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Looking for a new source of 3D adult games?

It seems that 3DG Spot has been knocking around under the radar for a few years. This site has a decent collection of anime porn and some adult hentai games.

In this review, we take a closer look at the 3DG Spot site including what content there is, how much it costs and whether its worth forking out for a premium membership.

Who and What is 3DGSpot?

3DG Spot is an online platform offering a selection of sex games, interactive movies and animated cartoon porn clips and pics.

It’s similar to other 3D sex portals that we’ve reviewed, such as Affect3D.

Featuring a cast of almost 30 stock characters, the content here is a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, historical adventure and contemporary 3D western and hentai anime porn.

The site is run by two brothers under their studio name of Mind Cutter Inc and they partly fund their developments via support over on Patreon.

Creating adult content together for over 20 years, they are responsible for titles like Doppelganger, Ra and Get It Off.

3dgspot adult games doppelganger pinup


You can preview a lot of the 3DGSpot content for free via their website but the full length games and movies are only available for premium members or if you purchase an individual title.


Content in the picture gallery is split up into four sections:

  • Daily Groan
  • Shot of the Day
  • Wallpapers
  • Illustrations

The format of these pics and files varies and can be 3D, line-drawings or stills taken from one of the animated games/movies (see below).

3dg spot adult games mrs doe dildo depot

3DG Spot Games

3DGSpot has a total of nine adult games to play ranging in price from $0.25 to $6.95. Each title is based on one of the popular characters from the cartoon porn movies that are available elsewhere on the site:

  • Mrs Doe Dildo Depot
  • Zuzu Stroker
  • Zuzu Pinup
  • Mrs Doe Beach Day
  • Doppelganger Pinup
  • Meanne Blackjack
  • Blackjack with Mrs Doe
  • Blackjack with Arial
  • Blackjack with Portentia

All of the card games are played like Strip poker and if you get a winning hand the animated character will remove some clothing until the final surprise reveals a special treat.

There are two ‘pinup’ games which basically let you watch as a character performs erotic actions on the screen and you can zoom in and control some of the scene.

Then there are a couple of extra games where you can direct the action on screen.

Two of these titles are also available to play on Android (Mrs Doe Dildo Depot & Zuzu Stroker).

Zuzu Stroker is perhaps the most famous of titles here and it is widely available on adult app sites like the popular Mikandi platform. It’s not a bad little sex simulator game but is quite basic with just ‘Strip, Stoke, Fuck’ functionality……you get to vary the speed a little but not much else.

3dg spot interactive 3d movies duchess of blanca sirena

Interactive Movies

Also known as Click Flicks, these interactive movies/storybooks created by Mind Cutter Inc are pretty good in terms of both animation and storyline but also include scenes where you can control some of the action.

Not quite a choose your own adventure film but one where the speed of the thrust can be controlled by the audience as well as offering multiple camera angles for all the best bits.

There are five Click Flicks available to stream from $6.95 to $12.95.


There are more than 30 animated movies available to watch on 3DG Spot with several series featuring their most popular characters. The most watched titles include:

  • Xmas Dancers
  • Toothless In Seattle
  • Skyjacked: Absolution
  • Sentimental
  • Secret Pole Technique
  • Safari So Good

Some of these movies are available to watch for free whilst others cost between $2.95 and $12.95.

3dg spot interactive 3d movies skyjacked absolution


All games and movies are streamed in-browser and work using Flash Player and Unity Player, links for which can be found on the site if you need to download these.

Most games are available for both Windows and Mac OS PCs and require a minimum of system spec of Windows 7 or Mac OS X version 10. or later. A couple of the titles are also compatible with Android devices.


You can register a free account to use 3DGSpot which will allow you to join in on the forums, subscribe to project updates as well as unlimited gallery viewing.

All games and movies are therefore charged at individual prices that vary (see above).

However, paid membership gives you unlimited access to all the 3D toons, fun and galleries. Charged at an initial cost of $24.95, membership is $12.95 per month thereafter.

3DG Spot Review: Our Verdict

Though the site is regularly updated with new versions of their games being released every month or so, there hasn’t been any new content on 3DG Spot for some time.

As for the games, they are pretty simplistic at best and the graphics aren’t quite as good as  the best 3D adult games on the market; these are not as sophisticated or advanced as titles like Red Light Center or 3D Sex Villa.

3dg spot adult games mrs doe dildo

That’s not to say that they aren’t worth playing but if you are a fan of adult gaming then you may well be a little disappointed by the quality of some of the graphics, the gameplay itself as well as with the limited amount of interaction they actually offer.

The three best offerings are those that are also available on Android as mobile games; namely Zuzu Stroker, Mrs Doe at Dildo Depot and Duchess of Blanca Sirena.

These titles are all pretty well developed and feature some great voice acting, slick graphics and (though simple) addictive gameplay. And, let’s face it, the graphics in games don’t have to be jaw-dropping to make them playable….Minecraft proved that.

What adult gamers want is choice and as long as games are creative and playable with that ‘X’ factor then there will always be an audience.

3dg spot adult games zuzu

When it comes to the movies, these are also a little dated and there have been few recent releases with most content dating back several years….and, in places, it shows.

The graphics are good and there has been a lot of effort in the development of these titles.

However, some of the earlier releases do pale into comparison when you consider the latest in 3D porn animation but this does not detract from some great story lines to be enjoyed here.

Yes, in and among the dated titles are some clever series and some pretty good characters.

We particularly enjoyed the adventures of Ariel Hugetits in Ghost Humper;  a buxom scientist who heads to a cemetery late at night only to be sexually accosted by a series of spectral dicks. But, at $12.95 for the whole movie, this is a pricey way to enjoy animated porn.

3dg spot adult games ghost humper

So, what about the membership fees?

Well, $25 for your first month is pushing into the top end of premium subscriptions but this does reduce down to $12.95 after the first 30-days are paid for but is there enough to keep you subscribed for more than a month?

That depends on how much you enjoy playing their games. Doppelganger Pinup is quite popular and the series featuring female cyborgs do appeal to fans of futuristic femdoms.

Overall, there is some nice content to enjoy here on 3DG Spot and definitely a neat little site for expanding your adult game and animated movie collection.

Would we say that these games are the best we’ve ever played?

The simple answer is no but they are not without merit and certainly well worth a few bucks and a bit of your time.

More Information on 3DG Spot

If you want further information on the tiles available at 3DGSpot or news on the latest developments then you can find details via:

All featured images via 3DGSpot.


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