About Us

The Red Light Network is a collective of adult entertainment portals covering local sex scenes in major cities all over the world.

We are affiliated to over 20 local portals in places as far apart as Las Vegas to Macau, Stockholm to Sydney, Dublin to Auckland.

(You can see a list of our sister sites here.)

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The Red Light Network

Whilst the Red Light Network was founded in 2013, it wasn’t until the summer of 2017 that we launched this site — our flagship portal.

Here on RLN, you will find a selection of adult content, including:

  • Adult industry news
  • Local news related to the sex business
  • The latest ‘SexTech’ developments
  • Location-based ‘insider guides’ for sex tourists
  • Adult product reviews
  • And many, many x-rated features

We aim to provide a light-hearted overview of the adult industry, as well as comprehensive guides for the latest emerging sex technologies — like virtual reality porn, for example.

(Something you’re going to hear a lot more about over the coming years!)

Can I contribute?


The Red Light Network is fully independent.

We write about things that we find interesting in the hope that you will, too.

We are always looking for new contributors who can write about the adult industry with passion and precision. See our Work For Us page for more information.

Likewise, we appreciate any tips for new or breaking stories that would merit inclusion on the site.

Our aim is to help our rapidly growing audience stay on top of the rapidly changing adult industry.

Thanks for visiting RedLightNetwork.net.

We hope you enjoy the site!