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Looking for some “wholesome” porn? is a premium porn site that specializes in “Wholesome young amateur women alone, together, and with their boyfriends”. Formerly based in Australia but now operating out of Europe, the company has embraced the ethos of ethical and natural porn, offering up a diverse range of models across a wide range of genres. The only thing they all have in common is that they are not professional porn stars and they aren’t ‘faked’ in any way. The company’s approach to adult content is all about celebrating natural beauty in all its many forms.

In this review we’ll take a closer look at the history of the premium porn site, along with details of their controversial move from Australia to Europe. We’ll also find out more about what kind of porn they produce and what makes this ‘wholesome’!

Abby Winters: Wholesome and Ethical Porn?

Launched in 2000 this premium porn site was originally based in Australia but, due to some complex adult content laws in the country, they are now located in the Netherlands.

One of Australia’s finest porn studios Abby Winters is the winner of multiple international awards as well as being named Best Adult Website at the Australian Adult Industry Awards twice. Other gongs to their name include:

  • 2008 AVN Award – Best Amateur Series
  • 2011 AVN Award – Best Membership Site
  • 2012 XBIZ Award – Adult Site of the Year (Solo/All-Girl)
  • 2013 XBIZ Award – All-Girl Release of the Year

The site specializes in natural, reality-based porn scenes starring mostly amateur models alongside a small core cast. These performers are typically aged 18-25 and are predominantly filmed in solo or lesbian sex scenes; however, there is some hardcore action to be enjoyed when the girls (very occasionally) work with their own real (and amateur) boyfriends.

Abby Winters has been styled as an ethical creator of adult content with claims in various parts of the adult media business that they use an all-female crew. The company themselves don’t shout about this on their website which leads us to believe that this may not be 100% true so even if one of the camera crew is a guy, they can’t lay claims to that fact.

Their main point of difference over competitors, however, is that they celebrate natural fresh talent. Their videos and stills are not altered or touched up (over and above a little color balance and sharpening). Weight, blemishes and wrinkles are all kept ‘as is’ so that customers can enjoy the appeal of real amateurs.

Abbywinters review

Abby Winters: Stats

The site receives around 500,000 visitors per month and is currently ranked 3,967th most popular adult website in the world according to SimilarWeb.

Traffic to comes from a range of international countries but receives most hits from the United States (28.95% of traffic) and:

  • Germany 13.07%
  • Belgium 6.17%
  • United Kingdom 5.35%
  • Australia 4.59%

The average visitor to the site browses 14.37 pages and stays for 18:01 minutes.

With a 37.17% bounce rate and with over 61% direct traffic, the quality of the audiences reaching is very high. This is a strong indicator of the brand’s reputation in the porn market.

Abby Winters: Real or Not Real?

There has been constant speculation over whether the eponymous ‘founder’ of the site, Abby Winters, is an actual person or whether this was a marketing invention.

Their site states that Abby is a real person who just keeps a low profile. Apparently, Ms Winters was key to starting the business alongside Garion Hall (current CEO) but stepped away from making films herself in 2002.

review Abby winters

Abby Winters: Major Re-Brand Following 2007 ‘Scandal’

It is an understatement to say that the adult industry has had more than its fair share of bad publicity over the last fifty years, particularly over its treatment of female stars. The popular belief is held that porn companies are misogynistic and exploitative. In an age where gender and sexual equality is not regarded as a privilege but a right and where customers are actively seeking products and services that are ethical, the adult entertainment business has had to pull its socks up.

No more so than Abby Winters who have faced their own media shit storm in 2007 when the local press (Herald Sun) were alerted to unethical, and illegal, working practices at the studio.

An ex-model for the site had written some critical reviews in her blog about working for the company, specifically over how inexperienced models weren’t fully briefed over how content they contributed to would be shared. There were also suggestions that one of the models used on a shoot had not turned 18 when content was filmed.

The Herald Sun, already reporting on the current anti-pornography laws in the state of Victoria, seized the chance to run with some scandalous headlines.

What followed was a police raid on the company’s premises with the CEO being arrested. He was released the same day and nothing was seized during the raid.

However, the state of Victoria later filed 54 counts against Hall including possessing a commercial quantity of ‘objectionable films’ and making ‘objectionable films’ for gain.

Subsequent investigations later saw  52 of these charges dropped, yet Hall was fined $6,000 for possessing ‘objectionable’ films.

With the climate for adult movie making becoming increasingly hostile in Australia the company made the decision to move its studios and HQ from Australia to the Netherlands where it remains.

Although they still film with Aussie amateurs, the company now works largely with European debutantes; however, retains an active audience in its homeland.

Abbywinters porn site review

Abby Winters: What Kind of Content?

Content is divided across the site into three main categories/sub-sites:

  • Girl-Girl
  • Masturbation
  • Solo Girls

Each sub-site then has several categories into which videos/images are tagged including fun scenes, behind the scenes and guest direction where an expert model interacts with a junior model.

Most scenes include a 30-second preview accompanied by 20 free images so you can get an idea about the shoot before you watch.

Predominantly, content is focused around reality-based porn and includes both scripted and unscripted scenarios such as domestic scenes, swimming, car washing and naked yoga etc.

All clips are tagged with a selection of suitable keywords which include plenty of kinks and fetishes as well as standard scene descriptions. Some more popular and unusual ones include:

  • Clitoris Close Up
  • FKK Outdoor Nudist
  • Found Object Insertions
  • Inverted Nipple
  • Meaty Lips
  • Menstruation
  • Nipple to Nipple
  • Nude Flexible Yoga
  • Pregnant and Lactating
  • Puffy Nipples
  • Rimming
  • Toe Play

In all, there are more than 3,000 keywords in use so you will be able to find content to suit most tastes.

Abbywinters porn site content review

The site is updated daily with new and exclusive content plus subscribers also get access to twenty years’ worth of Abby Winters archives. All material is available to stream or download with no DRM and videos have been HD since 2010.

Scenes come with downloadable sets of high-res (3504×2336) images in ZIP sets.

Abby Winter: How Much Content?

Operating for twenty years, has 14 days, 13 hours, 40 minutes and 35 seconds’ worth of content featuring 1,708 nude models.

In addition, members can also access 733,933 high-res images.

Abby Winters: Prices

You can get access to the content on Abby Winters in several ways:

  • Pay for a full subscription to the site including desktop and mobile access
  • Pay for mobile-only subscription (new content only not archived scenes)
  • Pay per Scene

The current subscription costs are as follows:

  • Full Subscription – $39.00 per month
  • Mobile Only – $9.95 per month

Individual scenes vary in price but are around $5 which includes full sized images and HD video.

A full membership also gives you access to:

  • Backstage scenes so you can see what happens behind the camera. Featuring candid off-set photos along with crew members, these action shots are pretty intimate and revealing.
  • Weekly webcam Playdates where you can chat directly with the models and pay for private time. Basically Abby Winters’ own live cam stream but featuring their own talent.
  • Discussion boards to chat with the models
  • AW Education – a project to help educate visitors on how to understand women

review Abbywinters

Abby Winters: We Say…

If you enjoy amateur content without all that ‘Californian’ fakery and airbrushing but with high production standards then Abby Winters is definitely a good site to consider. This is particularly true if you aren’t that fussed about penetrative boy-girl sex and enjoy solo, masturbation and lesbian action. Whilst there is some hardcore content here including insertions and cock meets pussy scenes, the vast majority is pretty softcore.

Yet, we like the fact that even softcore porn can be intriguing and far from ‘vanilla’ and it’s the inclusion of some unusual kinks that cranks this site up from luke-warm to full-on steamy.

However, it is very much the ‘wholesome’ and ‘natural’ aspect that makes Abby Winters a unique site. From girl-next-door types and fresh-faced teens to coquettish college grads, the appeal is all about seeing these women make their screen debuts. Mostly eager performers, they aren’t shy for very long and the production crew at Abby Winters are obviously very good at making these women feel relaxed and comfortable in their scenes.

Paid well and clearly having a good time, what audiences get in return is ethical porn that is a pleasure to watch. The best part is that you get to watch a whole bunch of free previews on the site and preview upcoming model shoots before you commit to buy.

For our money, Abby Winters is a tasty prospect to catch some all-natural amateurs in some sexy scenes. Shame Australia didn’t think so but their loss is Europe’s gain and we love a bit of globe-trotting!

All featured images via Abby Winters.


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