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Welcome to the Red Light Network!

RLN is your premier destination for adult entertainment content, insights, and industry news from around the globe. Founded in 2013 and launching our flagship portal in 2017, we’ve since grown into a global collective of adult entertainment portals, covering major cities and industry happenings worldwide.

What is the Red Light Network?

Red Light Network is proud to be affiliated with over 20 local portals, spanning from the vibrant nightlife of Las Vegas to the glitz and glamour of Macau, the historic beauty of Stockholm to the picturesque harbors of Sydney, the rich culture of Dublin to the breathtaking landscapes of Auckland.

Our network first launched in 2013 with exclusive coverage of the adult entertainment industry in Las Vegas. We rapidly expanded with portals such as Red Light Australia, Red Light Canada, Asia Sex Scene and Euro Sex Scene.

Since then, we’ve grown to thousands of articles covering not just local entertainment, but the best offerings from the online adult industry, too.

Your All-Access Pass to Adult Entertainment

At Red Light Network, we offer a vast array of adult content, carefully curated to suit your interests, including:

  • Up-to-date adult industry news and events
  • Cutting-edge ‘SexTech’ developments and innovations
  • Exciting adult games and immersive VR experiences
  • The best new porn releases and content
  • Cam sites, from the view of both creators and consumers
  • Comprehensive adult product reviews

Our Mission at RLN

Our mission is to provide a light-hearted yet informative overview of the adult entertainment industry.

We publish in-depth guides and articles on the latest emerging sex technologies – from virtual reality porn to advancements in sex robotics. We also take a sweeping look at the history of the porn business. From reviews of the greatest Golden Era porn movies, to round-ups of our favorite erotic literature.

Basically: If it’s X-rated, we want to know about it!

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. A lot of our guides are written with tongue planted-firmly-in-cheek.

Here’s a look at our current editorial team:

The RLN Team

simon regal

Simon Regal

Senior Editor

Simon is the Editor of Red Light Network with over ten years working in the publishing side of the adult industry. He is passionate about technology and has covered the Adult VR sector extensively. Simon is our eyes and ears at the forefront of the latest adult entertainment trends.

Email: simon@redlightnetwork.net

Mike Morris RLN

Mike Morris

Senior Contributor

Mike is a senior contributor to the Red Light Network and is tasked with reviewing the latest adult products, services and trends. He previously worked in production for a famous adult game and is very familiar with the growing space of X-rated titles. Mike has contributed to several other adult blogs, including Euro Sex Scene and Fetish Engine.

Email: mike@redlightnetwork.net

Paul's avatar RLN

Paul Cassidy


Paul has been a regular contributor on RLN since 2017. His work — which he describes as his “professional dirty pleasure” — has been published on several adult industry blogs, including Red Light Australia, Euro Sex Scene, Asia Sex Scene. A native of the UK, Paul is currently based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Email: paul@redlightnetwork.net

Marie Ngo avatar

Marie Ngo


Marie, a fresh and dynamic voice at RLN, brings a wealth of insider knowledge to our team. With a background working for a renowned sex toy brand, she expertly fuses her passion for adult entertainment with her keen understanding of the industry’s most tantalizing products. Marie’s unique perspective will keep you on the pulse of the latest trends and innovations in the realm of adult toy commerce.

Please note: Marie is currently on Maternity Leave until October 2023.

Email: marie@redlightnetwork.net

Join Our Team and Contribute to RLN

We are continuously on the lookout for talented contributors who can write about the adult industry with enthusiasm, expertise, and accuracy.

If you’re interested in joining our team, visit our Work For Us page, where we will keep you updated with any vacancies.

Likewise, if you have any tips for new and breaking stories that would be a suitable fit for our site, be sure to contact us: hello@redlightnetwork.net

Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy RLN!