The Best iOS Porn Games

Looking for the best adult games to play on your Apple device?

Searching for iOS porn games and wondering why you can’t find any in the App Store?

Well, the reason for that is pretty simple – Apple doesn’t allow porn games on the App Store. The company takes a super conservative approach to anything that might be considered ‘explicit’ content.

Does that mean it is unsafe or illegal to play adult games on your iPhone or iPad?

Of course not!

It just means you have to look further than the App Store to get your adult gaming fix… like our list below.

The easiest way to play adult games on an iPhone/iPad is to opt for browser-based games like those available through sites like SexEmulator. You can also find a limited selection of iOS-compatible browser games on the popular gaming networks: Nutaku and EroGames. The hugely popular Hentai Heroes, for example, can now be played via any browser.

These particular sex games can be played on any device. No download required. No messing with the App Store. Just red hot gameplay using Safari or Chrome on your iPhone or iPad.

Scroll down and take your pick!

The Best Porn Games for iPhone and iOS

Best iOS Porn Games

Can’t find sex games on the iOS App Store? Fear not!

These browser-based adult gaming networks provide access to 100s of virtual sex games that you can play on your iPhone or iPad. (Some iOS porn games are free, others are premium.)

Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator for iPhone

Sex Emulator gives access to a 3D sex emulator, plus dozens of other XXX titles that can be played on iOS devices.

Nutaku Network

Nutaku for iOS

Home to the world’s best hentai games. Nutaku has a selection of porn games that are playable on iPhones and iPads. 


Adult Game

Adult.Game is another excellent choice for cross-platform compatible games (perfect for iPhone or iPad users)

Best iOS Porn Games With No Download Required

Here are some individual adult games that can be played on iOS devices in the browser.

You don’t need to download anything. Just sign up for an account and away you go. Your progress is automatically saved within the browser – no app required – making them a great way to play XXX titles on your Apple devices.

Most of the games are free, but some have premium unlockable features that are available to members only.


Jerkdolls game

JerkDolls has swept a number of awards as the best visual 3D sex simulator of the year.

You take full control over the action and get to fuck as many different ‘dolls’ as you want – and how you want.

Highly addictive and full of no-holds-barred sex scenes in lush 3D graphics, JerkDolls is one of the best-looking sex games on the market.

Hentai Heroes

Hentai Heroes for iPhone and iPad

One of the world’s most popular hentai games for iOS, Hentai Heroes is a 2D based anime styled game, a classic mixture of Visual Novel and RPG.

You are a nerdy looking guy with one goal: build a harem of sexy curvalicious babes and save them from the advances of your rivals. Complete quests and grow your harem.

BDSM Simulator

BDSM Simulator

If you’re looking for a sex simulator that is a little… rough around the edges, they don’t come much rougher than BDSM Simulator.

Choose your gender and live out your most depraved fantasies in exquisitely animated 3D sex scenes.

It’s not the most interactive of the sex games we’ve played on this list. But it has several roleplays that will perk the interests of BDSM fans…

Not likely to be approved by Apple anytime soon! But available to play in-browser…

Fake Lay

Fake Lay

A clicker based dating sim, Fake Lay is all about faking it until you make it. Disguise yourself as a taxi driver, masseur or casting director to seduce the sexy female characters.

The aim of the game is to become the ultimate Casanova and create a harem of horny girls, meeting and fucking your way to victory.

Keep them happy to up your experience levels and unlock new XXX sex scenes. 

Harem Heroes

Harem Heroes

An action-adventure game from Nutaku that is based around creating the largest harem possible, Harem Heroes is a popular title that also has a large fan community.

Level up by satisfying your girls and teaching them the basics of sexual satisfaction. Do this and you will be rewarded with plenty of erotic anime scenes. 

Sweet State

Sweet State

Build a sex empire from the comfort of your iPhone. This adult strategy simulation is set in Pornwood, an obvious play on Hollywood.

Become the greatest pimp Pornwood’s ever seen by taking to the streets and running the other pimps out of business. Along the way you’ll engage in gang warfare, prostitution and a whole lot of animated sex.

Sex Emulator

Sex Emulator for iPhone

From our review: Sex Emulator is a new 3D sex sim game where you customize your own avatar to create the fuck buddy of your dreams.

The idea is simple: Build Your Dream Girl, Then Fuck Her.

Once you have designed what she looks like you can then train her with all the sexual skills you desire so she can satisfy any kind of craving.

From spanking and blowjobs to foot fetishes and anal sex, this is an addictive little 3D sex game that is compatible with iPhones and iPads.

Furry Beach Club

Furry Beach Club

The Furry Beach Club (reviewed here) is an HTML5 game so can be played in-browser on your iOS device.

The game is an interesting take on an adult dating sim where all the characters are animals (or furries). Yes, enter the world of erotic anthropomorphism where the foxes are foxy.

The game is set in a beach resort which you can fully explore and interact with other characters in. Strike up a conversation and choose your responses to build a relationship. Get this right and you could be doing more than just chatting. 

Kamihime Project

kamihime project

An epic fantasy adventure saga, Kamihime Project R (reviewed here) features sexy anime characters, wild sex scenes, and plenty of hardcore hentai action as a reward for completing your missions.

It’s based primarily on a battle genre of game and you must form an elite squad of warriors to compete with other teams.

As you gain experience, you will unlock XXX scenes and build your in-game characters. 

Sex World 3D

Dream 3D Sex World

A new title, this 3D sex sim game is reportedly compatible with mobile devices and offers the next-generation of realistic animation.

We’ve recently reviewed Sex World 3D for PC and the graphics look amazing plus there is even more customization than other similar games on the market. 

Though we haven’t experienced what it would be like on the iPhone, the PC version knocks many competitors out of the park so this one could be an instant classic.

Full List of iOS Compatible Nutaku Games

As you can see in our list above, a number of the top iOS-compatible games are found on the Nutaku Network.

Here’s a complete list of 18 games on Nutaku that can be played in-browser on your iPhone.

  • BustyBiz (Idle)
  • Fake Lay (Casual)
  • Chick Empire (Casual)
  • Kamihime Project R (RPG)
  • Fap Titans (Casual)
  • Harem Heroes (Action Adventure)
  • Vixen Wars (Action Adventure)
  • Hot Gym (Idle)
  • Casting Agent (Casual)
  • Gay Harem (Action Adventure)
  • Sweet State (Simulation)
  • Taimanin Asagi BattleArena (RPG)
  • Men Bang (Casual)
  • Marchen Nocturne (RPG)
  • Soul Senki (RPG)
  • Lewd Producer (Clicker)
  • Waifu Surprise (Action Adventure)

To play the above, sign up for a Nutaku account (it’s free) and then search by filter “iOS” in their games catalog.

You can play the games in your browser and progress will be automatically saved.

It’s not quite as reliable as a dedicated app, but a good alternative for Apple users with some highly addictive clickers and RPGs available to play.

Are There Sex Games on the iOS App Store?

None that are pornographic in nature.

Looking for iPhone sex games or iPad sex games using Apple’s App Store?

You won’t find any truly ‘XXX’ options.

However, there are some sex games and apps that fall outside the pornography restrictions – which we’ve summarised below.

Why is Apple so picky about sex games?

Former boss of Apple, the late Steve Jobs, strongly believed that the corporation had a moral duty to combat porn access using their products. 

As a result, the App Store has long been devoid of apps and games which could be perceived as ‘pornographic’.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped the availability of legitimate adult apps such as instructional guides to the Kama Sutra, saucy card games and even some popular games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Best adult games for iphone grand theft auto vice city

Current SEO of Apple, Tim Cook has been a little more relaxed over the company’s attitude towards the adult market but still maintains that the App Store should be free from adult material. Speaking to MSNBC in 2018, Cook said:

“We’re like the guy on the corner store. What you sell in that store says something about you, and if you don’t want to sell that other thing, you don’t sell it. It doesn’t mean that you can’t use an iPhone to go to your browser and go to some porno site, if you want to do that.

I’m not making fun of it! But I’m just saying that it’s not what we want to put in our store. We want kids to go to the store, right, because kids – there’s a lot of learning, education apps in the store.”

Of course, Apple’s anti-porn stance was pretty effective when their products didn’t run Adobe Flash as websites who used this platform for video streaming had to release an app in order to be compatible. 

Now that you can play free porn games in-browser, the Apple ban has become a moot point for many adult game developers.

So, what kinds of games and apps can you download for iPhone?

Unfortunately, not that many but do not despair – we’ve found some great adult games (see our list above) that you can play on your iPhone, in-browser (see below) using Safari or Chrome.

If you have an Android device, see our guide to the best sex games for Android instead!

Alternatives to Adult Games on the App Store

Despite Apple’s conservatism, there is actually quite a few adult apps available on iPhone… just not that many iOS porn games.

(There is certainly a lack of the 3D porn games that you’ll find on Android!)

Typically, adult content in the App Store is related to education or health. You can find titles like:

– Sex Positions 3D, an app that lets you study popular Kama Sutra moves
Sex Games for Couples, a saucy, truth-or-dare style game to play in the bedroom with your partner
Sex Tips, a health advice app to improve your sex life.

In among these are the men’s magazine apps like FHM and Lifestyle Magazine which offer pin up pics of half-naked models.

Not to be sneezed at, of course, but not the adult games we are after.

And with these kinds of apps, you can find some adult games for iPhone which are quite engaging but not that dirty.

They are certainly more ‘SFW’ than most adult games but that might be the idea if you are looking to download something that wont cause too much offense if your other work colleagues find it.

So, we’ve rounded up the best adult apps and games which are available on the App Store. Some are more cheeky than explicit, but that’s about all you’re going to find within Apple’s ecosystem.

Non-Pornographic Sex Games and Apps for iOS

Evil Apples

Inspired by the hugely popular card game, Cards Against Humanity, Evil Apples managed to get through the App Store obscenity filters because…technically…the game is quite clean.

Best adult games for iphone evil apples

Just like Cards Against Humanity, players get a question card with a blank for the answers. It is then up to you and your friends to replace the missing word with one from your deck to create the filthiest answer.

For example, you might draw the question ‘Nothing excites a group of Catholic priests more than……’ and you get to choose a missing word from your deck of:

– A Frenchman with an unbuttoned shirt.
– A calloused hand job.
– Sucking Santa’s candy cane.
– A steam powered dildo.

Players get to vote on the funniest answer and the winner gets a point; first player to score seven points is the winner.

The app uses GPS to let you play with other people in the vicinity or you can add a group of friends using popular platforms like Twitter or Facebook.


Best adult games for iphone chapters

A choose your own drama app that contains ‘Frequent/Intense Sexual Content or Nudity’, the Chapters game is actually quite addictive to play.

Basically, you select the story you want to be the central character in and then choose how the adventure unfolds. It’s primarily text-based so you read through the fiction and then make a decision at key points to determine what happens next.

There’s a lot of genres on Chapters including a new BDSM romance, The Duke and the Domina and some LGBT options too. Some of these novels are quite steamy and you will wonder how they got through the App Store filters.

It’s similar to (but not quite the same as) Choices, another app that offers unraveling adventures based on your answers to key questions.

Racy in places but not likely to make you a social pariah if anyone catches you playing it; however, the game is far more popular with the ladies…


The iKamasutra app by SutraTaps is designed for couples who want to explore thousands of years worth of Kama Sutra teachings in one handy app.

It provides useful illustrations of different sex positions, along with a huge library of sensual activities that can be filtered by category, desire, or even the movie they appeared in.

Looking to add some spice to your sex life?

The iKamasutra app is a useful (lightweight) alternative to carrying around the original literary classic!

Sex Roulette

Another sex app for those looking to inject some new excitement in to the bedroom.

Sex Roulette is a truth-or-dare, dice-rolling sex game that promises to satisfy your ‘most carnal needs’.

You can choose between a visual depiction of naughty scenes (for inspiration), a ‘Kama Roulette’, a sexy dice roller, or two other fun sex games: truth or dare, and Dirty Never Have I Ever.

This is a decent app for couples – or adventurous groups! – but it’s a far cry from the explicit NSFW action that is available through other solo sex games outside the App Store.

As you can see, the App Store options are not exactly XXX titles.

The bottom line?

If you’re looking for iOS porn games, the best ones to play are nearly always browser-based.

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