to sext and seduce 12 stunning ladies, without having to worry about the real-life implications of getting it all horribly wrong.

The game adds some micro-transaction upsells, to hilarious effect:

“If you want to have more sexual encounters with these beautiful girls, you can either wait or buy diamonds to do so…”

Get ready to fire up your iPhone, crank up the charm, and start collecting those dirty pics. Get My Nudes is free-to-play (unless you opt for the diamonds fast-track) and it works in your mobile browser.

10. Fake Lay


Fake Lay iPhone clicker

Fake Lay is one of the more plot-driven sex games for iPhone. It’s a bit like the Fake Taxi porn concept, but with some extra resource management and PVP gameplay added to the mix.

This is a clicker-style Hentai dating sim where your primary goal is to disguise yourself as a cab driver or a movie star and seduce the various babes you encounter.

Your aim is to become the ultimate Casanova and create a harem of horny girls, meeting and fucking your way to victory. Fake Lay boasts a clever blend of humor, seduction, and lewd content. As you’d expect with any clicker game, it’s not the most mentally demanding of adventures.

The biggest criticism of Fake Lay is that it can take some real ‘grind’ to advance to the best sex scenes. We’re talking hours of clicking away to reach ‘level ten’ and being able to actually fuck these vixens for free.

You can play Fake Lay for free on your iOS device. It works on Safari, Chrome or Firefox, as well as on Android or PC.

11. Sweet State


Best adult games for iphone sweet state

Sweet State is a lewd tycoon simulator game developed by Endless Fun. The goal is to build a sex empire from the comfort of your iPhone, one conquest at a time.

An adult strategy simulation set in Pornwood (an obvious play on Hollywood), you’ll step into the shoes of Pornwood’s most ambitious entrepreneur. In Sweet State, you’re not just running a business, you’re crafting an empire of debauchery.

Become the greatest pimp Pornwood has ever seen by taking to the streets and running the other pimps out of business. Along the way you’ll engage in gang warfare, prostitution and a whole lot of animated sex. It’s a seedy twisted world out there in Sweet State. Only the dirtiest players will rise to the top.

Sweet State is free to play. It runs in your browser and can be played on any modern mobile device.

12. Pornstar Harem


pornstar harem game for ios

Pornstar Harem is a resource-management browser porn game by Kinkoid. In this title, the ‘resources’ are… you guessed it, a library of stunning, horny porn stars.

Your goal is to build up a harem of slutty heroes, each with her own attributes and special abilities. You can then take on other bosses in PvP battles, with the prize of more luscious porno babes to add to your club. It’s not just about collecting porn stars – you also have to train them, level them up, and manage their unique skills. All this while balancing the desires of your existing harem members (no easy task!).

Pornstar Harem follows a simple but addictive formula, at times both sexy and hilarious in equal measures. If you’re looking for an adult RPG, this 2022 offering from Kinkoid is worth a look.

Alt-sequel Trans Pornstar Harem was released in May 2023. It plays the same, but with a selection of trans beauties to seduce instead.

13. Comix Harem


Comix Harem

Comix Harem is an action adventure porn game by Kinkoid. Playable on iPhones and suitable for all mobile devices, this title features classic clicker gameplay and old-school comic graphics.

Comix Harem lets you take on the guise of superhero Wildman, a super-endowed superhero with more than just crime fighting on his mind. Your mission is to travel around the city banging other female superheroes and stopping the bad guys from taking over. With every successful quest, you’ll grow your harem and unlock brand new erotic scenes to fap over.

It’s a classic hentai clicker style game with some RPG gameplay mechanics and a ton of lewd set-pieces. Prepare for a barrage of huge tits, gigantic asses and an onslaught of uncensored sex scenes.

14. Gay Harem


gay harem review

Gay Harem takes the classic hentai harem format and gives it a male-on-male twist. It’s basically the gay version of Harem Heroes. As one of the top-rated gay porn games for iOS, you can expect plenty of anime hunks, studs and cock-hungry dudes.

Available in both English and French, Gay Harem is all about collecting a harem of horny men to fight and do battle. You’re the central figure in the grand arena of the Haremverse, where you’re on a mission to collect a squad of sexy studs.

Enhance their sexual skills and create the most virile harem in the land.

The game plays like classic Pokemon, but with that obvious Kinkoid twist. Instead of finding video game characters, you’re on the hunt for big-dicked dudes instead. Gay Harem is quite the cum-filled adventure!

15. Bondage Simulator


Bondage Simulator adult game

Bondage Simulator is a BDSM-themed sex simulator that you can play in any mobile browser, including on your iPhone or iPad. This title takes the popular genre of ‘Design Your Own Fuck Buddy‘, and loads it up with bondage play for a much kinkier playthrough.

It’s similar to Jerk Dolls or Sex Emulator, but with a masochistic edge that will appeal to anybody who wants to play the role of virtual Dom or Domme.

In Bondage Simulator, you’re in full control. You can design your own sex slave, crafting their every detail to your liking, and then train them in all the BDSM arts. From light spanking and blowjobs to foot fetishes and hardcore anal sex, the power is in your hands.

What fucked up scenarios are you going to put your slaves and subs through today? We’ll leave that to your imagination!

16. Furry Beach Club


Furry Beach Club Review

Calling all furry porn lovers, The Furry Beach Club is an HTML5 porn game that can be played in-browser on your iOS device. This adult dating sim comes with a unique twist — all the characters are animals.

Yes, enter the world of erotic anthropomorphism where the foxes are foxy.

Furry Beach Club takes you on a sexy retreat to a beach resort that’s more than just sun and sand. It’s a place where you can fully explore and interact with other furries. Strike up a conversation, flex your charm, and select your responses carefully. If you play your cards right, you might end up doing more than just chatting.

Released back in 2016, Furry Beach Club remains free to play and has been a resounding hit with the furry fandom crowd. It’s not your typical iPhone sex game!

Where Can I Find Adult Games for iPhone or iPad?

Can’t find sex games on the iOS App Store?

No shit. It’s drier than a nun’s love life over there.

If you want to browse stacked libraries of the hottest sex games for iOS, you’ll need to choose an 18+ gaming platform that has a decent number of ‘play-in-browser’ titles. These are NSFW games that can be played on your iPhone in Safari, Chrome or Firefox. There is no download required.

Below we have highlighted the best sites to find adult games for iPhone or iPad.

List of iOS Porn Games on Nutaku

iPhone games on Nutaku

Adult gaming giant Nutaku is home to one of the largest selections of high-quality porn games. While the majority of their titles are for PC or Android users, you can still find adult games for iOS boasting millions of combined plays.

Below is a list of 17 Nutaku games that can be played in-browser on your iPhone.

  • BustyBiz (Idle)
  • Fake Lay (Casual)
  • Chick Empire (Casual)
  • Kamihime Project R (RPG)
  • Fap Titans (Casual)
  • Harem Heroes (Action Adventure)
  • Vixen Wars (Action Adventure)
  • Hot Gym (Idle)
  • Casting Agent (Casual)
  • Gay Harem (Action Adventure)
  • Sweet State (Simulation)
  • Taimanin Asagi BattleArena (RPG)
  • Men Bang (Casual)
  • Marchen Nocturne (RPG)
  • Soul Senki (RPG)
  • Lewd Producer (Clicker)
  • Waifu Surprise (Action Adventure)

To filter suitable titles for iOS, look for the tag ‘Mobile Browser‘ under device compatibility.

In May 2023, Nutaku announced a beta cloud streaming service which will specifically benefit iOS gamers. The main advantage is that it removes the browser bar from your phone screen, so that you can effectively play in full-screen mode, as if you were using their native Android app.

Nutaku’s Cloud Streaming feature is currently limited to just three titles:

Supported countries include: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, US and Ukraine.

More countries and new iOS porn games are expected to be added throughout the rest of 2023.

List of iOS Porn Games on EroGames

Erogames iPhone titles

Erogames is one of the top mobile gaming platforms for hentai games. Just like Nutaku, it has a bunch of XXX titles that can be played on iOS devices. No downloads required. Just browse and play.

As of May 2023, Erogames has 22 porn games for iPhone and iPad users:

  • Naughty Nyx (Match3, Visual Novel)
  • Hentai Heroes (Kinkoid classic)
  • Wild School (Mini porn games)
  • Fake Lay World (RPG)
  • Gay Harem (Gay RPG, Visual Novel)
  • Railway Sex (Visual Novel)
  • Get My Nudes (Sex chat simulator)
  • Lost Island (Visual Novel)
  • Gym Lover (Visual Novel)
  • Chuchu Succubus Rem (RPG)
  • Detective Masochist (Visual Novel)
  • Fallen (RPG)
  • Nakadashi Banzai (Visual Novel)
  • Sex Gladiators (RPG)
  • Princess Pixel (RPG, Multiplayer)
  • Puzzles & Panties (Adult Puzzles)
  • Chess & Fuck (Visual Novel)
  • The Last Week of My Virgin Life (Visual Novel)
  • The Last Day of My Virgin Life (Visual Novel)
  • Lust of the Apartment Wives (Visual Novel)

To find these (and more) iPhone friendly porn games, just visit Erogames and select ‘iOS’ from the search page:

Search iOS porn games

Which Sites Have Free Browser Porn Games for iPhones?

While Nutaku and Erogames lead the way for premium iOS porn games, there are several other sites that offer standalone adult games for your iPhone or iPad.

YMMV. Your mileage may vary.

Below we highlight a few well-known platforms that offer free browser porn games for iPhone users.



Gamcore hosts a massive collection of free adult games. Whether you’re into kinky BDSM games, anime-based hentai games, or 3D interactive sex games, Gamcore covers pretty much the entire spectrum of the adult gaming space — including 44 HTML-based titles that *should* work nicely on your iPhone.

We say should, but we had some latency problems with a couple of these browser games. Read each individual game description for any recommendations on the most suitable browser before you play. Some work better in Chrome than Safari, and vice versa.

Here are the 5 most popular iOS adult games on Gamcore:

  1. Date Ariane (2.5 million plays)
  2. Virtual Date With Amy (1.6 million plays)
  3. The Gym (1.5 million plays)
  4. Maddison: Virtual Date Girls (1.5 million plays)
  5. Pool Party (1.2 million plays)



Mopoga is another popular platform for free porn games, some of which are compatible with your iPhone. They have a mix of XXX titles, ranging from traditional sex simulators to more avant-garde indie games.

It isn’t clear what criteria Mopoga uses to rank its games, but the ‘top’ iOS porn games on the platform are currently listed as:

  1. Student X-Change Program
  2. Elixir of Life
  3. Aphrodisia
  4. Casting Director
  5. Love and Vice

These titles are a mix of HTML-based interactive adult games, visual novels and sex simulators.

Similar to Gamcore, don’t expect these games to provide hours of endless gameplay. They are typically much smaller in scope than the titles on Nutaku or Erogames. A typical HTML game on Mopoga may only contain a couple of erotic set-pieces and 30-60 minutes of playing time.



Itch.io is one of our ‘go-to’ sites for hot new adult games by indie developers. You can often play smash-hit titles long before they capture the attention of the wider adult gaming audience.

By using the search filters ‘Adult’ and ‘iOS’, you can check Itch for suitable NSFW iPhone games.

Unfortunately, it’s slim pickings at the moment.

We found just 11 iOS adult games titles, including some that are distinctly lacking in XXX content. The platform is home, however, to Waifu Simulator, a cool little dating simulator that works a treat on iOS.

How Can I Play Browser Porn Games on iOS?

We’ve seen where you can find dirty games for your iPhone, but how can you get these naughty games running on your iOS device?

The great thing about browser porn games is you don’t have to worry about downloads or storage space. Neither do you have to worry about Apple telling you what you can and can’t do on your device. All you need is an Internet connection, a suitable browser (typically Safari or Chrome), and a game to play.

Simply navigate to the game’s website, tap ‘Play‘ and away you go.

One thing to note: Incognito Mode. It’s not great for playing browser porn games.

If you try to play a game in Incognito Mode, you may well find that you lose all your progress when you close the browser. iOS porn games can be pretty buggy at the best of times. Playing in Incognito Mode is a recipe for losing your progress. Keep this in mind if you’re playing an RPG, or any adult title where the ‘grind’ is a key factor.

Safari Porn Games

Safari is our recommended browser for playing porn games on iOS. It tends to run smoother than Chrome, with less glitches and better animations.

All of the browser games in our list of 2023’s Best iOS Porn Games are designed to work on Safari.

Chrome Porn Games

Chrome is a bit less reliable than Safari for playing mobile browser porn games.

This is due to Chrome’s tendency to interfere with some of the processes that are required for your adult games to run smoothly. Try switching to Safari if you are noticing a lot of visual glitching, or if the game is not responding correctly to your inputs.

Do Flash Sex Games Work on iPhones?

Once the king of interactive web content, Flash has been phased out and is not supported on iOS devices.

That means most Flash-based adult games won’t work on your iPhone, unless the site where you found them has added an emulator (like Ruffle). Even with the use of an emulator, we don’t recommend playing a flash sex game on iOS unless you are prepared to lose all of your progress!

Fear not though, game developers have adjusted to Flash’s demise, and many have transitioned their games to HTML5, which is designed to work well across all devices — including iOS.

While you might be able to find Flash games that work on iOS through the use of emulators (or a plugin like Puffin), we generally don’t recommend these games. There are HTML5 options through sites like Nutaku and Erogames that are much smoother to play.

Can I Download Porn Games From the App Store?


There are no iPhone sex games or sex apps available to download from the App Store. This is due to Apple’s third party content policies. The platform forbids any content that is pornographic in nature.

Why is Apple so picky about sex games?

The late Steve Jobs, former Apple boss, strongly believed that the corporation has a moral duty to combat porn access using their products. As a result, the App Store has long been devoid of apps and games which could be perceived as ‘pornographic’.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped the availability of legitimate adult apps such as instructional guides to the Kama Sutra, saucy card games and even some popular games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Tim Cook, current CEO of Apple, has been a little more relaxed over the company’s attitude towards the adult market but still maintains that the App Store should be free from adult material. Speaking to MSNBC, Cook said:

“We’re like the guy on the corner store. What you sell in that store says something about you, and if you don’t want to sell that other thing, you don’t sell it. It doesn’t mean that you can’t use an iPhone to go to your browser and go to some porno site, if you want to do that.

I’m not making fun of it! But I’m just saying that it’s not what we want to put in our store. We want kids to go to the store, right, because kids – there’s a lot of learning, education apps in the store.”

Tim Cook, on the prospect of Apple allowing adult content in the App Store (2018)

Are there any hidden NSFW iOS Games on App Store?

The App Store is quite the prude when it comes to explicit content. Apple’s regulations ensure that nothing too risqué slips through the cracks and onto your iPhone.

That said, there’s always a hint of spice if you know where to look. Some games on the App Store flirt with adult themes, hinting at NSFW content without crossing the line. Titles like Episode – Choose Your Story and Choices: Stories You Play are known for their adult-oriented storylines, ripe with innuendo and romance. But sadly very much SFW.

Then there are apps with more suggestive themes like Truth or Dare, or the romantic novel game Love Sick: Interactive Stories. They aren’t full-on porn games, but they are about as close as you are going to get to adult themes on the App Store.

In among these are the men’s magazine apps like FHM and Lifestyle Magazine which offer pin up pics of half-naked models. Not to be sneezed at, of course, but not the adult games we are after.

Can I play adult games by jailbreaking my iPhone?

Technically, yes, but we don’t recommend it.

Jailbreaking an iPhone lets you sidestep Apple’s restrictions and customize your device beyond the limits set by Apple. This can include installing unofficial apps that the App Store would never approve.

It’s a bit like wandering off the beaten path on a night out. Yes, you might discover some incredible hidden spots (or, in this case, some risqué NSFW adult games), but there are risks involved. Jailbreaking can make your device more vulnerable to malware, and it can cause stability issues. Not to mention, it could void your warranty with Apple.

Very few developers go through the effort of creating unofficial iOS versions that would only be accessible to a small number of jailbroken devices. With the rise of HTML5 games that are playable in the browser, why would they bother?

If you want to play adult games on your iPhone, stick to browser-based porn games.

Are there any sex games that are exclusive to iOS devices?


Due to Apple’s restrictive policies, developers of adult games tend not to make their latest releases exclusive to iOS, given the platform’s well-known stance against explicit content.

Adult game developers are primarily interested in making money. They do this by opening up their titles to the largest possible audience. An exclusive iOS porn game would defeat this purpose.

Differences between iOS and Android Adult Games

The first difference you will note between iOS and Android porn games is that you are spoiled for choice if you are looking for mobile porn games on Android.

While browser-based games have levelled the playing field somewhat, Android users have access to dedicated gaming sex apps that provide a much better playing experience. Not to mention, these apps provide access to around 8-10 times as many games.

Android’s open nature means you can sideload apps from other sources beyond the Google Play Store. Both Nutaku and Erogames have dedicated apps for Android users (APKs).

What’s the difference between playing a game in a dedicated app vs. in-browser?

Convenience is the biggest factor. Browser games are often buggy and may not work properly in full-screen mode. A dedicated sex gaming app will have a full-screen mode by default, allowing a much smoother play through. Apps are less prone to glitches, lost progress and broken animations, since they don’t rely solely on the browser.

To take Nutaku’s adult gaming platform as an example, Android users have access to 73 porn games with the dedicated Android app. iOS users are left with just 17 browser porn games.

Thankfully, there is hope for iOS users! The release of Nutaku’s new Cloud Streaming service means we can look forward to some of the platform’s biggest titles coming to iOS. This new service allows for pain-free full-screen gaming. However, it is limited to just 3 titles (Project QT, King of Kinks, Booty Calls) as of May 2023.

What Are The Most Popular Types of iPhone Porn Games?

iPhone porn game on display

The reliance on browser-based gaming means that you are unlikely to see the same diversity in iPhone sex games as you will on Android devices. And that is certainly the case compared the options PC users have available.

Still, there are a few types of adult games that are thriving on iPhones and iPads.

Below we run through the most common porn games to be found on iOS devices.

iOS Sex Simulators

Sex simulators are some of the most eye-catching games in the entire adult gaming space. It’s hard to visit a porn site without being teased by banners that promise “You won’t be able to last 60 seconds without cumming“, or something similar.

Click through the ads and you will find that the majority of these games are sex simulators. They are typically designed to be played in the browser, thus they are a good option for iPhones and iPads.

Sex simulators are traditionally light on storyline, narrative and gameplay depth. The typical formula is you get to design your own 3D characters (or ‘sex dolls’) and then fuck them, in a myriad of ways, while controlling the camera angles, positions, and so on.

We’ve included some notable sex sims that are known for their excellent graphics and realistic animations:

All are playable as ‘iOS Sex Simulators’, although they are technically designed for all users across all devices.

iOS Hentai Games

Anime and adult content? It’s a match made in heaven. iOS porn games are by far the most common type that you will find, although there are many different ‘sub-types’ of hentai porn games.

With hentai games, you get to enjoy explicit content in a unique, animated art style that originates from Japan. These games are typically playfully animated with larger-than-life characters — and larger-than-life tits and ass. 😉

Many of the games on our list are hentai-themed, including the following mega-hits:

Given that leading platforms like Nutaku and EroGames specialise in hentai content, it’s no surprise that the majority of adult games for iPhone users fall under this category.

Visual Novels

Visual novels are known for combining erotic storytelling with sexual content (although there are certainly PG visual novels, too!). VNs are a common type of iOS porn game for the simple reason that they work so well in browsers. The gameplay is usually simple – much the way of a Choose Your Own Adventure novel. The choices you make affect the narrative, and they determine the type of explicit content you can expect to see.

Gamcore, Mopoga and other sites offering free iOS porn games tend to rely heavily on visual novel style games.


RPGs, or role-playing games, are another popular type of game that appear regularly in the wider hentai category. You can find several popular adult RPGs for iOS.

All three of Nutaku’s Cloud Streaming titles for iOS would be considered RPG titles:

  • Booty Calls
  • Project QT
  • King of Kinks

RPGs like Pornstar Harem and Hentai Heroes allow players to build up a character (and a harem) while levelling up their stats and progressing through the virtual game world.

One thing you will notice from our list: there’s a whole lot of ‘harem building’ in the world of lewd iOS games!

Dating Simulators

Dating simulators will typically require you to court various characters, navigate romantic dialogue, and hopefully end up in some, shall we say… intimate situations.

They are often packaged as hentai titles, but not always.

There’s a whole world of SFW dating simulators out there that don’t include any adult content, including some that you can play via the App Store. But for the purpose of this list, we’re looking specifically for NSFW adult dating simulators with an element of XXX sexual interaction.

Booty Calls and Furry Beach Club are two titles that fit the bill, although we’d advise that only furries need apply for the latter!

Our list also contains the quirky Get My Nudes, a full blown sex-chat simulator that mimics the act of chatting to girls on a messenger app, with the goal of seducing and extracting her nude pics.

Whatever rocks your boat, hey?

What Are The Best Free iOS Porn Games with No Credit Card Required?

Many of the best iOS sex games on our list are 100% free to play.

Both Nutaku and EroGames are known for their expansive collections of sex games that can be played with no credit card required.

Free porn games? Sounds great! But it leaves you with the obvious question… how do the developers actually make any money from them?

The answer is by offering in-game purchases that enhance the overall experience.

This is a pattern that repeats itself across the entire gaming industry, not just with adult games.

While there are some games on sites like Gamcore and Mopoga that are genuinely free to play with zero micro-transactions, those games are typically limited in scope. You can be finished with them in the space of 20-30 minutes.

The major porn games on our list are designed to capture your attention for hours on end. And this is where the biggest criticism comes in: they are designed for the grind.

It might take many hours to unlock all of the available characters, or all of the best animated sex scenes. Some gamers resent this and end up paying for tokens, which ‘levels up’ their progress and gets them to the good stuff quicker.

We’re not judging if you choose to do this, we’re just saying: that’s the way it is. Pay-to-win is a gameplay incentive that you will notice time and time again.

That wraps up our extensive list of NSFW titles for iOS users.

Are there any top porno games that we’ve missed? Got a personal favorite that deserves to make the cut? Let us know and we’ll consider it for inclusion. Thanks for reading!


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